Around The World in Every Vehicle

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Pub Date 11 Sep 2018 | Archive Date 04 Dec 2018

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Join the Van Go family as they set out in their beloved little blue camper van on a globetrotting whirlwind of an adventure across the world, trying out a range of vehicles from tuk tuks to helicopters! Join them as they take in the sights on a red bus in London, watch them hail a yellow cab in New York and help them navigate the twisty turns of the Paris metro. This is an entertaining adventure story perfect for little fans of everything that goes 'vroom'! Follow the Van Gos as they travel in different vehicles throughout their trip and find out how popular modes of transport look in different cities and countries around the world.

Join the Van Go family as they set out in their beloved little blue camper van on a globetrotting whirlwind of an adventure across the world, trying out a range of vehicles from tuk tuks to...

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Focus: Focus on travel and automotive stories 

  • Include in holiday gift guide pitch 

  • Pitch to parenting and travel media and bloggers 

  • Pitch local media in any US or Canadian locations in the book 

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Around the world in every vehicle by author Amber Stewart is an educational and fun children’s book that takes us around the world in all different vehicles. A great learning tool!
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of Around the world in different vehicles in exchange for an honest review.

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This was enjoyed by my nephew. It has lots of information squeezed into every page. My nephew liked looking at the different pictures but struggled to keep his concentration when it came to listening to the story. I think it was a bit to long for him.

Personally I liked this book and will probably be buying a few copies to give as gifts.dd

Was this review helpful?

This is a fun and informative story about anthropomorphic Scottish animals who travel around the world. They use different vehicles and forms of public transit to travel around, and compare the differences between different countries public transit. This would be a great read for any child who is about to go on a trip to a different country. I think an age range as wide as 4 - 8 could appreciate this item.

I would probably shelve this in the picture book section rather than the non-fiction section. It is driven by a central plot, and the non-fiction information is woven into the story.

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This is both an educational and just as importantly a hugely entertaining read as will follow the Van Go family on their adventures travelling around the world in different forms of transport. Starting from their home in beautiful bonny Scotland the Van Go's depart in their little blue camper van on a road trip across Europe that will end in Istanbul. First stop is London and a ride on an iconic red London bus. Then its off via the Channel Tunnel to Paris and an introduction to their wonderful metro system. Each page is crammed with information including drawings of how different vehicles may look in various countries. Buses, fire engines, trams and aircraft are all covered. It is not only transportation that the child will learn about and encounter but also geography. How many adults are able to name the countries in their correct order to be passed on the trans European journey to the Bosphorus. The book not only shows the Van Go's having fun but also discusses the reasons behind the transportation being taken and introduces the child to such notions as passports and keeping a record of their experiences.

From the Charles Bridge in Prague to a food market in Mumbai, from Hong Kong to New York the reader will encounter countries and cities and get a feel of their geographical placing in the world and distances between places. What a fun read this was helped of course by the lovely graphics and unlike other books it is one that can be revisited to enhance the gained information.Trying to engage, educate as well as increasing a child's attention span and at the same time entertaining them is not the easiest of things to achieve but I think that Amber Stewart has gone a very long way to accomplishing this.

Was this review helpful?

I think this book is fantastic - the illustrations really bring the book to life. As a family who love to travel, I would definitely want to read this with my child. I don't think it is a one-time read at all - children can continue reading as they get older and enhance their geography/vehicle knowledge. The educational aspects don't feel forced - they naturally fit within the style and tone of the book. It also acknowledges anxieties that a child who hasn't traveled before might feel such as getting the subway and being away from home. I love how the beginning tells children that their home will be waiting for them when they return but there is a big wide world to see out there. Travel has shaped me as a person and it is something I am very keen to continue with my own child so this book really is perfect for when that time comes. I will definitely be purchasing in the future!

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Original premise - I've not seen a book that weaves together transportation and travel. Informative and I found sparks further discussion

Was this review helpful?

