Blow: A Love Story

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Pub Date 18 Jun 2019 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2019

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If only life were as simple as breathing in and letting go.

Millie Hart has made a career writing happy endings. While her real life is often less than enchanting, at least she has her stories, featuring strong, vibrant women ready for any challenge and men who stand in support of their dreams. Millie makes millions of readers swoon, but despite her agent’s deep objections, her new project is fueled by her intense drive to prove something. All she needs is four months in Bodega Bay. No meet-cutes, no kissing, just blissful silence.

Drake Branch is happy to be alive. He’s healed, opened BP Glass Works with his best friend, and appreciates the value of his hometown. It’s been six years since the accident, and Drake has tackled every hurdle—mental and physical—to stand on his own. So, when he lets a struggling metalworks shop move in next door to his studio and the noise triggers old issues, Drake needs to crank the music—as loud as it will go.

Millie rents the cottage mere steps from Drake’s studio to write a literary novel she hopes will finally gain her father’s approval and soon learns that away from her laptop, there are men who refuse to be edited out. Despite her neighbor’s insistence that she is an entitled tourist, Millie has been blown off most of her life and she’s not going anywhere this time.

It is going to be one long summer unless Millie and Drake can learn that some books are more than their covers, one breath can change the shape of everything, and true family often shows up in unlikely places.

If only life were as simple as breathing in and letting go.

Millie Hart has made a career writing happy endings. While her real life is often less than enchanting, at least she has her stories...

Advance Praise

"A sweet, sexy read with complicated, likable leads, a swoonworthy seaside setting, and a positive message about relationships." - Kirkus Reviews

"A sweet, sexy read with complicated, likable leads, a swoonworthy seaside setting, and a positive message about relationships." - Kirkus Reviews

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The author would appreciate reviews of Blow: A Love Story to be posted on Goodreads, BookBub, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, blogs and social media. 

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Loved this book! Emotional at times, this book deals with some serious issues, but it is a great story.

Millie is in Bodega Bay to write a novel. A departure from her usual type of book, she wants to write something that will finally make her Father notice her.

Drake has a workshop next door to the cottage where Millie is staying. The noise of his music is disrupting her so she confronts him. He will soon realise that she is not just another tourist who he can scare away, and as they spend more time together they both realise they have issues to address if their relationship can go anywhere.

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I pepper my reading with books like this for a boost because they usually have good writing and a happily ever after. I have followed this series for a while, not that I remember all the pairings but it jumps from place to place following the families and friends of the newest pair. The background varies vastly from one story to another and it is always immersive and interesting. 

I like the author's narrative style. The clever(/cheeky) bit about this book was that the main protagonist is Millie Hart who is a romance author herself. Since she is watching her own story unfold, she sometimes thinks about what the critics and book reviewers would say about her reactions to certain predicaments(keeping her in the position of the heroine), which in turn would overlap at least some of the reviews that actual author would get for the book making it a very self-reliant system! If you are familiar with the author or the series, you would know what to expect but love it all the same when it happens. Millie is trying to break away from her typical story and write something different but she has landed in the best place for her summer, a place which screams happily ever after. The other half of her story is Drake the glassblower who has heavy burdens of his own. Every trope in the possible romance of the two is hashed out in actual conversation which was fun to read because once again it serves dual purposes. There are good family members and a few bad ones, and a whole lot of light-hearted as well as heartfelt interactions between them all. The highlight of a chunk of the book is the respect or the lack thereof given to the genre as a whole and the idea that predictable outcomes do not necessarily mean sub-standard writing. This (as always with the backgrounds provided) adds the extra layer to the tale. I think the next story might be about the finishing industry if the hints provided are leading me the right way

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Millie Hart is a successful romance writer, but her father has never respected her career choices or her work. After a brutal rejection at Christmas where she stood outside his bookshop looking in at him and his friends having a good time while she had her nose pressed up against the window like the little match girl, Millie decides that she will write a ‘serious’ novel, with absolutely no romance. She leaves the city and rents a cottage in Bodega Bay for four months to write seriously.

