Once Upon a Devastatingly Sweet Kiss

The Whickertons in Love, Book Four

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Pub Date 14 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 11 Oct 2021

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In this opposites-attract Regency romance by USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, an untamed lady and a proper duke are put to the test when they fall in love against all odds.

An untamed lady.

A proper duke.

And a love that goes against all the rules.

England 1803: LADY HARRIET BEAUMONT, daughter to the Earl of Whickerton, is a free spirit, always has been. She does as she pleases, determined to ignore society’s etiquette and demands, determined to remain unwed. Her heart tends to go out to those who have been mistreated, and over the course of a most eventful and somewhat scandalous life, Harriet—or “Harry”!—has nursed countless animals back to health.

A rabbit by the name of Sir Lancelot.

A talking parrot called King Arthur…or Biscuit, as he insists.

A toad dubbed Prince Charming.

Most recently, however, a rather unusual creature crossed her path. He walks on two legs and speaks in complete sentences. His name?

The Duke of Clements.

Or as Harriet renamed him, Sweet Jack.

BRADLEY JACKSON, the DUKE OF CLEMENTS, lives a life of order and predictability…at least until he stumbles across a most unusual woman out in the woods. How she comes to be there—unaccompanied, mind you!—he does not know nor care; all he knows is that he needs to rid himself of her as fast as possible. After all, with one glance, Bradley can tell that this woman spells trouble.

Unfortunately, Lady Harriet is not so easily set aside, her insistence on seeking him out more than simply puzzling to Bradley.

Instead of assisting his aunt in choosing his future duchess, Bradley suddenly finds his days occupied by a most troublesome hellion. No matter what he does, the lady simply will not stay away…and before long, Bradley is shocked to realize that he no longer wishes she would.

Could she possibly be the one? The woman meant to be his duchess? As shocking as that thought is, the more disturbing one is that Lady Harriet has sworn never to marry. What is a duke to do when he finds his heart stolen by the one woman in all of England who will not have him?

In this opposites-attract Regency romance by USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, an untamed lady and a proper duke are put to the test when they fall in love against...

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This book is the fourth in the series, and the first one I have read, but it works well as a stand alone. I was immediately pulled in to the charm of the story, I found both Harry and Bradley to be wonderful characters. There came a point where the book got a bit melodramatic to me, but it managed to keep me invested. Thank you Wolf Publishing and NetGalley for giving me this ARC to read in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Diametrically opposites... Yes, Lady Harriet is a lady. But she's a wild child, roaming free. Bradley is a starchy-starchy duke who needs to get married. Fine. He's a duke. He has to get married, produce an heir and a spare. He'll marry. a very proper lady and they'll have properly behaved children. That's Bradley's plan and he's gonna stick to it. Right. 4.5

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Once Upon a Devastatingly Sweet Kiss is the fourth book in the series by Bree Wolf, The Whickertons in Love. The series follows six siblings as they navigate the sometimes-treacherous path to love. In this story, the focus is on free spirited, Lady Harriet (or Harry as she prefers) the youngest daughter of this lively family. Harry does not follow the conventions of polite society, if she wants to ride out into the woods unaccompanied, then she will! On one of these jaunts, she encounters the charming but repressed and proper, BRADLEY JACKSON, the DUKE OF CLEMENTS. Harry is instantly drawn to the duke and to his chagrin insists on calling him Jack and comporting in the most shockingly hoydenish way. Bradley er…Jack had a dismal and unnurtured childhood. His mother died early, and his father never recovered…. instead letting the bitterness of her passing influence his treatment of his son. Now, in order to inherit the only meaningful thing his mother has left him, a small manor, Jack must marry soon. He is in the process of actively looking for a wife when he stumbles on the persistent and absolutely unsuitable Harry. Good thing Harry is resolved NEVER to marry and fall under the control and rule of a MAN. Harry all but forces her friendship on poor, sweet Jack, never meaning to be more than his just his unorthodox friend. Unfortunately, Jack soon finds that this wonderful, complex young woman is just what his love starved heart needs. How can he convince this complicated and unique woman to take a chance on him? I loved this story and Jack was worth the chance!! I voluntarily read a copy of this book from Netgalley and this review is of my honest opinion.

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This is the first of a new series featuring the Earl of Whickerton and his family. Harriet is a free spirit who finds joy in living life to its fullest, but when she meets Bradley Jackson who is forced to marry to fulfill his mother's will, sparks fly. He's a buttoned up duke with a penchant for order and propriety above all. Harriet pushes all his buttons and makes him want things he shouldn't. It is a long road to their HEA.

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A gorgeous romance and a true delight to read. I love Harriet "Harry", the untamed Lady and how she untamed Bradley "Jack" the proper Duke of Clements. They are wonderfully written characters and I fell for them straightaway.

