Vulnerable AF

Narrated by Tarriona Ball
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Pub Date 08 Jun 2021 | Archive Date 08 Jun 2021
Andrews McMeel Audio, Andrews McMeel Publishing

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Available as an Audie Award-nominated audiobook!

The debut poetry collection from Grammy-nominated recording artist and slam poet Tarriona "Tank" Ball about infatuation, love, and heartbreak.

The real-life story of a relationship in the author's past told in verse and short prose pieces. Relatable and honest, with Tank's signature mix of whimsy and realness, Vulnerable AF is about the difference between love and infatuation, the danger and confusion of losing yourself in the idea of someone else, and coming out on the other side of heartbreak with your sense of self-worth—and your sense of humor—stronger for it.
Available as an Audie Award-nominated audiobook!

The debut poetry collection from Grammy-nominated recording artist and slam poet Tarriona "Tank" Ball about infatuation, love, and heartbreak.


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EDITION Other Format, Unabridged
ISBN 9781524868338
PRICE CA$11.99 (CAD)
DURATION 42 Minutes, 15 Seconds

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Featured Reviews

Honest, relatable and rhythmic, VULNERABLE AF is a fantastic book of poetry. I liked the music it was set to but sometimes the volumes were a bit off and I struggled to hear the poetry words over the music.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from Tarriona Ball!

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You might think this is a book about only heartbreak and a man, but this book of poems is so much more than that. I could relate to every word that the author wrote and it touched my soul. This was a great debut. I thought the author did an amazing job narrating this book and you could feel the passion she exuded in each word she spoke. Thank you to Tarriona Ball, Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for an early audio copy of this book.

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4.5 stars. I hadn't heard of Tarriona "Tank" Ball before this, but this brief collection has made me a fan. She has a really nice sense of metaphor and a nice rhythm to her lines. These poems and prose pieces are about an older relationship that burned bright and then ended....poorly. the poems, like "Sun and Moon Folk" are all about understanding and learning from that:

I used to call you Sun
And I, your Moon
We gave each other such important names
So early in the day
Maybe I can see why you turned eclipse

Never thought that the names would become bigger than the sky
that carried them
I guess you
Didn't want the responsibility of brightening my day in that way
Didn't know that you never wanted to gleam like that
But you should know
I didn't call you Sun with the intent for such a responsibility
I called you Sun because when I saw you...
I shined

I both read this and listened to the audiobook; if you get a chance, listen to Ball read her work. Her emotion and pacing (especially on the prose pieces) are really good!

4 stars for the print book
5 stars for the audiobook

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The first time I heard about Tarriona “Tank” Ball was on NPR tiny desk — wide-eyed, wearing pink banana shorts and a voice that had access to language that described love even though she had never been in love.

The opening line of Vulnerable AF invites us to experience love, the slow decline of it, the possibility of an ending, and the grief after.

The stories throughout are an honest meditation on relationships and their contradictions.

I am immediately thrown into a world that remotely looks like mine but also isn’t. It is a perfect reflection of the human condition as she begins with a declaration- “you don’t know nothing about shame” and she is right because to describe being in love for the first time, feels as though your vocabulary went to war and never quite returned, how do you explain something that feels too foreign yet very familiar?

My favorite thing about the book was the storytelling style — i loved how each poem was preceded by a truth of hers , as if to say — if you ever can relate to this poem; I see you and I hear you.

I would totally recommend this book if you love poetry that shines with honesty.

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Tarriona Ball took me on such an emotional trip. I don't think I have ever wanted to cheer on an author as much as I did reading Vulnerable AF! "Dump, him!", "You deserve way more!", "YOU are the SUN". Ahhh how I delighted with the poem "The Ass".

This collection felt like talking to a girlfriend getting out of a toxic relationship (in the best of ways). It was so fantastic. Evocative, deep, witty. Oh and the delightful play of words *chefs kiss*. Read it!

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This debut poetry collection is raw and vulnerable in a way that is so very generous. I was able to read the book in both e and audio form and I enjoyed both. The book is a mix of poetry and story time, read by the author who is herself a Grammy nominated recording artist and spoken word poet.

