MacIan's Gift

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Pub Date 18 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021

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A bard, Jamie MacIan believes in ghosts and family curses. Nothing else explains the loss of his clan years ago. His wife and newborn son were slaughtered, and he wasn't there to stop it. When he sets out to restore his ancestral home, he finds more than the reputedly haunted tower. He finds a woman as beautiful and innocent as an angel and more trouble than he ever imagined.

Sarah Clinton tries to be obedient and dutiful, but it's difficult when one finds oneself in hell. Rather than wed her step-father's son, she flees and hides in a ruined castle. Discovered by a Scotsman as gorgeous as sin, she can't trust her savior with the truth. Her uncle, known as the Devil of the Highlands, destroyed Jamie's clan. Lying in his arms is heaven, though, and she learns more about love than she ever thought possible.

Can Jamie and Sarah learn from the past and trust in love, or will the sins of their ancestors destroy all hope of heaven on earth?

A bard, Jamie MacIan believes in ghosts and family curses. Nothing else explains the loss of his clan years ago. His wife and newborn son were slaughtered, and he wasn't there to stop it. When he...

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4 stars MacIan's Gift by Terry Graham is the first book in the Tartan Threads series, which centers around Scottish Highlanders in the mid-seventeenth century. In this story, Jamie MacIan believes that his family is cursed. He is a bard who saved money to purchase and restore his old family home after most of his people were slaughtered including his wife and child. When he arrives at his home, a frail emaciated woman literally falls into his arms. It turns out that Sarah Clinton has been hiding there. She recently escaped the clutches of her abusive stepfather, who held her captive and wanted her to marry his son due to her lineage. This is the first book that I’ve read by Terry Graham and I really enjoyed it. I will absolutely read the rest of the books in this series. The story moved quickly and there was so much action. I didn’t want to put it down because I was excited to hear what would happen next. The story took the reader on an emotional journey. There were light and funny moments as well as heartbreaking ones. The story includes violent battles, steamy love scenes, ghosts and family curses. Jamie and Sarah are great characters. Both trying to heal from past traumas. The reader should be aware that this book does cover some heavy topics including Sarah’s abuse. There are also some violent fight scenes and not all of the supporting characters make it out alive. However, the author does not gratuitously use violence. Both topics, while heavy, are used respectfully to further the plot. I was invited to read an ARC of MacIan's Gift by Terry Graham. #MacIan’sGift #NetGalley

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Parts of this book are simply heartbreaking and heartwarming in turns. Sarah had an extremely sheltered life which made her emotionally immature and seem too young for a relationship. However, as the book progressed so did Sarah's maturity. Jamie, is driven by his duty to those he cares about, which includes Sarah. As he tries to protect her from her uncle a bond blossoms between them. Overall, it is a really good story! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Rather than endure another day of abuse, Sarah flees her home, finds shelter in a crumbling tower and discovers love in the arms of her stepfather's enemy. Sarah Clinton shakes with fear every time her stepfather and stepbrother are in the same room as her. When her stepfather demands she marry his son to carry on the name, she refuses. She runs as hard as her crippled leg will carry her and finds refuge in an old deserted castle. It's not vacant for long, though, as the heir, Jamie MacIan, discovers her inside his ancestral home. He talks about ghosts and family curses, yet his kisses are pure heaven. She vows to keep her identity from him, for once he knows the truth, he'll surely seek revenge on her stepfather. Can this be love? Can she and Jamie break the curse through their love for each other? Or will they sacrifice their love to pay for what their ancestors did so long ago? MacIan's Gift is a truly special Scottish historical romance. I connected with Sarah right away and my heart went out to her several times. Her stepfather and his son are despicable animals who need to be fed to the dogs, slowly and painfully. It takes great writing talent to write such evil characters, but Terry Graham pulls it off with ease. The emotional narration is deep and grabs the reader's heartstrings. Both Sarah and Jamie deal with heart-wrenching circumstances yet the author portrays the abuse and grief with historical accuracy. The plot moves at a good pace with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. What makes this book so special are the romantic scenes. The author beautifully describes every facet of falling in love including emotional, physical, and spiritual with intricate detail. The reader gets to experience every sensation. So well done. If you're looking for an escape to historical Scotland, pick up MacIan's Gift. If you love historical Scottish romance, you've got to read MacIan's Gift. Highly recommend! My Rating: 5 stars

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MacIan’s Gift by Terry Graham. Set in Scotland this book follows the main characters Sarah, who has led a very sheltered life and Jamie MacIan who is a bard convinced there is a curse on his clan after many of them were slaughtered. After Jamie finds Sarah in the rundown castle of his family that he is planning to restore, he does everything he can to protect her from the stepfather she has escaped from. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In my opinion it has just the right amount of bloodshed, steamy romance and suspense. There was lots of wondering where it was going next, who would survive and what would eventually happen to the main characters.

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