Still With Me

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Pub Date 23 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 23 Nov 2021

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Together...until the very end

Jessica Cunsolo’s epic romance that began in She’s With Me comes to a heart-stopping conclusion.

Love has never been easy for Amelia Collins and Aiden Parker. They’ve faced every imaginable challenge: car wrecks, stalker attacks, evil fathers, wicked rivals, falling for each other, and finally giving in to their feelings.

So it’s no surprise that just as Aiden and Amelia begin to plan their future, a new threat emerges that could destroy everything. As Amelia once again attempts to protect those she loves, she inadvertently leaves a trail of clues behind, and her stalker is hot on her trail.

Faced with an impossible choice between love and survival, Amelia and Aiden’s devotion to each other is tested like never before. But it may be no match for a cold-blooded killer.

The thrilling finale in the With Me series is sure to take your breath away . . .

Together...until the very end

Jessica Cunsolo’s epic romance that began in She’s With Me comes to a heart-stopping conclusion.

Love has never been easy for Amelia Collins and Aiden Parker. They’ve...

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I always get so excited when Jessica Cunsolo writes anything. At first it was on Wattpad and now it’s in real life, and this book was no exception. I was really looking forward to reading this one and once again I wasn’t disappointed. It was a captivating end to the series, and it kept me hooked to the point where I couldn’t put it down. The story and the characters are so incredibly well written that it almost made me feel like I was there. I loved every moment of it

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This book was the perfect conclusion for a trilogy of a book series I am incredibly fond of. I remember reading this as it was being released on Wattpad and to see it become a published book as well as a physical book I can hold is amazing.
The characters truly did go through their trials and tests as a group and have come out strong. The story had many different twists and mysteries that kept the plot strong till the end. I cannot get enough of Aiden and Thea, they're two people we have seen grow together and despite being in high school, are able to commit to their responsibilities and understand the world around them.

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This was a really great ending to the trilogy! It kept me on my toes with the high paced nature of the story and I really liked the twists that I didn't expect along with really loving this friend group even more by the end of it.

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I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher, via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.

The epic conclusion of the With Me series, see's Amelia finally face her stalker, and would-be murderer, Tony. Her and Aiden know their time is limited, and now that there's also Andrew out to get them, made evident by the car crash hit put out on them just after Christmas, there's only so long they have to find the evidence they need to stop them, once and for all. When more comes out about Tony, and the reason for her being sent to King City is revealed, Amelia must do everything in her power to save those she loves, even if it means putting herself at risk. Will they be able to succeed, or is the combined efforts of Tony and Andrew too much?

This book was just the perfect ending to this series. It's all been building to the confrontation with Tony, and I was in awe with how everything happened. Amelia's character has grown leaps and bounds since we first met her, and the way she managed the situation with Tony, and the one with Andrew, was fantastic. There were a lot of loose ends which needed tying up, but they were all interwoven into such a gripping book, that if I hand't needed to sleep, I think I would've stayed up all night to finish the book, straight after I had finished Stay With Me. The romance between Aiden and Amelia is a mature one, where it's not just puppy love, but felt like they were a lot older than Seniors in high school. I loved how so many difficult topics, including intimate partner violence, were discussed and handled with such care - this is a book series that really stays with you long after you've finished it.

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Jessica has done a fantastic job with this installment of the series! I remember reading these books on wattpad and it gives me so much joy to see them being published! Looking forward to more things from her!!!
Things you’ll find in this book/series:
Enemies to lovers, tight knit group of friends, friends romance triangle, murder, bad boy agenda and more!!!

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I absolutely loved this series! I don’t usually like series very much and find myself getting bored quickly, but I could read so many books about these characters without getting sick of them. The romance and the suspense in the series has made it such a fun read and this was a great ending to an amazing trilogy. This book concluded all of the unanswered questions from the series: Who killed Greg? Will Tony return? Will Mason find out about his father and Amelia/Thea’s mom? I just wish that there would have been more closure with Aiden’s father and the Charlotte/Noah/Chase love triangle. However, I loved this book and look forward to reading more books from Jessica Cunsolo in the future!

Thank you Netgalley and Wattpad books for this ARC!