Drake Branch lives in an Airstream which is parked close to the cottage Millie has rented, he also owns a glass blowing business BP Glass Works with his best friend which is also close to Millie’s cottage. Six years ago he had a serious bike accident in which he lost his left arm. Since the accident he’s rebuilt his life in every way, relearning how to do the most basic tasks, so what if he has a few ‘issues’ that’s his business, if annoying tourists down for the weekend don’t like his loud music that’s just too bad, he can’t bear to hear the noise from the nearby metalworks (reminds him too much of the crash) and the music is the only thing that drowns out the noise.

Millie can’t believe the hot guy can be so rude, the last thing a serious writer needs is to be woken up to Wham at full blast – she needs gloom and despondency not blue skies and upbeat pop music! Try as she might, writing a dark, twisty novel full of trauma and angst just isn’t working for Millie, so she tries distracting herself by getting to know the locals.

Drake might not like Millie but he’s the only one who doesn’t, soon she giving advice to his apprentice on her university entrance essays and giving readings at his aunt’s romance book shop, in a small town everyone knows everyone else and so everywhere he turns he sees Millie or his annoying little sister trying to stir up a romance!

I am a great fan of Tracy Ewens’ novels and this was no exception, she writes engaging characters with real life problems and memorable minor characters. There was angst, but not too much, humour and good plot development. What made this romance stand out was the shout out to so many other great romance writers as Millie and Drake’s aunt compare authors and favourite books – it was fun to see with how many books/authors I was familiar, and to get recommendations for those where I wasn’t.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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This was such an amazing story! This book taught me so much about healing, letting go, and living life for yourself and not for others. It had such a beautiful message to share with readers, and I can't wait for you to read it too. Tracy Ewens has apparently been writing books for a while, and I feel like hitting myself for not finding her sooner. Her writing style flows nicely, her characters have a lot of depth, and she gives background without interrupting the story. It's easy to follow along, meet many new characters and remember each one, and by the end of the book, you want to laugh, cry, and jump in the car to drive to Bodega Bay. Which in my case is a real struggle, because I could actually drive there. It's really not that far.

Millie Hart is an author, famous for her romance novels, and she needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She decides to take a four-month writing trip to Bodega Bay, not far from her home in San Francisco, to focus on her new book, a more "serious" work that is sure to please her father, who laments her choice of career constantly. Thinking her assistant rented a quiet cottage by the ocean, she arrives to find it not so quiet at all. Because next door is a glassworks shop, and they blast loud music all day long. Marching over there in her pajamas may not have been the best idea, but she just needs some peace and quiet to write! The last person Drake Branch expects to see in his shop is the renter next door. Six years ago, he was in a motorcycle accident and lost his left arm below the elbow, and his resulting PTSD has made life a bit difficult. Hence the music - it drowns out the sound of grinding metal from the other shop next door. He doesn't want to deal with the tourist who claims to have serious work to do, but the more he gets to know her, the more he finds her charming...and tempting. Love may not have been in the cards for either of them, but it may be exactly what they both need.

I loved Millie and Drake so much! Drake was a bit irritating at first, being quite rude to Millie and not wanting to give her a chance. He just wanted to be left alone. But Millie's kindness, charm, and general good-naturedness eventually rubbed off on him. She was determined to get on his good side, and she knew he had one...somewhere. She had a hard time staying mad at him about the loud music, and once she understood the reason behind it, she was determined to make it work for both of them. Millie had a lot of troubles on her own, particularly with her father and his constant demands of her to meet his exacting standards. He never liked that she wrote romance novels, no matter how successful she was, but with her mother gone, she wanted to maintain a relationship with him. It was hard watching her struggle with living up to his expectations, and I loved how supportive Drake was for her when things weren't going well. And when Drake's struggles came to the forefront, Millie was there for him too. They were each other's support systems - they made each other stronger. It was such a wonderful thing to read about.

