Bold Lies

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Pub Date 27 May 2019 | Archive Date 31 May 2019

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An investigation leads Kelly back to her former command… and the ex who betrayed her

A brutal murder in the Lake District. A double assassination in a secret lab in London’s west end.

Seemingly unconnected, unexpected links between the gruesome crimes emerge and it’s up to DI Kelly Porter to follow the trail – all the way to the capital.

Back amongst old colleagues and forced to work alongside her calculating ex, DCI Matt Carter, Kelly must untangle a web of deceit that stretches into the highest echelons of power. A place where secrets and lies are currency and no obstacle is insurmountable.

An investigation leads Kelly back to her former command… and the ex who betrayed her

A brutal murder in the Lake District. A double assassination in a secret lab in London’s west end.


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An investigation leads Kelly back to her former command… and the ex who betrayed her
A brutal murder in the Lake District.
A double assassination in a secret lab in London’s west end.
Seemingly unconnected, unexpected links between the gruesome crimes emerge and it’s up to DI Kelly Porter to follow the trail – all the way to the capital.

I have read all the books of this series so far and recommend them. I like how the story has developed, getting to know the characters and the details of the geography of the Lake District.
This story had two locations for the case running parallel in London and the Lake District. Kelly had to travel to London and meet up with her ex partner DCI Matt Carter who betrayed her in the past.
This read was very detailed and I had to reread some sections as got a bit confused with the plot. This did not take from my enjoyment of the book.
I thought overall a great read and I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend reading the series in order as the story and characters move forward with each book.
Throughout the series I have enjoyed the development of all the characters around Kelly and seeing the supporting roles of her family and colleagues and their relationships I love the character of Ted and his changing relationship with Kelly. Jonny's character and role has also developed throughout the series. I find the character of Kelly's sister seriously annoying and so glad she has a very minor role in this book.
I would highly recommend this series.

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This is book 5 in the wonderful DI Kelly Porter series and this is series that just grows and grows with each instalment. The writing as always is superb and the storyline so well crafted making the book a big hit for me and the continuing back story of Kelly’s life adds interest to a complex and compulsive police procedural. I love the way Rachel Lynch writes she knows just how to hold your interest without giving too much away but making you want to keep reading, the setting of the story is mainly once more in the beautiful Lake District although Kelly does return to her old patch in London meeting up with her ex partner DCI Matt Carter (Mr obnoxious!!) which brings back some bad memories for her. So I could blab on and on about just how brilliant this book and series is but I won’t I would just say read the series it’s well worth the time and highly recommended. Many thanks to the wonderful Rachel Lynch for another fabulous 5 star read.
My thanks also to NetGalley and Canelo for giving me the chance to read the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Another amazing Kelly Porter instalment! I absolutely love this series. Great for anyone who loves a good murder mystery and the lakes! Can’t wait for the next one.

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This a such a good read, the fifth in the DI Kelly Porter series and quite possibly the best yet. The main characters are all here but not quite as much as usual, instead Kelly is sent to London when a murder on her patch links to two more in the capital.

There are so many twists and turns as the case baffles before gradually beginning to make sense and Kelly and her ex Matt Carter circle each other but the case is never diluted by any of the personal details. The action switches location continually with no let up in the level of action or the menacing threat which hangs over everything.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dual perspective enabling the reader to see both sides of this story and the two totally different main locations and priorities added an extra layer to the investigation. The depths some will sink to in their misguided belief they are somehow entitled to ignore the laws and niceties the rest of us try to adhere to was chillingly written and the deaths were shocking and unexpected in the main.

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an unbiased review and would recommend it to anyone who has read the previous four books or wants an intense and satisfying murder mystery to enjoy. There were no loose ends in this book and I hope this isn't the end of this series but if so it has definitely ended on a high.

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This 5th book in the DI Kelly Porter series by author Rachel Porter.
The double assassination in a secret lab in London's west end and a brutal murder in the Lake District bring Kelly face to face with her ex boyfriend, DCI Matt Carver, when links between the two crimes lead back to London.
This is an excellent series with believable characters that develop throughout the series. You could read this book as a stand alone but for me I enjoy reading from the start and watching the characters grow.
Well thought out plots with a good mix of personal stuff that entertain and bring the characters to life. I have now read all 5 books in this series and can't wait for the next one. Recommended.

I would like to thank Net Galley and Canelo for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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This is the fifth book in the series featuring Lake District detective DI Kelly Porter and I personally think it is one of the best.

The focus in this novel is very much on the crimes being simultaneously investigated near Derwent Water in Cumbria and in London. A series of killings have taken place, seemingly linked by a big pharmaceutical company, and DI Kelly Porter is forced to work with the Met police officer who betrayed her previously. The story moves at a good pace and the characters are interesting, although I'd like to know more about Kelly's Cumbrian team who have appeared in the whole series without being as fully developed as they could be. I really liked the way the story moved between Cumbria and London, especially with the introduction of Tilly, the journalist.

