When I'm a Surgeon

Dreaming is Believing: Doctor

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Pub Date 27 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 15 Feb 2022

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Once children have a vision and believe in their goals - anything is possible.

This delightful book highlights the many opportunities a surgical career offers beyond the traditional perceptions of this role.

Once children have a vision and believe in their goals - anything is possible.

This delightful book highlights the many opportunities a surgical career offers beyond the traditional perceptions of...

Advance Praise

After learning about surgery from books and practising appendicectomies on my toy panda, I declared my intention to become a surgeon at age eight. This delightful book will surely
set alight another child’s passion for a fulfilling surgical career.
—Professor Averil Mansfield CBE FRCS FRCP

I wholeheartedly agree with Samantha. How often are we told you “can’t have it all” and that women in surgery have to choose between motherhood and surgery? I have the privilege of taking care of vulnerable people and being a mother to 6 amazing individuals.
—Professor Fiona Wood AM FRCS FRACS

According to my mother, I declared my intention to be a surgeon at age four, and there are probably many other little girls who have the same dreams. I hope this charming book with beautiful illustrations will inspire the next generation of surgeons.
—Dr Susan Pories FACS, Chair Women in Surgery, American College of Surgeons

This book highlights the wonderful opportunities a surgical career provides, the ability to make a difference, and how it fits with family life.
—Dr Sally Langley FRACS, President, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

It is said you can’t be what you can’t see. ‘When I’m a Surgeon’ gives girls a powerful and compelling vision for their future professional lives. It plants the seed of ambition and makes
opportunity tangible.
—Jane Danvers, Principal, Wilderness School

After learning about surgery from books and practising appendicectomies on my toy panda, I declared my intention to become a surgeon at age eight. This delightful book will surely
set alight another...

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Was this review helpful?

This is an awesome book!

Not to mention the charming illustrations, this book does an excellent job of tackling gender issues and prevents gender stereotypes that are normally formed at a young age.

I love how the author starts with the more predictable roles of a surgeon but then goes on to all the wonderful opportunities the career can bring.

These are exactly the sort of principles we want to instil in the coming generation!

Was this review helpful?

Very cute book and would be a great idea to start doing a book series for kids on professions that they don’t hear about as often. After all, not everyone can be a vet! It’s also nice to let girls know they can have a family and still accomplish their academic and professional goals.

Was this review helpful?

What a wonderful book! I wish I had this to give to my children when they were younger to explain what Mom and Dad do for a living. We are both in medicine and the points on each page of this book are spot on! Especially as a woman in the medical field, balancing the parent and doctor lifestyle takes extra work, but is totally worthwhile. I love that this was a part of the child's dream of what her life would be as an adult, a balance between all the aspects of the career as well as home life.
The illustrations are adorable as well. I love the development from the girl's bedroom to an imagined office or travel experience to come later. Precious and well done!
Highly recommend for children everywhere, even if it is to break the stereotype of doctors/surgeons only being men or for that child who might be considering this for themselves.
#whenimasurgeon #NetGalley. #SamanthaPillay #HarryAveira

Was this review helpful?

Samantha Pillay has created a book for young children about the many roles a surgeon plays. She has talked about how a surgeon not only does important things in a operating room but also in a lab or a meeting. The illustrations show the equipment in a operating room made out of house hold tools that can make more sense to young children. It is interesting to know that this book was based on a real person. It shows that any one can do these things if they work hard on it. I think would be a good book for preschool or younger elementary children and would make a great addition to classroom or school library. I thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Seeing greatness in our children is the big and having our children seeing the greatness of caring for others is a gift that keeps giving. The illustrations of a little girl great aspirations of being a surgeon and how it will affect those around her will have your child seeing great things. Thinking about others and giving to others. Books like this is a ideal in starting conversations. It brings confidence and compassion. A confidence that gives to others and a compassion that acts.

A special thank you to Netgalley and the Author for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Written simply, with a very positive and informative message, this book walks through responsibilities and strengths of a modern surgeon; business owner, public speaker, trainer, community leader, etc.

It is also careful to point out possibilities, such as being good at all of these things plus being a good parent (mother).

The purpose is clearly empowerment, and although I don't plan to go into that field, I have some of the skills mentioned (or am working on them), and I felt uplifted and encouraged.

This book would be a great gift for anyone who values the education of girls, higher education, and continuing education. Any formal location where children have a few minutes to fill, would be ideal for this book.

Illustrator, Harry Aveira, gives the book a clean and pleasant atmosphere. But the little gray cat won me over! (It's especially adorable.)

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the preview of this forward-thinking ebook!

5/5 Stars!

#WhenImASurgeon #NetGalley

Was this review helpful?

This is a delightful book that will inspire kids to dream and to believe that their dream can come true. It is part of: Inspirational Careers for Kids ( book 1 ). A little girl aspires to be a surgeon. The book highlights different elements of a surgeon's career that is understandable to kids and extremely interesting. Kids can raise money for charity and engage in imaginative play. The book shows that even young kids can care for others.

The after-hour surgeon can travel the world, do public speaking and train others in the profession. Girls are not exempt from becoming exemplary mothers too! The message of the book is positive and is a call to action to set goals and follow through until they are successfully completed.

