Target: The Girl

Emily Calby Book 3

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Pub Date Dec 01 2021 | Archive Date May 15 2022

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Emily Calby’s destiny as a justice-seeker was cast at age twelve when two men invaded her rural Georgia home and murdered her family. The only survivor, she ran away and went missing. Ex-gang member Lucas Jackson took her in off the streets and became her family. He taught her a lot, including how to survive—and kill. Arrested for murder at sixteen, Emily discovered a new path to justice in a prison library. The Law. Yet the struggle within her to right wrongs by any means necessary continues.

Now she’s twenty and excited to start law school in sunny Florida. One problem. She’s being stalked. Or is she? Traumatized by her past, she lives in a state of hypervigilance where the ordinary seems ominous. A moved houseplant. An anonymous welcome note. A broken starfish. They’re nothing ... but still.

Determined to be the warrior and survivor Lucas taught her to be, she suffers in secret while navigating the rites and rigors of law school, where trouble follows her every move. From a budding romance that’s not what it seems to a legendary professor in need of help—and Justice.

Target: The Girl is book 3 in the Emily Calby Series, joining The Hiding Girl and The Girl in Cell 49B.

Awards for The Emily Calby Series:

—Best Psychological Thriller of 2021 (

—Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize Semifinalist

—IndieReader Discovery Award for Fiction

—Feathered Quill Medal for Mystery/Suspense

—National Indie Excellence Award Finalist

—Readers’ Favorite Awards in both Suspense and New Adult fiction

Emily Calby’s destiny as a justice-seeker was cast at age twelve when two men invaded her rural Georgia home and murdered her family. The only survivor, she ran away and went missing. Ex-gang member...

Advance Praise

"An exacting, imaginative crime thriller that does wonders with the development of its singular heroine. ... There may be no relationship in contemporary literature quite like Emily and Lucas, and every moment of interaction is a highlight. Highly recommended." —

"Dorian Box does an exceptional job of telling an entrancing story filled with conflict and action, while also shining a light on some of our society's most pressing social issues ... Emily Calby is a rich and complex protagonist ... a strong young woman who has also mastered the ability to cry in silence." — IndieReader (5-Star "IR Approved" Seal)

"A powerful and emotional story featuring a trauma survivor that will touch your heart." — Feathered Quill

"A marvelous mystery that will thrill readers who love drama, suspense, and female protagonists with attitude." — Readers' Favorite (5-Star Seal)

"Emily is a bruised, broken, yet tough-as-nails character that readers will instantly root for ... The book is a powerhouse and readers will find it impossible to not get absorbed." — The Book Commentary

"An exacting, imaginative crime thriller that does wonders with the development of its singular heroine. ... There may be no relationship in contemporary literature quite like Emily and Lucas, and...

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Featured Reviews

Third book in the series is by far the best as Emily has matured as a character and as a person. Being a One-L is tough enough, but when you’re a celebrity and being stalked, it gets even tougher. Throw in a sensitive heart for those who can’t really protect themselves, and you have an amazing character and a great story.

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5 Everything I Could Want And More Stars
* * * * * Spoiler Free And Yes, I Gave Up Sleep, Again!
I love when I fall hard for characters and the authors that write them. It happens when the crafting, stories, and the details in the stories are so strong, you feel like you know these people. When it happens with a Mystery/Thriller type, I become obsessed and will read in basically one sitting. Life's responsibilities will be put aside if possible, and I will be in my happy place.

The first time this happened with a Dorian Box novel was with The Hiding Girl (Emily Calby, #1). It then happened again with The Girl in Cell 49B (Emily Calby, #2). I sang my praises about these books and the author. I had always hoped another book would be coming but life goes on and you know how that goes.

And then I got the most wonderful email, an invitation to read Target: The Girl (Emily Calby, #3). I dropped everything and I am so glad I did.

Emily Calby is now twenty and beginning her first year at law school. We are with her every step of the way, experiencing her awkwardness with others due to her past history, her intelligence with her insight into the law and how it works, her attempt to assist her professors with mixed results, and her gut instincts that something isn't quite right where she lives.

Oh the tale, we get. We have Lucas, Emily's surrogate father figure since she was twelve, we get others who have been there for Emily in the past, and new people who play a part in her new environment.

