A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability

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Pub Date 23 Jun 2020 | Archive Date 15 Apr 2020
Oni Press, Limerence Press

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A quick, easy, and educational comic book guide that will help change the way we talk about sex and sexuality for all bodies. 

"This guide can help disabled people (and their partners) on their journey toward self-love, better communication, and confidence." –– Alice Wong, Founder and Director, Disability Visibility Project

All different kinds of bods want to connect with other bods, but lots of them get left out of the conversation when it comes to S-E-X. As explained by disabled cartoonist A. Andrews, this easy-to-read guide covers the basics of disability sexuality, common myths about disabled bodies, communication tips, and practical suggestions for having the best sexual experience possible. Whether you yourself are disabled, you love someone who is, or you just want to know more, consider this your handy starter kit to understanding disability sexuality, and your path to achieving accessible (and fulfilling) sex.

Part of the bestselling and critically acclaimed A Quick & Easy Guide series from Limerence Press, an imprint of Oni Press.
A quick, easy, and educational comic book guide that will help change the way we talk about sex and sexuality for all bodies. 

"This guide can help disabled people (and their partners) on their...

Advance Praise

"A. Andrews’ A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex & Disability is just that--a great introduction to basic information many disabled people can use. With humor, real talk, and lovely illustrations featuring all kinds of bodies, this guide can help disabled people (and their partners) on their journey toward self-love, better communication, and confidence." - Alice Wong, Founder and Director, Disability Visibility Project
"Do you have a body? Are you interested in sex? This book is for you! A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability is the affirming, inclusive, funny, and accessible entry point to loving sex in the body you have right now. The advice comes through the lens of disability sexuality, but the kind, firm, gentle BFF sex advice is relevant to literally anyone who is or wants to be getting it on." - KaeLyn Rich, executive director of Bitch Media

"A. Andrews’ A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex & Disability is just that--a great introduction to basic information many disabled people can use. With humor, real talk, and lovely illustrations featuring...

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Featured Reviews

A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability is an entertaining introduction to said topic. It includes a lot of very important points for both disabled and non-disabled readers, a lot of which are also applicable to non-disabled sex and easily overlooked in mainstream sex ed. This comic is full of facts and helpful tips and ideas. I especially enjoyed the activity page, making this an interactive read that immediately invites you to think about what you read.
The illustrations and general tone of the comic is great. It's consciously far from clinical and is sure to include different disabilities, body types and skin colours. The art style is very pleasant to look at, being neither clinical photorealistic sex scenes nor shying away from the fact that this is a comic about sex.

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This book is about navigating the world of sex, while experiencing a life with disabilities, in order to decrease the stigma around both sec and disabilities, and the capabilities of those with disabilities. It was well draw, and well researched, with plenty of facts from reliable sources. It walks through all the different stages of sex, to finding the best experience for you.

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This was a really interesting and informative book for both those with disabilities and those without. It is very informative on how to broach the topic of sex for those with disabilities and also those in relationships with people with disabilities. The use of a comic book style in it helps alleviate some of the heaviness associated with the topic. Further, the fact it is written by a disabled person adds a layer of authenticity and also gives a real life understanding of how to deal with the topic. Very informative.

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Exactly what it says on the tin - a quick and easy guide to sex & disability! Tackles myths, communication, finding out what works for you and more. Worth a a read by everybody!

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Advanced Reader Copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Everyone needs to know about this comic.

In this quick and easy guide, A. Andrews explain in a good and short way very important concepts like gender and sexuality, disabilities, consent, comunication and self care, also quote medical affirmations about it.

I see this guide like an effective didactical instrument for teens and adults. Us, the teachers, are needing this tipe of reads for our sex education classes.

In my country, Argentina, we have a sex education law (we work with the students things like self care, respect, consent, security, gender, sex, and more) in every year of basic education, and this comic is very adaptable to our classes.
In our education system we want a citicen who can practice (or not) a consensual, respect and safe sexuality.

One of my favorite things is the representation of all tipe of bodies, skin colors, marks, and disabilities visible and unvisible.

I will recomend this to my fellows and profesors.