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A very sweet story. It's hard not to care for Jack--he's so lonely and wounded and just needs someone to love him back to life, which is the perfect job for free-spirited Harry! I loved Harry's supportive family and how Jack comes to truly understand her and what makes her tick. The resolution of their situation is clever and satisfying. This is a very chaste romance, but it's got heart and makes for a fun, easy read. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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This is the 4th book in the series Whickertons in Love, you do not have to read the other books in the series, but I think you should read them all, they are that good. This book, like its title, is sweet. It is a sweet romantic love story between Bradley Jackson, a Duke and Lady Harriet, who is called Harry. Harry is a sweet character who does not do what society expects, she wants to be free, she cares about animals and people in need. She meets Bradley who is very lonely, and she calls him Sweet Jack. It was nice to read their romantic love story grow. I have to say, I love Harry’s Grandmother. I loved her in the previous stories, and I love her here. Bree Wolf writes a story which the time just flies. I can’t wait for more from this series. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and am leaving my honest opinion.

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I enjoyed this book immensely. The Duke was my favorite kind; stuck up and aloof then felled by love. Although his backstory has been done before my other author's I thought his was well done and believable. I did not care as much for Harriet. I'm not a huge fan of the hoyden who plans to never marry even if she falls in love. How dumb do you have to be do give up life with someone who loves you? Overall, it was a quick read and a good story.

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Wonderful story! I have been remiss in not reading anything from Bree Wolf. I have several books in my TBR pile. Well, they have moved to the top! This is a series, so I will definitely backtrack, but can be read as a standalone. Duke of Clements, Bradley Jackson likes everything in his life orderly. Same routine, day in and day out, but a chance meeting with Harriet, “Harry” in the meadows near his home has turned his life upside down. Harry was never the typical proper English lady. She decided years ago she would never marry, never let others dictate what she should do. When she comes across the Duke, she sees a sadness, loneliness in him and decides to cheer him up and calls him “Jack”! The stuffy man grits his teeth and informs the redhead hellion that is not the way to address him. The characters are wonderful. There are parts you will laugh out loud, I love the love-hate start of the story. Can’t wait to read the next book. Thank you NetGalley for this ARC. I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.

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Having not read the previous books in this series, I was a little apprehensive diving in. Oftentimes I can't immediately connect with characters, and I feel like I have been dropped into the middle of a drama where nothing is explained. However, Bree Wolf did an excellent job of making this book stand all on its own, even if reading the previous books is still highly recommended. I love a good opposites attract romance, and it was delivered so well with this story. There was definitely angst, and you felt that neither person had been in a relationship before, so the drama level was high quite often. I personally enjoy that in a book where the two main characters don't see eye to eye. It makes for a much more dramatic coming together moment, when they realize they are, in fact, perfect for each other. Lady Harriet Beaumont is known for being a bit of a wild child. More comfortable out roaming the countryside, rescuing injured animals and generally flouting all social convention, she is not expected to marry. Indeed, she has declared she will never marry, for no man is worth the risk of giving up her freedom. While out riding one day, she comes across a man she has never seen before, who is both intrigued and bewildered by the casual nature of her appearance and manner. Bradley Jackson is a duke, after all, and dukes only spend time with ladies when they are chaperoned. And she most definitely was not chaperoned. However, her charming nature has captured his attention, and though he vows never to see her again, he can't help being drawn in by her smiles and the annoying yet oddly comforting nickname she gives him, sweet Jack. Bradley must marry, and he knows Harry is the least suitable woman for him. If only she wasn't also the only woman he wants. A classic case of Grump and Sunshine, Harry and Jack were hilarious! I loved Harry's clear love of life, and she never let Jack's stoic nature get in the way of her own enthusiasm. There were times when I thought she would bowl him over with her brightness, and that would be the end of that, but as time went on, I could see him coming out of his shell. Her methods were a bit unorthodox, but eventually, she brought out a side of him he didn't know existed. As you read, you'll find out why Jack is the way he is, and it's heartbreaking. I felt for him as he struggled to be the man his father wanted versus the man his mother hoped he would become. There were definite bumps in the road, as communication was not their strong suit. They spent days apart at times, trying to stay away from each other, and then eventually they would collide again, usually because Harry couldn't stay away. Her desire to be with Jack was much stronger than her willpower to stay away, whereas Jack had years of practice maintaining distance from people. They weren't the couple you expected, but they were absolutely the couple they each needed for a happy life. I love Bree Wolf's writing style, and I look forward to reading more by her. If she writes more relationships like this one, I will be most satisfied.

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Once Upon a Devastatingly Sweet Kiss by Bree Wolf (The Wickertons in Love #4) is a historical romance that uses the opposites attract trope. In this case it is wonderful done with all the fun parts between people who see things differently. Harriet Wicherton is the youngest of the Wickerton girls. She is refreshingly candid, full of energy and determined to pave her own way through the world. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s possession and is determined to heal people. Then one day she runs into the Duke of Clements, Sweet Jack. The Duke of Clements or Bradley Jackson is astounded, infuriated and hopelessly infatuated with Harry. She is everything he is not and full of life and laughter! She seems to have enchanted him and without any thought or effort, he wants to marry her. She doesn’t want to marry him and leaves him. Both nursing a broken heart, but Sweet Jack is not ready to give up. Harry will be his - no matter what he has to do! I enjoyed reading this newest of the Wickertons in Love series. I have seriously enjoyed the characters and their passion for life and eventually love! Once Upon a Devastatingly Sweet Kiss by Bree Wolf is a fun read.