What made this book more engaging than previous ones was less focus on Kelly's personal situation - I felt that the mystery was rather diluted in some previous books by Kelly's family circumstances, particularly her horrible sister and paternity revelations. This one was much more mystery!

Overall, I'd recommend this to people who enjoy police procedurals and contemporary crime fiction. It's definitely worth reading the previous books to pick up the characters and narrative threads, but I think this book could be enjoyed regardless of prior knowledge. Just don't start on Book 5 and then expect to be able to go back in the series as there are definite spoilers in this novel about previous events.

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Another great story of DI Kelly Porter. This time she has to team up with her old boss from The Met in a multi murder investigation. Again mainly set in the Lake District but Kelly ventures south to London for a while.

Looking for ward to more in the series.

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Bold Lies – Rachel Lynch

I couldn’t wait to read this and it jumped to the top of my to be read pile as soon as I received it. The only fly in the ointment for me is that I’ve had to play grown ups and entertain visitors so hadn’t been able to read as much as I would’ve like. Rachel Lynch always delivers a good British police procedural novel for me, there’s always a decent storyline with at least one subplot to keep me amused. This is the fifth novel in the DI Kelly Porter series and it’s equally as good as the others. This series can be read as standalones but would be enjoyed much more if they are/were read from the beginning.

The story begins in the Lake District with George’s murder a single bullet to the brain then there’s the brutal double murder in London of Emily and Michael his colleagues from Ravenswood laboratory. It’s soon becomes apparent that Georges body had been moved from the murder site and the other two victims bodies had been arranged in an unnatural sexual position.

DI Porter finds herself having to leave her beloved Lake District to go back to London, back to her old life at the Met albeit briefly, back to where her ex DCI Matt Carter still was, the ex who threw her under a bus to save his own ass and gain his promotion, the tosser. Kelly didn’t go alone she took Kate who was starry eyed with the bright lights of the Met and its IT system that was all bells and whistles.

As the two teams work their butts off trying to get a break in the case old boys network pulling the strings having clandestine meetings or should I say lunches, dinners and suppers at the Montague Men’s Club, women were there by invitation only. Plenty of good old-fashioned sexual discrimination and homophobia to be found within these pages..

The personal relationship between Kelly and Johnny seems to be going from strength to strength and she is finally allowing herself to enjoy it. That’s not the only one, Kelly and Ted her biological father become closer after he supports her alongside Johnny through an emotional event. It certainly seems that her life is changing and changing for the better.

I’m going to stop here as I could go on and put too many spoilers on this review all I will say is if you’re looking for a new British crime series to get your teeth into give Rachel Lynch a whirl

Read for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Canelo Publishers

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This to date is the best DI Kelly Porter book, it has murder espionage and ex boyfriend all to muddy the waters. A book that is hard to put down when Kelly is sent to London to liaise with her ex on a case that starts in the Lakes and carries on in London. There is so much going on you're afraid to put the book down in case you miss something.
Cannot recommend enough. Terrific read

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Another fantastic book by Rachel Lynch! I absolutely love this detective series. Det. Porter is one of my favourite crime detectives and the newest book did not disappoint in the least. In Bold Lies, Kelly is faced with one of her most challenging cases to date and she must also confront her previous life in London. This series has gone from strength to strength over the years and I believe that the books will continue to be around for a long time to come!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC.

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Wow I loved this book it was bloody brilliant, each book in the series gets progressively better. The characters are great, they all work well together as a team and the story line had me hanging on to every word holding my breath in places because it was dark, tense and explosive. I really love Rachel Lynch’s writing style, it’s really easy to read and enjoy, it flows well and the story makes sense, it seems real. I really enjoyed this book, it was great, a really well deserved 5 stars and one of my favourite books so far of 2019!

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I've loved the previous books by Rachel Lynch in the DI Kelly Porter series . Although this was a really good read it wasn't my favorite , I love the descriptions of the lake district that we always get and I love Kelly and her supporting characters . I just found this book a little confusing . I kept having to re read bits regarding the main suspects they all seemed to blur into one . That may just be me though , I still raced through and enjoyed the latest installment .

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In Bold Lies, Rachel Lynch has crafted a detailed, complex mystery. When a homicide in Lake District and a double assassination in London appear to be connected events, DI Kelly Porter has to make her way back to her former stomping grounds.

I really liked the trajectory the series has taken here, giving the reader a detailed look into what Kelly's life must have looked like, before she moved to Cumbria. The infamous Matt Carter makes a lengthy appearance too, as Kelly's investigative counterpart in London. The contrast between Kelly's life in London and her life in Cumbria is very visible, highlighting the strides she has made professionally and personally. I really enjoyed this aspect of Bold Lies.