Now I need to go get all of the other "A Love Story" books. There are so many, people. You're set for a while.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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not to sound to hype and all but I loved loved did I say loved this book!!!! Millie Heart is used to writing romance novels with happy endings, but her life is anything but that her dad does not approve of her books so she is trying to approve of her dad so she goes off to write a more literal story. While she is in a rented cabin she meets Drake and from there the story gets so much better!!!! I would tell everyone that likes romances to read this one.

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It’s 1:12 am. I just read the book a traight through. What an amazing story! So, so good. ❤️ I felt like I knew Millie and Drake and wanted to hang out with them!. I was very sorry to see it end. Can’t wait for the next story in the series. So. Good.

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Life doesn't always go as planned. You can set out to do something, and life offers you a different outcome. Millie wants to prove her worth to her dad. She doesn't realize that she is setting herself up to experience a love she writes about in her best-selling novels. What if the road we take leads us exactly where we need to be? Rejection and hurt led Millie down a dark road and the healing powers of love brightened her world. Thank you NetGalley for this awesome read. Tracy Ewens, you haven't seen the last of me lol. I will be back for more of your books.

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I really enjoyed this book. I thought the writing style was really good, had a nice flow to it. My first read by Tracy Ewens, would read more from her!

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I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me read this book.
Blow: A love story is a lovely read. It touches on some very important issues, and yet the story flows seemingly without too much unnecessary drama. The main characters are able to deal with their problems without dragging their new relationship through the mud. In that way, it was refreshingly different.
Both of the main characters are equally likeable, which again sometimes doesn't happen in romance novels.
The plot moves along at a steady pace and reminds us as readers, what life is all about.

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The romance writer and the glass blower, Millie and Drake. We met Drake in Tap, Sistine's brother also known as Iron Man, and I knew he'd be special. His relationship with his sisters is loving and comical. His personality is quirky, sarcastic and creative. Millie, the romance writer with something to prove, has unresolved feelings concerning her father. She's feisty, smart and fits into the small town life. Bodega Bay is gorgeous, having only been there once I can appreciate the details described. They started as enemies, the tourist versus the townie, and end as lovers. Their story is separate from the other books but we see Sistine and Cade occasionally. I received an early copy and wrote my review voluntarily.

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This was my first novel by Tracy Ewens. She did not disappoint! It was cute, funny, had drama, but the perfect amount. I loved the characters and the writing was just perfect!

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Blow: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens Is currently scheduled for release on June 18 2019. While this book is part of a collection of love stories with connected characters, each can stand up well on its own.

Millie Hart has made a career writing happy endings. While her real life is often less than enchanting, at least she has her stories, featuring strong, vibrant women ready for any challenge and men who stand in support of their dreams. Millie makes millions of readers swoon, but despite her agent’s deep objections, her new project is fueled by her intense drive to prove something. All she needs is four months in Bodega Bay. No meet-cutes, no kissing, just blissful silence. Drake Branch is happy to be alive. He’s healed, opened BP Glass Works with his best friend, and appreciates the value of his hometown. It’s been six years since the accident, and Drake has tackled every hurdle—mental and physical—to stand on his own. So, when he lets a struggling metalworks shop move in next door to his studio and the noise triggers old issues, Drake needs to crank the music—as loud as it will go. Millie rents the cottage mere steps from Drake’s studio to write a literary novel she hopes will finally gain her father’s approval and soon learns that away from her laptop, there are men who refuse to be edited out. Despite her neighbor’s insistence that she is an entitled tourist, Millie has been blown off most of her life and she’s not going anywhere this time. It is going to be one long summer unless Millie and Drake can learn that some books are more than their covers, one breath can change the shape of everything, and true family often shows up in unlikely places.

