Three Coins

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Pub Date 22 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 15 Mar 2022

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One Eternal City. Three women. Three wishes. Three coins.

Emma, an American expat living in Rome for twenty years, can’t count on her ex-husband to help out with the kids when things get tough. Dario Rinaldi, famed plastic surgeon to the stars, is too busy gallivanting around Europe with young women to take an interest in his family.

Beautiful Tiffany, born and bred in Iowa, is desperate to get a spot as a dancer on an Italian television show. But is she willing to do whatever it takes to make her dreams of TV stardom come true?

Annarita, from an Italian-American family in Yonkers, teaches English to over-privileged Italians and regularly has her heart trampled by boyfriends all wrong for her. As her mother is always quick to point out, nothing has gone right for her since she moved to Italy. And she isn’t getting any younger, either.

Emma, Tiffany and Annarita all meet up by chance at a 1950s movie night while on a restorative holiday at a beach resort off-season. The triumphs and hardships of these three very different women become intertwined as they form an unlikely friendship and work to better their messy lives.

One Eternal City. Three women. Three wishes. Three coins.

Emma, an American expat living in Rome for twenty years, can’t count on her ex-husband to help out with the kids when things get tough...

Advance Praise

"A romance novel set in Rome about three women who are down on their luck, Kimberly Sullivan’s Three Coins is an impeccable combination of approachable characters and sublime descriptions of Italy. Emma, Tiffany, and Annarita develop a close bond after all staying at the same hotel on vacation, and a 1950s film inspires them to make changes in their personal lives. Seeing these women wrestle through strenuous self-discovery and come out on top is remarkably cathartic, while offering the vicarious thrill of being immersed in Italian ex-pat life."

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

"A romance novel set in Rome about three women who are down on their luck, Kimberly Sullivan’s Three Coins is an impeccable combination of approachable characters and sublime descriptions of Italy...

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Featured Reviews

Three Coins by Kimberly Sullivan is a debut novel set in Rome, Italy. Three women meet in a nearby seaside town and form a friendship over time. Each of the women has her own burden to overcome. Finding purpose and romance are themes for all. A tad sentimental, Three Coins explores friendship, modern love and the messiness of families. With great descriptions, Rome becomes a character of her own, shaping the story with atmosphere and pacing. A great breezy read with light sensual touches.

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I remember seeing the movie years ago, and while this one is not that story it has an echo from it instead. Three women, all scorned in love, meet at a resort in the off season and become friends. As the story progresses, they find love and their HEA. Nice and neat after the bumpy start, but that's OK. I actually enjoyed this one and while it was predictable I am OK with that too. Writing was nice, and kept my interest in the characters and cheering for them. Would highly recommend this one.

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Let me just say that I am a “huge” fan of the movie “Three Coins in a Fountain”. With that - the author uses the “Three Coins in a Fountain” as a basis for her story. It’s about 3 women in Rome their friendships that evolve over time and their romantic lives. At first I was a bit confused with each chapter based on one character, however, as time went on…I really began to enjoy each woman’s journey of finding themselves. I lived in Paris for almost two years - but I have also been to visit Rome as well. As they say in Rome…”When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But I say “If you want a romantic, fun and whirlwind novel to read, then read this one. And if you find yourself in Rome…visiting the Trevi Fountain should be high on your list of things to see and do! Ciao!!
Thank you to Net Galley for allowing me to read this book for a honest review!.

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Emma, Tiffany, and Annarita couldn’t be anymore different than they are starting with social status, careers, and dreams. Emma is a wealthy divorcee, Tiffany an aspiring TV show dancer, and Annarita is a teacher but would prefer to be a chef. The one thing that they all have in common is that they’ve been unlucky at finding love.

I loved this book! I don’t have a favorite character because I think all three women were amazing. Emma is reserved and takes a while to warm up to Tiffany and Annarita. They’re not exactly the kind of friends she ever imagined she’d come across, but they turned out to be the most honest friends she’d ever have. Her relationship with Mark is unexpected, but it works out at the end.

Tiffany has the worst family ever and I just loved how her friendship with Simone becomes exactly what she needs. Tiffany deserves better than what she believes she’s worthy of. She isn’t looking for a relationship but is not against falling for the right man. I thought Simone and his thoughtful details toward Tiffany were everything!!