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This book was really good. I loved the ending and the small little plot twists were unexpected but made the story great. I did however feel like the author was rushing the book and just wanted it to end. I give it 3.5 stars because I wish it had a little more but all in all I enjoyed the book and was so glad they got their happy ending.

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Thank you so much to Wattpad Books and Netgalley for granting me a copy of this ARC!

I first stumbled across this series while browsing on Wattpad several years ago (no shame!) and it pulled me in from the very beginning.
I have reread these books on the site several times and I can still never get enough of the plot that twists and turns and Aiden and Amelia's adorable love story that I called from their first meeting.

Now that they are published physically, I am so excited for others to dive into this story and fall in love with these characters (especially Noah) like I have and enjoy these books!

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This book is easily one of my top five favorites. I have been waiting impatiently for this to come out since reading the first two of this trilogy in three days. It is quite possibly one of the most amazing books I have ever read and I love how the words flow so easily when reading it is like no time has passed while reading.

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I cannot believe this is the final book of the series! I am going to miss reading about the gang. NOAH IS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME! We all love someone who can make light of any situation. I also love the healthy relationships we see of Aiden & Amelia, along with Annalise & Julian. I was tearing up at the ending :( What a beautiful story full of chaos, ranging from murder cases to long-loves, affairs to intimate violence. A lot to take in, yet wonderful nonetheless. The ending really put it all together :) LOVED THIS BOOK AND THIS SERIES!

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Still With Me is the third book in the series by Jessica Cunsolo and Ava Violet. A young adult romance that is full of drama, suspense, and lots of twists and turns. A fun, fast-paced read that pulls you in from the beginning and leaves you wanting more.

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** spoiler alert ** Thank you to NetGalley and Wattpad Books for the ARC copy of Still With Me in exchange for my honest review.

Still With Me was probably the best book in this series. I adored books 1 & 2, but Still With Me was absolutely action-packed and intriguing.

We follow Amelia and Aiden as they attempt to clear Annalisa’s brother of murder, deal with Aiden’s estranged father, and finally confront Tony. Stay With Me was action-packed that’s for sure, but that was nothing compared to Still With Me.

Aiden continued to be the best boyfriend to Amelia. Getting to see more emotion from him made me so happy. His love for Amelia is everything I want and everything everyone should want. He even would stay in a dangerous situation just to protect her. SO GOOD!

Amelia is such a good character, she has so much depth. She’s confident, emotional, and beautifully broken all in one. The amount of love she has in her- the amount of love she has for her friends, it just makes her so much better of a character.

The action in Stay With Me was so stressful (fantastic still) and left you with questions. The action in Still With Me was stressful but gave you such a satisfying conclusion. The conclusion of Andrew, Tony, and Ryan gave you a sense of finality and they were all wrapped up well.

I adored this book when I read it on Wattpad- and that was the unedited version. This version is 10x better and definitely one of the books I could read over and over. I’m very excited to see what Jess does next!

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A beautiful rollercoaster. I've been reading Jessica's novels since the early Wattpad days of SHE'S WITH ME, and I'm so happy to be here, seeing all three of her books on shelf. STILL WITH ME perfectly ties up this series, bringing us closure for Thea, Aiden and the gang. Jessica built us up to this point so well, where we finally see Thea confront the demon from her past. She tackled the hard things, like IPV, with respect and great care. The story and her writing has come a long way since those days of Wattpad, and I look forward to her next works.

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This book really takes me back to when I was 13 years old and reading it on Wattpad. Aiden and Thea were some of my favourite characters then and still are now.

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Enjoyed the conclusion to this series. I liked the added plot lines besides just Tony drama. I did find the ending was super rushed. So much in the middle about Andrew and Luke but then Tony only finally pops up at the very end. Seems like it was super sudden and rushed, wish it was played out a bit more. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book and found it to be a great ending to the book series. Really enjoyed it and saw a lot of different sides to the characters.

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I loved this series. I really like how its clean with some smolder, but this one I felt didn't quite follow the others. Aiden seemed to carry his emotions more on his sleeve, which made him more volatile, instead of close to his chest under an armor. I feel like the first two books he would never had made the decisions to put his brothers, friends and Amelia in possible jeopardy. But maybe with everything he had gone through it was the straw. Anyway.. Really good book. Liked the twists! Did not expect a lot of them!

Thank you to NetGalley and Cunsolo for an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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