Blow: A Love Story is a love story that delighted me on several levels. I loved that Millie is a romance author and many of my favorite romance books and authors are mentioned outright or referenced in one way or another. That was such a fun element of the story, along with dealing with some of the assumptions and slights that are often aimed at the books, authors, and readers or the romance umbrella. On another level the story deals with characters facing down their demons, both physical and emotional, to allow themselves to love and trust beyond their comfort zone. I loved the slow movement from annoyance, to friends, to more. I loved the small town and family feels that are such an important undercurrent to the story as a whole. Most importantly, all of the characters felt real. They were all complex with their own flaws and great moments working towards a HEA not just for themselves, but for the people that are in their lives. This book brought all the feels, sometimes I was frustrated but other times I had a goofy grin on my face as I read, and other times I was ready to cry for what our couple had each been through to get where they could come together. The read was an engaging rollercoaster and I cannot wait for more from Ewens.

Blow: A Love Story is the third book I have read from this author, and it will certainly not be the last. I still need to go back and read the ones I missed, which I hope to do soon.

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Millie Hart has struggled with her ambition to be taken seriously by her father. She decides to leave the city, to work on a novel that will give her credibility. She decides to rent a cottage in Bodega Bay, only to face Drake Branch on her first day. Drake owns BP Glass Works, a glass blowing business next door to where Millie has planned to stay and write. He is facing his own issues, having lost part of his left arm after a bike accident. They start off tenuously but soon find themselves
Whilst a beautiful romance, this book explored the ‘demons’ possessed by Millie and Drake, which threaten to keep them apart. They both struggle to express their feelings yet at the same time, I found it enjoyable to go from arguing with each other to friends, to express themselves romantically. This is a well told story, with all the reality of life and its hardships.
A great read! I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.

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This is a wonderful story with two completely ordinary, normal people full of insecurities, issues and doubts and I loved it. It’s so good to have such normal down to earth characters, a man who is awkward is so fresh compared to most romances. Both characters struggle before they come together and it’s lovely and relatable. A wonderful romance for the realities in life and hardships people face. Highly recommended read.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion

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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I didn't know what to expect when I got approved to read Blow. The cover drew me in and the description drew me in even farther. There's something about people with a dark past being inspired to overcome it. Blow is a beautiful book about two people coming together, despite their past difficulties, and learning to face their fears head on. Told in dual POV, Blow is a slow burn romance novel that will keep you interested the whole way through.

Millie Hart is a spunky romance writer who escapes to Bodega Bay to write a more serious novel to try and gain her father's approval. I instantly loved Millie. She is fun, upbeat, and unapologetically herself. She loves popcorn, reading, and writing romance novels. Aren't you obsessed already? Millie rents a cottage for 4 months in order to get some peace and quiet, away from her normal life, to write a new literary novel. The problem with her plan? Her next door neighbor, Drake, who is facing demons of his own.
Drake survived a life threatening accident and is dealing with the repercussions 6 years later. Drake thinks Millie is another annoying tourist who will be gone in a couple short days, but soon finds out he is mistaken. At first, Drake is portrayed as kind of a prick, but the more you get to know him, you can't help but fall in love with his soft side.

I honestly loved almost everything about this book. The setting was amazing. Bodega Bay is a small tourist town with local traditions that values family and small business. I immediately want to pack my house and move there. From the cottage Millie stayed in, to the restaurants, to the town traditions, you will instantly fall in love with this waterfront town.

Every character introduced in this book was extremely well written. I felt like I knew and loved every single one of them. Family was a big aspect in Blow and I loved how it helped form the story. I loved Drake's sisters and his niece, they really shaped Drake's character and helped you to understand him more. Hey Tracy, you should definitely write a book about Jules and Tyler because I would buy that INSTANTLY. They were a love story BEGGING to be written. Also, Aunt Nikki is my favorite and I want to be her when I grow up.

