Born Killers?

Inside the minds of the world's most depraved criminals

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Pub Date 03 Sep 2020 | Archive Date 08 Mar 2022

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Over his 30-year police and forensic psychology career, Dr Kris Mohandie has come face-to-face with kidnappers, serial killers, stalkers, and terrorists.

With his expertise and insight, Dr Mohandie analyses and evaluates the thought processes that motivate the most dangerous people who have ever walked among us.

This is the first-hand account of his work, covering shocking cases like the 'Angel of Death' serial killer, racist serial assassin Joseph Paul Franklin, and even the O.J. Simpson case.

Learn shocking new revelations about hostage takers, serial killers, mass murderers, violent 'true-believers', terrorists, and some of the worst predators on the planet.

***Previously published in the US as Evil Thoughts, Wicked Deeds.

Over his 30-year police and forensic psychology career, Dr Kris Mohandie has come face-to-face with kidnappers, serial killers, stalkers, and terrorists.

With his expertise and insight, Dr Mohandie...

Advance Praise

'I have worked with Dr Mohandie for many years, managing and resolving high risk hostage-taking and barricaded subject incidents. He is a true subject matter expert who I depended on when critical life and death decisions were needed during unfolding and prolonged crisis. His understanding and insight into the behaviour of subjects who are in personal crisis and/or predators cannot be overstated. His book shares with the reader the detailed dynamics associated with sinister behaviour and crime that is captivating. It is a must-read for those who have an interest in the behind-the-scenes work and effort done by law enforcement and mental health professionals.' Michael Albanese

'When I needed an expert to help understand a stalker, I turned to Kris Mohandie. His work as a police psychologist has put him on the scene of dramatic stand-offs and inside the heads of the disturbed, stressed and psychopathic. Born Killers? is both a fascinating and terrifying story.' Erin Moriarty

'Dr.Mohandie's ability to blend his professional expertise, personal life experiences, and storytelling ability takes you into the mind of some of the most dangerous criminals this country has ever seen. Born Killers? is a must-read for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of forensic psychology through the eyes of one of the best in the business.' Derrick Levasseur, detective, author, and TV personality

"Worrying about the safety of the Lakers fans, players and staff has given me many sleepless nights. I have sought out the expertise and guidance of Dr Kris Mohandie in regards to threat assessment, but acknowledge that the risk is an everyday reality for all. This book is a must-read as we continue to shift our collective mindset to accepting that violence can occur any place at any time we must be prepared.' Jeanie Buss, CEO and Governor, Los Angeles Lakers

'A prosecutor in a stalking case knows that the jury wants to know: Why? Dr Mohandie answers that question about some of the most notorious criminal cases in America's history. Just like he did in the courtroom and during investigations, Kris brings these infamous cases to life in a way that explores and fascinates. He unlocks and explains the minds of killers and stalkers. This is a book that shines a light on some of the darkest shadows that lurk in the world around us.' Judge Scott Gordon (Ret.), Founding member, Stalking and Threat Assessment Team, LA County District Attorney's Office 

'I have worked with Dr Mohandie for many years, managing and resolving high risk hostage-taking and barricaded subject incidents. He is a true subject matter expert who I depended on when critical...

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Featured Reviews

Dr Kris gives us the reader a great insight into his 30-year career with analysis of infamous USA cases of hostage-takers, serial killers, mass murderers, violent 'true-believers', terrorists, and some of the worst criminals in recent modern history. Each chapter dives deep into the psychology of the criminal, including socio, political, and culture influences, the relevant litigation, and cases that Dr Kris had personal insight in. A highly intelligent and addictive read, this is a must for any budding criminal psychologist, true crime fan, or Netflix crime series obsessive, like my good self!
DR Kris has appeared on CBS, CNN, BBC, and hosted the investigative discovery shows Most Evil and Breaking Homicide

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I have read a lot of true crime and often the same cases are raked over again and again, with only information readily available to the public. However this is different, the author gives interesting personal insight backed up with theory and reference to other research and opinions by respected psychologists. He also talks about the individuals he has met and interviewed, some familiar but many I hadn’t heard of which again adds appeal. There are a range of killers discussed, which is different from the often over glorified and gory serial killers at the front of public consciousness.
The author is also refreshing in that although talking about his experiences does not provide long drawn out egotistical details.
Enjoyable from the first chapter right to the end, would certainly recommend and would read more by the author.

