If This Gets Out

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Pub Date 07 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 21 Dec 2021
St. Martin's Press, Wednesday Books

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Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich's “If This Gets Out is an absolute showstopper! Equal parts edgy and adorable, this bright, joyful book has everything I look for in a queer YA romance.” —Phil Stamper, bestselling author of The Gravity of Us

You’re in the most popular boy band in America…and all you want is the boy singing next to you.

Eighteen-year-olds Ruben Montez and Zach Knight are two members of the boy-band Saturday, one of the biggest acts in America. Along with their bandmates, Angel Phan and Jon Braxton, the four are teen heartthrobs in front of the cameras and best friends backstage.

But privately, the pressure to stay in the closet has Ruben confiding in Zach.

On a whirlwind tour through Europe with an unrelenting schedule and minimal supervision, the two come to rely on each other more and more, and their already close friendship evolves into a romance. But when they decide they’re ready to tell their fans and live freely, Zach and Ruben realize they will never truly have the support they need.

How can they hold tight to each other when their whole world is coming apart?


Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich's “If This Gets Out is an absolute showstopper! Equal parts edgy and adorable, this bright, joyful book has everything I look...

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Featured Reviews

Is it possible to be in fandom for a fictional band that doesn't exist?

Seriously, though, this book is so incredibly important. From the unflinching way it explores systemic homophobia / queerphobia in the entertainment industry, to its touching on racism and fetishization, the loss of ones self when people are treated as products instead of people, the sexualization of children by adults who should know better, how child celebrities are isolated from their friends and families and chewed up and spit out by the system.

THIS is the sort of queer story we desperately need. One that isn't afraid to explore the dark, and the trauma, but heals you at the end and reassures you that the world will love and accept you for who you are, even if individuals won't. One with a strong theme of found family, and the fierce loyalty between a group of friends who put each other first no matter what, even when everyone responsible for their wellbeing falls short. At multiple points I found myself in real tears, as the desperate romance between Ruben and Zach, and the love between the four boys, met with the fears that they would lose each other, and maybe themselves. There's one scene in particular between Jon and Angel (two of the members of the band) that made me feel as though my soul had shattered into a thousand tiny shards. If you're in fandom, or have ever loved a celebrity, or simply want to know more about the subject, I highly, highly recommend you pick up this book to get your eyes opened on the realities of the music industry and how it destroys so many that enter it.

This might be one of the most important books of the year.

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My favorite thing about this book was the uncannily realistic portrayal of abuse within the music industry. It's obvious how much research the authors put into this, as not only does it reflect things that insiders know happens to artists but the general public has no clue about, but it's written in such a way that it creeps up on the reader the same way it creeps up on the boys, acceptable at first, then getting more and more oppressive until the reader realizes at the same time as the characters that they are cornered. It was really so impressively done, and what's more impressive is the way the authors handled all of this in voicey, accessible language, so you end up sucked into a story with writing that's easy to read, but suddenly aware of all this nuance. That's not easy to pull off but the authors did it with aplomb!

Someone else described this book as necessary and important, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. We need queer stories told by queer authors that explore the systemic, insidious ways homophobia can present itself, WITHOUT being another coming out story. Gay people experience oppression long after they come out, and it's not always the more visible sort to an outsider. If this gets out explores this with a level of nuance and wisdom that only ownvoices writers can bring to the table. Read this.

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Action packed, adorable, heartfelt, romantic, scary. These are just some of the words I'd used to describe this book. This is going to be big, I can tell.

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If This Gets Out is a book you will not be able to put down once you start it. Told through the alternating viewpoints of Ruben and Zach, it's their story. The story of their relationship. Of them navigating their relationship and in Zach''s case figuring out his own sexuality while being in the US's biggest, hottest and in-demand boyband "Saturday".

It's fast-paced and action-packed and carries an extremely important message as it shines a light on the conditions that many artists within the industry face, especially those who enter the industry at a young age, those that belong to the LGBTQ+ community and otherwise marginalised artists. It shows how overworked they are, they are slowly stripped of all autonomy, their names, who they can and can't socialise with, what they wear, Every aspect of their lives is controlled and manipulated to maintain a public image, an image that is carefully crafted to appeal to an artist/bands demographic so it maximises sale potential.

Both Ruben and Zach have their own distinct voices, their own issues and struggles with the constraints placed on them from their management team who control every aspect of their lives. The relationship between the band and their management team is best described as toxic. The management team is headed by band member Jon's Dad. The relationship between the band and their management is abusive and it's a well-depicted struggle by Sophie and Cale who have clearly done their research into the topic. As there are sadly many very public cases of the things depicted in the book happening. The exploration of what the control of the bands lives does to Ruben, Zach, Jon and Angel both psychologically and physically at times can be uncomfortable reading but it's necessary as it makes you fully understand and emotionally connect with each character. Not just Ruben and Zach but with Jon and Angel as well.

If This Gets Out is one of the most powerful and necessary reads of this year and a must-read for anyone who has ever been in a love with a boyband or an artist who has suffered at the hands of an industry that must change.

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Oh man I loved this book so much! Sophie Gonzales is quickly becoming an auto buy/ auto read author for me! I'm not normally a huge fan of a slow burn romance but I loved Ruben and Zach so much! I loved them on their own but together it was perfection! OMG! This book is just the best. I mean I never knew I need a boyband rom com in my life but OH MY GOSH DO I! Everything about this story is charming, witty and heartfelt. It's the kind of book you just wanna hug! I can not wait to read this one over and over again!