As for the crime procedural part of this title, it is quite complicated. Multiple characters make appearances, and it keeps you guessing till the end.

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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Canelo for the ARC.
Once again Rachel Lynch has given DI Kelly Porter and her team a cracking investigation to keep them busy. I love Rachel's writing style - it flows just so effortlessly with believable dialogue that you could be watching the story unfold on TV.
With a backdrop of beautiful Cumbrian landscape in June, DI Porter is called to Derwent Marina where Graeme Miller, the owner, had discovered a naked man's body; shot in the head - execution-style. The previous evening DC Emma Hide was called to the burglary of a boatshed at Allerdale House, from which some very expensive sporting equipment had been stolen. Within the same period the bodies of two scientists from a large pharmaceutical company had been discovered in a lock-up at Bethnal Green, London. Their two close colleagues, George and Alexandros, have gone missing.
The investigation takes DI Porter back to London where her Ex - DCI Matt Taylor - is heading up the inquiry into the murdered scientists.
The connection between these seemingly disparate occurrences gradually unfolds, notwithstanding Kelly having to try and work with her Ex.
From the seemingly sleepy Cumbrian lakes to the hi-tech London command centre we're taken on an intriguing and exciting journey involving pharmaceuticals, a powerful clique of members of an exclusive gentleman's club, with an additional foray into the halls of Government and a freelance journalist determined to get a story.
This story really builds up steam relentlessly to the dramatic conclusion. A real page-turner if ever there was one.
Great Reading..

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DI Kelly Porter is back in this 5th Novel by Rachel Lynch and it is a cracking read. This can be read as a stand alone or you can follow the series. In the first book we had seen Kelly returning home to the Lake District where all the books are based, after a disastrous relationship. In this book, Kelly once again has to work with her ex boyfriend who did the dirty on her in London. They team up to solve a baffling crime and murders revolving around the pharmaceutical world. Brilliantly written, with lots of police procedures, usual characters from earlier novels, lovely personal touches and lovely descriptions of the Lake district, London and Cyprus. A must read!!

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I just love this series and the wonderful DI Kelly Porter.

A murder in the Lake District appears to be connected with a double murder and a missing person in London. Kelly has to return to the Met and work with her ex, DCI Matt Carter. She's got mixed feeling about this but puts her personal feelings aside to work with him and his Team on the case. People who assumed they were untouchable due to their place in society are found to be suspects and the race is on to find them and make arrests....

As ever, a fast paced and exciting story. It was also great to catch up with Ted and see how their relationship is developing with mutual affection and love and of course Johnny, Kelly's lovely boyfriend. I was glad however her nippy sister wasn't mentioned in this book (she really gets my back up!) Can't wait for the next one in the series. Absolutely highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

Oh how I love this series! Cracking main plot that takes place in both the Lakes and London, thus returning Kelly temporarily to The Met and her old colleagues and an old flame. Interesting, clever plot with twist and turns. The subplot moves along nicely too as Kelly comes to terms with her mother’s death and as she and Johnny approach big birthdays. Reading this was like reacquainting oneself with old friends. Rachel’s writing is wonderfully descriptive so much so that you can feel the sun and smell the lakes. An excellent addition to an excellent series

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This is book five in the DI Kelly Porter series. There is a seamless blend of original and contextual material provided by the author to entertain both new and veteran fans alike. Those familiar with the series can appreciate the continuation of the plot arc involving the main character, Kelly Porter, while those just joining have an opportune time to become acquainted with the story line. As always, Rachel Lynch provides a unique narrative centered around one of DI Porter’s cases. However, in this installment, the reader is also provided a glimpse into Porter’s time in London, a time that has rarely been visited. This component, in itself, makes the story line and characters that much more engaging. One of my favorite books of the series. 5 stars.

Thank you to #NetGalley and Canelo Digital Publishing for this ARC of #BoldLies

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DI Kelly Porter has a naked male body found in a local boatyard. Struggling with grief after the loss of her mum, her investigation leads her back to her old stomping ground in London and her ex boyfriend. More bodies have turned up and there are too many suspects and can they solve the crime before another murder.

Loved this and was different from Rachel’s other books about Kelly. Did miss her mum though! Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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DI Kelly Porter is back for her 5th outing in this cracking series. This time the crimes aren’t just focused on her patch in the Lake District. This time the crimes are connected to London and Kelly’s old team are investigating.

Kelly has a close knit team covering the North of the Lake District, and she has a close knit series of friends who support her when she’s on, and off, duty.

So, when one of those friends finds the body of a man on a boat he has been restoring Kelly and her team start their investigation, little knowing how far reaching the investigation would be, and who would end up being involved.

As the body is found in the Lake District a hit is made on an underground chemistry lab in London, and 2 respected research chemists are killed. It’s not long before a link is made to the three deaths and Kelly’s Team start to work with their colleagues in London.

