Le Remède

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Pub Date 07 Nov 2018 | Archive Date 15 Sep 2020

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Andie Rogé craves control like some people crave chocolate. But she can't control her feelings when she encounters Vincent Dubois at Lizzie Borden's Bar. Tortured by blood lust that has ruled him for almost two hundred years, Vincent is unprepared for the pull he feels toward Andie. He can only surrender to what he knows is fate. Offered a cure from a rare black orchid, he faces an agonizing choice—take the only dose and join Andie in the human life he so deeply desires or give the cure to his Kindred brother to stop his bloody rampage. Fate brought them together but will it destroy their chance at a future?

Andie Rogé craves control like some people crave chocolate. But she can't control her feelings when she encounters Vincent Dubois at Lizzie Borden's Bar. Tortured by blood lust that has ruled him...

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vampire paranormal romance

vampire paranormal romance

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Le Remede by Densie Webb is a riveting, if implausible, story similar to the Twilight series. A charismatic vampire falls in love with a human. How he resolves his blood lust with true love is the basis of this romance. In the process, Vincent and Andie discover the real reason that they are destined to spend forever together. Some of the details involving the past and a few of the characters feel extraneous, but don't detract from the story, the remedy for a vampire's affliction.

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A different vampire story not all hearts and flowers more like vampires don't sparkle. A love story that goes back in time that comes full circle. Drama,mystery,passion and romance. Good read. Voluntarily reviewed.

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This is a vampire story, but the Kindred are a different kind of vampire. They are awake 24 hours a day and can go out in sunlight, but they still need blood to survive. Unlike most of the Kindred, Vincent doesn’t kill the people he drinks from, but he has to be careful not to lose control. When he sees Andie in a local bar, their eyes meet and both of them feel a connection is instantaneous. I liked the background history and the attention paid to Andie and Vincent’s social and work lives. It did have a few spots that seemed rushed, and but I really appreciated the epilogue.

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I am aware this book is primarily a romance, but I wanted to read it because of the synopsis: a vampire, in love with a mortal, is offered a cure for vampirism, but must choose whether to use it on himself and live happily ever after, or keep his curse and give the cure to his closest friend. I loved how the book is broken up into bite-sized chapters, switching back and forth between the two protagonists’ points of view without breaking rhythm. The vampire Vincent’s view of the situation ends and, rather than rehashing it all, his mortal love Antoinette ("Andie") picks right up where he left off. Normally I detest first-person, rotating POVs, but in this novel it works really well. Both lead characters have strong enough personalities to carry the story so I enjoyed it. The author does a fantastic job at "showing" rather than "telling." Through the actions of the characters you can determine what vampires are in her world and what abilities they possess. I was puzzled that they cannot tolerate mortal food, yet Vincent and Nicholas ran a bakery for a time, though... How would they know how their food tasted before serving it to customers? That didn't make sense at all. The romance was good. There were times when I thought the heroine overreacted to situations because she's incredibly emotional. But as a whole I found Vincent to be quite swoon-worthy. And for a romance novel, this is a pretty clean story. They have sex but it's not graphic. It's just the right amount of detail. There's a good cast of secondary characters with strong personalities, but the author writes them out of the story in the last quarter of the book, once they've served their functions and the focus is on the lovers. I was disappointed in that respect. My main critique with this book - and for me, it's a major one - is that the plot is too narrowly focused on the romance between the vampire and his human lover. I wanted to read this book because of the vampire story, about the potential for a cure. I mean, the book is called "Le Remède." But that element stayed so far on the back burner, it's like someone forgot to turn on the stove. In the very beginning, a vampire makes a deal with Vincent: get him the ingredients to make the cure, and he will give Vincent a dose. (It takes a special black orchid, and Vincent is a florist.) Then it's not even referenced again until halfway through the book, when Vincent mentions he's been doing all kinds of research into orchid dealers. But since when? Then there's no further mention again until the very end of the book, when Vincent has to make a choice between giving the cure to Nicholas, his longtime vampire companion, or taking it himself. That's what I read the book for, and it just wasn't there. This is a well-written novel and while it was occasionally predictable, there were far more surprises and plot twists than I anticipated. If you're in it for a supernatural romance, I think you'll love it. If you want more plot and suspense, you might be left thirsty. 3.5 stars out of 5.

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Le Remede by Denise Webb is a vampire paranormal romance . It is about Vincent , a florist , who was turned in the late 1800's . He is very different from most of the "Kindred" in that he does not kill but takes only the blood he needs to survive . His best friend Nicholas also is a Kindred and is his partner .Vincent is handsome and of course compelling. A Kindred he knew years ago "Gus" comes to him with an unbelievable tale , there is a remedy for vampirism . He only has one dose and he will give it to Vincent if he helps him find more of the rare ingredient needed to make the cure, a rare black orchid. Andie is a young woman who is going on an interview for a a new job , she goes to the flower shop to send a thank you to the friend who gave her the tip and meets Vincent . There are of course sparks that fly and an instant connection. She is not sure what is going on , but Vincent insists they are soul mates . She has a hard time accepting the situation but cannot stay away. Vincent dreams of taking the cure and having a normal life but nothing comes easy. I love a good vampire love story. I enjoyed most of story but I wish there had been more with Gus and the way he was leaning on Vincent to get the orchids and how Vincent was working so hard to get them. The story was good and would recommend if you like Vampire tales . *****This ebook was supplied by Netgalley for an honest review*****

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