Here's what kept this from being a 5 star read for me. Sometimes I felt so confused as to what the author was trying to say or portray, like I was missing a piece of the story. Other times, things would happen out of nowhere and I felt confused as to how the characters got to that place. One of those times was when they exchanged "I love you" for the first time. I felt as if these things kept me from being able to fully immerse myself. There was also a lack of commas that constantly made me go back and reread sentences, trying to figure out what the author was trying to say (I know this is an ARC). In addition, the ending wasn't my favorite. It was fairly predictable and for how good this book was, I really felt like the author slacked a little on the conclusion. Endings really make or break a book for me. They can make a bad book amazing or an amazing book bad in a matter of a couple paragraphs. I felt Millie and Drake deserved something more special, however, I'm sure a lot of readers will be satisfied. The sex scenes weren't explicit but you knew they were there which I greatly appreciated.

This book gives me K. Tucker vibes and I will definitely be looking in to other books written by this author. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a deeper romance novel!

Was this review helpful?

If I'm being honest, the cover is why I was first drawn to this book. Then I read the description and all bets were off, I NEEDED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE! Hence me checking my NetGalley often to see if I was approved. Imagine my freak out moment when I finally saw it on my shelf.
Falling in love with the characters was easy, Tracy truly knows how to write and does so, greatly.
My one and only downfall for this book, and maybe it was just me, but as much as I loved these characters and the storyline, there were some parts that were slow for me. It took me some time to read the whole book.
I loved the banter between the characters and all the silly, and serious, moments in between. But there were a few slow downs.
Aside from that, I will definitely be finding more books by Tracy Ewens!

Was this review helpful?

The story of Millie and Drake is one that totally pulled me in. There was just so much interesting information on Millie and how she writes her books and I completely loved that! I felt like one of my favorite authors opened the door to her writing world and let us in to see the process. What a gift that was! And then of course, Millie has her tough background, most especially the father I wanted to shake and ask where his heart was.

Drake, what is there to say about Drake? Damaged from his accident, worried how he'll be accepted by women, sensitive, caring and filled with "issues" he wants to work out and escape from. The caring family he's gathered around him made up of family and very good friends made for such great secondary story lines that I didn't want this story to end.

I never tire of Tracy Ewens' work and often recommend her to others. Blow: A Love Story is no exception. I will definitely be recommending that others pick up this book full of second chances, a quirky little California town and a full complement of love, challenges, traditions and family.

Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for approving my request for an ARC. My review and the thoughts in it are freely given.

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Blow is a story about Millie, a famous romance author, who has decided to finally write a serious book, so her father would notice her. She moves next door to a glassblowing workshop owned by Drake. Drake lost his arm in an accident 6 years prior and mainly focuses on his job and family. Drake does not like tourists but the more he gets to know Millie, the more he realises that she could be the one for him.

I really enjoyed this story about Millie and Drake. The characters were very likeable and real. It deals with issues like PTSD, abandonment in childhood and death of a parent. I liked how the author explord these topics in a realistic way. My favourite part of the book was how romance as a genre was explored and celebrated. It gets so many flack in the media but I personally love and respect romance writers. Millie's inner commentary about how she would write some episodes from her life or how people would react to them, made it more fun and unique to read.

I am very thankful I was able to read this novel and will look into other books written by this author. Thank you NetGalley and Tracy Ewens for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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A cute fast read, enjoyed the small costal town setting and the interesting character backgrounds, loved the fishing village setting.

Was this review helpful?

3.75 stars

Big thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.

Just get a look at this cover! That’s it friends, zoom in and take a nice long gander. She’s a beaut, isn’t she? The heathered tones, the curly red locks, the title... it all beckoned me in from my very first glance. What can I say? I’m a sucker for irresistible cover art!