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Harry’s carefree wild spirit spoke to me from the very beginning. She is drawn to all things requiring help so when she meets a stern Duke who never smiles, she cannot help be pulled to him. Watching her draw him out and his internal battle of rules and expectations is incredibly intriguing. The readers emotions are drawn in as his are. But what is a Duke to do once he fully accepts his emotions and his love for a girl who is convinced she will never marry. The tables are then turned while the Duke tries to convince her that marriage does not have to mean giving up her identity. The way they both come to truly know and understand each other is beautiful, as is their commitment not to change each other.

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Fun and yet deeply faceted read! Lady Harriet Beaumont, the Earl of Whickerton’s youngest daughter, wants to forge her own way. Not for her being some man’s possession, to be toted around and sent wherever her owner (that is, her husband) would send her! This young hellion, who’s full of surprises yearns for freedom. Freedom to be an independent spirit! Bradley Jackson, Duke of Clements, has discovered there’s a codicil to his mothers will. He must marry by thirty to inherit her manor house. Only a tiny portion of his properties, but for him a place of love. So what does our duke do? He enlists the help of his aunt to introduce him to suitable young women to find a match that suffices. Since childhood Bradley has pushed down the idea of love. That way madness lies. He only needs to look to his own father to understand that. Bradley will marry someone to provide him with heirs. Someone who knows what is expected in a polite marriage. Someone who won’t rock the boat. Oh but stop! Who is that free spirited, annoying red head, who keeps disturbing his peace, calling him “sweet Jack”? Jack? Not even his name! The thing is Harry is a rescuer and upon her rather abrupt and unforgettable meeting with Bradley when out riding (well galloping!) Harry intuits that Bradley needs rescuing—but then maybe Harry does too. Soul gazing indeed! Excitement, danger, and gentleness combine to make a rather haunting read, when you’re not standing alongside Harry wanting to be just as reckless, determined and feisty. The final coming together of Sweet Jack and Harry is a thing of beauty. All is needed is for love and trust to combine. A WOLF Publishing ARC via NetGalley (Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.)

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England 1803: Lady Harriet Beaumont youngest daughter of the Earl of Whickerton, is a free spirit & always has been, she’s determined to remain unwed. Then she encounters Bradley Jackson, The Duke Of Clements after her Grandma tells her to ride westward instead of her usual eastward route. She calls him Jack & he reluctantly calls her Harriet, so begins a friendship. The fourth Whickerton sibling to find love & what an utterly charming read it was. Harry is rebellious, certain what she doesn’t want to do until she realises what she wants to do. Jack is reclusive & determined not to fall in love, I loved the pair of them & how they both learned to compromise as their feelings grew. The road to their HEA was delightful & not without obstacles, which they had to overcome. A villain did finally get his just desserts. My favourite character of the series The dowager Countess, Edie once again plays matchmaker. An engrossing read which I loved My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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Lady Harriet Beaumont, daughter to the Earl of Whickerton, is a free spirit and with her siblings, has been dubbed one of the Wicked Whickertons. Yet when she meets the Duke of Clements, whom she names Jack, she does as she always has and tries to bring happiness to his life. Bradley Jackson, the Duke of Clements, has always lived a life of predictability until he meets Harriet. Yet despite all he does to avoid her and then dissuade her from seeking him out, he soon misses her if he doesn’t see her on a daily basis. Bradley soon realises that he doesn’t want a predictable wife but only Harriet. However, she has sworn never to marry. Jack’s sole aim is to convince Harriet that they are destined to be together, which may not be that simple. I loved the character of Harriet for her vivaciousness and her ability to bring a smile to Jack. Yet it was also lovely to see Jack warm to her, gradually through the book, until he realises that life without her is impossible. Towards the end, I could have shaken Harriet, for not seeing how wonder Jack was and how he had changed and matured, because of her. A sweet read. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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This book was a fun read. The characters were quit humorous and entertaining to read. I think the story was written differently than from the previous books from this writer. The story brought some charm and some exciting entertainment. I love the happily ever after ending. The story was easy to read and the story is a quick page turner. The realism the writer maintained during the book is what I think makes this book a fun read.

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This book is part of a series about a rather prolific family - the Whickerton's and their friends. I like the interfering grandmothers and their machinations. The girls all have some wit and vim and are more lively than can be the norm in the historical stories and Bree Wolf has a good way of linking the various books in the series together and leaving wanting to read the next without leaving the reader hanging.. The kidnap scenes were cut rather short i thought and could have been expanded to improve the standard line - after all we need something different to embellish these romances and make them stand out from the trope middle to bottom range. this does, but only just. Please up your game Regency Romance authors. You are all getting much too 'samey'. We need interest to keep us reading.

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This was a historical romance which l enjoyed. Opposites do attract in this book and it leads to interesting reading. The main characters were different in behaviour and it was nice to see how their romance flourished.

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