"Dr. Samantha Pillay, surgeon and role-model, is no stranger to overcoming adversity. She finished school at age sixteen, after starting school in a wheelchair. She believes 'once children have a vision and believe I their goals-anything is possible.' A must-read for the next generation of leaders." I highly recommend "When I'm a Surgeon."

Was this review helpful?

This is such a wonderful and inspiring children's book. Medicine and surgery especially are such a male dominated professions so I thought it was wonderful to have a little girl as the main character of this book. I loved that the book started off focusing on the things most people would associate with a career in medicine but also touches on many other roles and characteristics of a medical professional such as being a leader in the community. My favourite part is the title "when I'M a surgeon", this is a determined little girl who's not dreaming of being a surgeon but rather knows she will be. "Dream big, aim high" - When I'm a Surgeon.

A special thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

When I'm a Surgeon Dreaming is Believing: Doctor by Samantha Pillay is an entertaining book that encourages kids to follow their dreams and also provides interesting facts about what a surgeon does. The illustrations are colorful and enjoyable to look at. I also like that the main character is female. So often, the idea of a surgeon is a man. In this story, our future surgeon is an adorable little girl with brown pigtails. This book would be great for preschool or even early elementary.

I just reviewed When I'm a Surgeon by Samantha Pillay. #whenimasurgeon #NetGalley

Was this review helpful?

When I'm a Surgeon by Samantha Pillay is a great book for beginning readers. Children may need help with some of the bigger words. However the layout of the text will not give younger readers what I call reading anxiety with the amount of text on a page. Be sure to checkout the free coloring pages, resources, and, read-along video. The information can be found in front of the book. Pillay will start a series of this type of books.

Was this review helpful?

This is a wonderful book showing all the things the young girl is going to do when she becomes a surgeon. My favorite is “When I’m a surgeon, I’ll be an inspirational leader.” It shows that many different hats are worn as a surgeon.

The author speaks from her own experience as a urological surgeon. She overcame many hardships as a young child and novice surgeon. Her enthusiastic nature comes out in this book. I love that the sentences are simple and easy to read but convey such a profound message.

The illustrations are wonderful. The characters are cute with big eyes. The backgrounds are full and colorful.

I received an ARC from Samantha Pillay through NetGalley. This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book. I am voluntarily submitting this review and am under no obligation to do so.

Was this review helpful?

I adored this book! The illustrations are incredible and I love how every pages smashes through gender inequalities. I was proud to share this one with my daughter and I hope the author creates more like it!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley and the author for a copy of "When I'm a Surgeon" in exchange for an honest review.

The main points that this book teaches children is that they should dream big and aim high. The graphics are brilliant and colourful. A young girl dreams of all the things she will do as a doctor. She wants to stitch people better, work with robots, deal with emergencies, care for community, train and teach others, make good decisions, always be learning, make scientific discoveries, travel the world, be a great public speaker, manage a business, be an inspirational leader, be a wonderful mother and write children's books.

This is a great conversation start with children - asking them what they would like to be when they grow up and what they might be able to do in that career.

Was this review helpful?

I received an electronic copy from Samantha Pillay through NetGalley.
This young girl dreams big in all ways. She shares her career plan with readers and offers them a look at what being a surgeon will involve. We see how she plays and plans in the present and dreams for the future. Her dreams span a variety of careers wrapped around being a surgeon. I love that she already understands she also will have a life beyond her career.

Was this review helpful?

This was an adorable book, written by Samantha Pillay, who actually is a surgeon, and illustrated charmingly by Harry Aveira, but it's more than just about being a surgeon, which might have made for a slightly tedious read! The book is really about becoming a better person all around: about love, kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy, ambition, dedication and a host of other traits.

The story repeats a phrase on each new page and adds something to it that was different from what went before - in a sense like an affirmation, and the sweet illustrations show a warm picture of what that affirmation translates to - even in a small and child-like manner. The book is wonderful, inspiring, and very positive and should encourage young girls everywhere to, as the phrase has it, be all they can be - in whatever life they choose for themselves. I unreservedly commend it.

Was this review helpful?

My two year old son loved this book. As a parent that wants the best for my child I appreciate the concept of introducing great career options to get him thinking about from the very start. I love that this book is specifically about being a surgeon and not just a generic doctor.

The illustrations aren't my personal favorite style but they were cute enough and my son found them very engaging which is what really matters.

The true test of a book for my toddler is if the messaging is good and if my toddler wants to reread it often. This story passed both tests with flying colors. My son made me reread this to him six times in a row. I call that a success.

Five stars.

Was this review helpful?

A cute book that reminds me of a dream almost every child has had someday. Every page begins with 'When I'm a Surgeon' and continues to reveal what the little girl imagines as a part of her future life. The illustrations were completely on point and I had nostalgic moments as I remembered playing doctor-doctor with my soft toys. Apart from being relatable and simple, it also gives children a reason to take up this noble profession. I think kids and parents will enjoy reading, and rereading this book.

Was this review helpful?

Really like this book and think that it can really help instill in girls that they can do anything if they only say "When I"M....."

Was this review helpful?

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