The Reach of Shadows

The Most Gripping DI Bliss Novel Yet

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Pub Date 21 Jan 2019 | Archive Date 25 Jan 2019

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A determined detective follows in the footsteps of a stalker on a case that takes shocking twists and turns—from the author of If Fear Wins.

Recovering from injuries sustained in a road collision, DI Bliss is taken directly from hospital to a fresh crime scene and ordered to investigate the vicious stabbing and murder of Jade Coleman. When Bliss realizes the victim had reported being stalked, and that two of his own team had been drafted in to take her statement, he is given the unenviable task of interviewing both of his detectives. Increasingly it appears that the stalker may be their killer. However, several other people soon become part of the team’s suspect list. Bliss also finds himself being questioned about his own past and has to battle to defend himself while continuing to investigate the murder.

Soon more questions arise. Why would anybody target Jade Coleman? Why are the team unable to identify the victim’s close female friend? And why did Jade recently leave her job without any explanation? With his work cut out and his team under pressure, Bliss races to solve the case before more victims show up—and the shadows of his own past reach out to drag him under . . .

“Five stars from me . . . a completely gripping read that really had me hooked and properly addicted—very, very highly recommended!!” —Donna’s Book Blog

Full of plot twists that have you intrigued about whats going to happen next.” —Lost in the Land of Books

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A determined detective follows in the footsteps of a stalker on a case that takes shocking twists and turns—from the author of If Fear Wins.

Recovering from injuries sustained in a road collision, DI...

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What a great book I cannot recommend it highly enough it was exciting unexpected and one I can’t reco highly enough

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This is the fourth outing for DI Bliss and his team. I have read this series from the start and I have loved everyone.
In this book we have a stalker who maybe a killer. It is upto Bliss and his team to put the pieces together and solve the case. Bliss is a very complicated man, what with being diagnosed with a live changing decease which he is learning to keep under control and is still grieving for his wife. Plus dear old Bliss has been in the wars, as while chasing a suspected burglar he is hit by a car.
This book made me laugh and cry, the rapport between Bliss and his team was numerous at times but they all had each other's backs. A hard nosed detective who has a heart. I loved MORE PLEASE !!!!!
I would like to thank the author, Bloodhound books and Netgalley for the advanced copy in return for giving an honest review.

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4 stars

While chasing a backyard intruder across town in his nightclothes, fifty-six year old DI Jimmy Bliss is hit by a car. His Sergeant, Penny “Pen” Chandler, picks him up from the hospital two days later and she is not a happy camper. She tells him instead of taking him home she is supposed to take him to the scene of a crime.

The murdered woman is Jade Coleman. This crime has political implications that Bliss doesn’t yet know about. When speaking to his boss he learns that Jade had a stalker and that Jade was interviewed by two detectives on Bliss’ team.

The team begins their investigation. They interview neighbors, friends and others but can’t seem to identify an unidentified woman who knew Jade.

I like the way the author gives the reader a glimpse of Bliss and Pen’s home life. I appreciate the chance to get to know the characters outside of the job. Bliss lives in near isolation, unable to even unpack the boxes he moved from his previous residence. But he seems happy, especially in his job. I like it that his team gets along well and pulls together. I like his supervisory skills. This book is well written and plotted. It is an entertaining novel and moves along quite nicely. I believe that this is my first Tony Forder book and I’ll go to Amazon to look for others by him.

I want to thank NetGalley and Bloodhound Books for forwarding to me a copy of this very good book for me to read, enjoy and review.

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law-enforcement, England, sly-humor, twisty, friendship

A police force, a team, a very credible DI and his partner find themselves under scrutiny. The force because a woman who reported a possible stalker has been murdered, the team because they totally support the DI, and DI Bliss because of a chronic disorder, recent injuries, and accusations of misconduct of nearly twenty years ago.
Much background is related in a coherent manner that keeps the reader on target and not lost in wondering about the previous books in the series. This leaves us free to enjoy the bright and personable characters, plot twists, red herrings, and sly humor. The plot is actually credible and the characters realistic. The unraveling of the apparent connection between assault victims and the past of the only one to be murdered is ingenious!
I loved it! Remember, the past will get you.
I requested and received a free ebook copy from via Thank you!