The synopsis sounded like an absolutely perfect summer read. A coastal town, a feisty author protagonist, a gorgeous yet flawed next door neighbor... recipe for success, right? Right! I absolutely adored Millie Hart, our protagonist. is Though her past hurts run deep, she is unabashedly herself. A romance author that has arrived at Bodega Bay to jump start the writing of a new novel. Drake Branch lives in the Airstream next to her rental, a local glass blower (Blow- get it?!?) who lost his arm in a motorcycle accident and struggles with panic and anxiety. The two made for a beautiful coupling and a heartfelt, lovely story of them tackling their demons head on. *sigh* The stuff romance novels are made of <3

My only criticism is the wordiness. I feel like just as complete a story could have been written with a few less words. There were also sentences that seemed poorly structured at times, causing me to pause, go back, and reread the phrase. But eh, big deal!

I will definitely be back for more of this author :)

Was this review helpful?

I didn't know what to expect with Blow: A Love Story, but I enjoyed this extremely meta romance about a romance writer (Millie) finding love in a small coastal town with a handsome and haunted local (Drake). There are so many women side characters that are fully developed, and I hope get their own stories (one of the earlier books centers on Drake's youngest sister). This book is perfect for romance readers with all of the author names and titles that it drops throughout the story - particularly as Millie browses the shelves at the bookshop dedicated to the genre. Tracy Ewens really invests in her characters and shows care in giving both Millie and Drake separate lives, backstories, and people that they communicate with, which makes the characters feel more rounded. My only criticism is that... drumroll.. there was a serious lack of sex in this book! I would say that it was the least descriptive sex of any contemporary romance I've read lately, but it might fall more into women's fiction, along the lines of Kristan Higgins. I feel like this book could be made into a really lovely movie and I will be on the lookout for more!

Was this review helpful?

Blow: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens is a sweet smalltown romance with twists and turns.
Both characters are battered but not broken.
They fit perfectly.
Millie Hart the author and Drake Branch the glaas shop owner are like fire and water and at the same time they heal each other scars. And both bear scars, some visible and some invisible.
I started reading and was captivated from start til the end. I read the book in one sitting, cover to cover. I had to know what happens next.
I loved the story, the characters and the excellent writing. I'm glad I gave this new to me author a try. Next is Tap, Sistine and Cade's story and I can't wait to get my hands on this book.

Was this review helpful?

This was my first Tracy Ewens book and it will definitely not be my last, I absolutely loved this love story!
Reading a romance book from the perspective of a romance author was refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.
This book follows Millie a popcorn loving romance writer, who is struggling to gain the respect of her romance book disapproving father and Drake who is trying to get his life back on track after a life-threatening accident where he lost part of his arm. Both characters struggled with issues and helped each other accept their pasts and embrace their futures. Millie rented a colourful cabin with a front lawn full of gnomes for 4 months in the sweet sleepy beach town Bodega Bay to focus on writing a more 'serious' novel to try and impress her father and got much more than she bargained for when she met her surly, grumpy neighbour who blasts music all day. A sweet slow burn romance ensued.
There were amazing side characters in this book, Drakes nosy sister Jules was hilarious and meddling in a lovable way. I would really love a story about Jules and Tyler! Nellie/ Auntie N was such a great, quirky romance book loving character, I need to find a bookshop like Swept Away ASAP.
At times, I did find this book a little hard to follow, it was like I was missing part of the story and some scenes and dialogue felt out of place. I would have to read over the paragraph/page again to see if I could make sense of what was going on, but often I couldn't.
I strongly recommend this book for slow burn romance lovers!

Was this review helpful?

What a beautiful story! This is the first book I have read by Tracy Ewens. I will definitely be buying the physical copy of Blow to have on my shelf. Millie and Drake have become two of my favorite characters. Each have scarred by major things in their life. I love how fleshed out they were. They were hurt and trying to heal. They were also funny and sweet. I love that the story was set in a small seaside town, which became a character of it's own. It made me want to pack up and find my own Bodega Bay. The secondary characters were well loved also. I loved Drake's family and how incredibly close they were. I can't wait to read more about both of his sisters. This was such a beautiful and heartfelt story. I'm definitely going to have to start reading Tracy's backlist! What an incredible book!