Spanish version

Copia adelantada para lectores recibida a cambio de una reseña honesta.
Este comic es todo lo que esta bien en el mundo. Deben leerlo si o si en algún momento
En esta guía, A. Andrews explica de manera clara y entretenida conceptos como el género y la sexualidad, cita investigaciones de organismos internacionales de la Salud y en secciones aborta temas como el cuidado personal, el consentimiento, dificultades físicas y mentales y la responsabilidad en el sexo.
Esta dirigido para un publico muy amplio, si bien no atraviesa los cambios que se sufren en la pubertad, si aborda el autoconocimiento, la exploración y la comunicación sobre lo que nos gusta o disgusta, entre muchas otras cosas
Una de las cosas más interesantes es que el autor no escatima al mostrar gran diversidad de cuerpos, colores de piel, cicatrices y dificultades visibles o no.
Para cerrar. ¿Por qué me parece importante esta lectura para TODOS?
Por si no lo saben, en Argentina rige una ley de Educación Sexual Integral, esta dice que los alumnos de cada nivel tienen el derecho de ser educados con el fin de que transiten su sexualidad de manera sana, responsable y consensual, y realmente me parece que este comic transmite un montón de contenido que los docentes deben conocer para poder cumplirla.
Como casi docente soy consciente de que tendré una gran diversidad de alumnos en un solo aula, y que al abrir espacios de conversación y debate estos temas serán recurrentes.
Voy a estar habilitada para trabajar en tres de las cátedras donde más se trabaja la ESI en el nivel secundario, y será todo un reto, así que toda información con la que me encuentre de es de gran ayuda alimentar mi conocimiento, y por lo tanto, incrementar la calidad de mis futuras clases.

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Another great and informative read from the <i>A Quick & Easy Guide</i> series, on a highly important and under discussed topic. The guide aims to be a useful and accessible resource, covering examples of situations, tips for encouraging communication and the perspectives of different people with different disabilities.

Was this review helpful?

So, why read a book about sex, and specifically disabled sex, by someone who is not an "Expert?"

The answer to that is: To avoid the typically clinical and frustratingly BORING books on this topic written by supposed "experts." I have read many books and magazine articles written by non-disabled "experts" and those were all so 'dry' they even managed to make sex seem boring and much of the information is, at best irrelevant, at worst dangerously flawed. To take the advice of someone who has never had to live with a disability, is unwise in my opinion. Realistically, how could they know anything about it?

As a queer person living with a disability, A. Andrews is much more qualified to discuss issues surrounding sex & disability than any able-bodied 'expert.' 

I love that the author acknowledges that many people do not think of disabled people as sexual beings, and that they acknowledge the squeamishness with which some  people react to this topic. It is a ridiculous notion and I am happy that the author confronts it head-on.

According to the author, "All disability presents differently. They are all valid, real, and have unique needs and considerations."

That said, this book focuses on sex for people with physical disabilities. After all, that is what the author deals with personally, which is why they are qualified to discuss it. It would have been a ridiculously long book if sex for every type of disability were to be discussed.

The emphasis placed on communication is great advice which applies to everyone, disabled or not. Included are some suggestions as to how not to offend a disabled partner. The illustrations depict a person asking or saying something offensive and offers a way to ask/say it in a nonoffensive way. I have never seen such awesome advice so succinctly shown before. I have to say that I am extremely impressed. Kudos to Author/Illustrator A. Andrews for including such valuable advice.

Let's face it. There are many different types of people and therefore there are many types of sexual partners. This book is designed as a resource for all genders, races, and for any and all sexual persuasions. The illustrations reflect that reality. They depict many different body types, genders, races, as well as different types of physical disabilities.

The illustrations are not sexually explicit, but sex positions are depicted. When positions are shown, there are no views of genetalia. In most illustrations, the people depicted are wearing underwear or are fully clothed. There is a single page containing illustrations of sexual aids, some of which are shaped like male genetalia (but in a tasteful way.)

In my humble opinion, I believe every physically disabled person who is thinking about and/or planning to become (or continue to be) sexually active needs to purchase one or more copies of this graphic novel. It could be casually placed on the coffee table where the potential partner(s) is sure to see it, thus creating the perfect opportunity to begin the dialogue necessary. It would also be an amazing resource to share with anyone who participates in your care. This graphic novel should be available in every local library and every physical rehabilitation center in North America and beyond. In fact, I am planning to speak to my local library as well as at the few physiotherapy clinics near my home.

I rate A QUICK & EASY GUIDE TO SEX & DISABILITY as 5+ Out Of 5 STARS (my highest rating.) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Was this review helpful?

As a paraplegic, I wanted to read this and see if it was different from other things out there about sex and disability. The author does a fantastic job of explaining it without going all clinical, while doing it in a casual, conversational tone. Be forewarned that this is just a general guide. You won't find anything here pertaining to any specific disability.

