My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent

How Chip became C.H.I.P. and Foiled the Freaky Fuzzy Invasion

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Pub Date 07 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 07 Sep 2021

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Description away at danger one mission at a time!

Ten-year-old Nort McKrakken is a pint-sized computer genius and madcap inventor. Fourteen-year-old Chip Munson is his best friend and loyal guinea pig. When Nort creates C.H.I.P.—a microsized computer thingy—and sticks it on his best friend’s tooth, it turns Chip into a real-life secret agent. With Chip’s C.H.I.P. and Nort’s brain, the pair is ready for anything . . . even middle school.

In the first My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent book, Nort and Chip take down an evil cheesemonger who is threatening to choke Vortville with an icky stink. But smelly cheese is nothing compared to Seth Mindwarp and his band of Freaky Fuzzies who want to take over the minds of all the kids at Fuzzy Con. Will our heroic duo be able to save the town again . . . or will Chip’s C.H.I.P. fritz out? away at danger one mission at a time!

Ten-year-old Nort McKrakken is a pint-sized computer genius and madcap inventor. Fourteen-year-old Chip Munson is his best friend and loyal guinea...

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This book is a lot of fun! It's crazy, goofy, and entertaining! My son and I enjoyed reading it together. You have two supervillains on the loose, which brings in the heroic part of the story, which is just what Vortville needed. Richard Clark's tale idea of good vs. evil is both engaging and creative. I liked the notion of two brilliant children in a household with a loud ex-military father and a wallflower-mother who appears to be from a different side of a coin. The menacing antics of The Big Cheese nearly brought the house down with laughter. However, I found my son on the edge of his seat and clutching his breath as a second supervillain entered the fray, making the first one look like an angel in comparison. He enjoyed it way more than I did, and I was glad it got him laughing.

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This book is serious fun! It's silly, zaney and full of hilarity! The pictures in the book are incredibly amusing, and go along perfectly with the story! The story is a little out of this world (a kid designing a microchip that goes on your tooth and make you a secret agent?!) but that's why it's so good! This is the type of creativity and imagination I needed in my childhood books! I've been waiting for this kind of awesome for years! I'd say this book is a mix of secret agents, superheroes and comedy! Our lead is kind of the Q or Alfred to his best friend who's the Batman or James Bond (less broody, of course). There's also the cute love interest, the mean bully, and other school tropes you'd expect. It's not as intense as those adaptions of spies (obviously), but it felt like the kid friendly version - with lots more silly commentary and goofy plot lines. This book could easily be read to your child (maybe 6 years and up? Do 3 year olds know what secret agents are?...) or used as a middle grade book. It doesn't seem to have some moral theme behind it, it's most just for fun! I could easily see this being the next kid's television show with it's awesome plot. It almost felt like the book adaption of a movie. The worst part of this book was the cliffhanger! Now I have to get the rest of the books to know how it ended!! Overall, this book is awesome! I'd definitely recommend this book as a fun read! It'll have you giggling at every page! Four out of five stars!

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