The Arc

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Pub Date 08 Feb 2022 | Archive Date 22 Feb 2022


For fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid, Sally Rooney, and Rebecca Serle, Tory Henwood Hoen's The Arc is a smart, high concept love story that asks: is it possible to optimize our most intimate relationships?


Thirty-five-year-old Ursula Byrne, VP of Strategic Audacity at a branding agency in Manhattan, is successful, witty, whip-smart, and single. She’s tried all the dating apps, and let’s just say: she’s underwhelmed by her options. You’d think that by now someone would have come up with something more bespoke; a way for users to be more tailored about who and what they want in a life partner––how hard could that be?

Enter The Arc: a highly secretive, super-sophisticated matchmaking service that uses a complex series of emotional, psychological and physiological assessments to architect partnerships that will go the distance. The price tag is high, the promise ambitious––a level of lifelong compatibility that would otherwise be unattainable. In other words, The Arc will find your ideal mate.

Ursula is paired with forty-two-year-old lawyer Rafael Banks. From moment one, this feels like the electric, lasting love they’ve each been seeking their whole adult lives. But as their relationship unfolds in unanticipated ways, the two begin to realize that true love is never a sure thing. And the arc of a relationship is never predictable...even when it's fully optimized.

For fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid, Sally Rooney, and Rebecca Serle, Tory Henwood Hoen's The Arc is a smart, high concept love story that asks: is it possible to optimize our most intimate relationships?


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Featured Reviews

The Arc was such a great read, I finished it in less than a day. Don't plan on putting it down once you are a third of the way through. It is rare that a book makes me think of it when I was not reading to try and sus out the ending. The Arc is that kind of book. I waswrong about how it ended, but enjoyed every minute of reading it.

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I enjoyed this one! The premise leaves a lot to the imagination, but the story unfolded very naturally and easily, and it was so pleasant and effortless to slip into Rafael and Ursula's love story. They were both such complex characters, and I especially enjoyed (if that can be said!) their fights, which was handled in a way where it felt like neither was completely at fault. It was a treat seeing Ursula navigate her professional relationships in particular, and I LOVED every scene at The Stake, which was described with such sly, understated humor. I would definitely pay good money for Hush Brushing and those massages. I also found the twist very well done. I'd recommend this book if you're more interested in the slow development of a relationship; the pacing is not particularly fast or urgent but was enjoyable all the same.

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This was a fascinating look at dating in the future! Instead of an app, The Arc charges you $5,000 but guarantees you will be happy with your match! Such an interesting premise! Corporate businesswoman Ursula is fed up with dating and signs up even though she's a little skeptical (who wouldn't be?) but after the intense process she is matched with attorney Rafael and they do hit it off immediately! Sure that they are a success story, they continue their relationship until they begin having minor disagreements and wonder if they are really right for each other. And let's face it, relationships have their ups and downs regardless of how well suited two people are for each other. Is it really an equation that will match you with the perfect mate, or is it your resilience and ability to work things out with the one you love? Hoen's book offers a look at dating in the future and begs the question, is it math or chemistry/hard work that will determine happiness?

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The Arc was a quirky, feel-good read full of romance, friendship, and honestly a good dose of relatable conversations. Ursula finds herself exhausted with the dating pool and resolute to stick within the confines of her ultra feminist women’s club until The Arc comes along. Without giving too much away, I found the banter between characters reminiscent of conversations I’ve had with my friends. Whether it was the frustrations of dating, the roles society expects us to play as women of a certain age, or the importance of having a few good people in your corner, The Arc touched on these topics in a light hearted but honest way. This blended so many elements of story-telling that I love. A subtle mystery (ie- who’s behind The Arc), a strong female voice, and enough humor to make the cringe moments funny. I’m excited for this to be out on the shelves so the rest of my friends can experience this read for themselves!

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I really enjoyed this one! I thought Ursula was a fun, fresh voice! I was hooked right away! (Maybe for the fact she threw up on her date!) Definitely would recommend!

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I loved this book so much. I laughed and cried. this book was interesting in its approach to find love and what you do when you have it. How your past relationships influence the current one and how let that baggage control you. I love Ursula and her quirkiness and i loved Rafael for his. Their relationship felt very real and i shared in their heartbreak. I would definitely recommend this book.

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