Inside 10 Rillington Place

John Christie and me, the untold truth

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Pub Date 06 Nov 2020 | Archive Date 26 Aug 2020

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**WARNING: This book contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people.**

10 Rillington Place: the house of death.

John Reginald Halliday Christie and Timothy John Evans were hanged after a series of brutal murders in the 1940s and 1950s.

But should they both have been executed?

The sole survivor who grew up with Christie and Evans tells the untold story of what really happened inside 10 Rillington Place...

**WARNING: This book contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people.**

10 Rillington Place: the house of death.

John Reginald Halliday Christie and Timothy John Evans were hanged after a...

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Inside 10 Rillington Place by Peter Thorley is the culmination of decades of research into the tragic events of 1949 when his sister Beryl and niece Geraldine were murdered. For those who haven't heard the story Beryl's husband . Timothy Evans was found guilty of murdering Geraldine and hung. Possibly the most important prosecution witness, was downstairs neighbour John Christie ,known to most at the time as "Reg" , . 3 years after Evans' hanging Christie left 10 Rillington Place and new tenants quickly found bodies hidden within his ground floor flat. More bodies were found in the garden and that of Christie's wife Ethel beneath the floorboards. At his trial Christie claimed to have killed Beryl Evans as well, something most saw as him clearing Tim Evans while Peter Thorley sees it as an attempt to avoid the noose by appearing to be insane.
Over the years various books and a famous movie pushed the case of Evans' supposed innocence and lead to campaign to clear his name.

The whole basis of Peter Thorley's excellent book is that Evans was very far from the innocent that campaigners and the media have portrayed and was in fact a violent fantasist who had threatened to kill more than on woman who had upset him,he also beat Beryl regularly and violently enough for neighbours to hear and express concern.
Peter Thorley knew the Christies very well ,during visits to his sister they'd often feed him and let him play with their Dog,obviously he also knew first hand the real Timothy Evans rather than the nice guy hard done by of later public opinion.

This is a very moving book,despite several decades having passed Peter Thorley still lays flowers at the joint grave of his sister and niece and has spent most of his life meticulously researching to ensure a first hand view of the personalities involved in events at 10 Rillington Place were made public..

One warning,there's a picture in the book of Beryl Evans on the mortuary slab that shows her naked and extremely battered body. I'm not squeamish and found it extremely disturbing, I know people who would have nightmares if the saw something like that.

An excellent,and very well-written, book that gives a different,and personal, insight into one of Britain's most famous legal controversies.

Thanks to Peter Thorley, Mirror Books and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.

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I wasn’t sure what to think of this for a while but I. The end I really enjoyed it. For me it was one that took a while to get into.

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Was there a miscarriage of justice, or did two killers live at the same address?

This account, written by the brother and uncle of two victims, casts doubt on the current belief, that an innocent man was executed. And, more importantly, this was one of the cases which led to the UK abolishing capital punishment!

Peter Thorley, whose sister was Beryl Evans, tells a heart-rending story about his beloved sister and her tragic circumstances. He knew all the people involved, spent time with the Christies and the Evans in 10 Rillington Place. And he has good arguments for his belief that Evans was guilty.

Definitely worth reading; even if it didn't change my opinion about the abolition of the death penalty.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mirror Books for an advance copy.

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This was an overall excellent book!! From reading early on you are able to tell that the author did some serious research into the history of 10 Rillington Place. For someone who has read hundreds of true crime books to give this particular one 5 STARS means that it truly stands out in the genre as a great book!

Thank you for the ARC of Inside 10 Rillington Place in exchange for a honest review.


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We’ve all heard the story of 10 Rillington Place. What is told in this book is more about the life of Beryl Evans. The upstairs tenant. Her husband murdered her and their daughter Geraldine. Although only convicted of Geraldine’s death Tim Evans was sentenced to death.
In society today Beryl would have been treated as a victim of domestic abuse and helped
Years later John Christie was charged with the murder of his Ethel in the same address after the discovery of numerous women’s body in his flat. To try to prove himself insane Christie claimed he was responsible for the Evans murders which led to them being exhumed.
The author Peter Thorley was Beryl Evans younger brother. It is obvious he feels haunted that he didn’t do enough to save Beryl from her unhappy marriage. Although he could do no more than he had. He also knew Christie from his many visits to the property.
This must have been a very difficult book for the author to write but I sincerely hope it has been a healing process for him.
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the arc in return for an honest review
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Thank you to NetGalley and Mirror Books for this advance reader's copy of Iniside 10 Rillington Place by Peter Thorley.