The whole collection of writings is hyper focused on a single experience of love, desire, and heartbreak from all different angles, and Tank really lets the reader into her brain even as she is speaking to the object of her love and loss.

Her performance background really elevates the audio, allowing a rhythm and musicality to shape the performance of the words. The stories and poems are performed with different cadence, and the whole thing flows smoothly. There are a few moments of feedback or audio hitches, but nothing too distracting, and the poetry is underscored with lovely music.

I highly recommend reading this book while listening to the audio to get the full impact of the writing and illustrations that are also sprinkled throughout.

Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the ALC.

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Whenever I listen to audiobooks I usually like to speedup the playback to get through the story faster, however this one was a pleasure to listen to at regular speed. I have never heard of Tarriona Tank Ball before requesting this audiobook, but now I want to listen to everything by her and her band. The poems were deep, vulnerable, and focused on a range of subjects. I loved the music in the background adding emphasis and expanding the feelings of the words. I enjoy listening to poetry because you get to hear the rhythm and cadence the author/artist felt and chose for each piece. You feel their passion behind each poem and it helps you understand it better. This collection was meaningful and moving.

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Vulnerable AF is a small book of poetry that is narrated by the author and it is wonderful. The way that "Tank" flows like a seasoned slam poet is a whole vibe. It gave me open mic vibes when someone gets on the stage and you have no idea what will. happen. I heard the sound of drums,snaps and whistles. The whole scene was set for me and I came into this with so many questions about Tank's life and love and this delivered.

"If I suck the air really hard I can still taste your bottom lip" This was the flyest line I have ever heard.

This book was so honest and it even made me tear up a few times. They always tell you never fall for a poet because they will write about you. I felt the unrequited love and the secret affection. I am not conventionally pretty so I have unfortunately been the secret before. This book told the truth about that side of the world but there wasn't a hint of bitterness.

This book stood out to me because not only did Tarriona narrate but she put the same emotion and passion into the audiobook as she did into writing this. It was absolutely a pleasure to listen to and I look forward to seeing more of this author on my radar.

Thank you to Netgalley for an Audiobook ARC. This review is all my own and I am leaving an honest review.

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Tarriona “Tank” Ball’s voice is otherworldly, when I finished the audiobook of the poems all I wanted was more! The simplicity of the language coupled with the complexity of the emotion make this an extraordinarily beautiful read for someone who needs something for their heart. I’m a huge fan of Ball’s now and I will be back for more!

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*I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.*

I really enjoyed this collection of poetry. The author narrated the audiobook, and I loved it. I found the poetry very relatable, and the rhythm and tone of the audio flowed really well. I also liked the style of the collection and how the sections are broken up. It came through on audio, which isn’t always the case, and it worked with the content.

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I really enjoyed this book, the emotion of the author while narrating was the best part of it. I don't usually read poetry, but Tarriona Ball made me want to, it wasn't as complex as I thought. This book was a rollercoaster, I wanted her to realize she was the sun so bad. And the collection was relatable to me in so many moments. Read it. <3

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the Audiobook ARC!

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While I enjoy poetry collections, it’s not often that they truly make me feel many emotions. However, while reading Tarriona’s, I felt all the feels and I think many readers will too, especially those who have also experienced toxic relationships of some sort. I loved Tarriona’s writing, not too flowery with just the right amount of play on words. Really enjoyed this read.

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Part falling-out-of-love story, part memoir, every part perfect punch in the gut. The audiobook is especially scintillating with Tank delivering her own verse with pure emotion, and jazzy piano played over ‘story time.’

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I loved this. It's emotional, honest, and raw. I loved the performance, the author delivers it perfectly and the music in the background was fantastic.

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I listened to the audiobook the author narrates with poetry, her's voice with the music background was wonderful. I loved both poems and the stories. This poetry collection was about ended relationship, emotion, love, heartbreak, and being vulnerable.