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So id like to start off and say when I saw the arc up for grabs I knew I had to grab it because I loved perfect on paper so much. Let me tell you this exceeded my expectations.

For awhile I couldn’t find a couple that matched Alex and Henry from RWRB and guess what Reuben and Zack are the boyband versions of them. I absolutely adored both of them and getting to know them.

I would like to point out that it does touch on drug addiction abs how the music industry can be very corrupt and toxic.

All of the characters were amazing and unique, I specifically loved Angel my soft boy who has been through so much. I just want to give each of these characters a hug.

Everything about this book was wonderful and I definitely recommend especially if you’re fans of RWRB. But the romance and the pining is top notch. Add this to your tbr, if this gets out comes out Dec. 7th

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On its surface, If This Gets Out is a tender, well developed romance between two boy band members forced to hide their relationship from the public.

This surface level story is incredible all on its own. The authors bring the main characters to vivid life, shaping them into lovable, realistic, well rounded people that you root for from the very beginning of the story. Their transition from friendship to something more feels organic and as a reader, you cheer them on as they discover their feelings towards one another and navigate new relationship territory. The depiction of their romance is sweet and honest and doesn’t skirt around the hard stuff. Often times, young adult novels can portray young love and young partners as immature and much of the conflict stems from lack of communication or maturity-that is not the case here. The characters communicate and work through the hiccups they experience in a way that feels authentic and doesn’t dumb the characters down for the sake of a plot point. If this love story was all the book contained, it would still be great and one of the best YA love stories out there.

Luckily for us, the romance is just the foundation that this novel builds upon. Where this story gets things really right, is the timely, deeply-human exploration of the way we view and treat celebrities or people with platforms. At its crux, this is a book about how we, as a society, reduce “famous” individuals into characters. That we expect them to fulfill roles that we have constructed for them. In the age of social media and greater opportunity for someone to be put upon a pedestal, we have collectively forgotten that they are humans too. This is a book about what happens when we begin to care more about someone satisfying our expectations of who they should be rather than appreciating them for who they truly are. Each of the members of the boyband are forced into roles that were crafted to suit the desires of their fandom and are stripped of what makes them unique. We see the effects of this censure throughout the story and it echoes the cries of our real-world stars.

I think this book comes at a crucial point in publishing history when queer literature is becoming more prominent and accepted. With this growth, we have seen an emergence of nastiness from individuals who would force authors to declare their identities to the world or suffer the erasure of their stories from queer literature. Readers expect authors to be who we want them to be. If you are given a platform, you are expected to fit the role that we create for you. You need to be the right gender, the right amount of queer, the right race, the right age, on and on and on. This culture is toxic and is coming from the same community that has begged for representation in media for years. I think this book does an incredible job of calling this to its readers attention and showing the consequences of what happens when creators are limited by expectations.

Whether our own or those we experience through the eyes of another, great love stories teach us something. About ourselves, about the world, about relationships, and this story is no exception. The love between these boys shows us that we are worthy of being authentic to ourselves. That we deserve to not put on a performance for the sake of others expectations. That we should be allowed to love and create without boundaries set by a society that reduces us to who they want us to be. This book was incredible and important and I can’t wait to see the way that it impacts the world.

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This book was seriously the cutest! I adored the characters, especially Ruben and Zach. I love that the guys were all completely ride-or-die, and that they always had each other’s backs. I can identify so much with Zach, as a bi person who has stressed and second guessed myself. This was my first queer book and I loved it! Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my free arc in exchange for my honest opinion. An aside; way to highlight the industry’s abuses especially for LGBTQ artists. Speaking up helps!

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This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2021. I’m so glad got to read the ARC from NetGalley. I loved all four of the boys, and the relationship between Ruben and Zach is stunning! Ruben and Zach are both such relatable characters for the LGTBQ+ community. Sophie and Cale did an excellent job of portraying the music world and the pressures that are put on musicians! Even, and maybe most especially, by the people who are supposed to be their support systems. I also love how strong and resilient all four boys are! The connection between the four boys is outstanding, like any family they have their ups and downs but ultimately they are always there for each other. I was so excited for this book and IF This Gets Out did not disappoint! I can’t wait for my hard copy in December!

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5 stars.

I have been excited for If This Gets Out since it was announced, so when I saw that NetGalley was offering arcs I knew I had to read it. I went in with few expectations for this book. I was never really into the boy band thing, so what drew me to this was my love for Sophie Gonzales’ writing and the premise of a queer relationship. I am happy to say that it did not disappoint on either account.

My favorite part of this book had to be the characters and their relationships with each other. I loved them all so much. The book was written from the shifting perspectives of Ruben and Zach, but it never felt like the other characters fell flat. They all had their own motivations, distinct personalities, and compelling backstories. Each member of Saturday (I loved this band name) was a well developed character. The relationships between them all, whether romantic or platonic, were what kept the story moving. I also usually don’t like when books shift character perspectives, because I always get attached to one character and am bored until it is their turn to narrate again, but I fell in love with both Ruben and Zach through each other’s eyes, which was a very nice experience. The characters were realistically flawed but they had notable personal growth throughout the book. I also never felt as if the process of their relationship was rushed, like it is in so many romance books. Zach had the time to figure out his own identity as a bi man outside of a relationship, and I value this representation.

Aside from the main characters, the management company was also portrayed fantastically. Something to note is that this book is not a rom-com. Both Zach and Ruben had to deal with homophobia and emotional manipulation from the very people that were supposed to be looking out for them, and there were many examples of different forms of emotional control. One of the band member’s struggle with addiction and the lack of support he receives plays a significant role in the plot. As horrible as the band was treated, none of it ever felt impossible, the authors were very good at portraying the way the characters were physically, mentally, and financially trapped in their situations.