I don’t know how true the title is—if I tried hard enough I could probably come up with something they missed—but other than that it’s a good tour of the world, with some famous landmarks standing out.
Nice to see the Charles Bridge in Prague, though the statues left something to be desired. The Haga Sophia looks minimalist-nice. It was an inspired choice to have them drive through Europe, then have the grandparents fly in to drive the van home while they go off to see the rest of the world on faster transportation.
I love the family name: Van Go.
On some pages an incident prompts them to look at similar vehicles around the world: buses, trams, fire engines, etc. It’s hardly ever that fitting with the story, but that’s not what this book is about.
Geographical mistake: They flew around the world twice when they should have gone to Australia between Asia and North America.

Was this review helpful?

Written well by Amber Stewart, and illustrated equally well by Duncan Beedie (both good Scots names I have to say!) this short story picture book was a fun romp across the globe employing an assortment of vehicles to make the trip.

It's educational as to geography as well as to different habits across the world when it comes to transportation, as we follow the rather foxy-looking Van Go family on a trip that's a trip! They set off from home on their bicycles and consult their map with seven major destinations marked all across the globe. They take an open-topped tour bus (see, it's not always raining in London!) past a hoard of traditional and distinctive-looking London taxis, and Freddie Van Go is moved to consult a book (yeay Freddie!) to discover what other kinds of buses there are.

This sets the tone for the other pages of the book, many of which are double-page spreads, so I wouldn't rely on your smartphone to read this in ebook form (Unless your kid is just looking at the pictures). You'll need a tablet - and a preferably regular-sized one rather than mini to read the small text.

I'm not sure it quite covered every vehicle (I saw no tank in there, for example!), but it sure covers a host of them: sea, air, land - and under the land! Yes, there is a trip through the Chunnel! It made for a colorful, varied, educational and fun read for young children. I commend it as a worthy read.

Was this review helpful?

What an adventure! This book is about the family Van Go who decides to travel the world with their three kids, and to try every single mode of transportation you can think of. Each page portrays one part of their journey, and most often the different ways to navigate to or inside of a city. When they ride on a tramway in Istanbul, the parents introduce tramways from different countries. Same with taxis, firetrucks, boats and so many more.

I liked that the books also talked about the different fears that a kid can experience while traveling, for example when Freddie was nervous going underground in Paris.

Whatever the age of your kid, I think they will find something to like about this book: the city sights, the local animals, the street food, the geographical locations, the flags, the distances between cities, or even the length of an airplane flight.

Was this review helpful?

This is such a fun book! My 8-year-old loves vehicles and we live in a camper van so we love a good book about wunderlust :) This one is a great launching point for geography & cultural studies in our homeschool as well. The illustrations are lovely and help keep the child engaged without taking away from the book. I think this would be a great book for schools and at home. It's an excellent way to introduce your child to the world from the comfort of your couch and jammies.

Was this review helpful?

This book is an absolute delight! The most aptly named Van Go animal family lives in Scotland. They love their home country but Mom and Dad would like their children to see more of the world. So…off they go during their school vacation. Children and their parents will enjoy traveling with them.

The family travels through Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, New York and more. With bright, cheerful illustrations reminiscent of Richard Scarry, all kind of vehicles are seen. There are trains, boats, planes, taxis and bikes, just to name a few.

I highly recommend this book. It was great fun from start to finish and will remind children and adults that there is a great world out there just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.

Was this review helpful?

Fun trip around the world! Interesting facts and entertaining family to travel with. Great illustrations! Add a lot to the family and the locations around the world they travel too. Fun read with kids! Would recommend !

Was this review helpful?

I read Around the World in Every Vehicle with my son and we had a good time. This book begins with the Van Go family at their little house in Scotland. They go on an adventure around the world using different modes of transportation. Driving, flying, by bus, taxi, underground, this family gets around! They travel to England, France, India, USA and much more!

Around the World in Every Vehicle had adorable illustrations, and is perfect for families to read together! And if you have a little one who loves all things with wheels, from trucks to trains, they will love this book.

Was this review helpful?