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The fourth fantastic installment in the DI Jimmy Bliss series of police procedurals, and this really is a series that needs to be read in order to the most out of it (although each book works well on its own as the past events are explained to a certain extent). The book starts with Bliss chasing someone breaking into his house in the middle of the night and getting run over. Even that is not enough to keep him down and on his release from hospital he is immediately embroiled in the hunt for a killer. Is the woman's reported stalker the culprit or is there more to this case? Jimmy's personal life has never been straight forward since the murder of his wife Hazel and also due to his occasional old fashioned less than pc conduct. But overall he is a good detective and boss with a loyal team who respect him, and in this story that becomes even more crucial to his continuation in the job. As the murder investigation continues, faces from the past reappear and cause problems both professionally and personally for Bliss. Will they prove too much to conquer this time? This story is very well plotted and written as I have come to expect from this author with even room for a little humour, and I can thoroughly recommend this to everyone!

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would like to thank Netgalley and Bloodhound Books for an advance copy of The Reach of Shadows, the fourth novel to feature DI Jimmy Bliss of Peterborough police.

When Bliss stupidly chases a would be burglar from his house he is run down in the process, suffering broken ribs and concussion. To his surprise on leaving hospital he is not taken home but to a crime scene. Jade Colman has been stabbed to death in her bedroom and while Bliss takes all murders seriously he can’t understand the level of scrutiny on this case until he finds out that Jade had not only reported a stalker but had been interviewed about it by members of his team. With little to go on the investigation is hard going and if that weren’t enough “The Complaints” are taking an interest in him again.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Reach of Shadows which is an absorbing read with a bit of everything. It is a long novel but it never flags with plenty of plot twists and developments to keep the reader engrossed throughout. I like the way the team start with nothing in their murder investigation and painstakingly build a case piece by piece and think that the slow nature of it and the team’s frustration bring a realism to proceedings, showing that it’s not always bish, bash, bosh case closed. IOPC’s interest in Bliss brings tension to the novel as both Bliss and the reader firstly wonder at their interest and any evidence they may have, then who is behind it and lastly how he’s going to escape. It’s exciting stuff and very well done.

The characterisation is strong in the novel. Bliss and his work partner, DS Penny Chandler, seem closer than ever and their banter provides some light relief amid the tension of Bliss’s problems. I like Bliss who is a smart investigator with a tendency to mess up in the eyes of his bosses. What I really admire is his ability to read people and plan ahead accordingly - a skill I wish I had - and the way The author uses it to create some slick twists and tidy resolutions. He has also turned a corner in his relationships with his co-workers which have moved on from strife to lovefest.

The Reach of Shadows is a great read which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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Oh wow! I have always enjoyed the Jimmy Bliss series but in this fourth instalment Tony Forder has taken his writing and plotting to a new level. The central crime is intriguing but I found the personal aspects of the novel even more enthralling, both his relationship to Pen but especially his desire to absolve himself of supposed past misdemeanours. Brilliant!

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The Reach of Shadows (DI Bliss #4) is an excellent who-done-it. Even 90% in I was not sure Detective Inspector James Bliss and his hardy crew were going to pull off this caper. Bliss and his associates are interesting and very personable, easily liked and trusted by the reader. You can't help but be rooting for them as they go through the trials perpetrated by both the bad guys and their own IOPC (Internal Affairs in USA speak) as they seek to serve and protect Peterborough from the wiles of big city bad guys. I enjoy the contrast between the older, experienced dinosaurs and the new recruits as the obvious pitfalls of politically incorrect attitudes are weaned out of the hearts of the old guys. And watching the new constables learn basic principles, self-awareness and safety from their old comrades is also very interesting. DI Bliss is a character to watch for, and Tony J. Forder is an author to follow.