I honestly loved this book. I plan on buying it when it is released and I recommend that anyone interested in the idea of a boy band romance should too. I know that the characters and their story will stick with me for a while and I am excited for them to be shared with the world.

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It's everything I expected from this book and these wonderful authors. Smart, sweet, fun and totally addictive!

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Maybe it's how If This Gets Out had all of my favorite tropes condensed into one. Maybe it's how I was immediately invested in these boys after a mere 2 pages (that’s how captivating the characters and writing were). Maybe it’s how I stayed up all night desperately trying to finish this book and couldn't bring myself to put it down. I don't know what happened, but my heart literally pounded throughout the entirety of ITGO - and I say this in the best way possible.

If This Gets Out follows Ruben and Zach, two members of the boyband, Saturday, and their fellow bandmates Angel and Jon, as they navigate the music industry, identity, sexuality, mental health, family, and being scrutinised by the public eye.

As romance blooms between Zach and Ruben, they’re forced to deal with coming out in an industry where their public image and identities are tightly controlled.

Where do I even start on a book that has quickly earned a special place in my heart? Friends to lovers, yearning, oblivious idiots in love, oh my god there’s only one bed, fighting against the manipulative music industry. Gonzales & Dietrich have crafted the most amazing cast of characters with their individual nuances and intricacies, and I cared deeply for each of them. I felt so much viseral joy, pride, hope, fear, anxiety, frustration, and resentment alongside these boys throughout the entire story.

If I could just hit pause on my frenzied babbling for a moment, I want to say that, more importantly, ITGO addresses really important themes as well - it sheds a lot of light on the silencing of those who do not fit society's straight/"normative" narrative, the consequence of it, and the importance of courage and taking pride in your own path. I think that because these themes hit close to home and because I felt so much for these boys, ITGO lit a fire in me to continue pressing on in our fight for the freedom to live one’s truth, so one day, others won’t have to go through Ruben & Zach’s pain or anything remotely similar. And I think that speaks volumes to how impactful and special this book is to me.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is equal parts comforting, sweet, eye-opening, and heart-wrenching. I can’t wait to hold the physical copy this book in my hands!!

To Sophie & Cale - from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Was this review helpful?

This book completely blew me away! It was such an adorable and sweet, but also so heart-wrenching and gripping, story about two boy band members falling in love with each other and having to choose between risking the band and their whole careers or being allowed to be their true selves. It was also a terrifying tale showing the harsh realities of the music industry, as well as a wonderful tribute to loyalty and friendship. I read this book feverishly in one sitting, hoping for the HEA the main characters so deserved, but fearing that the evil manager or the characters themselves would cause a train wreck hindering that.

The story follows the boy band ‘Saturday’ and its four members Ruben, Zach, Jon and Angel, as they head off to Europe for an overseas concert tour together with their strict management. Everything in their lives is planned and arranged in detail for the personas they’ve been typecasted for; the clothing (even in private), their hairstyles, who they’re allowed to talk to, and what they are allowed to say or do. To live up the mass-appeal demands, Ruben has been forced to hide being gay since he was sixteen, Angel has been forced to change his name, Jon has been forced to play on his sex appeal and Zach has been stopped from writing music the way he wants to. Basically, they are treated more as products than real people. That is, until the pressure just gets too high, and Zach starts to question his sexuality, Angel starts taking drugs and Ruben just can’t take any more of his mother’s ‘feedback’ and lying about who he really is. When things get weird between him and his secret crush Zach after a kiss one night with too much to drink, the foundation for the whole band starts crack.

This was such an amazing book! It didn’t shy away from the darkness and trauma and the problems with the entertainment industry, but it was also a heartwarming, sweet and adorable story about love and unwavering friendship. I rooted so for all the four main characters, they all completely stole my heart in their own ways. They were so complex and wonderful and my heart ached for them, especially Ruben and Zach struggling with new feelings for each other and for their right to be together in open, but also for Jon always coming second after the business for his father, and Angel for not getting the help he so desperately needed. And the friendship between the four of them was truly amazing. Even though they fought, they always had each other’s backs.

I loved the writing style and how the authors made us reader come along the four main characters’ journey from insecure, closeted, troublesome kids to young men finding their path. I also really appreciated the authentic way in which the pressure and objectification within the music industry was explored, showing the abuse of powers, the constant supervision, control and staging, the exhausting working conditions, the homophobia and marginalization of queer artists, and how young celebrities are kept isolated and risk to lose their sense of who they truly are. There were some parts that were almost too heartbreaking and I wanted to scream at the horrible persons responsible for the way the band members were treated. But there were also so many parts with hope and joy, amazing character developments, a swooning love story and, most of all, the important message that you are beautiful and wonderful just the way you are

All in all, I absolutely loved this book and recommend it with all my heart! It was such a powerful story about accepting and being proud of who you are, for wanting things and for being brave enough to chase after those things no matter how scary it feels or how hard it might make your life. It dealt with difficult topics in an honest and realistic way, but it was also such an uplifting, heart-warming, sweet and emotional rollercoaster for a love story!

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read an ARC of this gem! All opinions are my own and I am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

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A queer YA romcom about a boyband? What is not to love about that incredible premise? Plus a sweet romance, thoughtful bi rep, and behind-the-scenes drama within the music industry. This book is a must-read!

Was this review helpful?

