The Immortal City

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Pub Date 19 Sep 2019 | Archive Date 30 Jun 2019

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In the heart of Venice, a woman is sacrificed to a forgotten god, sparking a mystery lost for thousands of years.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.

Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.

As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks.

With the new MOSE system due to come online, and Carnivale exploding around them, Penelope and Alexis will have to work together to stop the killer and prevent dark magic from pulling Venice into the sea.

In the heart of Venice, a woman is sacrificed to a forgotten god, sparking a mystery lost for thousands of years.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find...

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Book available September 19, 2019 in:
• Hardcover (ISBN: 978-1-947727-77-9)
• Trade Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-947727-79-3)
• Ebook (ISBN: 978-1-947727-78-6)*

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Book available September 19, 2019 in:
• Hardcover (ISBN: 978-1-947727-77-9)
• Trade Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-947727-79-3)
• Ebook (ISBN: 978-1-947727-78-6)*

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Featured Reviews

This book was WOW!
Quick paced, witty characters and a murderous plot to uncover.

Penelope Byrne, after being laughed out of the academic world, an expert in Atlantean history is taken on to help decipher some glyphs at a murder/sacrificial scene in Venice.

This then takes Penelope on a wild ride!
Being stabbed and almost drowning to being rescued by a very very hot (that’s how I imagined him) stranger, but Penelope isn’t one who needs saving! She is no damsel in distress! She is Ms Indiana Jones, ready to fight her way through whomever she has to, especially if answers are behind them.

I don’t know how to explain this without spoilers!

So badass, smart woman + super hot mysterious fella + magic + plot to destroy Venice + Atlantis. Plus a whole lot more hotness!!!!

I can’t wait for the release date so I can get a physical copy, that cover is stunning!!!

I want to thank BHC for the ebook via NetGalley, I received this free in exchange for a truthful review

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I love all things "lost city" so when I read this blurb and saw the word "Atlantis" I knew it was a book I needed to read.
It was quite different than I was expecting, but I loved this new take on the lost city. The addition of magicians was brilliant. The heroine was smart and strong (Loved that!), the book was filled with magic and took a legend and turn it on it's head in a wonderful way. The author's prose worked wonders to pull me in and not let me go until the book was finished.

Was this review helpful?

I’d like to thank both BHC Press and Netgalley for giving me an eARC of The Immortal City in exchange for an honest review.
I read this in a day and a half, and barely noticed the time fly by. Fantasy is my happy place, I read a lot of it, but I’ll throw this out there -- I haven’t been this happy with a fantasy since I was 15 and given Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten.
Why? Well, my first and most important though on this is that the novel is incredibly well written for the genre. It’s obvious Kuivalainen is familiar with fantasy. The pacing is also great, with things happening as and when they should. The descriptions are clean, clear and full of imagery. She’s obviously put hours of research into this, and that mixed with her effortlessly natural writing style, she’s nurtured a novel where the reader can both sit back, enjoy and learn something. From clothing, to jewellery, to languages and relics, Kuivalainen diligently brings the real world into fantasy, in a breath-taking way. Also, importantly, at no point did I feel lost within the world Kuivalainen created. Rather, I wanted to know as much as she’d tell me, and then still needed more.
I also enjoyed the lack of gender roles, and complete balance amongst the characters. They’re all badass, beautiful, and respect one another implicitly. The dynamics were great, and I can’t wait for book 2 already.

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4 pleasantly surprised stars

To be honest, I wasn't really sure what I would get into with this book. I do, however, have an obsession with extinct cultures and legends, to name the Celts and Atlanteans, to give you an idea. Naturally, I had to request this book, when it was up for Review on #NetGalley and I couldn't be happier that it was approved. #theimmortalcity is a fast-paced and well-written piece about a series of ritual murders in Venice.

In the middle of it is an Australian-Irish academic, Penelope, whose career is somewhat questionable. A while ago she found a tablet in the Meditarennean Penelope identifies as Atlantean heritage. While some colleagues certainly have an open ear for her theory, the biggest part of the academic realm, however, sees nothing more but the wild fantasies of a woman. Pen is contacted by Marco, the inspector responsible for the homicides in Venice. The second she lays eyes on the pictures of the crime scenes she is sure: this is connected somehow, maybe even only loosely connected to the tablet she found. Pen doesn't even have to think about it, just jumps on the next best plane to Italy, thereby putting her right in the middle of the investigations...and the focus of a couple of Atlanteans, some of them eviler than others.

Amidst in one of her calming meditations, she finds herself opposite a mysterious man she also runs into in person the following day. As she gets caught up more and more in this mess, the mystery man even saves her life. He pretty much pulled her back from the dead. It is then she fully comes to comprehend that her passion for Atlantis, a lost civilization advanced in so many ways even 10.000 years ago, is definitely real. Because Alexis, her saviour, is an Atlantean magician, thousands of years old and pretty easy on the eyes.

Also, Alexis and his fellas live in this amazing palazzo, including archives that are filled with texts and artefacts. Goes without saying, that our academic geek is absolutely smitten by Alexis. To be honest, I would luuurvee to have a look at this library (and the sexy Atlanteans) as well....

He and his friends got wind of the murderers and recognized it as the ritual doings of the priests of Thevetat, a demon that, once he got through with the necessary preparations, would wreak havoc over La Serenissima. And these priests have their eyes on Penelope: several attempts on her life and a couple of abductions prove that Thevetat's priests will not stop until they got everything they want.

As if this weren't stressful enough already, Penelope and Alexis cannot deny there is a pull between the two that makes it pretty much impossible for them to stay away from each other. But is it love? If so, can they both survive to enjoy it? She is human and he is pretty much immortal, after all...

If you have an open ear for fantastic tellings of civilizations who have fascinated us since the dawn of time, then this is definitely for you. Time flies by with this fast read.
Writing Quality + ease of reading = 4*

pace = 3,5*

plot development = 4*

characters = 5* (sorry, a girl can only resist so many Athlanteans...)

enjoyability = 3,5*

insightfulness = 2*

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I'm awfully glad I picked this book up on a whim, and the author has earned a place on my list of new releases to track. I love scholarly chick lit (which, since I enjoyed this and Discovery of Witches, is apparently a genre, and one that I am quite into.)

Dr. Bryne is a historian facing a fair amount of ridicule in her field after declaring she had found real evidence of the existence of Atlantis and wanted to pursue it further. While otherwise maligned for her interest in the subject, she does find herself called to Venice to advise on a murder case where the murderer seems to have used symbolism seen in her research.

Having lived a rather mundane life until this point, she is startled to encounter in Venice what can only be described as magical phenomena, and recurring through it all is a handsome man she saw once in a dream.

The two of them must work together through dangerous circumstances to stop the killer before he strikes again, while discovering that the lost secrets of Atlantis aren't so lost at all.

Was this review helpful?

When I started this book I wasn’t really into it, something just didn’t click, but before I knew it I was hooked.

I absolutely ADORE anything related to Atlantis and would definitely recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

The Immortal City
by Amy Kuivalainen
Book details
Hardcover, 324 pages
Expected publication: September 19th 2019 by BHC Press

This book was received as an ARC, from NetGalley, In exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own

Fantasy, Mystical Realism , Mystery, Fiction, Adventure fiction, Contemporary fantasy


In the heart of Venice, a woman is sacrificed to a forgotten god, sparking a mystery lost for thousands of years.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.

Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.

Penelope Byrne, is the lead protagonist. Who, is not really excepted by her peers in the academic world,
Penelope is contacted by a the lead detective in a homicide case in Venice Italy. To use her expertise in Atlantean history and help decipher some glyphs at Ritual Murder Scene.
The Immortal City, is an engrossing and at times dark cat-and-mouse mystery, thrill ride where the writing is detailed and rich with magical realism .With the perfect amount of romance, dynamic characters, skillful character development, and masterful, yet at times harrowing plot makes for a gripping and wonderful read and if you love anything that is Atlantean , then I definitely recommend you read this one!

Oh by the way Amy Kuivalainen , has done her research. This is not a copycat Book . Very original
Thevetat, Thevetata An ancient king of one of the divisions of Atlantis, the submerged continental system of the fourth root-race (SD 2:222). He is instanced as one of the natural born adept-magicians who neither learned nor acquired knowledge, but who knew all without being initiated. "Under the evil insinuations of their demon, Thevetat, the Atlantis-race became a nation of wicked magicians" (IU 1:593).

The author delivers a rapid-paced, suspenseful, gripping, well-written and perfectly executed fictional fantasy/ thrilling mystery

I can highly recommend this book and I will be waiting anxiously for the next book in this series!

Amy Kuivalainen
“The Magicians of Venice is a three-book series and is the culmination of many weird pieces of ancient history and personal passions finally coming together. While The Immortal City (book one) is mainly a magical, murder mystery, Sea of the Dead (book two) and The King’s Seal (book three) have a treasure hunt feel. As a student of ancient history, “

Author :
Amy Kuivalainen is a Finnish-Australian writer that is obsessed with magical wardrobes, doors, auroras and burial mounds that might offer her a way into another realm. Until then, she will write about fairy tales, monsters, magic and mythology because that's the next best thing. She is the author of The Firebird Fairytales Trilogy and The Blood Lake Chronicles series that mash up traditional tales and mythology in new and interesting ways.

Was this review helpful?

Wow! What can I say about this book??? I loved it. I have always been intrigued by the legend of Atlantis. This story combines both present day Venice and the myth of Atlantis flawlessly. Full of mystery, danger, intrigue, Magic, and romance-you will keep turning the page wanting more! Complex characters with depth, and all too human emotion. Fast paced with a great flow! I anxiously await the next installment.

Was this review helpful?