So what is the link between the three murder victims, what were they working on, and who wanted to stop them.

The Police are not the only ones investigating the crimes, a freelance journalist is also on to the story, and as Kate travels south to work with the London team, the journalist heads north to follow up on her lead.

As the investigations continue more people are put at risk. The high tech approach of the Met is shown in stark comparison to the hands on local investigation of the Lakes team. Can they, between them, identify the motive for the killing, and ultimately the killers.

Rachel Lynch’s stories are always well narrated around a central cast of characters and are set in a beautiful part of the country. By branching out and sending Kelly back to London in this book she has introduced a whole new dynamic to the books. And it’s not just the crimes and the countryside that’s different. A bit of Kelly’s previous life is coming back and trying to get to know her, making working life in London very unhappy, will it affect her work? Will it affect her relationships back home?

This book is about more than the murders at the beginning of the book. It’s about power, and influence. It’s about relationships, past and present. It’s about Kelly’s new life, and her old, and many other strands that make this book one that I didn’t want to put down.

Will the crime get solved, will Kelly’s old life return to ruin the new life?

This is a great read, the whole series is stunning. Can it be read as a stand alone. Yes, but some of the nuances of the story might be missed if you read this before reading the others.

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Thank you, Canelo for an ARC of Bold Lies by Rachel Lynch. This is the fifth book in the series, and I have read and loved them all.
When a body is found on a boat in the Lake district and assassination of scientists in a private lab in Bethnal Green DI Kelly Porter in the SIO on the case linked with old colleague and ex-boyfriend Matt Carter from the Met Police. Part of the investigation, Kelly returns to London to the MET when sparks fly between her and Matt. But Kelly just wants to return as quickly as possible to return to the Lake district and to Jonny. As the case develop, we learn that there are linked to people of high class and high up in the government but what have they got to do with the case and more bodies turn up.
The story also continues with Kelly’s personal life. Her relationship with Jonny, how more established the relationship is and how she is enjoying her life now. Planning to go away with him for their birthdays. The relationship with her father Ted and how she is getting over her mother’s death.
This is another great instalment in the DI Kelly Porter Series. This had a great, original, storyline, more complex than the previous books. I liked how the author showed the two different side of Kelly’s life. Her present one in the Lakes and how the author brought it to life in the story and when she went to London her life before when she was with Matt in the Met Police. Five stars from me.

Was this review helpful?

This is the fifth instalment in the Kelly Porter series and is just as good as the others. You can read it as a stand-alone but it’s better to read the series in order to get the background of the characters. I love the setting in the Lake District as this just adds to the charm of the book in my opinion. The storyline had plenty of action going on as is usual in this series and I couldn’t wait to find out how it was going to finish but at the same time I didn’t want it to end. That’s the sign of a great read!! I highly recommend this series.

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Bold Lies is the 5th novel set in the Lake District with DI Kelly Porter and her team. The novel starts with the murder of a scientist who is in a break in a private residence on Derwent Water and is quickly followed by the murder of two colleagues at work in a private laboratory in London. A third colleague escaped as he was out at the time. The case involves DI Kelly Porter returning to London to assist with the case and coming face to face with her ex DCI Matt Carter who is the SIO. The investigation initially centres around the murders and leads them into the corridors of power with a major pharmaceutical company and a government ministers involvement. Excellent novel which I would thoroughly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

Kelly Porter is a firm favourite and never fails to disappoint with the latest book. Lots of twists and turns keeping you firmly gripped and unable to put this down!

Was this review helpful?

I was so thrilled to be granted my wish and to receive this as an ARC. Having just read all the books in the series back to back, this came just at the right time with the others fresh in my memory.

I cannot begin to say how good these books are, the characters, the scenery and everything about them is so well described and written. If you don read them you’ve missed out on a brilliant series.

This time Kelly has to go back to the MET and work with her old boss and lover to solve a crime that starts off in the Lake District. A man is murdered up there and he has connections to another two people who are murdered in London. They all worked in a secret lab, but who wants them dead? Coupled with that is the typical archaic old boys network and club involving corrupt politicians and pharmaceutical companies.

This all makes for an exciting read and a thrilling storyline. From the end, I think Rachel will be writing some more, I do hope so.

My thanks to Rachel, Netgalley and the Publishers for granting my wish. You made my day.

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A man is found shot dead in Cumbria. Two people are found dead in a garage in London and another is missing.
They all worked for the same company.
DI Kelly Porter has left the Met and is now working and living in Cumbria. However, this case brings her back in touch with an ex-colleague in the Met.
It doesn't matter who you are and how powerful you are - you cannot run forever

Was this review helpful?

With thanks to Netgalley and Canelo for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

I have been lucky enough to read all five books in the DI Kelly Porter series. Rachel Lynch has become one of my go to authors, that means I know I will enjoy whatever she has written.

