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Pub Date 11 May 2017 | Archive Date 31 May 2017


Lucas and Grinder are more than a little surprised and confused to hear that their mother, Millie, who they haven’t heard from in over thirty years, has died. Now her best friend wants them to come to Pittsburgh to take care of their mother’s effects, chief among them being Paul.

A road trip ensues with memorable stops at a Racino, a Pittsburgh landmark greasy spoon, and finally a ride on an incline trolley to meet their mother’s friend, Janice. They are taken aback when she introduces them to Paul, an African grey parrot in the depths of grief, who has things to say that will change their lives. And so a transformative adventure begins.

Lucas and Grinder are more than a little surprised and confused to hear that their mother, Millie, who they haven’t heard from in over thirty years, has died. Now her best friend wants them to come...

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I picked up this title based on its classification as humor and satire (two of my favorite words), and had absolutely no preconceptions about what I might find. I was delighted all the way through to find characters who were human, yet comical. Animals who were comical, and somewhat human. And a family with a genuine hurt that wasn't easy to heal. Seaburn placed average people in average cities, and gave them relatively average lives. With nothing more than a parrot as a catalyst, three men are able to face ghosts of their pasts, and attempt to right some wrongs that give them all hope for a better future. Seaburn's writing is light without being shallow, and he brings levity to a situation that's taboo for many...the notion of a mother who is not present to watch her children grow up. Some authors might be tempted to vilify her, but Seaburn allowed Grinder and Lucas to grapple with real emotions and come to resolution. Seaburn also allowed the reader to love Millie, no matter what her past, and even gave us the chance to reconcile with Pop's misdeeds. This book is a lovely tale of family, peppered with laughable antics, squirrel-sweeping, and parrots smoking pot. It's a great opportunity to relax the mind and feel good about life for awhile.

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I think they made the book too ridiculous. It could have been a very funny novel instead of making the parrot too human.

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The ghosts of the past come to roost in this magical, humorous book. A grief-stricken African Grey parrot, Paul, brings the characters together in an enchanting way.

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Parrot Talk by David B. Seaburn published today by Black Rose Writing is a hurricane in terms of language, dialogues, situations. There is pretty admirable frenetic life and time for all the protagonists, not a second of break during the reading! Amazingly funny. Forget a great description of characters in the common sense of the word, because it's like to live the experience of a roundabout with this book. Enjoy this group of great chatters! and these funny situations! The story starts when two brothers, Lucas and Grinder discover that their mother is dead. Someone they didn't hear from more than 30 years and that of course can't "feel" close to them. This news is a sort of turmoil. The mother left them various things but in particular she would want that they keep well her devoted creature: Paul. Who is Paul? Paul is a parrot, and thanks to him their life will change forever. I have chosen this book because when I was little I have had these animals. I appreciated of this book the quick approach. Conversations are sometimes colored but the book is great for sure with so many adventures in a few pages. You won't suffer boring time. If you need a quick and at the same time funny, stimulating reading, choose Parrot Time and you will find the best. The cover is not very attractive and it's a pity. When I think at parrot and their owners I think at a colored world. I thank NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for this book.

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This is a story about two brothers who are notified that their mother has died. They are told that they must come and take care of their mother effects. They had not talked to their mom for thirty years. Why? When they are told that they must take care of Paul, they are mystified. When they meet grieving Paul, they discover he's an African Grey parrot. He can talk. The brothers find out something from what Paul says. What is it? The author writes a story that transforms the brothers. There is humor in the story. I enjoyed it as I have an African Grey. They have a very distinctive personality. Read the novel as it shows the grief that the parrot goes through and how the brothers life change.

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Fair enough ! Thanks to Netgalley and respective publishers for sending me copy. It was kind of funny but less descriptive kind of book. Perhaps, Author's perspective with the story-line was bit weird. Story of a family, rather say natural family. Traits of member personified apparently with glue of extremities of life, even though their Humanity sustained inside them. It was arrhythmical !

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