A very unique take on the mystery of Atlantis. There's a little bit of everything included in this tale, mystery, magic, murder, humor, romance, history, and drama, all beautifully woven together to create an intriguing story that takes place in the alluring city of Venice.

Overall, an enjoyable read that kept me up late wanting to know what happened next. This story is certainly a stand alone, with a solid ending, but I'm greedily hoping for more stories about the Immortal City!

Was this review helpful?

In the heart of Venice, a woman is sacrificed to a forgotten god, sparking a mystery lost for thousands of years.
Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.
Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.
As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks.
With the new MOSE system due to come online, and Carnivale exploding around them, Penelope and Alexis will have to work together to stop the killer and prevent dark magic from pulling Venice into the sea.

This book is definitely a piece of escapism and made a welcome change to the books I generally read.
It has its dark and grisly moments but also a sprinkling of romance with very interesting magicians.

The historical aspect is fascinating and very thorough and rich in detail.

The plot is fast and well developed, I was gripped from start to finish.

The characters are generally well developed, the romance between the hero and heroine perhaps a bit cliched but still a lot of fun.

A lot of work has obviously gone into this book and it brought back wonderful memories of Venice which is such a magical city it is the perfect setting for this book.

I would recommend as a book to get lost in, and aren't they the best?

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to review this book.

Wow! This was a fantastic read! Penelope is a once renown academic that is called in as an expert of ancient languages in a Venetian murder. What happens from there spirals out from danger untold. I was captivated from the very first page. This book is a quick read, but even so, the pacing is just right. The reader is always held in just the right amount of suspense and interest as new discoveries are made by Penelope.

The characters all form a rich tapestry, each thread fully realized and developed richly. The descriptions are so vivid that it's easy to feel as though you are in the book as well. You can see and even smell what Penelope does. I highly recommend this book, and am already hoping for sequels!

Was this review helpful?

The Immortal City is a fascinating book that hooked me and I could not out of down. The writing is good and I loved the characters.

Was this review helpful?

This was quite a riveting book, from beginning to end! I really enjoyed the storyline and thought it was very Dan Brown. The characters were each easily separated and had different voices and I found that I just couldn't put this book down!

Was this review helpful?

The Immortal City
Book 1 of The Magicians of Venice
By: Amy Kuivalainen

Publisher - BHC Press
Release Date: September 19, 2019
Category: Fiction/Fantasy/Contemporary

I received this book for review from NetGalley

Book Summary from the Publisher

In the heart of Venice, a woman is sacrificed to a forgotten god, sparking a mystery lost for thousands of years.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.

Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.

As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks. 

With the new MOSE system due to come online, and Carnivale exploding around them, Penelope and Alexis will have to work together to stop the killer and prevent dark magic from pulling Venice into the sea. 

Overall Opinion:

This was a book I could not put down. I would have read it a day if it wasn’t for the fact that real life kept getting in the way (don’t you hate when that happens?)

I found myself towards the middle of the book almost afraid do turning the page because I didn’t want what I thought was going to happen to actually happen. At one point it was almost as if I were watching a movie and I almost had to put my hands in front of my eyes so as to protect myself from what would come next (not very helpful if you’re reading with your eyeballs — may work better if you choose the audiobook option.)

There were some scenes which I felt were a bit slow but the rest of the pacing made up for it. It was a quick book to read (take it from me, I read pretty slow) and it kept me interested in what happened to the protagonist throughout the entire narrative. There was never one point where I could say I didn’t care for the characters (even when they got me really annoyed - see below).

There certainly was a lot of care put into the world I felt the book could have done a much better job at the building the characters. Especially, Penelope. Some times I couldn’t help but feel that she acted like a child instead of a world renounned archeologies. It felt as if sometimes she was confused as to whether she wanted to be a strong grown up woman able to take care of herself and then other times it felt as if she would break if anyone touched her. I felt frustrated not knowing which Penelope I was going to encounter at any point in my reading.

I started feeling a bit concerned when I realized that there was going to be romance in the book. I’m not much for romantic novels. However, the romance was done so well that I found myself wanting some of the characters to get together and sometimes felt disappointed that they didn’t and other times was sort of glad that they didn’t. I guess there is a time and place for everything right? (you’ll have to read the book to figure out exactly what I’m talking about.)

There were some very detailed descriptions of sacrifices done with animals and people and if your stomach is super weak I would say maybe not to read the full descriptions because they can go into a bit of a detail but for me, being one who does not enjoy gore at all and look away if someone gets a paper cut I found that I was able to cringe through them and they added to the hate I wound up feeling for the villain and the love and admiration I was lead to feel for the protagonist and Alexis Donato.

I think this is a great introduction book to the world of Fantasy and I give this book four stars. I would do five but the development of the protagonist made me crazy sometimes.

Thank you NetGalley for sending me an advance copy and your partnership.

Keep Reading

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I can’t remember the las time I cried and laughed so hard over a book but The Immortal City by Amy Kuivalainen did just that to me.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is an academic who is obsessed with Atlantis. In all her she was convinced it was real especially after she found a piece of tablet near Crete. But she was ridiculed, no one believed her. She is living a boring life when she gets an e-mail from an inspector from Venice. She travels there to try and help him with a ritualistic murder because some simbols at the crime scene seem to be atlantean. And this is where she meets Alexis Donato, a magician. Forget Harry Potter, Alexis is something else entirely. As the story goes on and Penelope finds out more and more about Alexis’s past, they grow closer but their relationship can have some serious consequences for them both.

Will the two of them stop the murderer before it’s too late?

That is just but one interesting part of the whole story. This is also a romance novel so there is love in it too. I just wish I could have a love like this.
The Immortal City is a captivating love story full of magic and fun. I want to have the sequel now, I need to have it.

Thank you to NetGalley, BHC Press and Amy Kuivalainen for my copy. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I love the mix of romance, mystery, thrills and ancient mythology seamlessly blended together in this book. The characters are all quite distinct and play off each other well, creating a welcome feel for the less action focused parts of the story. I will definitely be continuing the series when the next instalment arrives.

Was this review helpful?

Once I started reading I could not put down Kuivalainen's novel. It's an action packed thriller that draws you in and doesn't disappoint. I enjoyed being transported back to Venice. Looking forward to sequel.

Was this review helpful?

I have picked this book strictly by title, description and cover. I am glad I read it and I am thrilled to say. The adventure, magic, humor and romance was wonderful in this book. I am glad that there would be a sequel because I cant wait to read more of this author's books!
I recommend this book to every reader who loves to escape into magical journey with twists and turns mixed with humor from time to time. For me this book deserves 5 solid stars!

Was this review helpful?

The author delivers a rapid-paced, suspenseful, gripping, well-written and perfectly executed fictional fantasy/ thrilling murder mystery.

Overall tells an interesting narrative with a complex main character and interesting surrounding characters. Most of the characters featured in the narrative are well fleshed out and have their own personality rather than just being the side-kick or bad guy

An escapist read that would be perfect for a summer camping trip, or in September when fall is just creeping into the edges of the season.

Was this review helpful?

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book. Like the protagonist, Penelope, I have always been fascinated by the Lost City of Atlantis. There are so many different takes on the myth but I thought this one was particularly fun. Magicians, a living language, demon followers and ritual sacrifices? Heck yeah. Penelope is brave and smart and bold. Alexis is powerful and brilliant and their chemistry together is amazing. I enjoyed the other members of the magical household as well, especially Phaidros and Aelia. The mystery aspect starts off interesring, but is solved relatively quickly. Some of the plot points are pretty predictable, but I didn't mind that in the least. Even the Venetian police that Penelope are working with are great characters that I wanted to see more of. The overall feel and some aspects do remind me quite a lot of A Discovery of Witches, which was a good thing for me. The only upset I had was realizing there had to be a sequel and I was going to have to wait for it!

Was this review helpful?

• Title: The Immortal City
• Author: Amy Kuivalainen
• Series: The Magicians of Venice Book 1
• Pages: 324
• Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Magical Realism
• Rating Out of 5 Stars: 4

My Thoughts:
Archaeologist gets caught up in an unusual excavation, just maybe finding the lost city of Atlantis and perhaps an ancient blood cult on top of it. Sign me up!

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get with this title but I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to read it. The Immortal City is well-written, witty, charming, atmospheric and left me wanting the next book all ready in my hands.

This was such an interesting take on the Atlantian legend. I appreciated the amount of research that had to have gone into this. Its got its hooks into me early and I couldn't put it down. As much as I enjoyed the story, the characters really drove this particular book.

Penelope, our quasi laughing stock of the historical archaeological community, has a drive that doesn’t quit. When she gets called by the Venetian police to come and take a look at some Runes at a ritual murder site that match ones she found before she cant help but go. But she gets more than she bargains for. When things take an unexpected turn you’d think she would go safely home. Her need to find the truth won’t let her give up so easily. While it gets her into some amazing places like the Palazzo (Mercy where do I get one of my own?) with a group of ancient magicians it also gets her right into the sights of their rival and their dark deity with the Cult of Thevetat. While some of the encounters really made me question her level of academia and alleged creative deduction abilities...they moved at a good enough clip to not be more than a minor irritation.