Was this totally, totally perfect, almost. For me, what was so special was how Dorian Box kept the interest going until the very end of the tale. Yes, please, please give me more.

This can be read without the other books, however, they are so strong and worth your time, I would read them if possible. (Hint Hint, They are Kindle Unlimited...Just Sayin')

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Thank you Netgalley, Friction Press, and Dorian Box for the arc of this book! I read the second book in this series last year and immediately bought the first book. This is the third book and was just as good as the others. I loved it! The writing is so good I read it in one day. The story sucked me in and there were many different things happening I wasn't sure how the book would end. While I guessed one of the 'twists' it was actually so much better than I had imagined. Emily and Lucas are such great characters I can't wait for the next book to see what their next adventure is. If you're looking for a new series, I highly recommend this one. You won't be disappointed.

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"The Hiding Girl" was such a great book that I was worried the sequel would be disappointing. However, "The Girl in Cell 49B" turned out to be quite good. I was not sure how Dorian Box would be able to keep up the quality in the third book while making the story unique enough to not feel derivative. I need to stop doubting Mr. Box, because he has produced another good book with "Target: The Girl." I read the book in one night.

This book features Emily Calby attending law school in St. Augustine, Florida. As a law school graduate, I enjoyed the discussion of the law school classes and the 1L experience; invoking memories of my first year of law school.

Emily’s past trauma plays a significant role in this book, affecting how she interacts with classmates, professors, and the residents of the apartment complex where she lives, as well as how she reacts to events. The story involves multiple subplots, some of which center on threats or potential threats to Emily. However, Emily cannot help herself from getting involved in other people’s problems if she feels there is a potential injustice (much to the consternation of Lucas, who ends up having to provide assistance when Emily gets herself into trouble). In this case, it is potential exploitation of an elderly professor. In the afterward, the author reveals this subplot is based on an incident involving the author’s father. The story is a good mix of action, suspense, mystery, humor, and drama. Emily Calby remains a wonderful complex character whose story you will want to follow.

I received a copy of the e-book via NetGalley in exchange for a review.

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I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love Emily’s series. I jumped into book two without ever reading book one, but I didn’t really feel like I missed out. However, I definitely need to pick it up soon!

This is book three, following Emily at 20 years old at her first year of law school. She’s working hard while trying to solve her own personal “law” case and trying to decide if she’s being stalked or not.

As usual, it was a wild ride and I absolutely inhaled this book. I’m pretty sure I flew through it in about 3-4 days during breaks at work and spare time at home. Emily is just an amazing character you can’t help but wanting to root for. She’s perfectly strong yet vulnerable enough to relate to. I hope this isn’t the last time we follow Emily’s story because I already can’t wait for book four!

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Emily is an amazing character. She has endured more in her twenty years than most people do in a lifetime! Through it all she remains fearless, strong and good hearted. She always has Lucas by her side, her friend, mentor, father figure, all rolled into one. Now, at age twenty, Emily is enrolled in law school. She wants to help victims, those who do not have a voice and cannot find anyone to speak for them. But trouble seems to find her wherever she goes. I adore this series and hope there will be more of Emily.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This is the third book in this series and each book gets better. This book had a good mixture of mystery and suspense. There was enough suspense to keep the reader turning the pages to see what happens next. This is a book which will be enjoyed by all.

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Emily Calby has lived through more in her short life than most. She saw her mother and younger sister murdered, went on the run, was taken in by Lucas,a former gang member and trained in self defense and used that training that ended up in a murder and her incarceration. She briefly was the subject of unwanted attention both good and bad but is hoping to leave it behind as she begins a new life as a law school student in Jacksonville, FL. Lucas would have preferred she stayed closer to home but she tells him she wants to be by the beach. While Emily enjoys the challenges of her studies, reading people is more difficult for someone who has never had normal relationships and trouble seems to follow wherever she goes.
This is the third installment of the Emily Calby series and I loved each one of them. When asked for a book or author that is lesser known as a recommendation this one I cannot say enough good things about. Emily is a character you root and your heart breaks for and I love Lucas and would love a book centered on his character. I had a huge stack of books TBR but happily put them aside for anything this author writes. You could read this on its own but why deprive yourself? Start at the beginning with “ The Hiding Girl”. This is due for release December 1, 2021.

