A Promise of Forgiveness

An Uplifting Amish Romance

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Pub Date 22 Feb 2022 | Archive Date Not set

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“Jo Ann Brown’s writing is both powerful and charming. She provides a respite from the cares of the day and gives the invitation to join her for a journey of peace that lingers in the heart.”
—Kelly Long, national bestselling author

Every little secret is a chain to the past…

For Amish widow Naomi Ropp, moving back to her parents’ Bliss Valley home—with her boisterous twin toddler boys—is a chance to start over and bury the painful secrets of her marriage forever. But her life is turned upside down once again when she learns she’s not the only one hiding things. The parents she believed were always open and honest have been keeping a secret her whole life. And now her only confidant is her father’s new employee—a handsome Amish man who was once her childhood tormentor.

Samuel King knows more than anyone should about mistakes—and the way he treated Naomi is at the top of his list. But the shock of seeing her pretty face again is quickly overshadowed when they find a slumbering boppli abandoned on his porch. Caring for the sweet newborn together is finally bringing some peace to their troubled pasts. But when a spark leads to growing feelings as they start to look toward the future, Samuel must find a way to convince Naomi to trust the man he's become…and the promise of new love.


Secrets of Bliss Valley

A must-read novel from Love Inspired: Stories to Uplift and Inspire.


“Jo Ann Brown’s writing is both powerful and charming. She provides a respite from the cares of the day and gives the invitation to join her for a journey of peace that lingers in the heart.”

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A Promise of Forgiveness is a tale of Amish life and the way of the Englisher. When Samuel "jumps the fence" years ago and suffered greatly for it, he struggles to forgive himself for the mess he made for his Amish family. Naomi, trying to recover as a widow of a betrayal by her husband, struggles to put it behind her. Upcoming, events test her strength and ability to forgive. The storyline is a touching one, at times gut-wrenching, and brings forth lessons of forgiveness and redemption. The characters are well-developed and show weaknesses as well as a great strength to do God's will in spite of hanging on to the guilt. There are lots of twists that kept me wondering about the mysteries woven within the pages. The ending wrapped everything up nicely. Highly recommended. I received a complimentary copy from the author and willingly choose to review it.

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A PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS by Jo Ann Brown is the story of Naomi Ropp who is an Amish widow who has moved back to her parent’s house with her twin toddlers. A PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS is the second book I’ve read by Jo Ann Brown but it definitely won’t be the last. I loved this story from the very first page and I’m sure you will too. It is the second book in the Secrets of Bliss Valley series and I’m so excited to continue with the series. I found myself thinking about Samuel and Naomi long after I finished their story. I was totally invested in their lives and was cheering for them the whole time I was reading. Often, I was yelling at Naomi not to make the choices she was making and sometimes I was laughing out loud at the things she was saying. A PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS is about Naomi learning to trust her heart and Samuel as well as Naomi letting go of the past. Jo Ann Brown sure knows how to make the reader feel as if they are right there at the kitchen table with the family dealing with all their troubles. She made me sad, then the next moment I was smiling and giggling out loud! You can never go wrong with a Jo Ann book if you are a fan of the Amish genre. All of her characters feel genuine and relatable and put your emotions on one heck of a roller coaster ride. As you are reading, you will find yourself cheering for all of them, praying they can work out their problems and be happy once again. You will also wonder how much heartache a family can stand before it completely breaks down and splits. Flashbacks to when Naomi and Samuel were teenagers give the reader a taste of what they were like back then and what they were going through. A PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS is a heart tugging story that will hold you hostage until the very last page. Once I started this heartwarming story, it was very hard to put down! All of the Amish value their family time at the kitchen table. It is where they come together after a long, hard day of work. Is there a place at the table for Naomi and Samuel? A PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS brought back many memories of my own family dinners at our kitchen table and I found myself smiling while reading. I couldn’t wait to finish this wonderful story to see if Samuel was able to find balance in his life or would he just keep working while life passed him by. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Just Read Publicity Tours through Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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I'm going to say right off that I highly recommend this novel! I took my time to read this book because I wanted to savor it. I knew it was going to be awesome So many things that I absolutely loved about this book partly because I can relate to Naomi with all my heart on this one. Samuel was a perfect example of how certain things can happen to a person on a life's journey too. Brown has a wonderful way of bringing her characters to life and staying true to real life situations that life might throw at us. I especially enjoyed the mystery that was woven into the story to make it even more exciting! And secrets! Oh my! Lots of good things in this book! This is one story you don't want to miss and if you're like me you'll fall in love with the characters like I did! My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own