We have a pretty varied crew all with their own quirks and habits. Our Magical Motley Crew consists of Alexis, Nereus, Phaidros, Lyca, Aelia & Zo.
Mostly we focus on Alexis. He is the main defender and love interest of Penelope. He tends to hold the role of Leader among the group just below Nereus. He becomes a love interest to Penelope rather quickly and sometimes the relationship feels like a forced point to move the story forward but I still found myself routing for them. The are so much better together then they are apart.
Phaidros is that flirtatious, lovable and obnoxiously endearing little brother that you would do anything for and have no doubt he would do the same for those he cares about in return. He works in the Palazzo library as an understudy of sorts to Nereus and a proverbial pain in the behind to Aelia.
Aelia is a both a priestess and Princess of the former lost city. She is drop dead gorgeous, knows it and still has a heart of gold.
Lyca, is the strong silent type. She is a fighter and has no problem letting the group know just how little she wants to deal with all the problems Penelope poses.
Zo, How I adored this character! His lines had me laughing out loud more than once. Especially when they were discussing certain historical figures. The man goes on rants like I do and I admire the hell out of him. I wish he had been more present in the story.
Nereus is the resident Healer, historian and general leader of the group. As the elder everyone defers to her. She either likes you, or she doesn't. She has a no-nonsense attitude about what she’ll tolerate and if the woman ever wanted another helper for that library I volunteer. The library was easily my favorite setting in the story for reasons I wont spoil because its a treat every historian and book lover will appreciate without a heads up.
We do focus on one other character outside of the magicians that the team works with. Marco, who is the local police contact working with them on the cases, is a tolerable character. I personally didn’t find him to be more then a bridge between the everyday world and the magical world but he made for a decent balance to Alexis.

As far as our settings; you’re in Venice during Carnival. You’re also in Atlantis in the past, and where ever the Palazzo has set you up as a personal sanctuary when there. Its lush and dreamy and sometimes absolutely terrifying. As much beauty as we get with the magicians, we see all the gory macabre that the Cult of Thevetat can create. When I mean gory. I mean gory.
The settings of the ritual murders do not shy away from the details. If you have a weak stomach please bear that in mind when picking this title up.
The followers of Thevetat are such an unforgiving group. What makes them all the more horrifying is that cause that they give for justifying everything that they do is really not a bad reason.
When I came to the end of it I was so disappointed. I didn’t want to leave the world yet. I cannot wait to see what happens with the next installment. This really was an unexpected pleasure to read.

EARC was kindly provided by NetGalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

4.5 stars.

This book was really enjoyable and I loved all the myth and arts woven within. The characters were lovable and the lore was interesting. The romance was a slow burn too which was a bonus for me.

The story is about Penelope, an academic, who goes to Venice to help solve a murder but things doesn't seem as it is. The murders turn out to be sacrifices for a demon god. She later meets Alexis who's actually a magician and finds out that Atlantis used to exist and is full of magic.

Things felt somewhat rushed in the end and the story has it's cliches but nevertheless it was very entertaining. The gang had the vibes of secret heroes and the whole Palazzo the hideout. Can't wait for the sequel!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

*I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review*

This book was amazing. I loved every bit of it, Amazing women, great plot, intriguing and impossible to put down. Amy Kuivalainen is an author to look out for.

Was this review helpful?

Crikey, what a book! From the first page I was hooked and I inhaled this book in one sitting (with a quick pasta break in the middle!).

The blurb of the book intrigued me and I thought I would enjoy it but I had no idea I would find a fast paced plot with incredibly well rounded characters. So much happens in a relatively short book (for its genre) and even though there is a number of characters every one of them felt fleshed out and believable. I also greatly appreciate well written female characters with a conscious nod to bitchy/bossy qualities sometimes being surface level and not painting women with the same brush throughout the whole book – it is not a glaringly obvious addition but something that makes a difference to my reading experience.

One small gripe is the overuse of Italian words in English sentences. This mostly happens towards the start of the book and tapers off towards the end but is something that I find frustrating in all media and is definitely not enough to put me off reading more. I am very much looking forward to book two in this series to find out what happens next.

If you are hesitating to read this then please take my – and other reviewers’ – word and give it a go, you will not regret it.

Was this review helpful?

This book is amazing. It got me hooked from the very first page. Author perfectly mixed science, mythology and fantasy in this action packed book.

Opened with a crime scene, we will wonder at first just what this book about, but then come Penelope, our heroine, with her name smudged due to her findings of Atlantis, acting as consultant of the said crime scene. Next thing we know, we will go deeper into Atlantean mythology.

However the character of Alexis, might remind some of Edward Cullen minus the mind reading and sparkle. The broody yet protective immortals. Alexis character is what I think the weakness of this book. Fortunately it's the only weakness for me.

Thank you netgalley for providing the arc.

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Magicians from the lost city of Atlantis in modern-day Venezia? Talk about an unusual premise, and I was immediately intrigued. THE IMMORTAL CITY is a page-turner from the beginning when archaeologist Penelope finds herself consultant to detectives at a murder scene, then swept up into a fascinating underground world of immortal magicians and demons.

I did find myself at times wondering if this was a book meant for new adult/YA as the relationship between Penelope and the magician Alexis (who looks like a Turkish corsair) was so heavy-handed, in a way that felt I remember being so swept away by in books when I was young.

Overall, a fun read and I look forward to reading the next books in the trilogy.

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A fast paced story with mystery and fantasy. Strong characters mixed with magic and love. Throw in the mystery of Atlantis and you have quite a story!! It left me wanting more!! Thank you for the early copy!

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I was so pleasantly surprised and blown out of the water by this one! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this up but I wanted so badly to love it. A professor's quest to find the lost city of Atlantis and gets wrapped up in an ancient manuscript and a not so ancient murder in Venice. I cannot recommend this book enough. The storytelling was magical and the plot was inspired. Truly well done.

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What a book. This novel has just about everything a fantasy reader could want. It has murder and mystery, lost cities, immortals, magical beings, and of course a touch of romance. I have to admit the aspect that drew me into this novel was the murders and the mystery that ensued. The murders that occurred were gruesome, bloody, and down right horrible. The use of animals and the desecration of the victims was horrendous and yet I was intrigued by everything surrounding the murders (especially the ancient writing in blood).
The romance in the Immortal City was a okay. I personally am not a fan of fast developing romances. It seemed to me that the romance blossomed to quickly, but I can overlook that one issue, because I found Alexis to be very charming and very interesting.
The magic of the this book was the hunt for Atlantis. I loved the mystery surrounding the city and its lost secrets. When I was younger I loved the story of Atlantis and that love was all due to the animated movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. What can I say except this book invoked the old love and passion I had for Atlantis and all of its hidden secrets.
I would recommend this book to any reader looking for a fantasy novel with a large dose of mystery. I will say that if you don't gruesome murder descriptions this book is probably not for you. Overall this was an amazing book.

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I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book! I devoured it in two days and am super grateful for the ARC.

The book was fast-paced so I was unable to become bored with any part of the plot. Although I am typically not a romance person, the relationship between Penelope and Alexis was not overdone at all in my opinion, and I actually wanted it to happen. The characters were well-developed and we are even given some backstory for minor characters, which I really enjoyed. I was SUPER upset at the end with the way the plot was going, and it was saved for me within the last few pages of the book! This was a fantastic read.

I really hope there is a sequel or else I will be delving into other books by this author for sure.

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Magic. Mystery. The Lost City of Atlantis. What more could you want?

I will admit I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I actually really enjoyed my time reading it. The story was intriguing, the magic system was unique, and I loved the murder mystery aspect. This story reads at a quick pace, I could barely set it down.

The story follows Penelope Brynn an archaeologist and scholar of ancient languages and cultures. From a young age, Penelope becomes deeply drawn to the lost city of Atlantis. After finding a piece of a tablet with Atlantean writing, she seeks funding to further her research. This backfires and instead, she is ridiculed and her career is ruined. When a sacrificial murder takes place in Venice with writing that mimics the tablet she is called in as a consultant. Once Penelope arrives in Venice she is swept up into a world of magic, ancient history, and the occult.

“If this is a dream, it is a fascinating one. If this is real, then I’m being given the opportunity to brush against true mystery, and hopefully, find the answers that have plagued me since my childhood.”

Amy Kuivalainen has truly impressed me with the amount of research that went into this book. Her approach to explaining the theory of Atlantis is unique and captivating. She includes a rich amount of detail, but it doesn’t feel boring or overdone.

The characters are well developed. I did feel the romance aspect leaned toward the cliche side, but it was still enjoyable. The character banter added the perfect amount of humor to a rather dark situation.

“You only want me for my books,” he said, sighing dramatically. “I should’ve known.”

The conclusion to the story was perfect and wrapped up the main story well. It does leave more to be pursued in follow up books, but it feels like a complete story. I am impressed and will certainly be picking up more books in this series.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, ancient cultures, or thrilling mysteries.

I would like to thank both BHC Press and NetGalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This book was really good. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It was very quick paste, interesting well-developed characters and a little bit of murder thrown in to solve. The main protagonist is Penelope, who is being made a laughing stock out of her academic work after being a self-professed expert in an Atlantean history. She is out to help decipher some tablets at a murder sacrificial site in Venice. This takes her on a super wild adventure where she's been attempted to be murdered twice and is rescued by a very attractive, very strong individual.

Penelope is no individual that needs saving on her own though this is not a Damsel in Distress It's hard to go further into the book without giving away the plot which I really don't want to do.

It's a great book with interesting characters, different personalities. It's filled with magic plots to destroy Venice and Atlantis, and a bunch of hot people, lol. Since its marked book one, I'm assuming this is going to be a series. I look forward to the next book.

I would like to thank the author/ publisher/netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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I'll admit, I was hesitant going into this book. There were so many things that could go wrong with this premise, but I really ended up liking it. It's a little bit murder mystery and snarky academia meets the magic of Atlantis. See, even as I write that, it feels kind of bonkers. But alas! This is a really fun, solid read. I cannot wait until the next book comes out. There's going to be a sequel, isn't there, Ms. Kuivalainen?

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I found the story to immediately hook me in and wanted to keep reading, the idea of a forgotten language and god suddenly arising after thousands of years was fascinating. I also thoroughly enjoyed the idea of magicians existing in the world for thousands of years hidden from mankind but one human has managed to get through to them and that person is Dr Penelope Bryne.