Was this review helpful?

The love story of Millie and Drake is all enchanting. I loved the fun "romance writer finds love" storyline. It was down to earth and realistic how it all came together. Equal parts hurt and joy, creating a beautiful believable story! I definitely wanted to keep reading to the end!

Was this review helpful?

A sweet romance novel set in a tourist town that is very aware of its romance tropes (because the protagonist is a romance writer.) Millie is there to write Serious Literature instead of romance, but the locals and garden gnomes are not cooperating. .

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A beautifully written story! The setting and characters were wonderful. It's a place I would love to visit full of magical places and interesting people. I loved Millie and Drake. They have their imperfections but together they are perfect.

Was this review helpful?

Blow was a beautiful story about two wounded souls who learned how to fight their battles, to be stronger together. A small town romance filled some great references, that all book lovers would recognize and totally relate to.

Millie came to bodega bay to find inspiration for her next project. She expected to find quiet and peace but her first encounter with her neighbor made her feel like she didn’t belong, the tourist who just wanted the thrill of being away for a while. I really adored this character. She writes romance, passionate about books, an enthusiastic who created sweet and steamy stories with happy ever after. Sincere, strong but so fragile inside. Deep scars that her very unsocial and a bit of a herd neighbor seemed to see in her.

It took one tormented soul to find one. Drake was still struggling after his accident, dealing with it one day at a time, surrounded by his friends and his overprotective family. He didn’t know the moment he met the beautiful and sassy writer that she would turn his life upside down, messing with his routines and well planned life. She could almost read him like an open book; and for a man who managed to hide his feelings, it meant trouble.

I’ve been charmed by this town when everyone cared about the others, a bit intrusive at times, who had an opinion about everything but so endearing people. Through Millie and Drake’s relationship swimming slowly towards real life romance, the author told us a story about family, friendship and the process of healing, from psychological or physical trauma.

And who can say no to romance? To watch two people falling in love, to fight back when it was hard, not to let go once you found that someone that made you feel whole. Accepting you entirely, flaws and all.

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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for a honest review

Blow: A Love story was wonderful, from the very first page I was totally invested in Millie and Drake's story, I love these two very complicated character's. This story was a mixture of sweet, funny, quirky and sad at times because that's what life is. I wanted these two to work and out and was rooting for them from the very beginning. I also loved that we got both Millie and Drake's POV letting us know how each was affecting the other. These two people who thought they had dealt with the things in their lives realized they had not but that's okay, life is about dealing with stuff as it comes up. I was sad when this story came to and end but I'm looking forward to going back to Bodega Bay for some more stories.

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Title: Blow: A Love Story
Author: Tracy Ewens
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Millie Hart has spent her life writing happy endings, but now she’s decided to write a “serious” book: one that will impress even her aloof, condescending father. So she rents a cottage in a small seaside town, betting the dark and gloomy oceanside town will inspire her new novel. Instead she finds a quaint community that comes with a loud—and annoying—soundtrack. Not to mention the new neighbor who’s big on crankiness, not understanding.

Drake Branch barely escaped the accident six years ago with his life. Now he’s got his life together, he’s moved on, and he loves his job at BP Glass Works. When he lets a struggling metalworks shop move in next door, he’s not prepared for the PTSD triggered by the screeching noises—so he compensates with loud music. Not ideal for the writer who just moved in next door.

I haven’t read any of the other books in this series—sadly—but I really enjoyed this one! Millie has her issues, but she’s such a great character, and her struggle with her feelings towards her father is so heartfelt and painful. Drake just thinks he’s a tough guy who’s recovered from his tragic accident, but when he meets Millie, he realizes he isn’t healed at all. I loved the characters, the setting, everything about this book!

Tracy Ewens lives and writes in Arizona. Blow: A Love Story is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)

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I absolutely loved this story! It was well written, the storyline was fun and the characters were likable and relatable! I’m amazed that I’ve never heard of this author before because I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future.

