Survivors, Book One

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Pub Date 16 Aug 2021 | Archive Date 15 Aug 2021
NineStar Press, LLC, NineStar Press

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It’s Jennifer’s 24th birthday and she planned to spend it having fun with her friends. Instead, she ends up running for her life through the dark streets of London.

Her world is torn apart by a new disease, the likes of which have never been seen before. The government’s decision to conceal its deadly nature exacerbates the panic, and in all the confusion Jennifer is bitten by an infected person.

That’s it, right? Her life over.


Immune to the virus’s ravaging effects, Jennifer finds herself with a small group of survivors. Together they must fight to stay alive long enough for a cure to be found. Humanity won’t be beaten so easily.

But madness looms large, and safety seems forever out of reach.

TAGS: LGBTQIA+, paranormal, bisexual, post-apocalyptic, dark, medical personnel, scientist, military

WARNINGS: death, gore, war, trauma, pandemic, violence, murder

It’s Jennifer’s 24th birthday and she planned to spend it having fun with her friends. Instead, she ends up running for her life through the dark streets of London.

Her world is torn apart by a new...

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This was a solid debut novel by Amy Marsden and I definitely enjoyed it which is why I’m giving it 4 stars. Review The book “Survivors” by Amy Marsden is book one in a two part series. It follows the point of views of Jennifer, Victoria and James, in an almost apocalyptic world where an infectious disease runs rapid. From the minute I started the first page Amy Marsden had me hooked. If you’re a fan of somewhat apocalyptic and survival stories then this book could totally be for you! With lovable characters, an interesting plot and a twinge of both humor and angst, this provided a good reading experience. Jennifer is a 24 year old photojournalism student and is actually the kick starter of this book as we see how she loses her friends one by one to this virus and it’s implications. We meet James not too long after as their storylines intertwine. He’s been tasked with guiding and protecting the group of survivors that Jennifer and Victoria finds themselves in. Victoria is an English teacher battling with what she did to her sister who was infected by the virus. Jennifer is an immediately likable character, charming, caring and as the story goes on you find that she’s selfless to a fault. She also happens to be immune to the virus. I struggled to connect with her in the first few chapters but I’ll get to that in a bit. James is a bit of an asshole in his first few appearances and you can’t help but wonder, what’s his deal? James reminds me a lot of Zuko from the Avatar series. A lost solider looking to regain his honor. After a while he melts the cold exterior and starts getting more and more comfortable around the group. Victoria is also very likable, in my opinion, she did come in a bit too late in the story. I liked her backstory and the author did a good job and presenting how that backstory shaped her. There are other characters in this book, including Dan, who Jennifer immediately forms a protective sister role over, and Sergeant Wright, who’s snarky and provides the comedic relief in this story. Overall I liked the plot and the characters but I did have just a slight problem with the writing. It was a bit awkward. Justifiably this is a debut novel so I didn’t expect it to have the most perfect flow or feel and even in that this book had better writing than other authors who’re on their 20th book. However I felt like this book could’ve used more descriptive writing to help set the scene more. This did slightly affect how long it took me to connect with Jennifer. This book was also a bit short which doesn’t really give much insight to the characters but this is only book one so I didn’t really expect that much since book ones are normally just introductions and openings to characters. There’s a twinge of romance as well, Jennifer clearly has the hots for a female French solider and James also has the hots for a certain snarky sergeant, but if you’re reading this book for that, there really wasn’t much too it but I imagine that will also find itself in the next book to come. So do I recommend? Yes! This was a pretty simple short read and I definitely need to see what happens next in this two book series. Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for the honest review.

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