Infinitely readable. This is the 2021 book we all needed! The characters were flawed but lovable (which is good, who wants to read about someone perfect?) As always with SG, the queer themes were spot-on and treated with the nuance they deserve. The portrayal of emotional abuse was also treated very well.

I also applaud this story for exposing the not-so-glamorous side of the entertainment industry, including homophobia/forced closeting and careful image control.

Was this review helpful?

So I kind of dropped everything once I got approved for this, and I regret nothing.

This is the story (told in dual POVs) of Zach and Ruben, two members of the popular boyband, Saturday. As their friendship grows into something more, they face pressure from their management to keep it hidden. Will they finally be able to share their relationship with the world, or will they be forced to keep it a secret?

I liked how this wasn't a typical rose-colored glasses romcom. There's the pressure of maintaining the "perfect image." Zach grappling and coming to terms with his sexuality. Drug and Alcohol addictions. Toxic parents. Homophobia. Honestly, it's a lot for a romcom, and this book manages to have enough cutesy light moments to balance out the darker realities of the boyband lifestyle.

But given the subject matter, this is another young adult book that is almost new adult. (Speaking of new adult, this book is definitely one that fans of Red, White, & Royal Blue will enjoy - hey this even had the secret dating plotline, too)

Saturday is great! I really liked the friendship between the members. Angel, Jon, Zach, & Ruben's dynamic was so well done. Yes, they do get frustrated with each other, but they're a supportive family. I just want more of them. (Can we please get a sequel - or two? I'm not opposed to more Anjon ....)

All in all, this book tackles problematic people and gives us some pretty great ships. If you like boybands, LGBTQ+ romances, great friendship dynamics, and great characters, give this a try.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Wednesday Books (St. Martin's Press) for this eARC. I am really thankful that I got the opportunity to read this before its December 7, 20201 release!

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I'll admit that I don't typically read "rom-com" because... well, to be honest, I don't have that good of a reason other than the fact that I'm typically drawn more toward SFF stories. But, from the moment I heard about this book being announced on Twitter, I wanted to read it - and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get the chance before this wonderful book is released in December.

From the writing style to the characters, I just had such a good time reading (even when my heart was breaking or I wanted to scream in frustration) "If This Gets Out". I had been in a bit of a book slump before starting this book, but from the first chapter, I was hooked. The pacing was quick, the story never dragging, and I just kept telling myself "one more chapter" before bed. From the very beginning and all the way to the end, I was rooting for Zach and Ruben. Honestly, I could gush about this book for ages (and likely will). Needless to say, I've already preordered a physical copy to display on my shelves.

It's the perfect standalone but by the end I was practically begging for a sequel just to get some more time with Zach, Ruben, Jon, and Angel. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up when it releases!

Was this review helpful?

I read this in less than a day and was so hooked that I even read it during class at college, oops. It was so good and I can’t recommend it highly enough!! (Also apologies this is my first review haha) I’m so glad I already preordered this as there’s no regrets and I definitely would have preordered it after reading.

Was this review helpful?

Look, you had me at “queer boy band romance,” but the reality was somehow so much better?? You already know that Ruben and Zach are falling in love, but the journey to get there, through learning to communicated and self-exploration and owning their own inner selves was a magical, beautiful journey. The in depth discussion of the insidious nature of the music industry as the backdrop was so well-researched and heart wrenching. I need more books, I have to know what happens with Saturday!

Was this review helpful?




Okay, now that I've calmed down.

This book is excellent. You know when blurbs say "compulsively readable" or "unputdownable?" Yeah, that is this book. I literally could not stop reading. It's got such incredible heart to it, and it takes you through the journey of this band, highs and lows, and through it a genuinely wonderful romance and exploration of being true yourself and your art. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Was this review helpful?

This is a terrific read! It is the story of Saturday, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Ruben and Zach, two of the members of the band, have always been close and, over the course of their international tour, find their friendship evolving into a romance. As it does, though, they realize how little control they exercise over their own lives and begin to question whether they want to remain under the thumb of their management company.

I enjoy both of these authors and together they created a wonderful story of finding yourself, friendship and family, and the pressures of working as a professional musician. Highly recommended!

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If This Gets Out throughly exceded all of my expectations. I was expecting a cute story about two boyband members falling in love and what I read was so much more, as it was also an emotional and intense story about the abuses of the music industry. I was immediately invested in the story and did not want to put the book down until I knew how everything was going to play out. I don’t usually enjoy books from multiple perspectives, but the two perspectives in this book were so well done and both boys were such strong characters on their own that I was never left wanting more. Even outside of the two main perspectives, all of characters, and there are a lot, are distinct and balanced very well. I did feel like the build up to the plot took a long time, however, this helped to develop the characters as individuals and allowed me to become much more invested in them before the plot really takes off in the second half of the book. Overall, I greatly enjoyed If This Gets Out and will continue to think about its characters and message for a long time.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Wednesday Books, St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read an ARC in exchange for providing honest feedback!

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Its 2 in the morning and I am emotional.
This books is special ya'll.
I went in thinking this was just going to be a fluffy Boyband Rom-com,
And I got a wonderful thought provoking soft romance with so much to say.
And this doesn't hold back punches, on the hardships of young stardom,problems with the music industry, the struggles of sexuality,or addiction.
Both Sophie and Cale' writing shown individually and synchronized so well. Both povs never felt fractured or disconnected.
It was JUST lovely.
I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!
I will definitely be reccomending and buying a hard copy when it's released!

Was this review helpful?

Everyone is going to fall in love with this book!!