Penelope has always loved the mystery of Atlantis and even though people make fun of her she never gives up trying to find it and prove that it exists. I loved her drive and passion in the book, she is a massively strong character but also has her weaknesses but she knows how to control this using her yoga and meditation practises. I have never had much time for yoga but reading this book has made me want to try it again.

The setting of the book was beautifully chosen, what better place to choose than Venice? I would love to visit Venice because it always strikes me as a magical place especially when Carnivale is taking place. I hope in the next books Venice will feature heavily and we get to see more of the catacombs and hidden parts of Venice.

The seven magicians were brilliant as they all have their own individual characters which comes through their magic. So each magician engages their magic differently depending on how their magic is formed and created. They all reminded me of Greek Gods and by their descriptions they look like Greek Gods as well. Although they also seem like teenagers when left unattended by a responsible person for too long. All in all it seems like a fun place to be when they are all playing around.

I loved this book so much I have actually pre-ordered the hardback of the book to read again and hopefully one day will have a hardback sequel to add to the collection. I highly recommend this book to fantasy and history lovers.

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The publisher provided me with the opportunity to read this in exchange for providing feedback. (via NetGalley)

Review somewhere between 3.75-4 stars. The author writes well and this was an easy read.

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Dr. Penelope Bryne's academic career has be belittled since her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis became a joke. But when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site in Venice, she flies there, determined to help the police. Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the Alexis Donato and his fellow magicians, everything she thinks she knows will be challenged. As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks.
Venice seems to be the perfect setting for a group magicians from Atlantis. As the first in a series, it did a good job of setting things up for future volumes. Plotting was solid and well paced until the end which seemed a little rushed. Character backgrounds were well developed although too many of them were too attractive.
Overall, a good, solid opener. I will be looking forward to the next in the series.

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The Immortal City is a story of adventure and magic set in Venice. The story opens with a fairly gruesome murder which is clearly some form of ritual. The cavern in which the body is found is covered with a strange script which leads the investigating officer to contact Doctor Penelope Byrne, a much ridiculed academic who specialises in studying, and trying to locate, Atlantis. Penelope is so excited that she gets straight onto a plane and flies to Italy from her home in Australia to be at the heart of the action. She is soon appointed as an advisor to the investigation and her troubles truly begin as both the evil doers and a group of centuries old survivors from Atlantis start to take an interest in her.

Penelope is a well written heroine, she is impulsive and obsessed with finding the truth about Atlantis, but also very real. As her adventure unfolds it is impossible not to draw comparisons with Lara Croft but I can't visualise Lara stopping work so that she can meditate for a few minutes. Penelope is a strong character who knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand up to those who get in her way, even when they are on her side.

The Atlanteans are also well drawn and although very powerful are certainly neither infallible nor so far beyond the understanding of mortals as to appear godlike. They squabble, flirt and argue like any other group of people. Their story and the tragedy which struck their homeland is woven through the novel and we understand why they behave in the way that they do even though so many centuries have passed.

Although the bulk of the tale concerns Penelope and the Atlanteans the other players are not forgotten. Marco, the lead investigator as well as the various thugs and villains all have real character and are believable. The real enemy is only revealed towards the end although there are clues as to who might be responsible for the carnage. There is a sense of real menace when they finally appear and their motives, whilst evil are wholly consistent with what we know of them.

The unstated star of the story is, of course, Venice itself. The city is brought to life in the pages with the spectacle of Carnivale contrasted with the dank caverns in which the victims meet their end. It is easy to picture the various characters moving through the canals and streets as the investigation unfolds.

My one criticism would be that some of the dialogue is a little inconsistent. For example I can't see a ten thousand year old magician saying 'if only you would have come from...' Although they have adapted to the changing world over their long lives this felt a step too far, almost as though the author was so excited in the writing of her tale that she didn't keep control over her characters and let them get away with some unlikely colloquialisms. This is a very minor point though and did not detract in any way from my enjoyment of the story.

At one point Penelope has her chakras balanced by one of the Atlanteans. My wife is a reiki master and has balanced my chakras and energies many times but never ever with the effect it has on our heroine. If ever I meet an Atlantean sorceress I am definitely going to ask them to make sure I am balanced!

This is an exciting and page turning novel which draws from many influences to create a new take on the Legend of Atlantis. The conclusion is satisfying but this book is clearly the start of a series and I look forward to reading what happens next.

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So I got this arc from Netgally in exchange for an honest review!

Okay, so, wow! This cover, right? I loved it when I saw it, and I'm so glad I read it. This one is adult fantasy and follows 35yo Dr Penelope Bryne as she helps a Venetian detective solve a murder related to her field of expertise--Atlantis. And there's magic involved! This was a solid 3/5 for me, and I can't wait for the rest to come out! Although, this one doesn't even come out until September 19th lol.

To be honest, it did take me a few chapters to get into it. Penelope felt kind of flat and depressed, which made sense(afterwards) considering academic career was being questioned and ridiculed. But once she got to Venice and threw herself into deciphering the lost language used in the sacrifices, things picked up SO much. Penelope really came out of her shell and went full academic nerd while in her element, which was really awesome to see in a character.

As for supporting characters, damn, I loved them all. Alexis was amazingly sweet to Penelope (but also very sex-eyes, which im not complaining about) and his family dynamic was my favorite kind--slightly dysfunctional, but beautifully close at the same time with a big sprinkle of drama and wit.

The beautiful descriptions of Venice and the historical research that went into this book really helped set the story for me, and I really appreciated the effort that went into it. It was a a solid read!

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This was a really fantastic story - in every sense of the word. Kuivalainen has created a marvelous world out of the mystery of Venice, which is a magical enough place without immortals walking among us... The world-building and backstory development here are very well done and really set the stage for the mysteries, revelations, and intrigue to develop. It had a little more of a romance feel at times than I usually prefer, but the originality of the Atlanteans and the magic surrounding their enclave made up for it for me. I haven't seen any indication that this is a first-in-series, but it certainly set itself up for a continuation if the author decides to write in that direction - and I hope she does, as I found this world compelling and engaging and would really like to spend more time here!

Was this review helpful?

This is one book you do not want to pass up! It was so much better then I was even hoping for. Think Venice, Lost City of Atlantis and very hot Magicians! Yeah I know what you're thinking- because when I think of magicians, I think of those awkward magicians you see on TV and creepy clowns at like a street fair but these Magicians were definitely not those. So throw those images right out of your head! These Magicians are from another time and another place and did I say OH SO VERY HOT! I seriously had dreams about all three for days. To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised and I'm really hoping the publisher opts to continue this as a series if they haven't already. I need more of these Immortals right now!

*I received this ARC from NetGalley and BHC Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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My first five star review ever, brace yourselves for the glory that is this book.

‘Immortal City’ is an adult contemporary fantasy novel by Amy Kuivalainen. It’s set in Venice and tells us about Atlantis – what a delightful combination. Never having been a fan of contemporary fantasy or Atlantis, I was so pleasantly surprised!

The world is beautiful. It’s Venice but turned up to eleven. I have never been but I could vividly imagine the canals and the buildings described. The bits about Atlantis are also wonderful – full of colour and promise for next books.

The plot and the pacing is well-done. The book follows the protagonist while she solves the ritualistic serial murders happening around Venice while discovering Atlantis and engaging in a steamy romance along the way. Once this books grips you, it doesn’t let go. The twists are predictable but still satisfying, and the whole books comes with a subtle global warming warning.

I loved the strong female protagonist. Exactly what an empowered woman should be, Penelope is brave but vulnerable, smart but capable of trust and care. She is easy to like without being on the nose and her genuine interest in her job was refreshing – so many protagonists forget about what drives them as the plot swipes them away to bigger and better things.

The side characters are entertaining and there is a good mixture of banter and romance mixed with the action. Alexis is wonderful - protective but not overbearing, strong and suave but not an asshole. The book is a sterling example of finding the balance in all things to create likable characters in a colourful, realistic world.

The writing style is easy to read and polished. Ms Kuivalainen weaves Italian words well in the text to create a more authentic reading experience but I found myself reaching for Google a few times. I can’t speak Italian but I can now read it! (-ish)

Review will be posted on my website and formatted on Goodreads on 28th June.

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When an ancient script is found at a gruesome murder scene, Inspector Marco Dandolo contacts the author of a paper written about the Atlantis Tablet, Dr. Penelope Bryne, whom he hopes can help shed some light on what the script means. Instead of providing a response via email or over the phone, she hops on a plane and flys to beautiful Venice in hopes that she can help assist on the case and learn who wrote the script and why.

However, what she didn't expect while there was to be drawn to Alexis Donato, a man who has been sabotaging her professional career for years in order keep the truth about Atlantis a secret. She also didn't expect to begin to learn the secrets of Atlantis and its survivors, who all want to help solve the ritual murders along with her and the police.

I've always found Atlantis to be an intriguing story plot because of all different avenue's an author can go down to create their story. Does it still exist? What happened? Is anything left? In The Immortal City, the author uses modern day world to begin the tale. At the beginning the book feels like a crime novel, a mystery/thriller that I found such a nice change of pace for a book in the fantasy genre. Slowly we begin to engage with the mystery and what clues they can find, but then Alexis, an Atlantean, enters and the fantasy part of the story begins to merge with the crime novel portion.

Once we meet Alexis, our exposure into the Atlantean world begins, which takes us in a new phase within the book. At that point we begin to get to know of it's culture, magical system, history, and about other Atlanteans. I will add that I found it rather disturbing once I learned the lengths they will go to protect their Atlantis secrets and I appreciated how Penelope didn't immediately trust them, although I probably would have been wary a lot longer than she was. However, the ritual murders is never forgotten in these sections of the book and the reader is brought back to the crime they are trying to solve. However, solving the crime only brings more questions that don't necessarily have answers - at least answers, yet.

