The ABCs of Global Warming

What Everyone Should Know About the Science, the Dangers, and the Solutions

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Pub Date 11 Jan 2021 | Archive Date 15 Jul 2021

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The most concise, most readable, and most complete book about the climate emergency

This book is the quickest, easiest way to learn everything you need to know about global warming. Using easy-to-understand language without jargon, it explains:

The Science: The greenhouse gases and how they set the Earth’s temperature, warming because of human-caused emissions, natural processes that amplify human-caused warming, what we must to limit warming.

The Dangers: Heatwaves, flooding, drought, wildfires, rising sea levels, acid oceans, extinctions, poverty, irreversible tipping points that can worsen warming.

The Solutions: A fee on emissions with revenue returned to citizens, sectors than can easily transition to clean alternatives (such as electricity and ground transportation) and that need technological innovations to transition (such as cement), multiple emissions offsets to speed the shift to net-zero emissions, the path to a stable climate.

If you are just beginning to learn the facts about global warming, or if you have already learned about global warming and want more complete knowledge, or if you if you are looking the perfect gift for the global-warming-denier in your life, this is the book for you.

The most concise, most readable, and most complete book about the climate emergency

This book is the quickest, easiest way to learn everything you need to know about global warming. Using...

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Also available on Kindle.

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Sobering and scary AF. I read many climatology books last year in 2020, about 100 or so, and this fits in as one of the better ones. I am truly worried about the future of our planet and the entire human race. Governments around the world just need to put feelings and politics aside and work together to put some serious global regulations in place to restrict emissions, not be as wasteful and protect ALL natural resources that are left. Just like Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells, which scared the ever-living crap out of me when it comes the future of the planet. Definitely one of the best books I have read in this category ever and this book was almost as good as that. It is obvious the author cares and is passionate about what he wrote. I was just blown away about how well this written while trying to be sensitive while maintaining this is a critical and crucial crisis that affects everyone on the planet. I cannot recommend books like this enough to other readers. It is so important to get the information out there to cause a change, There is only one Earth. Ponder that. Thanks to Netgalley, Charles Siegel and Omo Press for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Available: 1/11/21

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This book was well researched, straight forward, and well written. That is, everything a book like this needs to be for it to spread the word about global warming. I hope it is widely read and the messages get through to everyone.

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This book about the dire effects of climate change - effects we have been seeing for some time and are seeing increasingly - does what it says, offering "What Everyone Should Know About the Science, the Dangers, and the Solutions." It keeps it succinct, laying out the facts, backed by copious (200+) references, explaining simply and quickly what the various problems are, dismissing the objections authoritatively, and laying out the do's and don't's of how to fix the problem, rooted in science, not in "I'm in my own reality" speak that a certain thankfully ex-president of the US chose to speak - no doubt for business reasons rather than for any benefit to our planet. The book is short, easy to understand, and in my opinion, it ought to be essential reading for every student. I commend it as a worthy read.

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Review of eBook This book takes a clear, concise look at the issues surrounding global warming: the science, the potentials for disaster, and suggested solutions. Seriously jeopardized by greenhouse gases, Planet Earth’s future lies in the actions of its inhabitants. Despite deniers, the growing body of evidence, complete with statistics, tables, and charts, is difficult to ignore. The dire evidence: heat waves, destructive storms, flooding and drought, wildfires, melting ice and rising sea levels, acid oceans, and extinctions all testify to the danger of climate change. The cost comes in poverty, food and water shortages, the creation of climate refugees, and ever-more-dangerous risk. Planet Earth needs her inhabitants to address the issues before it’s too late. Clearly explaining the research, the cause and effect, and the resulting dangers, the author makes a solid argument for immediate action. One possibility suggested for alleviating global warming is the use of pricing emissions. This idea, along with the background and consequences of global warming is thoughtful and compelling, marred only by the author’s brief foray into political commentary. An extensive reference section is included. Recommended. I received a free copy of this eBook from Omo Press and NetGalley #ABCsGlobalWarming #NetGalley

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This is a VERY useful guide to the current controversies concerning Climate Change. Siegel's research and layout is impeccable to a novice such as myself. I will share this info with all my family and friends to get us seriously on the page regarding net zero emissions as soon as possible. Also, Siegel does add hope since this book comes after the 2020 Presidential Election and its fallout. Just one item alone stands out as a new starting point as our new President has rejoined us to the Paris Accord. Onward and upward, before it's too late. 1% is the future -- if we are to have a future with humans still on planet Earth. (Even better, the possibility of negative net zero emissions. If you do not know this is possible, please read this book if for no other reason. Please. For your sake and for the sake of our future generations.)

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