This book is something special. Truly. I could not put it down, I was so deeply invested in the story and the characters and the relationship between Ruben and Zach. You finish the book with so much love for them and their relationship and for the entire band. You know that you read something unique and that it will stay with you for a long time.

I can't describe how much I loved this book. The writing as absolutely amazing. I was captivated the entire time. The characters were alive and bold, coming off of the pages as if they were right beside you. Everything about it was fantastic, I won't be able to rave about it enough! Is it December yet?!

This is a story about hope and not letting yourself and who are go. You should be true to yourself and trust yourself when times are tough. This book is beautiful and everyone needs to read it.

Thank you to NetGalley and St.Martin's Press for the earc in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I did not expect to fall in love with all four primary characters as quickly as I did, but this goes to show how well fleshed out all the characters are. This feels like it was written about a real-life boy band. The growing relationship between Ruben and Zach is written incredibly well, and I found myself rooting for them all the way. I also loved seeing the life and struggles of Jon and Angel, who have been given just as much development time.

As others have said, this book is incredibly important, as it shines on a light on the treatment of people in the music industry, especially young queer people, and it doesn't flinch from that. There's a growing sense of claustrophobia throughout, and you experience that sensation with the band. The book also goes to some unexpectedly dark places, and I appreciate that.

I will definitely be buying this book when it comes out officially and I would reccomend everyone do the same.

Was this review helpful?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I was sent an advanced reader copy last week and I could not put it down. The characters were so relatable, the angst not at all contrived, the love wholesome (if at times a bit spicy), and the obstacles very real. The story is told through alternating chapters in each of the two protagonists POVs. It really helped with the momentum and kept me turning pages. Three very clear acts to this story, so the beats felt a bit predictable, but the story itself kept me on edge and guessing. Releasing this December, I highly recommend you put this on your TBR! You will not regret the time you spend with these folks. Five very enthusiastic stars.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely loved this book, really took me by surprise how hard it hit. I felt a lot of it was very important, and a great dissection of how celebrity culture treats people like commodities. I went into it expecting to enjoy it as a big former boy band fan, instead I was stressed out and worried and sad and happy and the characters were SO fleshed out and human. Great book, and I’ll probably talk more about it once it’s out and I can actually physically own it.

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Thank you to Net Galley and the publishers for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I loved this book so much. Everything about it was amazing, from the writing to the characters, the romance, and the whole band dynamic. Even the side characters were so well developed.

Was this review helpful?

I'll admit, I'm a little bit obsessed with this book, if 'Saturday' could be a real band that would be grand cause I'm already their #1 fan.
It usually takes me a bit to really get into a book, but not this one. From page one I was hooked and even when I convinced myself to put it down and take a break, I couldn't think of anything else but to pick it back up again. Layered between this love story is a look into how genuinely messed up the Hollywood industry really is, I wish I could say that part of this book was complete fiction. It's amazing the lengths that managers/publicists go to keep their artists from just letting them be their true selves. I love that it feels like the story takes inspiration from many real boybands; I got hints of NSYNC/Backstreet boys, Jonas Brothers, and One Direction through from how they met, who they are as a band, to how their management treats them.
I just know this book is going to blow up, I cannot wait for others to get the chance to read it.

Was this review helpful?

There's a part of me that knew immediately that I was going to adore this book; I've read one of both Cale and Sophie's books and loved them, so that plus the fact that I consider myself to be a boyband enthusiast equals one of my most anticipated reads of 2021. I am so happy that this book delivered!

Most importantly, I was excited to see how original Zach, Ruben, Angel and Jon felt. At no point during the book did I find myself making comparisons between them and real members of real boybands, but all four of the boys in Saturday felt so real. And just like any real boyband, their unique characteristics came together to form a cohesive unit, as not only coworkers but as believable best friends. In that same regard, the blossoming relationship between Zach and Ruben also felt completely believable. I particularly enjoyed the dual POVs most in that section of the book, where Zach was working out his own identity while Ruben silently questioned everything he thought he knew about his friendship with Zach.

I've always been the kind of person who was fascinated by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and the things behind the scenes that aren't as glitzy and glamorous. IF THIS GETS OUT portrayed that balance perfectly. I also appreciated the bits toward the end where the power that the fans of Saturday held was showcased in a positive light, as someone who has definitely been in those fans' shoes in the past.

Was this review helpful?

This book was absolutely charming and I am so deeply in love with it. It was a wonderful story of love and triumph.

Was this review helpful?

This book was BEAUTIFUL. I have to admit, I'm slightly biased towards romcoms which have bands in them so the second I read the premise of this, I knew I would absolutely love this book. And I had guessed right. The writing in this was fantastic and I loved every word. And the band, Saturday had such great dynamics. Jon, Angel, Zach and Ruben are all great characters and their banter in the book was so nice and hilarious. And of course, Zach and Ruben's relationship was so cute and adorable and it just has my heart and soul. I say this about a lot of books, but I always mean it.

If you're looking for a queer romcom with boy bands and cute relationship, then If This Gets Out is the perfect book!

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I am fangirling over this book and band so much!!! If This Gets Out was everything I want in a story, forbidden romance, angsty days and two adorable characters who I wanted to love and protect with my whole heart!!!

Was this review helpful?

<b>Thank you NetGallery and Wednesday Books for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!</b>

Holy crap, I could not put this down! If This Gets Out is a queer boy band romance. This book gave me Big Time Rush and One Direction vibes, I am obsessed.