The Van Go family is on the move across Europe and then around the world they go in their big blue van! Cars, trains, planes, taxi cabs and more! The illustrations are rich with detail, and there is so much to see and hear about, from preschoolers to independent readers. There opportunities to stretch the discussion to include the different locations the Van Go family travels. Thanks to #NetGalley and @QuartoKids for the opportunity to preview #AroundtheWorldinEveryVehicle by Amber Stewart!

Was this review helpful?

What a great book to teach your child about the world. This certainly appealed to my little boy who is vehicle mad so I think he was probably a little more interested in that than the different countries but I do think it is one of those books we will keep returning to and the information will get absorbed in (I hope)!

Was this review helpful?

This is a wonderful book for children! My boys loved looking through the bright and fun illustrations and exploring all the different types of vehicles. We would recommend.

Was this review helpful?

A lovely colourful little book with a little information on the various destinations and incorporating lots of modes of transport. I imagine that this book would be a hit with the younger child. There are lots of things to find on each page and it gives information about each country's landmarks. It is a very interactive book read with another person.

Was this review helpful?

"Around the World in Every Vehicle" is a cute picture book about vehicles all over the world. Readers travel to different countries with the Van Go family and get to learn about different kinds of transportation. Fun, educational and entertaining. Rich content, beautiful graphics' an overall delightful read with my 5yo.

What I love about the book:

1- Understanding different countries name the vehicles differently (i.e. taxi v.s. cab)

2- Recognizing different countries on maps, their national flags, famous landmarks and etc. in a fun and engaging way

3- An easy to follow story line

4- Very creative by combining common knowledge and interests (i.e. transportation) together

I strongly believe most kids would find this book fascinating.

Was this review helpful?

The illustrations are very cute with a warm and inviting color scheme and hidden gems if you keep an eye out (look for the lost mole on the first page!). The concept of traveling the world is one that is near and dear to my heart. My personal experience has taught me that seeing different parts of the world leads to a more informed and empathetic perspective, something that children would benefit from hugely. This book is a wonderful way to expose children to different parts of the world and maybe spark their travel bug just a little.

In addition to introducing many countries, the book incorporates little bits of foreign language (mostly in the form of signs) and talks about similarities between countries. For instance, while taking a tram in Istanbul, they talk about trams in other foreign cities. The wonderful food trucks in Mumbai spark an idea about doing a food-inspired vacation one day.

One of the features I especially appreciate is it helps set realistic expectations for travel. Sometimes there are traffic jams. Sometimes it’s overwhelmingly busy! People can get frustrated in these situations and not always behave well. It can take a long time, and many different forms of transport, to get from one place to the other. Traveling is amazing, but it isn’t all fun and games. It can be frustrating and exhausting. Like any other person, a child will handle the bumps better if they are prepared for them ahead of time. Kudos to the authors for addressing this!

As a grown-up who has been to a few of these places, I still learned something! While I knew of the “Chunnel” (the Channel Tunnel between England and France), I didn’t know they had a car train! Adding it to my bucket list NOW.

And finally, the book was especially inclusive, including trips to all the continents except Antarctica (for obvious reasons). The shortcoming of covering so much in a children’s book is a profound lack of depth, but I acknowledge that this is unlikely to be a complaint a child would have. ;) Overall, a fabulous way to introduce children to the concept of foreign travel, in a fun and realistic way. If I were preparing my kids for a lengthy trip of any kind, I would absolutely read this book with them and use it as a tool to stir excitement and set realistic expectations.

Was this review helpful?

This book shows the Van Go family travel the world in every kind of vehicle and transportation form.

The illustrations are fun and each page is packed with things to look at and study.

The story itself it a bit complicated for a young child. At this age, they are beginning to understand their immediate surrounds such as neighborhood, city and state. To introduce other countries and the detailed findings in this book would be beyond the comprehension of such children.

Amber Stewart should pitch this book for later elementary or early middle school children. It would definitely catch their attention and teach them about other countries in a way that would surprise the student by how much they learn from this book.

Was this review helpful?

Cute educational read going around the world in different vehicles. Book that is great for kids who are interested in vehicles or travel. .. or both.

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Was this review helpful?