Annarita is the funniest and most honest of all. I loved that she loves food, and that she comes to terms with who she really is. It’s too bad that because of her insecurities many men took advantage of her, but it was rewarding to see how it all worked out for the best and she turned out a better version of herself.

I’d say that the reading age for this story is 25+ to truly appreciate the struggles and decisions these women go through.

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Three women living in Rome meet in a rural inn and seemingly have little in common. But, as time goes on and they return to their homes in Rome, their paths eventually intersect again. This is a story of love, betrayal, and ambition, all set in lovely Rome. If you like reading about strong women, this would be a good choice. I enjoyed reading their stories and how each woman responded to disappointments. The title references back to the movie "Three Coins in the Fountain" and there are some parallels. I definitely recommend this book!

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I liked this book!
I enjoyed reading about all of their lives and it was great. All three girls had my heart as they overcame all of their struggles. It was a well-written and heartwarming story I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to read it.

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this book was such an interesting read. it's like nothing i've ever read before. it was unique and i truly enjoyed that about this book. thanks netgalley!!

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I really enjoyed this book. First of all, I felt like I was visiting Italy – which is really wonderful when I haven’t traveled at all because of the pandemic. I definitely miss visiting Europe. The author really makes Italy come alive. I loved the message about the value of female friendships, and I thought the three characters were all very different and aptly portrayed. I especially loved their discussions about what is happiness for women, what women should be striving for now, and what has changed in terms of women’s lives since the 1950’s (and the film Three Coins, which I now want to see). I also loved the grandmother Renata’s advice to find someone who appreciates you.

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Fun and cute read that I would highly recommend. I loved the movie Three Coins in a Fountain when I was young so I loved that the story was a bit similar. This book was a breath of fresh air. Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced copy!!!

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A great female friendship novel set in Rome. Emma, Tiffany and Annarita meet at an offseason resort trying to deal with personal issues. Each are from America and came to Rome for various reasons. At the resort, the owners show the women the movie, Three Coins in a Fountain, and the women love it. They foster their friendship when they return to their lives and their friendship helps them grow into the women they are destined to become.

A sweet story that fosters the idea that women's friendships can help them survive and thrive. The backdrop of Rome makes the story even more perfect. A great novel!

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Fun and amazing read. I kept daydreaming about visiting Italy thanks to this book. Loved the relationships this book spotlighted. Overall an amazing read

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The beauty and allure of Rome come alive in Kimberly Sullivan’s recent debut, Three Coins. Paralleling the 1950s movie Three Coins in the Fountain, the novel wraps us in the present-day stories of three American women struggling to keep their lives together in the magical city.

Emma, Tiffany, and Annarita walk very different paths socially and economically, but each considers herself a failure in love. When they meet at an off-season resort, a tentative friendship takes root. As they begin to trust and support each other, their own confidence grows, enabling them to open themselves to opportunities, changes, and even love. I really enjoyed watching their emotional journeys and friendship unfold, backed by lovely descriptions, well-fleshed out characters, and the romantic notion of tossing coins to make wishes come true.

Thanks to the author and Netgalley for providing an ARC of this engaging novel.

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⛲Updated romance of 3 expats in Rome in search of a HEA🌤

4.5🌟 stars
I really enjoyed Three Coins; once I got stuck in I just did not want to stop reading. The three heroines (divorcee Emma, wannabe starlet Tiffany and language tutor with a knack for cooking Annarita) went through some rough times initially as they struggled to make it in Rome. All three are transplanted Americans, each with a different dream but their experiences, some outright dangerous, have taken the gloss off of the fairytale. But for them, returning to the States would be even worse.

I liked these women and loved author Kimberly Sullivan's easy to read writing style. Plus, the way she wove the 1950's movie Three Coins in the Fountain into their growing friendship. AND, of course, the lovely visits to familiar streets and sights in Rome and Todi. I have not roamed there for decades but this story brought the flavor of the Italian lifestyle all back to me.

I wouldn't characterize this as deep, but neither is it light as body shaming, date rape drugs, male power plays against women in the entertainment industry, serial infidelity and drug use all make their way into the story. It's all the more interesting for them. At heart it's women's fiction with a hefty slice of romance and gal pals who get their very positive ending.

Thanks to the author and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance copy of the book, but I liked it so much I ended up buying it! This is my voluntary and honest opinion

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