Jurassic Ark

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Pub Date 14 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2021
Crossroad Press, Mystique Press

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From USA Today Bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner David Niall Wilson, a historical fantasy of epic proportion.

There are monsters roaming the desert and menacing the roads. There are sorcerers, harlots, and gamblers rampant in the city. In a compound in a forest, at the base of a mountain, one man and his family have received a prophecy. There will be a reckoning. There will be a flood. They will survive, but only if they obey the prophecy. Only if they build an ark, where there is no water. Only if they gather all of the creatures of the world. Only if they are faithful. Everyone else? Well, they're going to die.

This is a book of prophecy and revelation, heroism and love. It is a very old story with a new twist. It is a very human story, drawing together the creatures of the heavens and the earth. This is not your mother's Noah, and it is not the Bible's Ark... and yet it is. Welcome to an alternate history where your only hope is not to miss the boat.

From USA Today Bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner David Niall Wilson, a historical fantasy of epic proportion.

There are monsters roaming the desert and menacing the roads...

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JURASSIC ARK is a work of speculative fiction, an alternate religious treatise perhaps, but fiction nonetheless. As I read the early chapters, I was reminded of the movie "Noah." There was quite a hubbub over the film, so my sister and I went to see what all the furor was about. We left the theater shaking our heads trying to figure out what we had just seen. The whole thing seemed surreal. I have since learned more about the Nephilim that helped to explain some of the things we saw in the film that were never taught in Sunday School. This book clarifies the story of Noah even more. I have a long standing interest in the social experiment that falls under the umbrella of religion. Religion is, by its very nature, divisive… us and them… just like the political climate of the 21st century. The allegory is made obvious by 'the city' and Noah's compound in 'the forest.' The incongruity of Noah living in a forest and his being the mad man building a boat in the desert is not discussed. We must take it on faith that such a land existed before the great flood. Some of the animals to be saved in the ark explain the title. Although none of the dinosaurs are identified by name, they are very recognizable by their description. They are also responsible for motivating a change in Noah from an isolationist following the laws of the Lord into a less authoritarian individual. The phrase that struck me as portraying the changed Noah was that he realized his was a "life of righteous separation," and by extension, left him a lonely, friendless man. There is something in JURASSIC ARK for everyone… avarice, malice, and debauchery… human rights, animal rights, and morality. Every now and then while reading this, I couldn't help reading a subtext that mirrors the political climate of the past several years. It is subtle, a word here, a phrase there. Politics aside, the story evokes a caring for those who learn that life is not all black and white but contains shades of gray and all the colors of the rainbow. People of the forest become friends with some of the people from the city and begin to see that the end of the world is a heavy burden to carry. There are scenes in this book that will bring you to tears. All in all, JURASSIC ARK is no more fantastic a read than is the Bible story on which it is based.

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Disclosure: I received an early copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The book was fairly good. I was a little disappointed in some parts. I think that the dinosaurs didn't play a big enough part in the book to warrant the title Jurassic Ark. I would have liked to see them play a larger role. The beginning was a little slow going. I think that had the main antagonist been introduced earlier in the text not only would the first half of the book seem stronger, but the villain would have felt like a more dominating and obtrusive force. Where Wilson really excels in this book is in the perspective of older characters. His younger protagonists always felt less real and raw in comparison to the deep and colorful characters with strong personalities. <spoiler> Thaddious and Balthazar are the best characters in the entire book and every scene they share are my favorites </spoiler> The heartstopping ending is what the entire book is all about. That shit hits the fan moment is what makes every page before worth it. The last chapter felt like an abrupt end, and I honestly can't decide if I liked that or not. The title and description intrigued me. But after finishing the book, it feels like the dinosaurs could be exchanged for other animals and it wouldn't have made much of a difference. I liked the book, but it wasn't what was promised. My only other complaint was the naming of Noah. I think with the creative liberties the book takes, that naming the character Noah borders on heretical. I think that we get the obvious illusions to the bible story without it. It wasn't a large concern, but I feel that if the character had even just the name Noa, it would be less likely to offend people, though perhaps the author doesn't mind doing just that. Overall the book had great beats, and intriguing plot, and moral dilemmas. After the first half of the book, the story flows and makes you want to keep reading. Once you get to the final ten chapters you won't want to put the book down. A fresh take on an old tale. While the title may be a bit corny the story inside is a worthy read.

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JURASSIC ARK is a bit of Biblical fantasy dealing with Noah's Ark from the perspective of a revisionist author. The Pre-Flood period is like Conan's Hyborian Age with monsters, witches, and prostitutes aplenty when the God of Genesis decides to wipe the world clean. This story doesn't automatically treat this as a good thing and the destruction of everything is a terrifying prospect. I will say that the use of dinosaurs wasn't as important to the title as I had hoped but they're still present and any story that has dinosaurs meeting humans automatically gets an extra star from me. If you loved David Niall Wilson's THIS IS MY BLOOD, the Biblical vampire story, I suspect you'll enjoy this just as much if not more so.

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Another enjoyable read from David Niall Wilson. An alternate telling of a story everyone knows. Enjoyed the characters and the pacing of the story. Religion, magic, creatures, action. All mixed together very well. #JurassicArk #NetGalley

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Jurassic Ark by David Niall Wilson, a good read that explored the human interest in the story of the flood. There were a few aspects I may have disagreed with personally but that didnt take too much away from my overall enjoyment of the story.

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