Overall, I liked the story and thought it was nicely done. The middle section wasn't always my cup of tea, but in the end this series was set up very nicely for the next in the Magicians of Venice series, Book 2.

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This book is a whole lot of fun.

It starts with an idea the story will go one way, and then a twist hits you and you are off on a different direction.

The writing is compelling, and the characters are the types that grab you at the start and pull you along the whole way.

I loved it.

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I'm a fantasy gall, so when you give me a read where the main character is a badass gall? And put Atlantis in the middle? With some nice misterious guy around? Ooh boy do you have my attention on the story!

And Amy's writting? AMAZING! I didn't even see the time fly as I went along the ride discovering mysteries all around!

A 10/10 would recommend and read again!

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I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book but it certainly wasn’t Demons, Magicians and the secret of Atlantis ! Add in a somewhat discredited archaeologist who gets embroiled in a murder investigation in Venice and it really was an interesting story . There’s an evil plot, characters with their own issues and of course a romance. I just honestly found myself getting sucked in and would definitely read more from this author.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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This book is not at all what I expected but in the best way! The book begins very much like a typical police procedural, which concerned me as those are not my kind of books, but very quickly shows itself to be something very unique. The novel begins with the charismatic Italian police officer investigating a gruesome crime scene. He is told that Penelope is an expert on the writing found at the crime scene so he contacts her for help. Penelope is an expert on Atlantis, and even found a unique piece of evidence about it, but has found her reputation to be tarnished by her work. Shortly after arriving in Venice strange things start happening and before long she meets Alexis, a man that she feels a connection with, who introduces who to a world beyond even her imagination.

I felt the best part of this novel was in the middle as Penelope gets to know Alexis and his story. Along with those of his friends who are very unique and in the case of one quite amusing. Then once again the crime that brought Penelope to Venice makes itself known again. The novel ends in a way that very much sets up what I hope will be a new series. There are a lot of questions hanging at the end that I want to find out about. The author has a great cast of characters here that I would like to see again. This book is a lot of fun and a great adventure with a very unique premise. I can’t wait to read more!

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What an absolutely refreshing read! Packed with adventure and intrigue this book was such a lovely reprieve to the heavier novels I have been reading. Magic, adventure, whit, and beautiful details make this book an absolutely delicious read. I will be adding Amy Kuivalainen to my list of authors to follow as I adore her style of writing. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed The Da Vinci Code or Discovery of Witches as it's magical realism is just as enticing and addictive as those novels.

Was this review helpful?

What an amazingly original take on the "lost city" premise. There is everything that makes an adventure story engaging: mystery, mayhem, magic, and Atlantis! This was a real page-turner.

Thank you NetGalley and BHC Press for the opportunity to read an advance reader copy.

Was this review helpful?

Simply put; I loved this book and everything about it. From reading the synopsis alone, I thought I would enjoy it but I wasn’t prepared for just how much. I literally read this in a day, I could not put it down! I really tried to pace my reading but it was utterly unputdownable. Now I’m suffering from a major case of anticipation waiting for the sequel!

The Immortal City has everything I enjoy in a fantasy novel: ancient civilisations, magic and sorcery as well as a sizzling hot romance to top it all off. Much like the protagonist Penelope Bryne, I’ve always been deeply fascinated by ancient civilisations like Atlantis, Ancient Greece and Ancient Mesopotamia to name a few. So it was really interesting to see the way Amy Kuivalainen explores the myth of Atlantis and makes it her own. It was clear from the level of detail how much research and consideration has gone into the story. From the description of the venetian architecture, to the costumes and jewellery, it was so rich and informative. You can definitely feel Kuvalainens’ passion for history and culture throughout the novel which really heightened the experience for me.

As well as the fantasy and magical aspect, I also enjoyed the police investigation parts of the novel where the detectives try and figure out who the serial killer is. It was also made more interesting by the fact that we got to read through the perspective of the killer at certain points and it was creepy and the cult like aspect was reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Immortal City and can’t wait to read the sequel already. It was the perfectly balanced story for me and I liked that it totally transported me to the streets of Venice and it was fun imagining this secret underworld stemming from the legend of Atlantis.

Was this review helpful?

This book was received as an ARC from BHC Press in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I really enjoyed all of the brilliant wordplay and the enticing story that just put the pieces together in this plot. I have never been to Venice and after reading this book it just makes me want to go there even more. I loved how Amy Kuivalainen treated Venice similar to the lost city of Atlantis comparing the significance and the impact the city had on history. Incorporating dark magic and the characters of Penelope and Alexis made this story even more interesting to the point that I could not put this book down and had to finish it right away. I know our readers will relate and love this book as much as I did and it will be a huge hit with our community.

We will consider adding this to our Fiction collection at our library. We wish we could award infinite stars but the most we can give is 5 so we give this 5 stars.

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I have to admit that when I request ARCs of books, I don't always pay attention to what I'm requesting. So when I received this book and eventually realized I only had 10 days to read it, I may have freaked out a bit. 'AH! If I hate it, then it will be a hard 10 days!'

... I didn't hate it. I reaaaaally didn't hate it.
In fact, I was sad to finish it and am very happy with it. In short, Penelope has been on the search for Atlantis since she first heard stories about it as a little girl. She is the laughing stock of her field for believing it is real, but is brought to Venice because of a murder that is associated with what seems to be the Atlantean language that she has been studying. She meets a handsome man... full of sexiness, magic, and knowledge of Atlantis.
Lots of romance, magic, and a murder mystery thrown in there.

As a 30+ year old, I don't go for romance much anymore. I'm often sick of books that look to be perfectly made for a tv show on the CW. And in general, this kind of fits that description: a bit ridiculous, definitely too many pretty people, and a main character that has to be right ALL the time.
And yet I loved it. I was sucked in after about 20% and hidden from my family until I finished. The worst part of reading ARCs? Having to wait for the next book in a series... when the first book isn't even technically out yet! I want number 2! I want more of this!

Thank you so much to BHC Press and Netgalley for an advanced reader's copy of "The Immortal City" in exchange for an honest review. I hope I will be considered for the next in the series! ;) :)

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Dr. Penelope Bryne believes in the Lost City of Atlantis. Years ago, she found a tablet that she believes to be Atlantean. But this belief has not been good for her career. When the Venetian police stumble across an occult murder, the only person with any similar language references is Penelope. Jumping on a plane to help, her arrival in Venice triggers the attention of Magicians and the Occult. Who is she and how is she connected? Who can she trust? Who is committing the murders? Full of magic, mystery, and suspense, readers will enjoy reading about Penelope’s journey into the world of the Occult. The plot is a page-turner from start to finish. Adults who like dark fantasy and mysteries will enjoy reading this book. Recommended for those who like Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.

Was this review helpful?

The Immortal City is a mythical elevator ride to an enchanted world full of magic and mystery. An eclectic compilation of fantasy, mystery, and even romance, the story will have you happily staying up late to find out what happens next. In this first novel of a promised series, we meet Dr. Penelope Bryne, an academic who is fighting hits against her reputation while maintaining her determination to find the lost island of Atlantis. When she is called to Venice to help solve a series of murders, her eyes are opened up to a whole new world of mystery and danger.

What I liked:

The plot touches on the real-life fantasies of many people who believe in the mystical and magical places of long ago. Ancient Greece and Rome along with their many gods and heroes have long spurred the imagination, and nothing embodies that more than the lost city of Atlantis, whose demise created stories of mythical proportions.

Immortal City is fast paced. It is one of those books that you start, and when you think to look up from the page later, you discover that hours have passed and you are already halfway through the story. When you read as much as many of us do, this is a refreshing aspect of the novel.

An exotic city local fits perfectly with the story. Venice is a romantic city within what was once the Roman Empire. The use of it brings up another famous series of books that it loosely resembles (only the mystery aspect, not the fantasy) but I love the solving of puzzles, and the novel keeps you guessing in that aspect.

What I Wish:

A more thorough description of the magicians’ home would have helped me to visualize it better. On the flip side, more exposition would slow down the pace of the novel, but I would have sacrificed a slower pace at times to be able to visualize better the home which is both normal and fantastical.

The dialogue flowed better at certain points in the novel. Dialogue can flow smoothly, just as in real life, or it can get bogged down and clunky with trying too hard to sound natural. There are several points in the novel when this happens, though it did not detract from my overall love of the novel.

To Read or Not to Read:

Immortal City is destined to be a great new series in urban fantasy fiction. It will entertain and delight you as you join Dr. Penelope Byrne in discovering what happened to Atlantis. Be assured that you will happily volunteer to keep reading long into the night.

Was this review helpful?

“How did I know I would find you hiding in a book?”
She smiled up at him. “You can’t share a place filled with books and expect me not to touch anything.”

The Immortal City is, at its heart, a book about believing in the impossible and fighting hard to stand by your beliefs. Whether it’s a belief in how the great pyramids were made or the belief in a city like the Great Atlantis.

Doctor Penelope Byrne is an academic that believes in Atlantis and because of that she was shunned by her professional colleagues and the academic community. Fortunately for her, a hard as nails detective isn’t part of her academic community and after a brutal murder rocks the city of Venice, Penelope Bryne is invited to help stop a murderer using her knowledge of the Great City of Atlantis.

Having a book that already promised explainable magic and having a book that starts with a gruesome sacrificial murder sets up an extraordinary opportunity that Amy Kuivalainen rode right out of the gate. This book was absolutely astonishing.

The seamless blend of history and mythology pushed the setting of Venice past all of it’s boundaries and turned the city into something entirely new. Dripping in magical anomalies and dark seductive history, The Immortal City, seemed to blink awake while reading it.