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This is the 3rd book in the series featuring Emily Calby; I've adored all three! This one has Emily heading off to law school at age 20 even though she's suffered horrific circumstances. She witnessed her parents being murdered and survived a stint in prison. Now she's a survivor, still being long-distanced mentored by Lucas, a gun-toting, savvy man who treats her like a daughter. But law school isn't what she planned as she is stalked by unknown people, and finds her apartment building isn't the safest. But of course she is a survivor (and a brilliant one at that) so you will be cheering as she encounters adversaries and makes friends. Who can she trust? Well, read it and find out (though it may keep you reading into the night); it's totally worth it!
Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!

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Target: The Girl is the 3rd book in the Emily Calby series. I loved the first two and loved this one as well. Not sure how it is possible that each book is better than the last. I fell in love with Emily in The Hiding Girl and am loving her even more now.
Emily is starting law school, but nothing is ever simple in her life. When you are famous for not so good reasons, life gets even harder. On top of all the other stuff she is dealing with she now has a stalker.
Her friend, mentor and savior Lucas is along for the ride in this one too. Lucas and Emily are both amazing characters.
I highly recommend this series.

A special thanks to Dorian Box (author) for the invitation to read this book via Friction Press and NetGalley.

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Very much thank NetGalley, Dorian Box and his publisher for the invitation to read this third book in the Emily Calby series.
Once again, I'm floored, breathless, and sleep-deprived from racing through yet another harrowing and heartfelt adventure in the ever dangerous life of young Emily Calby.
The survivor of a childhood forever altered by the horrific, senseless slaughter of her family, Emily has also endured and prevailed through an equally calamitous adolescence. If you've read the previous two books in this series, "The Hiding Girl" and "The Girl In Cell 49B", then you already know what I'm referring to. If you haven't, you should dive into Emily's life ASAP, though "Target: The Girl" still functions well as a stand alone
This new book finds Emily now 20 years old and starting her first semester of law school. And she's still a fiercely independent force to be reckoned with and and if endangered by those who mean her harm, she'll become a take-no-prisoners, fairly merciless avenging angel.
She's aided and sometimes scolded whenever necessary, by, her always formidable mentor/father-figure guardian angel Lucas, a former gang member criminal. who's had her back since her childhood escape from psychotic murderers.
And now she's facing two massive challenges..........taking on the grueling study load of a fledgling law student while dealing with a host of new and potentially lethal adversaries - sick, twisted stalkers who are either attracted or repulsed by her fame and notoriety (If that isn't enough on her plate, she also takes on the task of trying to rescue her elderly curmudgeon law professor from a pair of evil con-artists....)
What unfolds here is an infectiously entraining mixture of that law-school movie "The Paper Chase" combined with a fearless, yet heart-breakingly vulnerable heroine who's every bit the equal of Lisabeth Salender from the 'Dragon Tattoo' books. As with Emily Calby's previous two stories, I zipped through the pages at light speed.
It's never been easier for me to rate a book 5 stars and the only downside to finishing this one is the anxiety of wondering how long we'll have to wait for the 4rth book in the series. It can't come soon enough. I would declare my undying affection for Emily, but I most definitely wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea and mistake me for a stalker........

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Who needs sleep? Yes, I dropped everything and immediately downloaded this book. I have been waiting for what feels like forever! It was a thrilling, edge of my seat novel full of conflict and tension.

This is the 3rd book in the Emily Calby series. Emily is now in law school in Florida. She is thousands of miles away from Lucas and her emotions are running high. Stuck between moving towards her future and being on edge, Emily is just trying desperately to keep it together. She refused to change her name and knows its only a matter of time before people learn about her past. Emily just wants to move on with her life and despite her best attempts there are still people out to get her.

Thank you to Friction Press, NetGalley and the author for the #gifted copy of the book.

