Legacy Lost

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Pub Date 27 Mar 2017 | Archive Date 10 Apr 2017
Adams Media, Crimson Romance


The melding of the contemporary western with paranormal elements—think Big Valley meets Alphas—makes for a compelling, fresh mix for Jillian David’s sophomore series.

Growing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson found the family he’d always wanted. Almost. He couldn’t ever manage to see the clan’s youngest and only daughter, stubborn spitfire Shelby, quite like a little sister. Suddenly, his long-suppressed feelings are determined to come to light.

Too bad Shelby’s cursed. Her double whammy psychic powers to read emotions and locate anyone anywhere have always made relationships impossible—and now they’ve begun to endanger her life. If she uses her echolocation skills again, it just might kill her.

But when a malevolent supernatural force invades the valley, threatening the Taggarts and their neighbors, the Brands, Eric and Shelby must contend with both their blossoming feelings and the increasing danger. Does Shelby dare risk using her powers one more time, sacrificing her own life to save Eric?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

The melding of the contemporary western with paranormal elements—think Big Valley meets Alphas—makes for a compelling, fresh mix for Jillian David’s sophomore series.

Growing up as an honorary...

A Note From the Publisher

The melding of the contemporary western with paranormal elements—think Big Valley meets Alphas—makes for a compelling, fresh mix for David’s sophomore series.

The melding of the contemporary western with paranormal elements—think Big Valley meets Alphas—makes for a compelling, fresh mix for David’s sophomore series.

Marketing Plan

Selling Points: 

  • David has a strong backlist in her previous four-book series, Hell to Pay, that birthed this spin-off.

  • The Taggart family’s quest to understand their abilities to read minds, hear thoughts, and master other paranormal mental feats provides a unique arc.

  • As a medical doctor by day, David’s background lends an authenticity to both physical and emotional trauma that challenges readers with new layers. 

Selling Points: 

  • David has a strong backlist in her previous four-book series, Hell to Pay, that birthed this spin-off.

  • The Taggart family’s...

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Featured Reviews

Oh yes! Give me a ruggedly hot cowboy who has secretly fallen for the feisty and psychically gifted woman. Add some danger, sizzling tension and life-threatening circumstances and you have another fabulous read from Jillian David! This time out, in spite of the frigid temperatures, LEGACY LOST will have you in need of a glass of ice water and a fan as Jillian David raises the passion and heat on Romance!

Eric has found the family he has always needed with the Taggerts, but Shelby is bringing rise to more than brotherly feelings, but how does he let her know? Shelby avoids closeness, her “gift” allows her to read emotions and to be like a human Geiger Counter with her ability to find people lost in the mountains. Lately, her “powers” have been morphing, becoming both more powerful and more painful. Any chance of discouraging her from joining in on any mission, no matter the price she will pay, falls on deaf ears.

Eric’s feelings are coming in loud and clear though, and as much as Shelby wants to return his ardor, she cannot or will not and her excuses are many. Can Eric break through her self-imposed prison to capture her heart?

Yowzer, Jillian David has definitely mastered the art of fine romance, tension and heat! But, even with her vast writing skills, can she create a Cupid’s moment for two deserving people who clearly love, lust and long for each other?

I received an ARC edition from Crimson Romance in exchange for my honest review.

Series: Hell's Valley - Book 2
Publisher: Crimson Romance (March 27, 2017)
Publication Date: March 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Paranormal
Print Length: 268 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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i really enjoyed this book its the second in the series and really should be read in order.I just loved Eric and Shelby and really enjoyed getting to know them.A great read and i would recommend this series.

