What if We Knew What God Knows About Us

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Pub Date 24 Aug 2018 | Archive Date 13 May 2019
Lion Hudson Ltd, Monarch Books

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This is a book about who God is and who we are in light of that. What we think about ourselves governs what we do. If we think we are powerless, then we will behave that way. If we believe we are weak, we will be weak. If we believe we have no gifts, we will not use our gifting. When we believe the wrong things about ourselves it stops us from stepping into the person we were created to be. The Bible tells us that in Jesus we are "a new creation" and yet, sometimes, we still wear the clothes of the old creation. But what if we knew what God knows about us? When we know what God knows about us we will do the things He knows we can do. Our potential is limitless...

This is a book about who God is and who we are in light of that. What we think about ourselves governs what we do. If we think we are powerless, then we will behave that way. If we believe we are...

A Note From the Publisher

Cris Rogers is a Church of England pioneer minister, church planter, artist, and Star Wars fan. In 2010 Cris and his family moved to Tower Hamlets, one of the toughest estates in East London, and took on the leadership of All Hallows Bow. Their desire was to restart the church, which had shrunk to seven people, and see people flourish. Cris has a deep passion for discipleship in the way of Jesus, and runs wearemakingdisciples.com.

Cris Rogers is a Church of England pioneer minister, church planter, artist, and Star Wars fan. In 2010 Cris and his family moved to Tower Hamlets, one of the toughest estates in East London, and...

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I love this book, the way it is written, the truth that it shouts loudly over and over again, the one it points to, the life it offers. It is a timely, potent, crucial book. I wish the author every success in seeing many people read it and to be filled with hope

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I heard Cris Rogers speak at Spring Harvest in April 2018 and then again at the CRE at Sandown in October 2018 about his course, “Making Disciples”. It was because of this and because I knew our church would be running his course in 2019 that I wanted to read his latest book, “What if we knew what God knows about us.”

On more than one occasion in his book he tells us that “What we think about ourselves will ultimately govern what we do with ourselves.” What we believe to be true about us will determine our choices and behaviour.

We so often believe the lies we have told ourselves, for example, we believe we are weak, not able, not gifted etc. We also believe the lies that have been said over us about who we are. Cris writes, “There is a danger that we believe certain things about ourselves which then stop us from stepping into becoming the person we were saved to be.”

In his book, Cris looks at “who God thinks we are and what he thinks we are capable of.” He shares the things we need to know which God knows about us. Starting with the most important one, which relates to who we are and where our identity comes from. He also looks at some of the things which stop us from seeing ourselves the way God sees us, such as comparing ourselves with others.

Cris encourages us to stop listening to our internal voice telling us lies about ourselves and instead develop the habit of listening to and believing the Holy Spirit who speaks the truth about who God is and who we are.

In Chapter Six Cris suggests that we make a list of all our gifts talents and abilities. Then take them to God and ask him to grow and expand our gifts, ask him to help us dismiss our fears and wrong comparisons and reveal to us our identity as a son or daughter who can use the “family toolbox”.

In the first chapter, Cris tells the story of Rabbi Akiva and he returns to this story in his final chapter. The Rabbi was asked the questions “Who are you? What are you doing here?”. These questions, Cris writes, refer to our identity and our purpose. This book has explored these questions as Cris has shown us that what we do (our purpose) comes out of who we are (our identity). He ends this final chapter by encouraging the reader, you and me, to answer those questions for ourselves.

The final section is entitled “Seven Day Action Plan”. The aim is to take seven days with God asking him to help us allow the content from the seven chapters to grow and transform us. Cris writes: “Remember, this isn’t just about knowing more; it’s about knowing Him more and allowing Him to have control.” Each day includes Scripture, a thought, something to do and prayer.

I thought this was a great section, but my personal preference would be to read the chapter first and then go through the action plan for the day connected with that chapter. I think doing it this way would also work well in a small group setting. If a chapter was read before meeting up, the group could then discuss the chapter together before going through the day’s material connected with it.

This book is easy to read, yet at the same time contains important biblical truths which we all need to know, not just in our heads but with our hearts too. Whatever stage you may be at in your spiritual journey I believe this book will have something to teach you. It is just as suitable for young people as well as for those who are older. Many of us have spent too many years believing the lies we have told ourselves, the lies the world would have us believe and the lies of the enemy. This book will help us to break free from those lies and believe the truth about who we are, what God really knows about us and what he wants us to know too.

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The premise of this book as stated by the author is that "God loves you. He is for you. He saves you. He fights for you. He has gifts for you. He wants to share his power with you. He wants you in the family. he wants you to join Him in His work. He wants you to stop listening to the lies you believe about yourself and listen to him."

This central message is repeated from varying perspectives throughout the book and there is much to learn. However I found there is also alot that I disagreed with and found sometimes confusing and lacking clarity, sometimes sending mixed messages.

The author makes the baffling statement, "Remember, if forgiveness was all we needed, there would have been no need for the resurrection. We needed more than to be saved, we needed new life." If there was no resurrection there would be no forgiveness, it requires a living Messiah to forgive.

Later the author writes, "...it's not about being the best taught, but being the most obedient. It's not about being filled up with knowledge, but being filled up by Him..." Well yes of course obedience is paramount but you do need enough knowledge to know what or who you are being obedient to and whether you can trust this? I don't think the author intends anti-intellectualism but it is hinted at in my view.

About three quarters through the book the author says, "We would say the devil is a liar and we shouldn't listen to him but, in fact, sometimes what he says it true. We need to agree with him to break the power of his words. We need to argue with his words and then add to them." We should not listen to anything the devil says and Christ has already broken his power, we don't need to agree with him to break the power of his words.

As I've said there's alot in this book that's good but there's also alot that's questionable and confusing. I'm sure others will find benefit here but not for me I'm afraid.

Thanks to NetGalley and Lion Hudson for ARC.

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Cris Rogers portrays such a powerful message of having faith in oneself and to really uncover God's plan for us! This was such an enigma to me and couldn't help but mention it to everyone I would cross paths with who would listen.

With so much motivation and encouragement, this book could easily be a book assisting others with their process to self discovery! How to really honor God and oneself and see the connection we all have on this planet is displayed in this book!

I gave an honest review in exchange for a copy of this great book! It was way beyond what I could imagine and I am grateful to read this book of mindblowingly true words!

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