In book five Kelly and her team investigate the murder of scientist George Murphy. George was on holiday on the lakes and was staying at his old friend the late Lord Hallderdale`s country estate.

When two of George Murphy`s work colleagues were found murdered, Kelly and DS Emma Hide were sent to London to work in tandem with The Met. In London Kelly found out she would be working alongside her ex boyfriend DCI Matt Carver.

Kelly and Matt soon found out that George and his colleagues had set up their own laboratory in a lock up. The fourth man on the team had run away to his native Greece when he heard about the murders.

At home Kelly and Jonny`s relationship was going strong. Kelly and her biological dad/work colleague Ted Wallis were getting to know each other.

The plot was complex involving big pharmaceuticals and politics. It was fast paced with never a dull moment. I enjoyed reading about the difference in investigations between the more traditional Cumbria force and the high tech Met Police.

After four books It was nice removing Kelly from her comfort zone back to London. Even though Kelly was not interested in Matt there was still a spark between them both which I enjoyed.

I thought it was sad that Kelly had not seen her sister since their mum died. I was glad that Kelly was introduced to her half sisters at the end of the book. It would nice if her sister's are included in the story.

I look.forward to book 6.

Was this review helpful?

I’d like to thank Canelo and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Bold Lies’, fifth in the DI Kelly Porter series written by Rachel Lynch, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

After finding the bodies of two people working in a garage housing a secret laboratory and then another in the boathouse of Allerdale House, DI Kelly Porter travels to London to work with her former boyfriend DCI Matt Carter at the Met. All the clues lead to a pharmaceutical company Ravensword being involved but Kelly needs to discover why.

‘Bold Lies’ is another exciting police thriller where DI Kelly Porter has to solve what could turn out to be the most difficult case of her career. The plot is gripping and full of suspense, there are dubious characters, twists and turns, and it ends with a dramatic conclusion. It’s a pleasure to read of Kelly’s continuing relationship with Johnny and the description of the Lake District adds to the depth of the story. I’ve found this an enjoyable novel, very easy to read, and I can recommend it.

Was this review helpful?

Find yourself a comfy chair cause you won’t be moving until this book is finished!!

Thank you to netgalley for the advanced copy of this book in return for my honest review

Rachel is a master writer this book has so many details, but it is all relevant and makes for a gripping read! Her books are always intricate stories about thing that can and do happen! Which makes them all the scarier!

This book is one I would say you need to pay attention to there are a lot of names and details you need to remember in order to understand the story but it is all relevant and all works to make for a good read!!
Personally I don’t think the synopsis on the back of the books does the read justice! Just trust me, get all 5 books and read them all you wont be disappointed!!

This is part of a series, but you probably could read it as a stand alone novel! Although I would recommend you read all her other books, they are all brilliant I can’t wait for her next release she is at the top of my reading list!

Was this review helpful?

#BoldLies #NetGalley I have read this series from the very beginning and I love it! Although perfectly able to be read as a standalone, it does help with the background of the main characters to have read the previous books. DI Kelly Porter is a fabulous character and it is great to see her relationships develop with Johnny and Ted. Glad to see here horrible sister had only a couple of minor mentions but I do sense trouble brewing for the future! As always, great action that kept me glued to my kindle. Although for the main part set in the beautiful Lake District, Kelly does travel back to her old patch in London to work the case with an old colleague but thankfully soon returns to her team at Eden House. At the end the scene is set for future developments with Ted's daughters an I can't wait for the next installment in this series. Well deserved 5 stars.

Was this review helpful?

Rachel Lynch a great story with her DI Kelly Porter character now settled in to her new life in the
Lake District has to investigate a murder virtually on her doorstep, has connections with London and she has to go back to help the investigation to find a man she was involved with and was the cause of her move to the Lakes.

Was this review helpful?

When a murder case crosses from the Lakes into London Kelly Porter is faced with having to deal with the past whilst solving her present case

Another gripping read from Rachel Lynch and hoping the next one is released soon

Was this review helpful?

Kelly deals with her most complex case yet and she has to work an ex-colleague/ex-partner to get to the bottom of it. Being as it was Kelly's most complex, it had me so confused as to what was going on and who could be behind all of this and when all of that was revealed, it was most certainly expected.

I really loved again, watching Kelly's life develop, with the loss of a family member and the gain of not one family member, but four... She has come so far from the very first book and it has been such a joy to watch her character development.

Another great read from Rachel Lynch, I can't wait to see what book 6 awaits!

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to Canelo and NetGalley for the ARC in return for an unbiased review.
Have now read all of this series and Ms Lynch never fails to deliver.
Interesting and different in that it links the main character's current role and her previous one in The Met.
Really enjoyable read.
Keep up the good work and await the next installment

Was this review helpful?

This series never fails to keep me reading.

The mix of the main protagonists own story line running alongside a different crime each time is a winning formula.