I usually choose to review picture books shortly before their publication. The one that I’m reviewing today, Around the World in Every Vehicle, was published back in September, but I enjoyed it so much that I felt I had to share it three months post-publication!

Around the World in Every Vehicle follows the Van Go family (I love the play on words here!) as they set off from their familiar little town in Scotland and spend a summer travelling across Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Oceania.

The title certainly doesn’t disappoint – while I’m sure every vehicle in the world can’t possibly be included in the book, off the top of my head I couldn’t think of any that had been left out! It reminded me to a certain extent of the books by Richard Scarry, which are without doubt brilliant, but sometimes feel a bit too busy. This one seems to have struck just the right balance. From an educational perspective another major advantage over Scarry’s books is that the vehicles are all real – no gherkin-shaped trucks or egg-shaped cars.

There is such a wealth of fascinating information in this book, not only about different types of vehicles, but also countries, flags, famous landmarks, cultures, the ins and outs of travelling, and so much more. When certain vehicles are mentioned, there are also pictures of how that vehicle looks around the world. The information is all incorporated so well into the story and presented in such a lively way, that it feels more fun than educational.

The illustrations are absolutely delightful, with their vibrant colours and varied viewpoints – sometimes zoomed right out over a whole country to show the progress of the Van Go family, sometimes zoomed in, so that we feel close to them and part of their journey.

I would highly recommend this book for children between the ages of two and ten – as soon as I finished reading it, it went straight onto my daughter’s Christmas list!

Was this review helpful?

Around The World in Every Vehicle follows the Van Go family from Scotland (Mum, Dad, Freddie, and Daisy) as they travel around the world on a truly global vacation, visiting many countries and traveling by dozens of different type of vehicles.

The family begins their trip by heading to London in their little blue camper van where they see black cabs and big red buses. Freddie also has a journal which helps him learn about different types of the same kind of vehicle, for example, in London he opens it to see other kinds of buses from around the world such as a yellow US school bus. From London, the family head to Paris by Eurostar, then onto Germany, the Czech Republic and on to Turkey and India. Soon they are flying to Hong Kong, then on to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, and then Australia (the order of the countries did confuse me a little here).

Along the way, the family sees jet skis and sailboats, ambulances and bicycles, delivery vans and airplanes. There are common vehicles like cars and trains, and less well-known ones like tuk-tuks in Thailand and trolley cars in San Francisco.

This is a lovely, colorful book that serves as a guide for young children to not only different kinds of vehicles but also to many different countries and cultures. There is some exploration of food and local activities in many of the locations, and maps are used help to give a sense of how the countries interconnect with one another. It was notable that most of the Middle East, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe was skipped over, but then it would be impossible to visit every country without turning the book into an encyclopedia.

This would make a great book for any child curious about the great wide world beyond their hometown.

Was this review helpful?

I grabbed this book because I have a grandson who loves cars, trucks, planes and boats. The Van Go family (a family of red pandas) has decided to go around the world for summer break. They use and see a variety of transportation methods as they drive across Europe, and then fly to Asia, the United States (New York), Africa, and Australia/New Zealand.

The illustrations are a fun and cute cartoon style that kids should find interesting, but they are so busy and I found them a bit distracting. The family started their trip by driving their blue van across Europe from England to Turkey. They take rides on buses, metros and boats as they tour cities they stop in, as well as having a book or journal to compare things such as taxis in various countries. They also take planes and other transport methods as they go beyond Europe. My complaint was that there was too much tied up in this little book. Things were mentioned and there was a small picture but then they moved on. I would have loved to have seen them in a rickshaw or tuk-tuk in India, and I can’t believe the creators passed up those opportunities. I really don't think this book lived up to its title. Despite these areas of disappointment, the book does introduce many types of transportation all over the world. My grandson wanted to know what the various types of transportation were called and used for, if I had ever used them, if he would ever get the chance to ride in them, but he was not really interested in this story. This is not one I would necessarily recommend. The publisher, Quarto Publishing Group - QEB, generously provided me with a copy of this book. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.

Was this review helpful?

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