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Book two in the Hell's Valley focuses on Shelby and Eric. They have both secretly had a thing for the other for years, and after she put herself in harms way to save Sara and Zach and Eric learned the truth about her psychic abilities, well tensions have run high. He has become far more protective and in her eyes overbearing. She has a stubborn self-sacrificing attitude that he has run out of patience with. On a rescue mission she uses her abilities again causing her to go blind for several hours. He is coming to his breaking point and fears her hurting herself permanently. Well the tension snaps and the proverbial cat is let out of the bag and neither truly knows what to do now. While they figure out how to take a lifelong friendship to the next level, evil is building up power and using the Brand family once more to carry out its evil deeds. Will Shelby and Eric come to terms with their feelings and her growing abilities or throw in the towel before things really heat up? Once together will they stick it out or push each other away? In the end the adventure and love story were great (though I think I have to say I liked book 1, Legacy of Lies, a bit more. There was just something about Garrison and Sara that just heated up the page). Book two was fun, fast paced, tense in the emotional category, and full of passionate moments. Never pegged Eric for the take-charge-and-be-in-control-in-the-bedroom kind of guy but it worked for him. I'm glad both of them found their happily ever after and that in the end they knew what they had and fought to keep it. Great book and the series is getting better and better.

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Legacy Lost is book two in the Hell’s Valley series by Jillian David. Much like the first book in this series, this book is non-stop suspense and of course, some hot romance. In this book, we feature the only female of the Taggart siblings, Shelby. And also, their family friend, Eric Patterson.

The Taggart’s have about all they can handle on their shoulders. Their father is home and recovering from his stroke. But he seems to have given up. It is killing his children to see him this way. With their barn burned down, they are forced to keep all the animals in the smaller barn and hope to raise a new barn soon. Strange goings on are still happening on the neighboring ranch belonging to the Brand’s. And somehow the fence keeps turning up damaged between the two properties. Then there is their oldest brother, Vaughn, who left and hasn’t been heard from since. They need him now more than ever.

Shelby and Eric are both members of the local search and rescue team. Each of the Taggart siblings has a special ability. Shelby has a sort of homing beacon. She can home in and find a missing tourist. Her secret is out to Eric now since she had to use her ability to find her older brother’s girlfriend, Sarah, and his son, Zach, in the previous book. Ever since then, though, her power has changed, grown. She has no idea what is going on. This is all uncharted territory. Then there is the damage to her lungs from rescuing her horse from the barn fire in the previous book. No matter how much she wheezes and coughs, though, when the rescue team calls, she goes. Her involvement can guarantee that the lost person will be found. No matter the cost to her health.

Eric Patterson was abandoned by his parents at an early age. The Taggarts are the only real constant he has in his life. He’s known Shelby forever. He can’t say exactly when it happened but his feelings towards her have changed. He keeps thinking about all the things he would love to do to her. He also feels protective of her more now than ever. It is killing him to see what she is doing to herself on the rescue mission. She shouldn’t even be out there the way her lungs sound. What would she say if he laid it all out there and told her what he really wanted from her? Can he risk ruining a lifelong friendship?

Shelby used to think of Eric as one of her brothers but that has changed. She certainly doesn’t feel any brother vibes coming from him either. She knows he is attracted to her. But what would it do to her family if they tried and failed? He was as much a part of her family as her brothers were. Shelby can also feel the emotions from other people. So, it’s practically impossible for her to have close relationships with other men. She can feel their disappointment in her. She doesn’t feel that now with Eric but it would only be a matter of time.

As Eric and Shelby both fight and give in to their mutual attraction, there is a darkness nearby. Shelby can feel it. She can smell the sulpher. She doesn’t know what is going on but knows that it is bad.

“I want you to be mine. I don’t want to have just something. I want you. Body. Mind. All of it. Or nothing.”

As I said, this book is fast paced, suspenseful, and pretty darn hot! The dark evil has focused on the Taggart family. We get a hint later on in this book why. And I love the crossover from Jillian David’s previous book, Flame Unleashed, from her Hell to Pay series. I’m thinking that is going to be ongoing in the next book. I can’t wait to see where that goes. As always, you can positively read this as a stand alone, but I urge you to read the first book in this series, Legacy of Lies, and meet Garrison. You will love him and also have a better understanding of this family and everything that is happening.
I’m not sure who the next book will focus on but I can’t wait to find out what comes next for the Taggart family.

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