The author talks about important things like confidence, consent, and aftercare. Also the importance of talking about what and how sex works for you. While it can be awkward, its really important. The artwork is fantastic and inclusive among races, body types, and relationship types. I feel like this is something that would be good for partners (especially able bodied partners) to read as well. The only nudity is the depiction of nipples, and there are drawings of sex toys. I would recommend this to older teens and adults to check out.

Was this review helpful?

What a fantastic (and WONDERFULLY diverse!) guide to sex and disability. Books like this NEED to exist!

Was this review helpful?

As a disabled person who has sex, I am thrilled that this book exists, and I am thrilled to have had the chance to read it.

'Overall, I basically loved everything about A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability by A. Andrews. I was so excited about what this book could offer, and it did not disappoint. As much as I would love to read a similar but lengthier book on the subject, this is a wonderful introduction. The subjects covered are broad and surprisingly feel pretty thorough, the art style is easy on the eyes, the layout is easy to follow, and the whole tone is just incredibly welcoming, funny, understanding, sympathetic, and relatable. I would highly recommend this book to basically everyone, but especially other disabled folks, anyone having sex with disabled folks, and anyone interested in sex education or disability studies.'

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC!

I loved this! I haven't read the other books in the series but I really wanted to try this one. Sex and disability is a topic that is rarely talked about if ever. I love that this was super short but still very informative and offered a lot of great tips. I was amazed at how much was packed into 70 pages! From brief talks about discrimination, myths and lots of helpful tips this had a lot of information organized in a bite-sized entertaining way. I love the art, there wasn't any full nudity or hardly any but there was lots of diversity of bodies both by size and race! This is a must-read but also a mere introduction to learning more about disabled life.

Was this review helpful?

As a thank you to Netgalley and the publisher ( Limerence Press, an imprint of Oni Press.) for providing me with an advanced reader copy I shall give an honest review of “ A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex and Disability” by disabled cartoonist A. Andrews. For 72 pages this graphic novel attempts and succeeds in exploring the complexities around disability and sexuality. This comic may act as a tool in creating discussion around sexuality and how it may be expressed for those who are disabled physically, mentally or experience chronic conditions. This comic normalizes multiple experiences around sex and to remember at the end of the day. There is no one way to express your sexuality and to enjoy sex. I give these five out of five stars on good reads. This comes out in May 2020.

Was this review helpful?

Every single person can benefit from reading this.
This is a wonderful book to help you figure out what works for you and your partner.
While this can be read as an adult, I do think this would be perfect for teens & even pre-teens.
To help them get comfortable with speaking about and determining what they like and don't like before they actually start having sex.
Getting comfortable with talking about sex is a large hurdle for a lot of people and can help keep them out of some regretful situations with proper communication. Trying something you dislike and/or are uncomfortable with, because articulating the words is unpleasant, doesn't make sex better or easier.
It's a little cheesy, but there are a lot of great ideas in here for being more open and happy with whatever sex life you choose.
Much love to NetGalley and Oni Press for my DRC.

Was this review helpful?

This is a #WeNeedDiverseBooks win! What a life-affirming gift this book could be to the differently-abled among us. A must have for all public library collections.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to the publishers, via NetGalley, for allowing me the opportunity to read and review, "A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability by A. Andrews." Thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

I am coming to love and appreciate the A Quick & Easy Guide series. This is the second book I have read, the first being, A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & trans Identities by Mady G and JR Zuckerberg.

Being someone who is disabled, and often mis-abled by society (yay to the world of chronic, invisible disabilities), I took an interest in this guide. And I got to say, I was pleasantly captivated.

Props to A. Andrews who is disabled themselves, for shedding some light on many misinformed thought processes not just by able bodied people in society, but by even our own disabled selves.

Andrews does an amazing job with disability inclusiveness, (not just the physical, but also intellectual, and even chronic/invisible) and the facts, and fears, we all face when it comes to sex and intimacy. While it doesn't cover absolutely everything, it covers enough to get those conversations started with yourself, and your partner.

Factual, insightful, and educational. With some small bits of humour thrown in.

THANK YOU for creating this guide. I will recommend this to everyone!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is a good quick book to read for anyone, not just people with disabilities. I think it would be more useful to teens as it helps reinforce that everyone is capable of having sex. I like that this book mentions that communication is the most important part. And that sex can be whatever the couple chooses and the definition may change for them, which is totally fine.

Was this review helpful?

I'm always open to learning to understand people and their needs. This book is great, it is "Quick & Easy" so there is not that much info in it, but there is the essential I believe. Education is always important ! I think it helps you not being shy about talking about love, sex and your needs and desires. Very great for people who are sometimes already shy about talking about their disability in general. I also love that it includes different bod types and disabilities.

