A Quick History of Politics

From Pharaohs to Fair Votes

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Pub Date 06 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 27 Jul 2021

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How did ancient people make decisions? How do the people in power stay in power? Why did Karl Marx have to go without trousers? A Quick History of Politics answers these questions and more, taking a ride through time from plutocrats to people power.
What do you think of when you hear "politics?" Is it grey-haired men in suits, shouting at each other in a weird room? Well, you’re partly right… but there’s also a whole lot of crazy stories and weird history in the political world. A Quick History of Politics takes a look at the silly side of government, big and small, throughout the ages, and also explains the important stuff, like suffrage, elections and getting your voice heard.
You will discover: How the earliest tribes got by without a leader.How the first ever kings and queens ruled their people.When and how democracy was invented, and what it actually means.Why there are so many different ways of governing people, with no one right answer.What ‘gerrymandering’ means (no, we didn’t make that up).How empires, wars, and revolutions have shaped the world we live in today.How elections work today.How countries work together (and sometimes fall out).How young activists can use their voice to call for change, before they’re even old enough to vote!  Plus, read about the women who used ju-jitsu to campaign for equal rights, the dictator who banned beards, and the rhino that became a council member in Brazil. Learn how the media can swing things in modern elections and get savvy to fake news. Test your knowhow with a quiz at the back of the book.
Packed with facts and jokes and perfect for introducing young readers to big concepts, the latest in the Quick Histories series is here to make politics funny again.
How did ancient people make decisions? How do the people in power stay in power? Why did Karl Marx have to go without trousers? A Quick History of Politics answers these questions and more, taking a...

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This book gets into the entire history of politics, including medieval times, parliament, the begining of America. There is a lot of useful information in this book, but I think it would need to be savered in bits instead of read all the way through. The comic type of illustrations keep young readers engaged.

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What a great, kid friendly and concise book on politics through the ages. Very educational and great as a reference resource at home. I learnt a thing or two myself. I wish I had something like this when I was younger to get me more interested and educated about politics! Five well deserved stars :) Will be adding to the homw library for sure!

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Gifford does an amazing job at taking incredibly hard concepts and making them accessible to young children. The comical text and imagery make the book fun, important words are highlighted, and a great learning experience takes place.

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This book is fun and an ideal introduction to politics for young children. It’s well laid out and informative without being boring. Ideal for the classroom.

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Skim read this with my 11yr old. Very interesting and led to some indepth conversations. Definitely something to go back to.

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A history of politics for children? Why not! This may not be your go-to book if you're looking for a spot of light, entertaining reading...but it will be be your go-to for all things political.. I like that the book starts with what Politics actually is, why it's important, and why we should care about it. From there it looks at the politics from the very first people, to present day. We find about about political systems throughout history, as well as around the globe. I like the fact that the book is highly illustrated, and the text is interspersed in short paragraphs, and this makes the information easy to digest. The book is published in the UK, but as it deals with political systems, not so much the specific politics of one country, I think this book will be of great use in schools everywhere.

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What a lovely little book! This is an amazingly informative book about politics for (not only) kids. It goes through the entire history of politics just like the title claims, introduces terms related to politics, and it does so in a very comprehensible and fun way. The paragraphs are clear and short and include all sorts of fonts that catch the reader's attention, and the book is filled with a lot of comics illustrations, which makes the reading experience even more entertaining.

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