I was yet again kept guessing as to who the real culprits were but the details were so seamlessly strung together, I think any reader would be hard pressed to predict anything early on.

Fantastic as always, bring on the next instalment!

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This is the fifth book in the DI Kelly Porter series but can totally be read as a stand-alone. The setting is the glorious Lake District which is so well described that you feel like you are there.
There are quite a few characters introduced in the beginning which made for a bit of confusion but eventually things become clearer. I have read the previous books in the series and love the main character DI Kelly Porter.
The book is very well written and keeps your interest throughout even though I believe there are some superfluous characters who with their detailed descriptions add to some of the confusion of the characters.
I highly recommend this book and thank NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for my unbiased review.

Was this review helpful?

would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this gripping book

a man is found murdered on a boat gunshot to the head and naked

a robbery is committed

a man and a woman are found dead and naked in a garage, one man is are they all connected and what were they working on, and can the higher ups in government really be involved and is there a leak somewhere...

its up to kelly to help investigate these and try and get on with her ex, the one that stabbed her in the back...

a compelling read that grips you right to the end, and an insight into how the other half live

cant wait for the next one in this how this author can write a book that grips you right to the end

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this 5th DI Kelly Porter just as much as the others although, as ever, the descriptions of the environment were a little OTT and self-indulgent on the part of the writer (only means something to those who know the area and it's a novel, not a tourist guide) and perhaps too many 'baddies' this time to get any real connection. Looking forward to the next one nevertheless.

Was this review helpful?

For anyone who has read the first 4 in the series this is the perfect follow on and won’t disappoint. I’m sure it would work as a standalone work but readers would miss out on the development of Kelly that we have seen in the series. It was interesting here to contrast how the investigation was done in the Lake District with how it was done in London. I know which team I’d rather be on.

Was this review helpful?

I can't believe that this is the fifth book in the DI Kelly Porter series. I love this series.
First off I love reading how Kelly has grown into the strong , ballsy and determined detective she is today. Being able to travel to the Lake District where Kelly is now based. The descriptions of the scenery are breathtaking.
In this book Kelly has a murder on her own patch which seems to be connected to a double murder in the smoke. A multi murder mystery, a really good police procedural and great story telling. This one kept me glued to my seat and reading until late into the night. As I would expect from this author a thoroughly entertaining read. I did not want this book to end. Almost five stars and so Highly Recommended.
I would like to thank the author, Canelo and Netgalley for the ARC in return for giving an honest review.

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A double assassination in a secret lab in London’s west end & brutal murder in the Lake District means Kelly going back to her former command and the ex DCI Matt Carver who betrayed her.
Seemingly unconnected, unexpected links between the gruesome crimes emerge and it’s up to Kelly to follow the trail.
Back amongst old colleagues and forced to work alongside her calculating Matt, Kelly must untangle a web of deceit that stretches into the highest echelons of power. A place where secrets and lies are currency and no obstacle is insurmountable.
This is the fifth book in this thrilling series, each book could be read on its own but reading from the beginning it's very satisfying how the characters grow & develop. Another very well written gripping book that drew me in from the start & had me hooked until the end. There are twists & turns & I love how the author gradually reveals all. I also love Kelly & how her character has grown throughout the series. I look forward to more books in this first class series.
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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Really good read. This is a really good series. The Lake District is a beautiful setting. There is plenty of action and the characters are really interesting.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.

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I would like to thank Netgalley and Canelo for an advance copy of Bold Lies, the fifth novel to feature DI Kelly Porter of the Cumbrian police.

Kelly is called out to a body found in a pleasure craft. It soon becomes apparent that the man was shot but who he is and why are more difficult. It is not long before the body is identified and linked to a double murder in London. This brings Kelly back into contact with DCI Matt Carter, the former boyfriend who betrayed her and forced her to flee the Met.

I thoroughly enjoyed Bold Lies which is a tale of high level corruption and the lengths the corrupt will go to to cover up their illegal actions. The plot is fairly complex and I’m not sure that I understood the full extent of the conspirators’ historical criminality although their involvement in the current case is fully explained. I love the reason for it all as it is not only unusual and original but something that I wish could be true. No, I’m not going to issue spoilers and say what it is, just that it’s intriguing.

The novel is fairly high octane with developments in every chapter, a high body count and locations split between The Lake District and London. There is a palpable sense of danger in the sections devoted to potential victims who know too much and a feeling of urgency and frustration on the police side. It makes for addictive reading. Add this to the great descriptions of both London and the Lakes and it becomes an atmospheric novel.

DI Kelly Porter is a great protagonist whom I like spending time with. She is smart and motivated but also human enough to feel sad about the victims. She is not happy to be working with Matt Carter again and isn’t frightened to tell him so. I related to her feelings about returning to London and her past - sometimes you have to go back to better appreciate what you have now as she quickly realises.