It goes deeper than magic and mystery. Just the character if Alexis alone was enough to push this book forward. Adding another layer into the already complex and balanced world. Everything about him is unexpected. Almost every time we see Alexis he is adding to the plot line and creating new twist with his explanations on his past and even in Penelope's future.

There was nothing about this book that seemed to drag or stop. The excitement kept coming and it was almost like Tomb Raider meets Angels and Demons.

Every piece of information is important, not just to stop a murder sprees across Venice but to uncover the truth about a passionate belief in Atlantis.

Was this review helpful?

This book was engaging from start to finish. It was a detective/police mystery with fantasy added in. Penelope has always had an obsession with Atlantis. When she finds a tablet that might help her to pinpoint or understand the lost civilization, academics ridicule her for it and her career implodes. However, when she receives a call from Venetian detective Marcus Dandalo to come help solve a ritualistic murder, she is drawn into a case that will answer her questions about Atlantis an magic and change her life. This book has all the elements of a winner!

Was this review helpful?

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this novel, but the blend of a supernatural police procedural and dark academia made this an unusual book in the best way. This novel is steeped deeply in the history of Venice, a setting that comes to life and seems as equally magical as the not-so-mythical Atlantis. There was obviously a lot of heartfelt research that went into this novel and it shows. The author puts exquisite detail both into describing the beautiful Venice, its culture, and history, and the horrifying ritual murders that plague it. This novel does a great job of balancing the enchanting magic that sweeps readers off their feet and the dark murders that propel the plot forward.

Penelope is a great main character with infectious enthusiasm for mystery and the wonder of the world around her, and it's easy to get caught up alongside her as she delves deep into the Atlantean history and magic. She's self-assured, brave, along with being an expert in her field, and a character you really want to root for. Her love interest is a powerful magician, but she's still capable of taking care of herself.

The romance is sweet if a bit heavy-handed and the novel is sometimes bogged down by a rather large cast of characters that don't seem to have a lot to do, but overall it was a good read. Definitely for fans of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code series and those interested in seeing history intertwine with the fantastical.

Much thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me a digital ARC of this book.

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I was given a free copy of "The Immortal City" by Amy Kuivalainen by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 • (4.5⭐)
I finished my first NetGalley ARC last night, The Immortal City. It was really good. Fast paced, full of mythos, and easy to follow with a streamy love story mixed in. The characters are beautifully written and the ending was left open for now but not on a "claw my eyes out" while waiting for a follow-up book kind of open ending.
If your a fan of myths and magic mixing with reality, vivid imagery and smells, I highly recommend this book. But be warned, there are very graphic scenes of death, torture, and murder depicted as well as love making. This book isn't for everyone but if you don't have a problem with graphic imagery be sure to read The Immortal City by Amy Kuivalainen
AmyKuivalainen @akuivalainen

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4 pleasantly surprised stars. I did not know what to expect going into this book, but found myself thoroughly enjoying it. I finished it pretty quickly and it was a pleasant escape from my actual academic life.

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Title: The Immortal City
Author: Amy Kuivalainen
Series: The Magicians of Venice
Publisher: BHC Press
Release Date: September 9, 2019
Genre: Mystery, Contemporary, Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars
When a gruesome murder is committed in Venice, Penelope Bryne a scholar is called in to help decipher the language left behind on the crime scene. She meets Marco Dandolo, the inspector in charge of the case, Alexis Donato a mysterious man with many secrets, most of which she has been searching for her whole life, and his band of magicians. Penelope gets caught up in the mysteries of Atlantis and finds she may be of help in saving the world from destruction. Can she let herself, a mortal, get caught in a magical war or will she retreat to save her life?

I was hesitant about reading this story. But once I started I couldn't put it down. The scenery was so beautiful. Penelope Bryne, was charming and very realistic. Marco seems like a womanizer and I would've liked to have seen more of him. Alexis seems aloof at first, but you can tell how he changes when he meets Penelope, as it appears their destinies are entwined. The whole gang gave me an "A Court of Mist and Fury" Vibe. Their interactions were so natural despite only having known each other a short amount of time. When the real menace makes itself known, Penelope must help Alexis and the magicians defeat Thevitat without exposing them to the mortal world. Her feelings for Alexis become real and can be a hindrance to the mission. The plot was exciting from the beginning, the sheer wonder that Penelope shows as she becomes a part of this magical world is intoxicating. Kuivalainen has such a way with words that I want to go and look for Atlantis myself.

Recommend for readers who like, The DaVinci Code, and Contemporary Fantasy.

Disclaimer: I received this copy from the Publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. #TheImmortalCity #NetGalley

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A mix of "Strange the Dreamer" and "A Discovery of Witches". With a bit of "The DaVinci Code" thrown in for good measure.. This book was super fun! The mystery of Atlantis explained by magicians, a terrifying shadow group, and a plucky protagnoist round out the group. I loved how real Penelope was, and how her relationships with everyone felt very real and organic. I need more of the Inspector in my life, and maybe more about his porspective relationship with the anti-terrorism agent?

Lots of steamy looks, steamy sex, and dastardly murder. I enjoyed this book and hope for more!

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This ending gave me goosebumps all over. I want to cry because the book is over, and because I cannot share those lovely characters' lives anymore.😭

I don't remember if I read the synopsis when I requested the book on NetGalley, but I didn't before reading it (as always, to keep the surprise coming!). I was totally and pleasantly surprised. I loved how different, yet so similar the characters were. And, I have to admit, I've been intrigued by Atlantis all my life too, like Penelope. And I love books about magic. Bring those two together with a murder, and I was hooked. (It does help that Alexis looks like a god, but who am I to judge, really.)

I really hope that this will be a series. I will enjoy very much reading the next book and plunge into this world again.

Many thanks to BHC Press for the complimentary e-copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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You can find this review and all of my others over at

Actual rating of 3.5

Penelope Bryne is an academic, she's been researching, searching and absolutely in love with Atlantis for as long as she can remember. However, after finding a section of tablet of the coast of Crete, her career took a nose dive. A lot of people think she has her head in the clouds and should seek to find something a bit more down to Earth to throw herself into, her Dad is one of them. But when she is called by Marco, a police officer in Venice, and shown some pictures of script from a recent, horrific crime scene, Penelope can't help but follow it to Venice. She knows that it has something to do with Atlantis, she's seen the writing before, on her stone tablet, what she doesn't know is how someone else knows enough of it to use it in such an awful way. While in Venice Penelope is thrown into an investigation unlike any other, she meets some extremely interesting people, one of which is called Alexi, a man with many talents, and many secrets. If she makes it through this, she may come out the other side completely changed, but first, she has to make it through.

I'm a sucker for a good murder mystery, and one that has it's roots in evil, demon worshipping cults just gets my goat every time. It just adds that bit of spice that I really love in my mysteries. What I wasn't really expecting was that the mystery and the ritualistic killings weren't so much going to be in the forefront of this story, they very much took a backseat while the mysteries of Atlantis and the strange man that Penelope has met, are definitely the front runner here. It wasn't a bad thing exactly, but I was just a little unprepared for it. I was expecting a gritty mystery into ritualistic murders that somehow tied into the history, mythology and existence of Atlantis, what I got was more a fantasy/Sci-Fi romance with a sprinkling of ritualistic murder thrown in to help drive the story forward. Without the murders there wouldn't have been a plausible reason for anything that happened in the story, so it was incredibly important as it was the catalyst that drove the plot forward, I just wish the blurb was able to describe it this way instead of making me think I was in for something totally different than what I got.

The story was well thought out, the ritualistic killings tied beautifully into the overall plot that was happening here. Kuivalainen has a way with words, with lovely flowing descriptions that show instead of tell. The story lines were incredibly well thought out in all accounts and blended seamlessly to create a world full of mystery, intrigue, wonder and romance against one of the most romantic backdrops in the world, Venice. It painted a picture of a city that I already want to visit, but now even more so, especially during Carnivale ;)

The characters were very well written each with a distinct personality and identity. I really enjoyed the character of Penelope Bryne, an academic with a fantastic mind who doesn't baulk at the first sign of 'difference' she encounters. I'm going to try and be as vague as I possibly can here because the story really took a turn into a place that I totally wasn't expecting to go, and I think it's better to go into this without knowing it at all. The other characters that we meet are incredibly alluring in there personalities and quirks. I really enjoyed the chemistry and bickering between Aelia and Phaidros, they were probably my favourite characters followed by Nereus.

The palazzo that we encounter is almost like a character in itself. The way that it's never really described as such yet you have such a clear picture in your mind about it is just brilliant, a stroke of genius. I love the sentience of it and it was probably my most favourite thing about this novel.

One thing that I did have a little bit of a problem with, was the pacing. This book, according to Goodreads, sits at a length of 324 pages. It felt SO much longer than that. I wouldn't have been surprised to find out that this was pushing close to 500 with how long it seemed. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot happening, but it just seemed like it was taking me so long to get through it. It dragged a little in the beginning but I'm glad that I stuck with it, because by the end I was pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out, and I'm ecstatic to find out that this is book one it what I hope is a trilogy at least. I believe that the story has been left open as a larger scale plot has been left unresolved, but the story definitely wrapped up at the end, I was so worried when I saw the percentage getting closer and closer to 100 and things hadn't been resolved yet, even though I knew what was going to happen, I still needed to see it happen haha.

All in all, this was an interesting take on the legend of Atlantis and I absolutely LOVE where Kuivalainen went with it. I cannot WAIT until book 2 and I sincerely hope it's not far away.

If you love a fantasy romance that is peppered with mystery, give this one a go, if you find you're struggling at the beginning, just push through, you won't be disappointed.