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If you are at all interested in serial killers, stalkers, etc then this book is for you. Although everything is based on the US in the book as a British citizen it was still great to read.

Dr Kris Mohandie, the author, has over 30 years experience in the psychology of violence and has worked extensively with the FBI and LAPD on many high profile cases and has also hosted and produced a couple of TV shows in America.

The book does not give out graphic descriptions but does give you an idea of forensic psychology in the US. The book is written in a semi-autobiographical format and although you may not agree with his political views and American culture but you will find the book interesting and thought provoking..

The chapters on serial killers and the one on stalkers are very interesting as they will relate to cases that you have heard of and can relate too but having said that the whole book is well worth a read.

I also particularly liked the referencing as it contains web links for further reading.

Although the book came out on the 3rd September, I did receive and advance copy for the Kindle on agreement that I would post a review of the book. Many thanks to all at NetGalley, the publishers and the author for giving me the opportunity to read this very frightening but interesting book.

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This is a fascinating insight into what a forensic psychologist does and what he sees, as well as how they manage to go to work see what they see and hear what they hear, then back home to some sort of normality. This is an extraordinary work, and though I think his Christianity gets in the way at times and I disagree with some of his views and opinions about people it’s definitely easy to read and very informative. What I find hard to ignore is the constant use of swearing and by god he is a bit egotistical. But it is a good read and would recommend this book to anyone interested in this particular field.

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Born Killers? by Dr Kris Mohandie is a fascinating book by a renowned police and forensic psychologist who has spent decades not only delving into the psyches of disturbed criminals but helping police officers with PTSD and other stress disorders.
The book is partly autobiographical and tells how as a child his ethnicity made him a bit of an outsider and he got out of situations by using his wits and communication skills, something that stood him good stead as a psychologist.
He did nearly lose me at the start of the book with a political comment which had me dreading being subjected with more polemic throughout the book but thankfully once he'd got it off of his chest there was no more. After that the book is an informative , entertaining read that spares the reader the graphic and disturbing descriptions of similar books that personally I welcome.
Much of the book is Dr Mohandie's thoughts on American culture ,not least the ease with which the most unsuitable people can buy lethal weapons and how Social Media can inspire and give publicity to those intent on mayhem. The most shocking part to me was learning that some of the perpetrators had discussed their aims with others who, far from trying to dissuade or report them, turned up to watch the carnage.
If you're looking for gory descriptions of vile murders you won't get those in this book,if you want an insight into aberrant behaviour, and not just that of killers,it's an entertaining and thought- provoking read.

Thanks to Dr Kris Mohandie ,Mirror Books and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.

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Having studied Forensic Psychology for many years, I have long been an admirer of Dr Mohandies work and was intrigued to read more about his career and experiences. I wasn't disappointed.
There are some outstanding chapters particularly about school shootings and stalking, which I found very interesting.
This book is written in a way which is informative but has a personality so it doesn't feel like you are reading a textbook.
There were some moments where he wrote things which I felt were inappropriate (mainly some of his personal points of view), which jarred the flow a little bit for me. Also having studied the subject I came away not really learning anything I didn't already know. So someone who is new to the subject would probably take away a lot more than me.
Overall, informative and enjoyable. Recommended reading.

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A. Interesting and I intriguing read. It was fascinating reading about different cases, some of which are infamous. I am glad this book didn’t have any horrific details of the crimes committed.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.

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