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This poignant story, second in the "Secrets of Bliss Valley" series by Jo Ann Brown, may affect readers differently. One reader might think to themselves that this author gets it. "I had something awful happened to me, and it circles around in my head and just won’t let go." While another reader might think, "I just don’t get it. That happened years ago. Why doesn’t she just 'get over it'." I fall into the former category. Naomi Ropp is a widow with very feisty two-year-old twin boys whose favorite word is “fun”. Naomi also has a remarkable memory. Too remarkable sometimes. Her life, other than the birth of her sons, has not been a particularly happy one. Her now dead husband, Marlin, was … Well, I’ll let you the reader find out why I wouldn’t waste one nanosecond mourning him. At least she had the farm. Until two Englischer strangers appear at her door with documents that say Marlin never bought the farm. She has ten days to be out. She and the twins move to Bliss Valley where she grew up to live with her Daed, (…you will like her father) who has a buggy repair business. But who is standing by her Daed, as she halts the wagon …? Samuel King! He and his two friends made her life unbearable growing up. And she remembers every horrible thing he (they) did or said to the exact number of years, days, and minutes. Yes, she has THAT kind of memory. Worse yet, he is Daed‘s assistant?! There is much more to this book. Such as: — A new-born boppli is left on the porch of the dawdi haus. — Samuel was severely injured in a car wreck and will never be the same man he was. — A woman appears claiming that Naomi is her … … … "A Promise of Forgiveness" has plots and sub-plots. The story has been carefully thought out by the author. The characters are rich, and the author gives you the time to know them. The pacing is excellent. There are some characters that are charming and others that you can’t stand. Bullying in any form causes pain to the victim. Depending on the type of bullying, it can resonate within the victim over and over. Abuse in a marriage isn’t always physical. Verbal bullying is painful too — just in a different way. As you read, keep in mind that Naomi has suffered from both. And even when you do not have her unique kind of memory, an action or a phrase can suddenly appear and repeat over and over in your head. Why? Because it hurt the person. Deeply. They don’t want to remember it. They just do. It is hard to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply — no matter how it was done. Please do not think this is a “downer” story. It isn’t. People triumph in "A Promise for Forgiveness." Joyful things happen. God’s love is shown through others. It is a wonderful story. I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, Harlequin – Romance, via NetGalley. I was not required to give a positive review. The opinions expressed are completely my own. Rating: 5 stars. Cover rating: Very nice. Attractive. Series & number: Secrets of Bliss Valley, #2. Pages: 336. Expected publish date: February 22, 2022. ========= Run date on my blog: Jan 23, 2022. Blog: https://lyndapbookreviews.idogenealogy.info/ I will update this edit on that day & add link(s) to where posted. Will post to Goodreads 11/28/21

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This is a Clean Amish Romance, and this is the second book in the Secrets of Bliss Valley series. I loved the characters in this book, and I feel that the characters are really developed. All the characters in this book is overcoming so much. There is a twist at the end, but I did see it coming/guessed what it was. I still really enjoyed reading the reveal of the twist, and I loved the ending so much. This is a Amish Romance that is so much more the a romance because this book as so much going on. All the Jo Ann Brown books I have read as this Amish twist on hate to love Romance, and this book is no different. The Hate to Love thing going on in this book I felt was a little over done. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Love Inspired Trade) or author (Jo Ann Brown) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that. This book is schedule to be release on February 22-2022.

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