Please Don't Do Coke in the Bathroom

Irreverent Lettering for Every F*cking Occasion

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Pub Date 24 Oct 2017 | Archive Date 12 Oct 2017


Who says art has to be delicate and proper? Get angry, get creative, get your sweary soul out and do it beautifully! Please Don’t Do Coke in the Bathroom is your guide to mature (and funny) lettering.

Creatively express your irreverent attitude and sarcastic sentiments with beautiful calligraphy and hand lettering! Send an artfully lettered note telling your boss to f*ck off, let a friend know her cat is kind of an a$$hole, or share your true feelings about kale with the help of this laugh-out-loud lettering book for adults.

Featuring a crash course in calligraphy and hand lettering the alphabet, this book also includes a selection of removable hand-lettered signs with inappropriate sayings like "Monday is a D*ck," "Your Spirit Animal is an A$$hole," and more.

Now you can create your own brazen billboards or hostile stationery, or tell the sh*tty person in your life how you really feel, with delicate swirls and hand-drawn letters gleaned from Please Don't Do Coke in the Bathroom. After all, if you're going to tell someone they suck, it might as well look good when you do it!
Who says art has to be delicate and proper? Get angry, get creative, get your sweary soul out and do it beautifully! Please Don’t Do Coke in the Bathroom is your guide to mature (and funny) lettering.


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OK, if you want a book that is going to show you how to have some fun learning to letter this is for you and you who are not faint of heart and have a wicked sense of humor. Easy to follow instructions and great lettering ideas and sayings to use them in. Not your typical lettering book, lots of swear words and saucy sayings and so funny. So it does have instruction sheets for you to practice, easy to follow brush/pen strokes and pressure point techniques that make practicing fun. Loved the lettering, humor and sayings.

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I found myself laughing through parts of this title. The lettering styles are given a cursory mention and description. I don't feel it's really useful if you're using this as an instructional material and not entertainment. That said, it does include the description of the style and the tool used to achieve the look. It's only a single letter so don't expect to see the entire alphabet or special symbols in each style. The signs are sure to draw at least a small chuckle if you are a fan of irreverence, sarcasm and/or swearing. This is for fans of Filthy McNasty's or Dick's Last Resort where insults are part of the fun and appreciated.

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An extremely quick read, this will at least make you smirk if you don't mind profanity. Full of current relevance and older too this will definitely appeal to the forty and younger crowd. I liked the practice spots, but the same couple phrases got repetitive quickly. The lettering phrases were delightfully off color and the "posters" at the end were chuckle worthy. I would totally purchase this for my bitches. ^.^

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Containing many phrases I would like to use during my typical work day, this book will be my new doodling companion. A phrase for each letter of the alphabet, tips to create each phrase and the best pen to use when creating is included for each example. The only thing that could make this book better is if the entire alphabet for each font example included. If you want to use the font to make a different phrase you will need to figure out any letters not included in the original phrase. This is an oversight that will hopefully be added before publication because this book rocks.

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Sweet jesus, is this a fun book. Premise is as basic as you can ask for, beautiful lettering for naughty words. We start out with the letters themselves ("A is for Asshole"), each one written in a different style. P is for Prick was especially perfect, though M is for Motherfucker was by far my favorite style. Then we end with a few beautifully drawn phrases, such as the titular "Please Don't Do Coke in the Bathroom", but many others for all occasions, love and hate. I kind of want most of those framed and hanging in my house, just saying.

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"Take a crack at it, it’s f*cking therapeutic." Just the title alone on this book would get someone to notice it. It is a guide for hand lettering to express your sarcasm with beautiful calligraphy. With the onslaught of social media and online writing why not change it up and leave a handwritten note telling someone how you really feel. Christianson shows the reader different hand-lettered styles providing a worksheet to practice drawing the letter themselves. It’s a hilarious journey of “A is for Asshole” to “Z is for Zip It Back Up Please” all emphasized in a classy script. I recommend it as a fun, instructional read that will improve your handwriting and quick comeback skills. Follow Ms. Christianson on Instagram at

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If you love calligraphy, swearing and sarcastic comments, this is the book for you. Please Don't Do Coke in the Bathroom shows you how to write cool letters in different fonts. Through crude and hilarious words and comments, this book will have you laughing and learning at the same time. Each letter is a different font with traceable practice letters and room for you to try it on your own. There is also a section of removable signs with funny but crude sayings. I received this book from NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group, and Race Point Publishing for a honest review.

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Cheeky! I like it! As a graphic designer who works exclusively in digital media, it was really a lot of fun and quite educational to work with lettering in more traditional media. Add into the mix that I like a little (or a lot) of Eff You in my crafting, and you've got a hit!

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Looking for a hand lettering guide that doesn't take itself too seriously? Do I have the perfect book for you. Take a look at Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom: Irreverent Hand Lettering For Every F*cking Occasion by Sami Christianson. Sometimes a stylish sign is the best way to get your point across. Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom: Irreverent Hand Lettering For Every F*cking Occasion will help you learn to create the perfect sign, with some serious attitude. Though approached in a fun way, Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom is a great guide to learning hand lettering. Sami Christianson walks you through not only how to properly produce each letter of the alphabet, but also includes tips to get the best results. Writing implement advice is included, along with ideas for how to get different effects in your lettering. After guiding you through lettering and practicing the craft, you'll find pre-made signs for all kinds of situations. Some examples include: The Management Requests You Get Your Shit Together Fuck You, Kale When In Doubt, Make Out Seventy Minus One = Fun These signs can easily be removed from the book and hung up or framed, for around the house or office. They also provide great inspiration for those looking to share their feelings through classy lettering, crossed with adult humor. Laughing and learning, creativity and sarcastic humor. Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom is a fun way to learn to letter and get your message across. Through humor and a helpful guide, this book can help anyone learn to produce great lettering, while having fun doing so.

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These are funny, often profane, statements that apply to so many situations. Don't read this if you are offended by swear words, or perhaps try pretending that any offensive words are instead a collection of "#%$&*!" symbols. For instance, my favorite is "The management requests you get your S#!* together" -- but it is SO much more effective in their graphic format!

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