Bold Lies is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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This is the fifth book in the DI Kelly porter book and a cracking good read. A murder in the Lakes and a double murder in London, brings Kelly back in contact with her ex Matt Carter. This is one of my favourite crime series and, as always, it is well written with a fast paced plot, great detail and good character development. I would highly recommend this series. my thanks to Net Galley for my ARC. Reviews on Goodreads and Facebook with Amazon to follow on publication day.

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I haven't read much by Rachel Lynch and it always takes some time to get into a new author let alone jumping into book 5.

After catching up with the different characters and personalities the story moves quickly with different locations as the story plays out quickly as reader are bought into a world of murder that Di Kelly is trying to follow. Readers follow along as DI Kelly is finding clues, talking to everyone and creating a world that readers will be able to connect with.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Rachel Lynch Bold Lies.

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Absolutely brilliant thriller! Kelly Porter is a great heroine, and has to deal with adversity in the shape of her old foe in this titles. All the while solving the case of course! Love, love this book. A fantastic read!

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I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.

A great read.

I like Kelly Porter as a character. She is flawed and that what makes her good at her job.

As she investigate two crimes that seems unrelated but as the clues she and her team found leads her to the capital.

When she has to work with her ex Matt who betrayed her it unleash a web of deceit.

I have not read any of the other books in this series so I think I should go back and catch up but you don't have to read the others books to enjoy this one.

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Another exciting story in this series,the characters are all good and the settings are magnificent.
We learn more of Kelly's life before the lake district and travel back to London for answers.

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DI Kelly Porter is in a good place in her life. She is in a relationship with Johnny, who works for mountain rescue. Kelly and Johnny work together on certain cases. However, the most recent murder case that Kelly is on leads her back to London - and to face her ex, DCI Matt Carter. Kelly's case is critical, so dealing with Matt at the same time certainly is not easy.

Beyond dealing with Matt, Kelly is shocked to discover that the horrid murder, which was actually a double assassination involving a secret lab, has far reaches involving incredible deceit. No doubt this raises many questions that Kelly must unravel.

Bold Lies is the fifth book in the DI Kelly Porter series. I adore this series! I have read all four previous titles and have really come to know Kelly and the other supporting characters. This series keeps on getting better and better and this indeed was my favorite. I really loved how Kelly had to deal with such a serious case, while balancing her old relationship with someone that she was forced to temporarily work with. I must admit to worrying about Kelly's relationship with Johnny. This is simply an example of the layers that Rachel Lynch adds to her stories.

For an excellent addition to your reading library, I highly recommend this entire series. The first four books in the series are Dark Game, Deep Fear, Deep End and Bitter Edge. I am quite eager for this series to continue.

Many thanks to Canelo and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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The author wrote a thriller that started with a bang and just kept going! The twists kept coming, so I couldn't put it down. I cannot wait to read more from this author!

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Bold Lies is the fifth instalment in the DI Kelly Porter series, and this time around there is a connection drawn between a brutal incident in my neck of the words —stunning Cumbria — and one in London. This, in my opinion, is the most chilling and fiercely gripping of the series so far, but they are all incredible and worth your time. Kelly is a superb protagonist as she's flawed and relatable and she's very determined to get justice for those impacted by the criminals. We learn much more about her in this instalment and the type of people from her past who have caused some of tthe troubles. I don't want to say too much as I'm dead against spoiling things for other potential readers, but it's very interesting.

It's a cracking good read with a cast of believable, three-dimensional characters, original settings and is pacy, action-packed and written in an engaging manner. There is never a dull moment and something exciting happens in every single chapter, as we've come to expect from Ms Lynch's books. It's a high octane tale of top-level corruption in which there are some real shady people and you never genuinely know a persons motive of intent. It's deep-rooted and complex and unravelling the network is fraught with danger for Porter and her colleagues. I look forward to the next instalment. This is a truly epic and highly entertaining series. Many thanks to Canelo for an ARC.

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Thanks to Netgalley and Canelo for granting my wish and providing me with a digital galley in exchange for an honest review.

It took quite awhile and it's strange to state this at the beginning of a review for the 5th book in a series, but I am now a devoted fan of DI Kelly Porter. Here is a fictional police detective that's actually got her shit together. *cough* Both her personal and professional life are what I secretly hope for Lottie Parker. But I digress...

The grisly findings of three people working in a science lab, finds Kelly traveling to her old stomping grounds in London and having to work with her ex, Matt. As the investigation continues, more viewpoints are included and the big reveal was not exactly what I thought it would be. Don't worry, it was the good and satisfying conclusion that I enjoyed.

The case really takes precedence although there are illusions to Kelly's personal life that continue veins of the first four books. Now that we're at this point and time, I am feeling more comfortable with the main protagonist and can see her character growth since book one. I guess this cements my loyalty to another series.