I love the two different POVs for the main characters. You can see exactly what each character was thinking and feeling internally in each situation. You were never left confused about what POV you were reading because each character's personality really shined throughout the book. Honestly if I went back through this book and covered the names for each chapter POV I would 100% know who was who.

I do not want to give any spoilers so this is all you guys get! This book will make you feel 100 different emotions.

I am preordering this right now because I need it on release day (December 7th ) to dive back in.

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Ugh, so good! This book gets all the stars! 🤩🤩🤩
I loved the characters, I loved the premise, it was just perfect!

Was this review helpful?

Love story - Check!
Overcoming obstacles – Check!
Standing up for yourself – Check!
Boys Bands – Check!

If you like all three, then you need to check out If This Gets Out by @sgonzalesauthor and @caledietrich this coming December 2021! I know it’s early for a review…but I just loved this book. And it’s #pridemonth

What you’ll get is a sweet romance between two members of a popular boy band, pressure from band management to keep it a secret, a thoughtful exploration on behind the scenes complexities of a popular band, and a group of young men that want nothing more than to be themselves.

I may be in my 40s, but I'm now a Saturday fangirl! Just without the squealing 😊

Ruben, Zach, Jon and Angel are vivid and distinct characters and members of Saturday. The authors do a fantastic job showing the wonderful friendships and how they have each other’s backs. I wanted to be a part of the Mom Squad to support these boys!

I fought a lot of emotions with the depiction of the dark side of popularity in the music industry. It makes me pause to think of how often management teams stop seeing the young musicians as humans and only see profit. As a parent, I found it scary and infuriating. As a business woman, I was disgusted by the ethical violations for a dollar. It makes me think back to the boybands I loved as a teen. NKOTB, anyone?! I wonder if they went through the characterizations and identity suppression.

5 Stars – Don’t miss out!

Pub Date – 12/7/2021

Thank you to @netgalley @wednesdaybooks for the eARC in exchange for my review.

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A well crafted romance that really pulled at my heart strings while also delivering a backstage pass to the inner workings of the band. If This Gets Out was everything I was hoping for and more. Sophie Gonzales has been on my radar and now, her previous works are now one my TBR for sure!

Was this review helpful?

Wow, what a ride. I absolutely loved everything about this book. I went in knowing that I love Sophie Gonzales writing already, but this book truly blew me away. As a die-hard directioner I was a bit worried this would just read like a 1D fan fiction, but I am happy to say that this book stands completely on its own. I think if you are a fan of boy bands, then this is a great book to read. HOWEVER, it is so much more than that. This book digs deep and explores some VERY dark themes, but in a realistic way. I also love how this book handled sex in a healthy and realistic way for a YA book. This is a book I will definitely be buying a hardcover copy to keep on my shelves for many years to come.

Was this review helpful?

If This Gets Out is the perfect book for anyone who has ever been obsessed with a boy band. It is such a cute romance, but also addresses some hard topics like anxiety, toxic parents, drug issues, and of course coming out. I thought it was really great to see both sides of Ruben and Zach’s story, and hear not only about their struggles as a couple but also individually. I really enjoyed my time reading this book, and look forward to discovering more from Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich

Was this review helpful?

This book was magnificent. I actually ended up reading it two times before writing this review simply because I could not get enough of it. The plot was compelling, the romance adorable and yet still well-developed and multi-dimensional, and the characters were so lovable. I think this book will end up becoming one of favorites due to the fact that it is incredible and enduring - the exploitation of celebrities, specifically teenagers, is something that will forever effect society and be at the forefront of our minds due to our over saturation of celebrity gossip and culture. Then plot of this book reminded me very heavily of various celebrities’ careers and rumors about what happened to them behind scenes. I thought this book was very well-written, perfectly paced, and so funny and just plain enjoyable. I cannot wait to buy a copy of it when it comes out.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved this story and know my students will as well. I loved how it was from the perspective of the boy bands and didn’t show only just the glamour side. The fact that it touched on difficult topics and how it isn’t always perfect made the story even better. I love how it incorporates the LBGTQ+ community and know many students can resonate with this. I give this book 5/5 stars. I can’t wait to get this in the hands of some of my readers! Thank you netgalley and publisher for the advanced read.

Was this review helpful?

This book kept me up all night reading (literally - the sun was coming up again!).
Often, I'm left unimpressed by books told from 2 POVs written by 2 authors. But Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich did it so well! I could pleasantly tell the difference between the two characters and their personality as well as their unique thought patterns. At the same time, the story flow was impeccable: I was guided so perfectly that I didn't know how to stop.

This is the first book I've read that was written by Cale Dietrich (and I will definitely read more written by him), but the third book that I've read by Sophie Gonzales. She somehow manages to make a simple love story have depth by portraying underlying mental processes. There are so many sweet but superficial love stories out there, so "If This Gets Out" really stands out for me - it is sweet, but has depth!

I loved the setting, I loved the protagonists and the other band members. I loved how the book left me pining. I loved how the plot felt very natural, despite being about a famous boy band. That is to say: there was only minimal forced drama (this I appreciate very much!), the drama that was came from relatable emotional states/problems of the characters.

I'm looking forward to reading more books by this duo!!

Was this review helpful?

This was such a fast, EXCELLENT read. Sometimes my small brain gets confused with group casts and has a hard time distinguishing between characters, but honestly each boy was so distinct and well-written, I had zero problem keeping up with their personalities and relationships.

Confession time: I'm not a big boy band aficionado, but I LOVED this book! No boyband expertise needed to catch all the feels. Definitely a must read for fans of peeking behind the entertainment/fame curtain such as in The Love Song of Johnny Valentine or The Royal We.