Having read many books from the true-crime genre, I had a specific expectation when I began reading this book about the events that occured at 10 Rillington Place. Anyone who reads true crime knows that most of the books of that genre have a pretty specific formula that they follow. Inside 10 Rillington Place does not follow that formula and that is a good thing. Hearing the story of Peter Thorley and his memories of his sister, Beryl Evans, and his niece, Geraldine Evans, made the victims very relatable and the crime that much more shocking. The fact that the author spent considerable time visiting 10 Rillington Place and was an acquaintance of both convicted murderers who called that address home, made his account all the more shocking. I can't imagine what it must be like to have actually met two men who were hanged for murder. What a story.

This book is very much like hearing your Grandfather tell you about his life. At times the language used makes you feel like Peter Thorley is sitting right next to you telling his story firsthand. I had trouble adjusting to the conversational tone but once I got used to the writing style I was thoroughly engrossed.

For true crime fans, put this one on the top of your TBR. You won't regret it!

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This is a remarkable book, if it's authentic and true. This describes an entirely different picture of the famous murders at 10 Rillington Pl., London. These are the murders of Reginald Christie and, according to this book, Tiimothy Evans. For half a century England has felt ashamed for putting "retarded" Evans to death for the murders of his wife and child. After Christie was found to have a hoard of dead people on his property the revised theory was that he killed Mrs. Evans and child. This book proposes to turn the tables on all of that.
It's quite amazing. It's written by a relative of Mrs. Evans, supposedly at the end of his life, in his 80s.
But I suspect a ghost writer here, which is fine but strangely not revealed. The first chapter is horribly written. I can just imagine who wrote that. I seriously advise the publisher to take that out ASAP and put it in the back of the book as an addendum etc. Rewrite the first chapter with the same smooth expertise that shows in the rest of the book. If readers come upon the writing as it stands they will be less than enthusiastic.
I also recommend shortening the account of wartime Britain as experienced by the writer. Quite a lot of it is very interesting but there's too much of it.

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I think Beryl would be incredibly proud of her younger brother if she could read this book. Peter and his wife have clearly spent years tracking down sources and reading medical reports from the time, which frankly no brother should ever have had to do. I believe Peter. I believe the original investigation and I’m shocked and a little disgusted that Evans was ever pardoned for his murder of baby Geraldine.
I had heard of the case, I think most English people over 40 will have, but I hadn’t watched the film. I was glad of this as films can be incredibly emotionally attaching and they ‘feel’ like the truth. I am sure there will be people who review this book poorly on the basis that it doesn’t match the film (you can probably hear my eyes rolling from here) I was impressed that Peter was able to give good reviews of the actors in the film and not be too angry to give them that credit.
The pace of the book was brisk and very readable while not creating false dialogue or scenes in order to make it read like a thriller. It was gripping and heart wrenching but without being sensationalist which is often hard in crime books. In fact, as Christie’s crimes aren’t Peter’s prime concern he gives a brief paragraph over view of each victim before moving on. Where he does spend time on Christie it is to show us how well a psychopath can be seen as kind, interested and responsible and hide in plain sight. He also helped give validity to the original police investigation that said they saw no evidence at all that Christie was involved with abortions or had ever claimed to be involved in the medical field.
I hope this book going out into the world gives Peter some peace. He truly deserves it having cared for Beryl so well when she was alive and since her murder. I wish him and Lea a happy retirement now their quest is at an end.

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One of the best true crime memoirs I have read.

I'm sure most people have heard of 10 Rillington Place, and its grisly connections-but I really didn't know much about the terrible happenings there, nor had I seen the film, or any documentaries about it. This book was absolutely fascinating and totally engrossing, and is written by Peter Thorley, now 85, but he was in his teens when his sister and niece were murdered at 10 Rillington Place.

Here is a detailed presentation, very interesting and informative, and I read it in no time, as I just couldn't put it down. This is not just the macabre content-there are also some memories of his younger days with his siblings; a wartime childhood, evacuation etc. This is well-written and beautifully put together from memories, documents, pathology reports, news reports etc.

An excellent book. And I really feel wrong in saying that, as the author has had such terrible grief to bear. But he has put together the events, facts, his thoughts, and here is the definitive account of what really occured behind the door of this notorious address.

A fabulous true crime memoir.