I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a fun read. I really enjoyed following Drake & Millie’s love story. The setting of the book was unique and I always like when I read about somewhere new and learn more about that place! It just makes the book a bit more fun for me!

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I have a soft spot for small town romances, so I knew I was going to enjoy this story. I loved Millie’s personality; Ewens wrote her really well. Millie is a person in love with the world and the people around her. Her endless curiosity and rambling made her fun to read.

Drake was also written well. A man from a small town that likes to make fun of tourists when they roll in; a man full of creativity and endless love for his family and friends. His struggles from his past make him interesting as well. They both have slightly darker depths that make them dimensional.

When it comes to the writing and the plot, all I ask is that everything makes sense. Ewens gave me more than that; she gave me a story that was not only believable but filled with fun moments between Millie and Drake and all the other secondary characters plus realistic not-so-fun parts. She brought Millie and Drake together in a way that reminds me why I enjoy reading romances.

I definitely recommend you put this on your list to read!

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This book had a really great story! It seemed to progress in a more realistic way. Super cute romance plus real fears and concerns beginning to be overcame.

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I wanted to read this one since I read the blurb! I was very excited when I was approved. Thank you netgalley and the publishers for this ARC. This is a enemies to lovers story plot(right up my alley😇) and the developing bond between a writer on a holiday in a small town and the local shop owner. It was hate at first sight! Or was i? May be not because they had chemistry which none of them could hide. And soon could not stay away from each other! The hero realised that the heroine was not a snobby city girl and the heroine realised that there is more dept to the hero than she first realised! Such a wonderful book. A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ read for me. I definately recommend it! Happy reading!

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It has taken me a while to realize that I rate romance novels on a completely different scale than everything else. They are so easy to rate with 4-5 stars because they almost always leave me with this feeling of instant happy and fluffiness that I don't get from other genres. 

"Blow: A Love Story" easily fits the "instant happy" category! The main character, Millie, is a successful romance writer set on writing a "more serious" novel. She intends to have a 4-month writer's retreat for herself in a rented cabin, away from distractions. Instead of being placed in a bleak cabin that is supposed to set the mood, she is placed in a tourist town and in a cute cabin surrounded by garden gnomes. 
It's cute. It's fluffy. It is not ground-breaking in the romance genre, but it is fun. As an established romance writer, Tracy Ewens is aware of the romance tropes. As a character, so is Millie. It makes for a lot of fun conversations between the characters, and a lot of great reasons about why romance is a genre that should be more respected.

I think my favorite takeaway from this book is a father-son conversation that happens towards the end of the book- no spoilers, I promise! The conversation showed a lot about what it means to be a parent and made for a good conversation with my husband and how he raise our own children. It's not something I would have expected out of this book, but I really like the insights that Ewens had and showed through her characters.

I have not read others in the "Love Story" series, but will be keeping an eye on them. This was such a fun one!
Thank you Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Tracy Ewens has an excellent grasp of relationships, putting together folks who on the surface, might not be a match. In Blow, she pairs an author and a glass blower together...but not easily at first. After multiple miscommunications and mixups, the two main characters slowly begging to trust one another and given in to a mutual attraction. Ewens seems to delve deeply into different occupations for her stories, and I learned quite a bit about glass blowing as well as writing, though I am guessing less research was needed for the writer’s backstory! Overall, another satisfying book by Ewens; though it can be read alone, I do suggest reading the author’s other books in the series.

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Blow: A Love Story is predictable but never boring. Following Millie Hart and her adventures in a small hamlet outside of San Francisco, we find a protagonist that is trying to finish her latest novel but finds herself continually distracted by the inhabitants of the small town. Blow unfolds like a typical bollywood masala movie (and I mean that in the best possible sense). It's full of comedy, high drama, emotional baggage, and a welcome ending. It's a fun, quick read. Well worth the effort. 4 stars.

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