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I was so excited when I received an email giving me the chance to read the third Emily Colby book. I enjoyed the first two and couldn’t wait to start the third. I just love Emily’s character. She has been through so much in her short life, but yet she is a strong young lady. Thanks in part to her friend/father figure Lucas. He has his own criminal past, but he has always been there for Emily since her childhood. Dorian Box introduces us to some new and interesting characters in this book. One of my favorites being Professor Nemworth. This book is full of twists and surprises. It did not disappoint. I would love to see more of Emily Colby and Lucas. This series would make a great movie. Thanks for the chance to read this book. I would highly recommend reading the whole series.

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In this stunning sequel, we follow Emily Calby, law student. She is determined to make something of her life, even when she believes she is being stalked.

This is a fantastic novel that is also a quick read. I have loved these characters for years now, especially that of Emily. She is such a strong-willed woman that can't catch a break. But that doesn't stop her from trying to be the best she can be... with a little destruction to help those she cares about.

All the new characters we meet are interesting and exceptional. Each could be the mystery person Emily is sure is stalking her or it could just be the PTSD Emily is still working through. There is also a situation that the author writes that is heartbreaking enough to read, only to find out our author experienced it in her own life. Its that kind of situation that makes this book feel so realistic and hard to put down.

As this novel ended, part of me wants this to be the final book on Emily Calby, because as our characters have concluded, trouble finds her wherever she is. But at the same time, I really need to see how her life plays out and would absolutely love another book!

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Target the Girl by Dorian Box
Emily Calder #3

Coming into her own, Emily Calder is moving away from the man who saved her and helped her through the years twelve through twenty. Her future is focused on becoming a lawyer for victims and she is eager and ready to do so.

What I liked:
* Emily: strong, intelligent, reserved, lethal, has PTSD, triggers see her acting aggressively, difficulty making friends, closed off, younger than her classmates, there for those she cares about.
* Lucas: ex-gang member, computer savvy, Emily’s guardian and protector, a bit of a chameleon, kills when necessary, interesting, focused on Emily’s safety and wellbeing.
* Watching Emily as she navigated various issues she was faced with: male interest, friendship overtures, stalking, elder abuse, crushes, etc
* Thinking about the various issues and wondering if they were linked or separate
* The way Lucas’s speech impacted more than one – including Emily
* The twists, turns and surprises
* Professors Nework, Stafford and how they played into the plot
* That one of the baddies ended up being someone I could understand and feel a bit sorry for…a bit and only a bit
* That the baddies all were determined and dealt with one way or another
* Wondering what will happen next in Emily’s life

What I didn’t like”
* The bad guys…in school and out of it
* The warped thinking and behaviour of the bad guys
* Knowing that what the bad guys believed and did in this story no doubt exists in real life
* Having to wait for book four

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more in this series? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley, Friction Press, and the author for the ARC – this is my honest review.

4.5 Stars

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<i> Target the girl</i> is an action-packed work of fiction that follows up on the two excellent novels that proceed it. The protagonist Emily is a young woman who has a difficult upbringing, serves time in prison, and now must conquer the challenges of law school. This is the third novel in the “Emily Calby” series by Dorian Box

Emily Calby is now at 20 years old and ready to enter university. She has decided to study law because her upbringing has made it obvious to her that there are many injustices that need to be addressed in the courts. Soon after arriving at University Emily realizes that she is being stocked but no one believes her. There seems to be things out of order like one moved houseplant, an anonymous welcome note, and a broken starfish. These are small items but they make Emily nervous. Besides dealing a probable stocker Emily must solve the mystery of an elderly professor who is being victimized and, on a personal note, she must deal with her own experience with unrequited love.

The character of Emily is always very interesting. She always struggles with her own past and her resultant anger management issues. She finds a best friend who turns against her and her mentor Lucas, who has a quite a history of himself, questions her mental stability and insists she quit school and come home. Emily always seems to be swimming upstream, but she never quits.

The story itself is very interesting because it seems to be going on one track and then it quickly switches direction. There are a number of storylines. Emily moves from being in danger, to dealing with a con man, to being embarrassed in her love life and her relationships with her fellow students. All these perspectives keep the reader interested throughout the story.

I recommend this size story to anyone who likes a good mystery and a fast action paced novel with lots of twists. I give it a five on five. I want to thank NetGalley and the author Dorian Box for providing me with a digital copy of this book. I provide their review voluntarily.

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