All the Love You Write

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Pub Date 01 Aug 2019 | Archive Date 31 Aug 2019

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A story about young love, first love, true love, timeless love, and the power of love letters.

Mark and Bethany are two mismatched high school seniors in a new relationship.

It’s doomed to fail.

Mark has adored Bethany since middle school, and she’s finally giving him a chance. Only, he’s clumsy at romance and knows he’ll lose her because of it. Bethany thinks Mark is sweet. Only, she’s afraid to commit her whole heart to him because he’s going into the army and she’s headed off to college.

Fifty years earlier, a boy and a girl from the same high school shared an amazing but tragic love story. They have now returned as ghosts and are interfering in Mark and Bethany’s relationship.

Who are they? Why do they care what happens to Mark and Bethany?

A story about young love, first love, true love, timeless love, and the power of love letters.

Mark and Bethany are two mismatched high school seniors in a new relationship.

It’s doomed to fail...

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I wanted to say thank you @netgalley and @d_g_driver for the free ARC. All the love you write by D. G. Driver going to be realese on August 20th. Omg!! I hate this book at first but then it's getting interesting and I couldn't put it down. There are some parts that make me cried phewwww The ending goshhh I love the ending!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

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The plot had us so eager to read this book. It has everything you could possibly want romance, supernatural and a bit of mystery. There is one flaw in the story, Mark one of the lead characters is not at all likeable. His attempts at wooing Bethany at the beginning, while you know the writer wants you to see them as romantic, come across as the poor guy is trying too hard and are slightly creepy. If it happened in real life there is no we'd end up dating Mark as his ways of expressing his feelings are obsessive. Also, some of the other characters reactions to the things Mark tells them seems far too "normal", yet if someone had told us that we'd be a little concerned for them. Whereas Bethany's character was great well written who you clearly saw go on a progressive and defined journey throughout the course of the story. Other than that this is a very nice story. The author at times is quite poetic and creates some very vivid imagery that lends itself well to the story and how it unfolds. Overall we found this book an enjoyable read and the ending had us smiling as it was very cute.

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This was a very sweet and well - written story. I loved Bethany and Mark. I love that the author used actual written out on paper love letters as a way to get Bethany's attention. It's a lost art form for me. Nothing says I love you like a handwritten letter. Very romantic me anyways. Mark has had a crush on Bethany for a long time and though she seems to feel the same way they are kind of missing the signals I guess. After duplicating a drawing he found on an old desk he's getting supernatural advice on how to win over Bethany. By writing her traditional love letters. *Swoon* He's a bit surprised to realize where the help is coming from but also very appreciative. The two start to build a relationship but their plans for the future won't make being together easy and they aren't sure a long-distance relationship will work. It was a sweet and emotional read. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of romance but also teenaged self-discovery.

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All the Love You Write I was really excited about getting to read this book. It does start off kind of slow but it doesn't take long to pick up. This story is about a high school boy, Mark, who has been in love with Bethany since 7th grade. Mark has trouble with writing and communicating his feelings for her at first and starts receiving help from a mysterious Ghost Writer who then teaches him the art of writing love notes and how to set the foundation for a love that will last.

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Thanks to NetGalley for this e-book in exchange for an honest review. This book is about Mark and Bethany, two seniors in their last semester of high school before Bethany goes off to college and Mark joins the army. Over the winter break, they stumbled into a new relationship and are fumbling to make something work with the threat of graduation (and thus their subsequent separation) looming overhead. Mark, bless him, is not overly romantic at first. But then he begins finding little notes with relationship advice, and soon realizes a ghost is haunting him, trying to help him with his fledgling relationship with Bethany. The beginning was slow, and Mark of the first few chapters was cringe-worthy. As he was trying to woo Bethany, he came across as desperate and obsessive, which made me a little uncomfortable. However, it turned around quite quickly, and I found myself rooting for Mark and Bethany. The last half of the book, which is all in Bethany’s perspective, was my favorite. That alone was worth at least 4 or 5 stars. She has some very real concerns about the future of her relationship with Mark, and her character’s doubts and overly-analytical way of thinking about her relationship were on point all the way. Bethany is the character who undergoes the most growth in this book, and I loved every word of it. I binged the last half of this book because I was so engaged. The ending of this book was sweet and extremely satisfying. Overall, this book was perfectly average. The writing is clean, simple, and easy to follow. The characters are charming and relatable. This is a nice contemporary YA romance with a sprinkle of supernatural, and was a fun little read.

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