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I’m always up for a bit of fantasy, especially when that fantasy overlaps with existing history and legends. Amy Kuivalainen’s upcoming The Immortal City promises to be the start of a series that brings various fantastical theories about the lost Atlantis and its inhabitants to life. But this first novel isn’t a straightforward fantasy; its pacing and narrative patterns follow those more likely to be found in murder mysteries, especially through the first part of the book.

When a gruesome and apparently ritualistic murder occurs in Venice, the text found at the scene inspires Inspector Marco Dandolo to reach out for the expertise of academic Penelope Bryne. The text is similar to that on a tablet she found on a dive—a tablet that she believes is a relic of the lost Atlantis. It’s a theory that has made her a laughing stock in many of her professional circles and, in the absence of funding, her research has stalled. So, Penelope hops on a plane and deftly inserts herself into the investigation. But once she’s in Venice, the case begins to affect her in strange ways. She sees a man in a vision while meditating and then runs into that man on the street. Attempts are made on her life that appear to be linked to the Atlantis tablet and the secrets she’s close to uncovering. And that man who was more than a vision, turns out to be more than just an ordinary man.

The Immortal City wasn’t quite what I expected, but I enjoyed it in the end. I found it a little slow and rocky to start, which is probably because of the more murder mystery set up that kicks things off. After Penelope’s first significant interactions with Alexis, when the history of Atlantis and its people begins to come to light, it picked up nicely. While the connection between Alexis and Penelope can feel too convenient (and occasionally forced), the larger themes their relationship and that the seven magicians raise are more satisfying. The tension between choice and fate is something I hope to see explored more in whatever future novels may come for this series. While it’s present in The Immortal City, the two elements aren’t interrogated as much as they could be.

While I did enjoy the story, there is clearly still a lot that’s being held back from the reader. Given that this appears to only be the beginning of a larger series arc, that’s understandable, but it also left certain events and elements feeling a bit hollow to me. The “action” sequences were okay, but perhaps over too quickly, lacking some of the necessary build up for their resolutions to be truly satisfying (though they did get better toward the end). While I appreciated the murder mystery element that framed this first installment, I don’t think it was completely successful. It takes a back seat to everything surrounding Alexis and Atlantis—as it should—however, that helps to sap some of the impact of what’s been going on in that investigation. The ties between the two sides of the story are there, and they do complement one another, but it’s an awkward fit.

Still, when all is said and done, I enjoyed The Immortal City enough for me to want to read more. The fantasy and Atlantis side was compelling along with most of the characters (the central characters certainly and the supporting characters enough to want more time with them in the next book).

The Immortal City will be available starting September 19, 2019.

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I just have one word....ATLANTIS!!! I was so excited to read a book that centered around the lost city, but add in magicians and Greek gods with modern day murder and you have my undivided attention.

Academic Penelope Bryne had no idea what she was getting herself into when she spontaneously hopped a plane to Venice to help solve a murder that involved an ancient language. When she meets Alexis, everything that she has been working so hard for is finally, literally, right in front of her but she can tell no one. While working with the police to solve a string of sacrificial murders and prevent an ancient evil god from coming back, she learns that there is much more to the history she has been chasing for so long.

I highly recommend this book and I can't wait for the second one to come out. While it wasn't a 5 star read for me, it was still a great book and it will definitely have a place on my re-read shelf!

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So, what did I like about it?
As a new-to me author, I was very impressed with Ms Kuivalainen’s writing style; it felt graceful, full bodied and very easy to read. I thought that the story itself was intelligent and felt well researched and cleverly balanced myth and fantasy with the hard brutality of a crime thriller. I enjoyed her prose; the way she weaved the beautiful Italian language into her tale while adding the archaic Atlantean and magical languages that added a depth of realism was inspired. The Immortal City was an unexpected find that I will treasure.
Those of you that have read my reviews before, will know that I enjoy a story more when the main female character is intelligent, resilient and can look after herself and I wasn’t disappointed here; Penelope proved to be all of these things and more. But this story is not just about Dr Penelope Bryne, there are a host of well written characters in this book that all play their part. I liked the way that Ms Kuivalainen seemed to build up our relationships with the entire supporting cast over the course of this book, giving us insights into their personalities, histories and motivation which brought them alive in my imagination.
Crime thrillers are not my usual reading genre - especially ones involving brutal serial killers - but this book captured my interest and kept me hooked. I loved that it had me so captivated and invested with our protagonists that I found myself blubbering like a baby as well as giggling out loud and although it horrified and shocked me at times too and got my blood boiling with fear and rage, it definitely hit all the right spots passion-wise *blush* and warmed my old romantic heart.

So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?
As you can tell by my rating, I really enjoyed this book. My only niggle was that I had already guessed a few twists before they had been revealed. There were a few growls at my Kindle because I was frustrated that these proven intelligent characters hadn’t already realised what I had worked out myself pages earlier.
I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that, as a first in a new series, there are threads that are left to continue to the next book and beyond, but rest assured, dear reader, no perilous life-or-death cliffhanger for our main characters in this book to leave you bereft and frustrated. woop!woop!

So, basically what I’m saying is...
I really liked this gripping story and lost track time while reading it. The Immortal City has everything that I look for in a great read; adventure, mystery, action, great characters, a little humour and it even had sprinkling of romance.

Due to the darker themes, sexual content and graphic violence, I’d recommend this book to adults who are not offended by scenes of this nature who enjoy urban fantasy stories about myths and magic that feel like modern crime thrillers – think Dan Brown - with the added layers of relationship drama – family, platonic and romantic.

This review will go live on my blog on 1st September 2019

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I will definitely recommend this title. It is very well thought out and imaginative. I can't wait for more titles by this author.

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The Immortal City is an adult fantasy novel set in Venice from Amy Kuivalainen. The story revolves around Dr. Penelope Bryne who is on the trail of finding the Lost City of Atlantis. There are some pretty awesome magicians, stunning scenery and a captivating alchemical mystery rooted in the mythology and folklore of a lost city which has baffled generations of academics and history lovers alike. Huge thanks to BHC Press and Netgalley for providing me with a complimetary eARC in an exchange for this honest review. Here are my 5 Biblioshelf Musings about 'The Immortal City'.

Viva Venezia – There were two words that made me hit that Request button as soon as I read the blurb of The Immortal City – one of them was ‘magicians’ and the other was Venice. Having been lucky enough to visit this stunning city, I’m always longing for a novel which is going to instantly transport me back to those canals and bring about the nostalgia of spending time there. Not many books have been able to do that for me, but The Immortal City definitely invoked my inner wanderlust and transported me back to that wondrous place. The detailed ways Amy describes the Magicians’ palazzo and local landmarks of Venice creates an absorbing setting which makes me want to hop right on plane and head back over to Italy. Incorporating the MOSE system (a design to try and protect Venice and the Lagoon from flooding) into the storyline adds a realistic and poignant edge to many of the topical news stories currently surrounding this famous city such as the rising water-levels and protection of the city and its heritage from mega cruise ships and mass tourism – preventing it from becoming our own modern-day Atlantis.

Lost civilisations – Atlantis has inspired countless stories and conspiracies across the generations. Don’t be duped, The Immortal City is not a quest to find the physical location of The Lost City of Atlantis – the author takes a different thread of this well-known myth by making it so that Penelope ends up finding the heart of what Atlantis left behind – the last guardians and magicians from a place lost to the sea. In my own opinion, I felt that one of the main messages here was trying to highlight that it is the stories and remnants of places which end up forming its heritage and keeping them alive, not necessarily physical places. The way the mythology of a lost civilization is tied together with a plot-line filled with forgotten languages, alchemical symbology and the one of the most amazing historical archives literature could ever imagine all makes for a fascinating plot which kept me turning page after page.

Move over Christian Grey…
…There’s a new hot guy in town and his name is Alexis Donato. This fantasy novel is definitely one for the adults out there. Alexis Donato, the dark and brooding magician at the centre of the story is HOT! The romance and relationship between him and Penelope tastefully fits into the story without bordering on seedy or distracting away from the plot and changing the tone of the novel to something more “chick-litty”. I definitely wouldn’t say no to being pulled out of a Venetian canal by him!

The Atlantean microcosm – gimme more! – Amy Kuivalainen has created such an intriguing bunch of immortal characters. Packed with romance, banter, tension, tragedy and friendships, I quickly grew attached to each and every one of them. The events that happen towards the end of the story left me on a cliff edge waiting to see where this story goes next. Amy has created a little world of characters who I want to find out everything about. Having seen two listings for this book on Goodreads, I’m slightly unsure as to whether or not this is a standalone or part of a series as it’s listed as both but I would instantaneously be adding a sequel to my TBR should one be written… *hint hint* 🙏🙏

More than just watery – There is a whole sunken city’s worth of different elements to like within this story that it could appeal to many readers. When I first requested it, I didn’t really know what to expect and at the start of reading it was clear this story didn’t really fit into just one bracket: there are murders and violence, but this doesn’t feel like a typical crime novel – the murders are filled with alchemical symbols and mystery which are used as plot devices throughout the story; there are magicians, but they are not your typical Dumbledores walking around in stuffy castles wearing cloaks – they are the last immortals left over from a lost civilization who are now living in our modern world; there is romance which varies from zero to all-consuming within mere pages but didn’t distract me from the main story; there is fantasy, history and magic that feels totally realistic, even though you know it’s just fiction. Either way, there’s plenty to entertain!

Overall thoughts –
For the past few years, the books I’ve read have tended to be the ones which have been hyped about all over Goodreads or Bookstagram. I took a chance in reading The Immortal City and it was a breath of fresh air to my reading pile – this is the adult fantasy novel I have been waiting for! If you’re a fan of some of the things mentioned above, then I definitely recommend you try this book. It’s a little whirlwind of a ride and like all stories there are some points which don’t always flow or which may make you roll your eyes internally, but this book has definitely left me wanting to find out more about the captivating world of the Magicians of Venice and I’m positive I’ll be rereading it at some point in the near future. There is magic, gore, lust, danger, passion and a whole load of Italian/Atlantean goodness packed into every page. Yes this is a work of fiction, but holy gods do I wish it were real! Get me to those Palazzo archives right away!