Was this review helpful?

A collaboration between two of my favorite YA authors? You bet I devoured this in under a day. Their two separate voices intertwined wonderfully between chapters and contributed to each character’s development. This novel about a boy band is funny, moving, and heartfelt all in one.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely adored this book. The authors know how to craft characters like no other; they are complex and likeable and wonderful and I was invested the entire time. The character development was sublime, and the slow burn romance was executed to perfection. Can you tell I think Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich are geniuses? If you pick up this book, you are absolutely going to fall in love.

Was this review helpful?

5 stars

I had so much fun reading this book. The main couple had so much chemistry and I also loved all of the other characters. I also loved how it portrayed abuse in the music industry and I could tell that the authors put a lot of research into this book. Zach and Ruben's POVs were to read and I felt that it made the story better.

Overall, This book is great in romance and humor. I loved all of the characters and I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 5/5.

Was this review helpful?

Two young men who are in the same boy band fall for each other and the world doesn't suspect a thing - or do they?
I don't know if I've mentioned this but I work in the music industry. Sometimes when I read a book that uses that background as a setting, if they don't do it correctly, I get really mad because I know what it's really like and it really takes me out of the story. I am so happy to say that it didn't happen here. I can totally see how all fo this happened and why it would happen and so the flow of natural events really progressed to me as easily as if they spoke to someone who was in our world.

I love Reuben and Zach. Reuben is more comfortable in his sexuality, more than Zach who is still trying to figure things out. And Zach has a much better family life than Reuben, who is constantly being beaten down and verbally abused form his mother, all in the name of love of course. This leads two very different main characters who were able to find their strength and support in each other.

I really enjoyed the supporting characters too. Angel especially and his hard time dealing with fame and substance abuse was heartbreaking. And the parents and how they interacted with the guys added a lot of tension, heightening the urgency of Reuben's unhappiness and Zach's indecisiveness. I loved both of these characters and their journey.

This is so. Good. Guys. And I hope you will give it a chance. It has everything - music, best friends, romance, dancing, world tours, screaming fans and above all, love. Not just romantic love but family love with people who have got your back no matter what.

Was this review helpful?

Based on the synopsis, I expected If this Gets Out to be a boyband rom-com involving a secret relationship between members. What I never anticipated was for it to deliver such hard-hitting themes involving exploitation in the music industry. This was such a powerful story, and I have nothing but praise for it.

Was this review helpful?

This book was absolutely incredible, and I don’t think I’m ever going to get over it. The characters are so real and I just couldn’t help feeling exactly what they were at each little word in this book. The coming out in this book was messy and that was perfect, because real life is messy and I am so so so happy this book was able to get that across. The plot of this book with all its little story arcs was endlessly engaging. I’m in love with this book and I can not wait till it comes out to get a physical copy.

Was this review helpful?

I gobbled this book down in 24 hours because I couldn't put it down. I loved the concept before I had even picked it up and I was sucked in immediately. The dual POVs worked incredibly well together and were unique in their own ways. It was always easy to tell the difference between the two, and it absolutely enhanced the storytelling. This book is such an excellent social commentary as well as a beautiful queer love story and journey of self discovery. As a queer reader, seeing Ruben and Zach take ownership of their coming out was so important to me. This book will strike the hearts of so many queer readers, and inspire them to take control of their own personal narratives. Love love love

Was this review helpful?

As usual, both Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich have done a wonderful job of bringing their characters to life. Our two main characters, Zack and Ruben, alternate narrating each chapter, and it's clear to see how much fun the authors had while writing their story. Fans of writing by Sophie and/or Cale may be able to identify which perspective was written by whom.

This story is so many things, a coming out story, a coming of age story, as well as a light cast on boybands and the music industry, highlighting the lack of control performers have over their public persona, their wardrobe, and their time. 'ITGO' does not contain any forced outings, but does contain forced-closeting.

As usual with a Sophie or Cale book, I could not put it down, and wanted to re-read it the moment I finished. This book is perfect for fans of YA contemporary, and LGBTQIA+ contemporary. 'ITGO' is for all fans of any young musical act which goes on tour; could be any boyband or any musical dance group; this is not specifically tied to any single group out there, nor is it an attempt to mirror any real-life performers.

#Zuben #IfThisGetsOut #NetGalley - I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s.

Was this review helpful?

I'm about 56% of the way through this book. My girlfriend and I are slowly reading it out loud to each other. But I can honestly say this book is a 5/5 for me. I'll update my review if that changes for some reason. But I'm too impatient. I want to review it now because IT IS SO FLIPPING GOOD. The writing is amazing. The characters are fully fleshed out. The humour is great. The emotions are incredible.

It's definitely already one of my favourite books.

Was this review helpful?

This book was LOVELY and exactly what I needed this week. Going in, I had the expectation that it would be a light and fluffy romance - and yes, the romance is lovely, and there is definitely some fluff (not a bad thing!) But this is not a romance book as such, in that the romance isn't the main plot of the story and there are a lot of other things going on - including some heavy themes in the form of homophobia, toxic family relationships, emotional abuse and others.

Reuben and Zach are both well-rounded, lovable characters, and I loved their friendship with Angel and Jon (the other two members of the band). As a bisexual woman who only really identified the number of crushes I'd had on girls over the years once I was an adult, I really related to Zach's journey in particular. At the beginning, the book took me back to my teenage fandom years, then the creeping sense of just how wrong things are in the boys' world is well done, and by the end I was looking back in a whole new light. I definitely feel like I understand a little better why so many "teen" bands have members leave, or break up altogether, now!