This is the second book in this series I have read and very much enjoyed. A series featuring DI Bliss, Forder's books are completely stand alone but one tale will pull you into the storyline and make it necessary to purchase the next.

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Thank you NetGalley and Bloodhound Books for this arc.

I loved this read. A truly convoluted mystery that starts as an amorphous blob and a slow build up to it's ultimate solution. Meanwhile DI Bliss more than proves he can take a lickin' and come back kickin"... just to kick the pacing up a bit. The usual office politics meander through the story.. just to really keep up the interest level. Bliss's ability to keep all the interested parties at bay while he gets the case solved amazed me. But this book had a second story running through it as well. Bliss was finally able to put to rest an old case that kept him haunted for years (that was nice). The back and forth between Bliss and Pen was fun as well. The man has a heart. Definitely for fans of Ian Rankin's Rebus!

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When the past comes back to haunt.

DI Jimmy Bliss hears someone trying to break into his house and in his attempt to catch the person, is knocked down by a car. He’s concussed and suffers broken ribs. The burning question is what the purpose for the break-in was?

Bliss should be on bed rest. Unfortunately, a young woman has been brutally stabbed, and when his partner DS Penny Chandler fetches him from hospital, it’s not to take him home, but straight to the scene of the crime. Jimmy Bliss, Penny Chandler and the rest of the team will find this a complex and perplexing case with few leads.

Having to cope with his injuries and a case that makes no sense, is bad enough, but then the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) suddenly turn up to interview him. They question him about cases that he’d worked on while stationed in London and claim that they had new evidence linking him to his wife’s murder. This makes life very difficult, not just for Bliss, but his whole team.

Two storylines are running through this novel. The senseless murder of a young woman and DI Jimmy Bliss trying to not only clear his name but discover why, seventeen years after the death of his wife Hazel, he's once again become the prime suspect in her unsolved murder.

Tony J Forder has a relaxed style of writing. He paints pictures with his descriptive language. The characters are well-rounded, and you feel the dedication each one has to the task at hand, solving the murder. He creates an atmosphere where the reader feels as though they’re watching a moving picture rather than reading words, a talent not all authors possess.


Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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After being hit by a car, and hospitized for several days DI Bliss is called out to crime scene - the murder of a female Jade Coleman. Was it the stalker that she had reported or are there more suspects to be revealed. But what of the rumours that have followed Bliss for nearly twenty years - is he the murderer of his wife - an internal investigation may reveal the truth.
A thoroughly enjoyable well-written story with credible characters.

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DI Bliss is back in Book 4 and he's really got his hands ..and head ... full. Recovering from a hit and run accident, he goes directly from the hospital to a crime scene. A young woman has been brutally killed in her own home.

The victim had reported that she was being stalked. It's up to Bliss to talk to the two members of his team who had taken her statement shortly before she died.

They are seriously looking at finding the stalker .. and then two more women are attacked in their homes. They were lucky ... they survived.

So what links these victims? Why are two left alive after killing the first woman? Bliss and his team delve deeply into the lives of the women and what they find adds many names to the suspect list.

Bliss further gets stressed when Internal Affairs starts looking at his past .. especially the murder of his wife 17 years previously. Although Bliss was cleared of the murder, why would they be looking again this far down the road?

Will the shadow of his own past reach out and drag him under before he can solve what might be his last case?

Tony Forder is a relative new author to me .. and he's fast becoming one of my favorites. The 4th book of this series is well written with well drawn characters. Although 4th in the series, it reads easily as a stand alone, however, I strongly recommend starting with the first. There are many nuggets that give these characters depth and credibility.

Many thanks to the author / Bloodhound Books / Netgalley for the advanced digital copy of this crime thriller. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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