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This was a fun read. Dark magic, Atlantis and Venice are ingredients for an intriguing premise.
I enjoyed the adventure, murder mystery and romance within, and the plot kept me turning the pages.
I have to say it’s been a long time since I read some steamy romance but I enjoyed the spark between Penelope and Alexis.

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This book had a unique premise, it was a tad bit slow at the beginning but swept me up soon enough and kept me in it's grip well until the end. I would recommend it to other fellow fantasy fans in a heartbeat. Thank you for allowing me to read and hand sell this title.

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I was pleasantly surprised reading this one. I had no expectations whatsoever and it blew my mind. I liked the writing, the plot and the characters were amazing. I need book two.

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Although a lot of what we get focuses on worldbuilding, the plot is interesting and engaging. I liked this blend of murder mystery, action, and romance. I'll definitely keep an eye on Amy Kuivalainen's future releases.

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What an incredible story! A new telling of an old myth set in an exotic background with a diverse cast of characters. Dr. Penelope Bryne is not living her life the way her father would like or insists but she is living her life the way she dreams. Called to the seafloor by a mysterious force resulting in an amazingly historic find, Dr. Bryne is determined to find any trace of the fabled and mystical Atlantis. The last thing she expects is to be called by the Venice Polizia to consult on a ritualistic killing. Great story development which enabled me to lose all track of time, but in a very good way. This book has mystery, intrigue, romance, laughs, tears, history, and really good espresso (according to Penelope). Did I mention the romance, it teases with its magical, mysterious magician who can quite literally sweep Penelope off her feet and transport her to his tower. I eagerly await the next installment with much anticipation!

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Offering a tantalising take on the pop-culture saturated mythologies including extinct culture, civilisations and legends, The Immortal City is a must-read for any fan of the genre.

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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for a eARC in exchange for an honest review.

The Immortal City follows Penelope, an academic who is obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis. She has been ridiculed and had all but accepted her fate to become a professor when she is contacted by the Italian police. They need her help in order to make sense of a gruesome and sacrificial murder committed in Venice. While in Venice, Penelope finds herself in the cross hairs of a good looking mystery man who seems to have taken interest in these crimes as well. Can Penelope trust this stranger, or is she just pulling herself closer to being the next victim?

Let me start off this review by saying I put off reading this story for so long because I just knew it would be the author trying to replicate the success of The Davinci Code and didn't want to be disappointed. I am happily eating the biggest helping of crow I've had to swallow over a book in years. The plot holds it's own and while I do get Davinci Code vibes, it plays more with fantasy aspects that kept the plot refreshing enough to keep my wanting more. It is so well written, I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner. The pacing is excellent and there is just the right blend of historical fiction, action, and just a touch of romance.

My only gripe is actually the romance. It's your very typical "girl is found by gorgeous stranger who awakens her to a new piece of the world and feelings in her loins that could shake the earth". It is extremely quickly developed that it finds a way to be off-putting. There is a sex scene towards the end of the book that just felt clunky, awkward, and unnecessary. Also, the show down with the Villian leaves something to be desired, but as this is meant to be the beginning of a series I appreciate a build up to leave us ready for the next installment.

Overall, it's a super enjoyable story with well developed characters and a exciting world that is well built. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves historical fiction or even just fantasy lovers.

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Could you say you never thought "what if magic was real, what would I do if it was real in my world" while reading a book about magic realism? For me, this, one of the books which makes me thought that.
Penelope has spent her entire life trying to find about the history of Atlantis (she knew it exists) while trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis. Her father always was the first one who tries to stop her from going after her dream.
Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis. She found Atlantis tablet she thought it would be the key to her purpose, but what it had done was to set her up for more disappointment. When she just started her first holiday in two years, she got a mail about a case in Venice. Without thinking she went to Venice determined to help, the police before the killer strike again but found herself in a world she can't imagine.
Everything she believes will be challenged, the magic she tries to hard not to believe was real and learned about Atlantis even more than she can dream. In the darkly, seductive world of magic, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks and she wants to live.
I loved the story as soon as I read the excerpt. After began to read the book I can say it didn't disappoint me except the romance. Shortly I can do without details about the affairs between main characters. I read romance novels not much but I can love them from time to time. But for this story, I love the adventure so much that taking a break with the romance spoiled my joy (I can understand they need to have a connection with each other so the story will be more good). I love the other characters, other romance was a nice addition to the story and I love how the story builds as time pass but the ending was too quick looks like it's rushed. I couldn't believe how the evil plan come to ruin so easily when they prepared so thoroughly.
All with that I would recommend to anyone who wouldn't mind having romance in a well-developed magic realism story. I enjoy reading #TheImmortalCity first book in The Magicians of Venice Series by Amy Kuivalainen and I would like to read other books will come in the series. After this book, I would check Amy Kuivalainen's other books too. :))
Thanks to #NetGalley and the BHC Press providing me a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review and making this available!
P.S. After the book published on 19 Sep 2019 I will add my review on my Goodreads and Instagram accounts (added 21.09.19).

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My thoughts
Would recommended it: Yes, in fact of my friends have already picked up a copy to read .
Would I read more of this series? Yes, and I already have book 2 which is called The Sea Of The Dead, thanks to the publishers and NetGalley , because as soon as I saw NetGalley had it I had to request it right then and there.
Would I read more by this author? Yes
First off I have to say that when I first saw this on NetGalley it was the cover that made me request it and I'm so gad I did because once I started reading I didn't want to stop. Another thing I liked was how at times it reminded me of the movie Stargate where you have a Doctor who does makes a discovery and then goes on to do a presenting about it ( just like Daniel Jackson) and just like him ( she finds little to no acceptance for her theory) and just like Daniel , she's invited to uses her knowledge to help the police solve a murder that might some how be connected to Atlantis.As for the book itself, it was everything I hoped it would be, the characters, the magic, the way the author brings Atlantis to life, and the characters ( ok so I said that twice ) but they was amazing,and had me laughing at times of the way they acted, and you could feel the attraction between Penelope and Alexis, and it wasn't fast burning at all, they took their time so it was like a slow burning that grew with each turn of the page. And each page brought them closer together. And bought the story more to life. With that said I want to thank NetGalley for letting me read and review and I can't wait to read the next book in June .

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Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again. Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.
As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks. With the new MOSE system due to come online, and Carnivale exploding around them, Penelope and Alexis will have to work together to stop the killer and prevent dark magic from pulling Venice into the sea.
Wow! This was a fast-paced adventure that I absolutely loved! I love (good) stories about the lost city of Atlantis. This thrilling mystery had my attention the entire time! I really liked Penelope and the adventure she embarked on. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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The beautiful and intricate world built by this author makes the whole reading experience worthwhile. The suspense was there, the character development was great. I was kind of confused at some parts but overall the experience was intriuiging. I just hope that I could have read this earlier. I LOVED the cover.

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I didn't expect to enjoy this but I did. Love how it's a cross between The Da Vinci Code and A Discovery of Witches. Looking forward to the next installment!

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Back when I requested a copy of The Immortal City on Netgalley, I was looking for something light and interesting book to read, thinking I’ll be having all the time finishing it before release. Life of course decided to kick my ass instead and a year passed somehow until my schedule cleared up enough to finally get to it. By this point I basically jumped into it blindly, I could not remember the blurb and decided not to look it up so it would be a mystery.

And The Immortal City does start out as a mystery. Modern-day Venice is plagued by a brutal murderer and Inspector Marco Dandolo asks for help from archeologist Dr. Penelope Byrne to help understand the strange symbols left at the scenes. Unlike herself, Penelope gets on the first plane to fly half a world over in hopes to get closer to learning something about Atlantis. Her efforts ridiculed by everyone, her career in ruins, she is unable to give up on finding answers. She knows Atlantis must have existed and a piece of stone tablet might prove it. As well as the murderer roaming free in Venice who uses very similar symbols. What Penelope finds though is a life-threatening danger, unexpected friendship, and new possibilities.

The Immortal City got me hooked pretty early on. I love crime fiction, especially if it’s paired with some fantasy. It starts our more crime fiction and ends up being more fantasy. I was intrigued by the investigation and was a bit disappointed when the focus switched to Penelope and Alex’s relationship. That’s where things have become a bit cliché. Not that it stopped me basically devouring the book. Was it predictable? Yeah. I didn’t really care about the MC, Penelope either, but there was still something in this book that just made me unable to stop reading. I probably read it at the right time and it just clicked with me on some level.

I liked the side-characters, the magicians living with Alexis. Phaedros, Aelia and Zo bring great comedic relief in their own way, while the others, Nereus, Lyca and Galenos are more serious. They balance each other out well. I somehow found Penelope a bit flat as a character among all these colorful, vibrant personalities. Sure, all of them have their problems and hardships, Penelope included, but she kind of felt like a tool in the plot rather than an active participant. Things are happening to her and she is by no means a weak character, just… not interesting enough I guess. It’s hard to explain.

The Immortal City is a fast-paced, decent Fantasy set in the beautiful Venice – of which we get not nearly enough by the way. It might be a perfect read for those who love Mystery books with star-crossed lovers and magic chasing thousands of years old myths. It has a lot going for it and Kuivalainen made Venice alive in this modern-day blood-soaked love story.

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This is the first book I have read by this author and hope to read more in the future.

The Immortal City was a great fantasy with well-crafted characters and an easy to follow storyline.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.

Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.

As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks.

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The immortal city is a fast paced book with a spunky heroine. A must read by fiction and mystery lovers.

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