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Peter Thorley was the brother of Beryl Evans who along with her toddler daughter was murdered in 10 Rillington Place. Over the years there have been calls for Timothy Evans’ murder conviction to be quashed and the murders attributed to known and convicted serial killer John Christie who was also present at the address. Peter Thorley introduces some new views on the case along with a lifelong research into the true story and clearly cast doubts on Timothy Evans innocence. This was a fascinating read and will really make you think.

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Informative, well written, full of facts.

Perfect for true crime lovers, this has been a good read. Not too heavy and has provided information about something I hadn’t heard of prior to this book

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4 stars
A fascinating look into an almost century-old murder that was thought to have been long ago satisfactorily solved. This book sheds new light on the possibility that this murder may have been committed by someone else. The write is intense and thoroughly absorbing.
I recommend this book to any who enjoys true crime accounts.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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A lot has been written about the events at 10 Rillington Place. John Christie murdered his wife, Ethel, there along with a number of prostitutes. However, two other murders took place during his tenancy which have been the cause of great speculation ever since. Beryl Evans and her young daughter Geraldine were also killed and her husband Timothy Evans was hanged for the murder of his daughter (it was felt easier to prove that murder, as a child could not have provoked him and provided any extenuating circumstances). The court, the hangman, all were convinced Evans was guilty.

However, Christie claimed he had killed Beryl - possibly to bolster his claim for insanity, thinking the more murders, the more unstable he could present himself. Eventually a pardon was issued to Evans.

Enter Peter Thorley, Beryl's younger brother and apparently the only member of her family to seek justice. Peter had been close to Beryl, until his father's new wife decided he was unwelcome and they shipped him off to a new life in New Zealand. Peter had seen evidence of the violence perpetrated by Evans on his sister, and had been very concerned on her behalf. Sadly his father and older brother didn't share his concerns and left her very much to cope alone.

Thorley has now gone through all the records as well as his own memories, to construct what he believes happened - that Evans murdered both his wife and child. He makes a compelling case. Certainly Evans was no great husband, but did he murder her?

The sticking point has always been the unlikelihood of two killers with the same methods living in the same house. However, as the book shows, their modus operandi were not identical.

I hope writing the book has provided Peter with some measure of peace - he clearly felt guilty at leaving his sister, although only a teenager himself and not in a position to help her. He makes a very compelling case to identify what really happened at 10 Rillington Place.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mirror Books for allowing me access to the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I came into this with no prior information on the case, it being in another country and before I was born. The opening of the book, giving backstory and setting the scene was utterly fascinating. I had only a brief understanding of what things were like in England in war time since my husband is from England. Though it was also before his time, so I hadn't really understood the scope of what life was like. Such hardships are difficult to imagine.

As the story unfolded my heart really broke for Beryl. It puzzled me as to why John Christie would have helped in a coverup of something so horrific... Then, come to find out the nature of John Christie! I was stunned. I have studied a lot of criminals in my forensic lessons but hadn't heard of this monster. The way his actions shed doubts onto what happened to Beryl and her baby must have been like ripping open old woulds for Beryl's brother and you can understand the passion with which this story is told.

As with most cases like this, once time is passed and evidence destroyed no one will ever know what really happened and I appreciate the opportunity to read the account from someone who was close to those involved, so close. Regardless of which way you lean on who was guilty, there is no escaping they were horrific murders. I will be researching more now that I am also left with so many questions.

A heartbreaking case, worth reading.

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I have never heard of this but goodness, what a crazy experience to read about. Peter Thorley did an excellent job!

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This was a fascinating and thought provoking read.

The accepted view is that Timothy Evans was th victim of a miscarriage of justice and was wrongly convicted and hanged for the murder of his daughter Geraldine and also his wife Beryl.

Now comes out of the blue a book from his wife's brother who is still alive who asserts that the verdict was just and that Evans was in fact guilty.

Thorley gives a detailed account of his brother-in-law's drunkenness and violent behaviour towards his wife and although he was already in New Zealand at the exact time of the murders he has pieced together all the evidence and his own suspicions and is adamant of Evans's guilt.

There is much in here too of John Christie and his own murderous behaviour but Thorley sees him only as an accessory to his sister and niece's murders , helping to dispose of the bodies, although guilty himself of killing his own wife and several other local women.

Many other writers have come to different conclusions but this book cannot be discounted although the odds of two killers both living in the same house at the same time and employing identical methods of murder are surely extremely high.

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