Was this review helpful?

A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability is an excellent primer on navigating sex while disabled or with a disabled partner. It's also a great guide to exploring sex in general and has information that would benefit people who are abled and having sex with abled people. The language is accessible and pretty inclusive (exception being the use of "opposite gender" in one graphic breaking down attraction). The art is bold and bright, and I liked that there were different races, genders/gender expressions and pairings of genders, body types and sizes, etc. included.

Was this review helpful?

A. Andrews's A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability is a really informative little book! The art style is lovely and it really is a quick & easy little pocket guide.

Was this review helpful?

This was pretty much exactly what it said on the tin. A very insightful look at an own-voices perspective on sex and disability. It's the kind of thing everyone should have a quick read through, if only to enlighten them in an area they may not be familiar with. I loved the illustrations and the fact that the author made it such a chilled out and FUN yet educational read, which can be hard to find on topics such as this.

Was this review helpful?

I have read another book by this author called 'A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities' and I loved it ever so, which it why I was so eager to read this one too.

This graphic novel was absolutely wonderful! I have nothing but good things to say about it! It is an educational tool, personal empowerment tool, light-hearted, informative graphic novel that has wonderful illustrations, good humour and above all respect for the topic of sex and disability. I finished this book with greater feelings of confidence in myself despite not suffering a disability. I definitely believe this book and the other one should be used within high schools and further education. Books like this are a clear example of how powerful literature can be and it should be appreciated and utilised greater than it currently is. This book is for everybody. Old and young, able bodied and those with a disability, male and female, sexually experienced or not. It shrinks the taboo and is a fantastic little book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give my own, honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

Such a good and clear guide. Great information with good advice for people with disabilities of all types. Also a good information for people without disabilities. Absolutely no fetishization involved. The other quick and easy guides are more teen friendly than this one. The diversity is still on point in this one.

Was this review helpful?

A quick and easy guide to sex and disability was an interesting and informative read about the said topic which is often ignored .

Andrews has been fairly inclusive about adding all types of physical disabilities and how to be more helpful.

I thank NetGalley for granting me an opportunity to read abd review this e-ARC.

Was this review helpful?

A friend told me that it was Read Now on Netgalley so I swooped in there to read it myself cause WE NEED MORE MEDIA THAT IS FOCUSED ON AND INCLUSIVE OF DISABLED PEOPLE.

I appreciated the fact that this was OwnVoices and I loved that the book addressed everything in a comfortable and simple way.

I loved the art style and I loved how inclusive the art was as well. Also the tips.

SO yeah, check it out - a quick important read for anyone and EVERYONE.

Was this review helpful?

I am so happy this book exists. The pacing, dialogue, drawing, and colloquial voice make the discussion of sex topics much more accessible. I appreciate that the dialogue consistently points out that communication is the underpinning of a healthy relationship for bodies of all abilities. I learned a few things I might not have considered before and feel confident that I have a wholesome resource to suggest for my patrons.

Was this review helpful?

This book is beneficial for everybody, it's just nice as a disabled person to be included and considered for a change, in a subject that's ridiculously often seen as taboo by abled people. The title gives a good description, it is a quick and easy read that's written in a very friendly and approachable manner without the innuendos you often find in books about sex, which I appreciate. For such a short book, there's a lot of practical information, some of which is really simple but possibly things that are often overlooked such as how important communication is and the actual way we communicate about sex and intimacy. It covers topics I didn't expect to be included like handling rejection and aftercare of sex. It's a very inclusive book, all disabilities are taken into account (although the author does make it clear that these tips are primarily aimed at people with physical disabilities and that makes sense), it's also gender and racially diverse which is great. I'm glad I read this and would recommend it.

Was this review helpful?

This graphic novel is perfect for both disabled and non-disabled communities. I love the upbeat nature, and the perspective of LGBTQIA in the disabled community. The emphasis on communication is wonderful, and the idea that sex is what you want it to be was essential. Truly perfect!

Was this review helpful?

This was charming, engaging, and informative. A lot of what's covered in here wasn't covered in my high school health class, which seemed to be mostly aimed at my abled peers, but it's especially important to think about these things with regards to disabled people. This was well done and a good reminder that disabled people aren't inherently asexual (not that there's anything wrong with not wanting sex. For some people, myself included, they might not want it, whether because they just don't experience attraction or because of religious reasons or whatever the reason).

Was this review helpful?

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