Publication Date. 27/05/19
Goodreads Review 26/05/19

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This is the fifth book in the series (but only the second one I have read – the first three are at the top of my TBR pile!) and it’s another fabulous police procedural which kept me reading way past my bedtime.

The story is quite a complex one with a large cast of characters and kept me guessing till the end. It was interesting to see Kelly go back to her roots in London, meeting her double-crossing ex, and also the development of all Kelly’s family and colleagues, but what I really love about this series is the fabulous locations of the Lake District, which are described so well. I liked the ending of the book too, and can’t wait to see what will happen in book 6.

Many thanks to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for granting my wish and allowing me to read an ARC of this book.

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This is the fifth book in the series
This is an excellent series with believable characters. You could read this as a stand-alone but I prefer to read the whole series so you can see the characters develop.
Well thought out plots. Can’t wait for the next book

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Bold Lies by author Rachel Lynch.
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this book .
This book is part of a series . A very well written detective story set in two locations London and the Lake district . Enjoyed all the detailed information about the characters and the locations ,especially of the Lake district .
I think if possible the reader needs to start with the first story of the series. .
Highly recommend and give four stars .

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Another great barnstorming DI Kelly Porter novel! This time the action is set across the Lake District and London, which just adds to the level of tension and suspense in the book. Fans of Rachel Lynch won't be disappointed, and like the previous novels, you can start the series mid way through and not get lost!

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This is #5 in the DI Kelly Porter series and can be read as a stand-alone quite easily.

Kelly and her team are investigating a murder, after a body is found dumped in a boatyard….this is then linked to two further deaths of his work colleagues in London and their secret lab completely dismantled….

So, Kelly has to travel to London to work with the Met for a week, only to find the SIO is her ex Matt Carter…..

The murdered man, George and his colleagues Emily and Mike work for a big Pharma company, Ravensword……just what were they working on that resulted in their deaths…..?

While everyone is trying their hardest to solve these crimes, there are secret meetings being held by more senior men….just who is involved with Ravensword? And what are they trying to keep secret?

I love the determined Kelly, she has really grown in this series and her relationship with Ted, her father, goes from strength to strength, as does that with the ever supporting, Johnny.

A very clever, and totally believable thriller with some great characters and such wonderfully descriptive writing by Rachel Lynch, now I really want to visit the Lake District…..

This series just gets better and better….I can’t wait to see what Kelly gets involved in next….

Thank you to Canelo, the author and NetGalley for a free copy of the ebook and this is my honest, unbiased review.

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Five star superb storyline.. I have read all in the series and everyone surpasses the last. Great characters and storyline. I would definitely recommend this novel. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to review it

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So happy to back in DI Kelly Porter's world. I am a huge fan of this series and was excited to see where the story was going to go next with book 5!

This time we find Kelly still trying to come to terms with the death of her Mother and having to head back London after a body found in her local area is linked to two more murders back in her old stomping ground. This means facing her ex fiance who is the SIO on the current case and also the person that stabbed her in the back and sent her back to the Lakes three years earlier.
This story delves into the secretive worlds of Big Pharma and an exclusive London Men's Club. How are the two linked and what have the got to do with the increasing body count?
As expected with this series the story is fast-paced, complex and very difficult to put down. With twists and turns and the fabulous Lake District as almost a character in itself, it is an excellent addition to the series.
One of the best things for me in this series is the characters and if there is one possible downside to this story for me, it's that we don't get to spend as much time with the old favourites as we have in previous instalments. But that is a very minor niggle!

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Greed – how far will companies go to make money?

DI Kelly Porter and her team are called when the naked body of a man is discovered on a boat in dry dock at the Derwent Marina. Porter and her team must also investigate a robbery at Allerdale House. Can the man’s body and the robbery be connected? Who is the man?

In the meantime, two bodies are found in Bethnal Green. They are quickly identified as being members of a team in the neurocellular research section at Ravensword pharmaceuticals. It’s not long after the discovery of these bodies that Porter's team can finally identify the body found in the boathouse as the third member of this research team.

The question is, why would these three scientists have been killed, and where is the fourth member of the team?

Kelly Porter needs to travel to London to coordinate the murder investigations into all three murders with the Metropolitan Police. She takes one of her young officers, DC Emma Hide with her to gain more experience. Kelly is shocked to discover that her old flame, and the person she’d fled from, Matt Carter, is the Senior Investigating Officer. He seems hellbent on rekindling their relationship.

This is a complex murder investigation that moves between London and The Lake District. It involves men in high places who think that they are above the law and whose main aim is to ensure that a drug that could cure addicts will never see the light of day.

As with all Rachel Lynch's books, this one has a deep and compelling backstory. I learnt so much about pharmaceutical companies and how their profits often outweigh their desires to find cures, as in this instance, for addictions. It was a brutal storyline, but Rachel Lynch has researched the subject with her usual due diligence.


Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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