My favorite was "could be anything"
If you were a book, you'd be an interesting read with a fucked up ending
and "The Ass"
Out of all the parts of the body that you could be

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I am new to this artist and author but I enjoyed Tarriona “Tank” Ball narratoring her own book. I could feel the emotions and empathize with her. It was a great mix of poems and stories. This audiobook is short so I could listen at many different moments and relate to the poems in a new way each time.

Thank you NetGalley for this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.

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The audiobook is a wonderful experience.
I love the mix between story times and poems.

I felt Tarriona "Tank"'s performance elevated her words and cut right to the heart of what it is to experience love in your early twenties.

If you are not someone who reaches for poetry very often, I would highly recommend trying out the audio version when it's read by the author. There is often no better person to convey the depth and emotion.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this! The author did such an amazing job performing their poetry. I loved how lyrical the writing was. It was only a 40-minute audiobook but definitely worth the read if you like to listen to poetry performed.

Was this review helpful?

I hope that she feels peace and release when this came out of her and onto the paper. And I hope the crappy guy read it and knows. In Vulnerable AF, Tarriona 'Tank' Ball tells the whole story of a REALTIONSHIP in a short collection of poems. The way that her stories are mixed with music in the audiobook feels reminiscent of an old TV show in the very best way. I often try and do work while listening to an audiobook, but in this case, i just had to sit and listen. This one is for the people who are hurting. For those who have been in tough relationships, these words will help you heal. for badass women who deserve the very best. This is a pro woman story about leaving your baggage (read: crappy guys) and moving on to create something new of your life.

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I've fallen in love with Tarriona Ball's poetry. The images are powerful, the emotions raw. The poem I kept going back to again and again described her lover in terms of a colour, a poem, a book in such an original way my breath kept catching.

This was an audiobook, and the fact that the author read her own words added to the experience. Like a top-notch open mike event.

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Vulnerable AF is a poetry collection by "Tank", Tarriona Ball. I received a pre-release copy of the audiobook from Netgalley.

Unabashedly focused on the heart aches of young love, Ball's poems shine an unflinching light on romance, growing up and making mistakes. Ball's narration is strong and forceful, with a wide range of emotion. It was easy to follow the separate pieces and hearing her speak the words with power and passion made her poetry feel that much more personal. I have not seen the print edition but I can't imagine it can offer the same experience; I feel like Vulnerable AF really needs to be experienced as an audio book.

Some of the pieces feel young and almost naive but that accentuates the vulnerability; she doesn't attempt to present herself as more than she is. Each poem is quite short and I frequently longed for her to spend more time on a subject, to dig deeper. But perhaps even the speed with which we move onto the next thing is a part of the power and relatability of her poetry.

I understand that the author is now fronting a ten-man band with a New Orleans focus. Her vocals are sure to have special power when set to music and I am looking forward to hearing their work.

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Vulnerable AF is a relatable poetry collection focused on love, infatuation, and loving yourself. I listened to the audiobook and Tarriona "Tank" Ball reminded me why I love poetry and spoken word. I enjoyed her reading and the music really brought the collection of poems to life. I found myself snapping and cheering "Yes girl!" as I listened.

I definitely could relate to her poems and vulnerability around dating, break-ups, love and infatuation “My Infatuation led me to believe that I was in actual love with someone I barely knew.” Yes girl! I felt that to my core. Her words are powerful, real and leave you to reflect on your own life.

I loved this collection and highly recommend the audiobook. You will be a Tank Time fan after you read this for sure! Thank you to NetGalley for a digital copy in exchange for my honest review. #VulnerableAF

Was this review helpful?

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I really enjoyed this book, I'm not a huge fan of poetry so I'm always overjoyed when I find a collection I can understand and relate too. I feel as though anyone who has been through a relationship that was maybe a little doomed right from the start will be able to relate to this book. I have quotes from "Swings" & "Survival Guide" written in my journal now.

I recommend this book if you want a quick read that is going to leave you a little emotional.

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Another poetry book that is just phenomenal. This spoken word poetry is just what some women need.

Within this poetry book there is so much sadness and so many other emotions. Hearing Tank tell her stories and speak her mind honestly made me teary eyed at times.

Recommend to anyone who loves poetry

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