The Girl Who Stole the Queen's Eyes

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Pub Date 13 Jul 2021 | Archive Date Not set
GenZ Publishing, Zenith Publishing

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“What beautiful eyes you have,” is all anyone ever says to Camilla. She feels like no one actually notices the real her. After her eighteenth birthday, Camilla seems to be the only one actually noticing anything at all. There is a castle on the lake, there are some strangers in town, and Camilla suddenly has an unintentional, and unfamiliar control over people when they look into her eyes. Camilla’s mother seems to know more than she leads on but doesn’t want to tell Camilla anything.


Extine is the Queen of Escana, a kingdom which she hides from the world with the power in her eyes. But when the first-born of the royal family becomes of age, the throne – and the power – is no longer hers. The problem is neither of her children are of age just yet when the queen begins to feel her powers slipping. With the kingdom at risk from being revealed to the world, the queen must turn to dark magic to reclaim her stolen eyes, no matter the cost.


“What beautiful eyes you have,” is all anyone ever says to Camilla. She feels like no one actually notices the real her. After her eighteenth birthday, Camilla seems to be the only one...

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Upon reading the description for this YA fantasy, I was intantly intrigued. The plot itself is very creative, centering around a young girl's eyes and the power they possess. Once I began to read, I found it harder to put it back down each time.      A story would be difficult to read if you could not feel an emotional connection with the characters. I believe Marileze Loxton did this perfectly. It was like playing a game of Devils Advocate trying figure out who was really in the wrong (SPOILER: Extine and Remy vs. Camilla and Pearl). In a odd way, I almost felt bad for the queen and all that happened to her. But at the same time, I know Pearl only did what was best for herself and her daughter.       The pacing of the e-book was perfect. Each chapter left clues to the reader as to what was going on, encouraging the reader to want to keep going and piece the puzzle together. I enjoyed the overall plot, and the sheer creativity of it all. Its a very unique idea and I enjoyed reading through the novel in its entirety.       My critiques of the story are minimal, with my only critique being purely opinion based. I only wished that (SPOILER) Camilla and Logan had a happier ending together. But again, that is purely opinion based and nothing more.      Overall, I would rate this e-book a 10/10 and a great read. If you're into fantasy with what I like to call a "modern twist" I would definately reccomend. Marileze Loxton is a very talented author and I could only hope there will be more great stories to come.

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This book is top tier! Loxton did a wonderful job at creating characters and mindsets that the audience can relate to and can be entranced with. The multiple viewpoints was spot on. They were differing voices which was so much fun to read. I feel like all the characters made such a large sacrifices throughout the book. Finn, Logan, Milo, Remy, Camilla, Pearl, Extine, and other side characters as well. They all had hold in how this plot turned out and it was just beautiful. It was flawed like real life, yet it came together in a non perfect way. I would recommend this book to YA readers that love royal life, complex families, main characters who discover a power, and a real adventure. I loved this journey with Camilla and Extine and all the others. I want to read more about them! I'm going to go have my book hangover now! 5/5 stars! ** Thank you to NetGalley for giving me a copy, in exchange for an honest review!

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I enjoyed this book, it definitely took some unexpected turns. I loved that though it was a regular degular teenage romance/ fantasy novel, it wasn't exactly that. There's definitely more than meets the eye here and i definitely recommend it. I just reviewed The Girl Who Stole the Queen's Eyes by Marilize Loxton. #TheGirlWhoStoletheQueensEyes #NetGalley

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Rating: 4.9/5 Wow! A tale of forbidden love that forces 2 in love to make a hard decision. Set in Modern small town with a teenage girl, named Camilla, who just feels like something is off ever since her 18th birthday. Her eyes have always been something that everyone has always said “Magical” but now they seem even brighter and have a power of their own. A magical city set back in time, Escana, that is close to becoming seen by a world it was hidden from years ago. I really did enjoy this book a lot. The writing style of this author was amazing. The attention to details made me feel as if I was experiencing it while reading. I loved the short chapters because it made reading easy and to where you wouldn’t want to put it down. The characters were so relatable for me and I enjoyed reading more and more to see them grow, becoming stronger and better. Only reason I didn’t rate this book 5 stars is because there were a few unanswered questions. Now if I knew this would become first in a series or even a duology. I would have hope that the next books would give us the details that were not in this one. I want to thank NetGalley and GenZ Publishing company for the chance to read this book and give my honest opinion of it in a review.

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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I like the concept, the magic and the characters. I do have a few issues/points to get across but other then a few, I loved the book. 1. The characters: While I really enjoyed them and I think that a vast majority of the characters were well flushed out, I think that the Queen, Pearl and FInn were not given anywhere near as much depth. The Queen went from full on psycho to full on supportive and caring in a matter of minutes. I feel as though there should have been more development and internal struggle on her end. I know that they showed some. .but I would have liked to see more. 2. Ok. if I know that I have to go blind as soon as my first child turns 18. . .I would NOT get pregnant at 18! I get that for Pearl, it was a mistake, but I mean for the Queen. ANY of the rulers. Especially knowing that it takes place in the present where we have advances in medicines that make it so that they can pick and choose when they have kids. Im not saying I would wait until I am 50 or anything, but certainly not make it so that I go blind by the time I am in my early to Mid 30s. minor nitpick but still. What I did like. I loved the main character and Remy. I also loved the magic and the fact that while it takes place in hte modern world, there is this entire kingdom that is hidden from us. It gives the world a sense of mystery and wonder. I also love the fact that they made Logan love her for her. I really feel like there needs to be a second book because the ending just seemed to be cut short. THey resolved a lof of the story lines but so abruptly that you dont really get to see how everyone was affected. I would have liked ot see more of Remy and her character development as well as more of what happens between Camille and Logan. Overall though, I really did love this book and would absolutely recommend it.

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