Was this review helpful?

I'm such a fan of Sophie Gonzales, but I hadn't read anything by Cale Dietrich before. This author duo is the perfect amount of heartfelt and sweet and I can't wait to see what they write in the future. I went into this book expecting a fun rom-com about the music industry and secret relationships but the story ended up being lot more serious, addressing themes like drug abuse and exploitation of young musicians.

I adored Ruben and Zach (and Angel!!) throughout the entire book. Their relationship felt so real and Angel was the perfect amount of comic relief. I loved his dialogue, his relationship to Ruben and Zach, and this strong portrayal of male friendship. While I expected the book to be most about Zach and Ruben's relationship and coming to terms with their sexualities, the content had much more to do with the confines the music industry places on young performers to live up to impossible standards.

This book was such a delight and definitely delivers on the heartwarming, rom-com pitch.

Was this review helpful?

I tore through this book in a little under 5 hours because I could not put it down! This story is told through the two main protagonists, who also happen to be the two love interests in question throughout the novel, and the authors do an incredible job at developing their every single one of the characters throughout the book through the lens of just the two of them. I pre-ordered a copy as soon as I finished reading, and I look forward to many more reads of this book in the future!

Was this review helpful?

Honestly I don't know where to begin with this amazing book. From the small little intricacies of band life to the overarching exploration of what it means to be your true self this story grabbed me. It was real and raw in all the right places, but also sweet and funny when it needed to be. I definitely will be recommending this book to others.

Was this review helpful?

An absolutely stellar YA romance from a well-matched pair of authors. Readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry that really drives home just how unfair and upsetting some of its practices are, while still retaining a strong thread of hope that things can get better. The will-they-won't-they plotline doesn't overstay its welcome, nor does the teenage angst. A subplot about battling addiction--and the reasons for the addiction to begin with--is handled well, without too much gritty detail. Character development is strong, albeit slightly loaded onto the end of the novel. Highly recommended to fans of romance, boy bands, and/or queer characters.

Was this review helpful?

This book hit it out of the park! I found that the writers were in sync and really grasped each other's writing styles so much so that it felt like this book was written by one person. I loved the characters and the plot. It made me honestly smile the entire time. Kuddos!

Was this review helpful?

This book is stunning. As a fan of Sophie Gonzales's other books, I knew anything she wrote and anyone she wrote with would be excellent and I was still shocked by how much 'If This Gets Out' wowed me. Cale Dietrich, who I had not read from before, wrote many of my favorite moments and is a fantastic co-writer for this unique story. 'If This Gets Out' is a well-researched and deeply emotionally faceted look into the relationships, challenges, and triumphs faced by the fictional boy band sensation "Saturday". This book broke my heart, made it soar, and patched it up. Just the stunningly effortless flips between POV, a friendship at the heart of the books that felt achingly real and familiar, and a romance that you wanted to root for made this book one I absolutely couldn't put down.

Was this review helpful?

I don’t think I’ll get over this for at least a month. I stayed up all day and night to finish reading this and I don’t regret it. I was nervous at first, because they’re a boyband I was worried I might have to sit through boring performances or more business related scenes; but I was pleased when most of those were skipped or put shortly. One of my favorite romance tropes is definitely forbidden romance and this delivered. The little things like secret hand holding feel so much more intimate. Another amazing part of this story was how real the characters are. Each character was well developed and I felt I really knew them by the end. I loved how no character was “perfect.” Each person made their own mistakes and learned from them as well.

This book not only did a fantastic job at capturing Zach and Ruben’s romance, but also shined light on abuse in the industry. The forced-closeting and lack of help some performers get really took the story to a deeper level that is so important in today’s world.

I will definitely be purchasing a physical copy when I can along with forcing everyone I know to check this out when the time comes.

Was this review helpful?

Okay, Saturday can step on me and I'll still cheer up while they perform.

This book hugged, punched, kissed, and made me believe in love for all colors.

I need a finished copy.

Was this review helpful?

As a One Direction fan, I was delighted to hear of a new book coming out that focused on boy bands, and was specifically intrigued by the concept of a queer relationship within one. I of course jumped at the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. Without providing spoilers, not only did the authors of If This Gets Out expertly handle topics such as coming out, but also addiction and toxic relationships as well. The members of the fictional band Saturday felt like actual fleshed out characters as well, and not as stand-ins for real-life boy band members.

Was this review helpful?

AHHHH so good! I really hope this one hits the lists because it deserves to! Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich just never disappoint. From the chemistry to the humour to the heart-wrenching bits, this was just a wonderful read all in all. :)

Was this review helpful?

This is such a fun, romantic, and gut-wrenching book! The romance is one to root for, and the alternating narratives work beautifully. I love the whole cast of characters, and watching them take on the challenges of a constricting music industry is infuriating but, ultimately, uplifting.

Was this review helpful?

A book you will not be able to put down--from first word to last, this book is a whirlwind of romance, friendship, and the painful process of learning how to set boundaries. There was just enough angst to keep me guessing as to the plot's next move, but not so much that the main romance became unbelievable. Well-paced and fully developed, even side characters felt palpable and relevant to the main story. A book I will be reading again and again!

Was this review helpful?

This book was just incredible. Yes, I expected boyband romance, yes, I expected angst and pining. But damn, it still caught me off guard. Thank you to Wednesday book and Netgalley for the ARC. My review is unbiased

Was this review helpful?

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