Relic and Ruin

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Pub Date 07 Jun 2022 | Archive Date 07 Jun 2022

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The Banshee and the Wraith. They have the power to save the world—or destroy it.

In a place unlike any other, two brothers set off an ancient, epic, and never-ending battle. This world is controlled by the Necromancers and Reapers—one side pulls people back up through the earth, and the other cuts them down again. One ancient family, the Laheys, have been tasked again and again with keeping the balance between the worlds. And Nyx Lahey, born a Necromancer, but raised a Reaper, is on the front lines. Lately, though, Nyx is wrestling with her identity as she’s thrown into an adventure filled with prophecies and the kind of danger you can cut down with a giant scythe.

While chasing a creature that’s killing young girls, Nyx runs headlong—and gun drawn—into Erebus Salem. A hunter who has the ability to turn into a raven to escape danger, Erebus also harbors a secret: he’s not alive. He lives in Dewmort, a world in-between, where the souls of the dead reside, and where memory is all but erased. With no memory of who he is, his only connection to the past is a locket which ends up in Nyx’s hands. Determined to get it back, Erebus and his friends set watch on the Laheys, but they aren’t the only ones.

Other beings are lurking in the shadows. They know the truth about Erebus and Nyx. They know that the pair are the Relics, the only two powerful beings in the world capable of taking down the greatest evils known to any kind. Soon, Nyx and Erebus become the hunted, and must try and escape the evil plans of the war lord, Bellum.

Bellum wants the Relics for his own purposes. He needs them to raise his father, the original Necromancer, Neco. With his father by his side, Bellum believes he can rule the world—all of them—and destroy the Reapers once and for all.

Can Nyx and Erebus master their new found powers, and even if they do, can they survive?

The Banshee and the Wraith. They have the power to save the world—or destroy it.

In a place unlike any other, two brothers set off an ancient, epic, and never-ending battle. This world is controlled...

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Featured Reviews

I was given this ARC by the publisher in return for an honest review. Thank you so much to the publisher!!

Nyx was a necromancer (someone who can raise the dead), but was raised to be a Reaper (the enemy of necromancers). Erebus is a ghost with u finished business who works with other ghost Reapers. The only thing is Erebus has no idea where he comes from or how he died. When someone starts raising the dead in their area, Nyx and Erebus meet and feel drawn to each other. And after they keep meeting to help take down the army of the dead; they discover they are far more than they thought, and they are far more linked than they ever thought possible.

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the dynamics between Reapers and Necromancers and how dark and gritty it was. I loved the dynamic between Nyx and Erebus. I’m a sucker for fated loves. I also loved all the supporting characters. And how we followed around all the different aspects of the story, in our Earth, Dermont, and the Hallows. The magic system was very cool!

I did feel like the book was rushed and could have done a lot more world building and character development. I feel like we got just the basic rundown of the different worlds before we were moving on to the next. I also thought the characters could have been developed far more, if you’re going to have that large of a supporting cast I feel like there needs to be a lot more background and detail in what’s happening to them. Sometimes there would only be 1 paragraph explaining what’s happening to a particular character before we were moving on to the next perspective.

That being said I did thoroughly enjoy it, it kept my attention and I really was invested by the end. I’m giving this 3 stars, definitely a physical copy buy for me and I’ll definitely read any other sequels that come out!

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I really enjoyed this book because it was full of action and suspense! The main characters were unique and interesting as was the plot. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend readers try it.

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Reapers and Necromancers was never a duo I thought I would ever encounter but HERE WE ARE. AND IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. This was a very suspenseful book that had me turning the pages a little too fast sometimes that I had to force myself to slow down because the book is a little fast paced and if you miss some detail you get a little lost or miss some character development. Overall a very god fantasy book that I recommend!

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Necromancers, Reapers, and Zombies. It couldn't get better than this. I'm going to begin this review by mentioning the things I liked about the book. It's fast-paced but it doesn't take away from the storytelling itself. Nyx, the protagonist of the book is such a fun character to read about! Her family being Necromancers with Reaper abilities makes all the difference when you see her fight off her enemies. This book also has a mystery weaved into it, with the readers trying to figure out why Nyx and her counterpart Erebus are special. I also liked that each chapter was named after a phobia, I felt like it allowed me to guess what was to come next and built up the mystery.

I also liked that the Necromancers in the story had special powers/gifts. My personal favourite is Lilith who is described to be an Artifex. Which allowed her to create life and objects from anything. This includes fictional characters from books, so she's often seen interacting with Peter Pan! (I would so love to have this power.)

I also spotted that the main characters (Nyx and Erebus) were named after the Greek gods of night and darkness. Even though I don't think they played much part in it I got super excited when I saw those names in the synopsis.

However, the book has a list of supporting characters, and it almost feels endless. Due to that, I think that there's hardly any character development in the story. Whenever a new character or concept is introduced I forget it just as fast because there's so much to remember. The switch between some of the scenes felt abrupt at times making it confusing to read. I just wish there was more of the story!

Anyhow, I still enjoyed it! If the author decides to continue to the story I'm definitely going to read it!

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I wish I could say I enjoyed this. I loved the intro, it had me super hooked and giddy to begin reading. Even the first few chapters were great. But by about a quarter through the book, I started to lose interest and I don't remember much after the first half of the book. I love all the names and different fears though.

I'd like to thank Netgalley for this chance to read and review this story.

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I loved this story. my only complaint is it wasn't long enough I would have loved more world building. I loved the chapter titles I had to go and Google some to see if they were real 🤣 found out some interesting facts. I hope the author writes more following on this book.

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Note: Thank you to Netgalley & the publishers for allowing me access to this arc!

My Review
Right from the start ("In the Beginning”), I knew this book was going to be a fast-paced book that I wouldn't be able to put down. And boy, was I right! Relic and Ruin is an exciting adventure that I had no problem sliding through.
This book fits into the YA and Fantasy categories perfectly. So if that is what you are looking for, then read on! Now I need to add the author's other books to my tbr.

The Good Things
1. The main characters are all written well.
2. I want to mention that the relationships between the necromancers and reapers are intriguing and definitely add a bit more dimension to the overall book. It's an interesting relationship dynamic and certainly one that I have not seen written before.
3. I also love the monsters and zombies that are mixed into the chaos. Talk about exceptional world-building.
4. The book is fast-paced and action-packed. 

The Bad Things
1. I SPED through this book, which in my opinion, is a good thing! Others may see it as a bad thing, as they may want a book with a bit more UMPH that isn't so rushed.
2. Some of the supporting characters are a bit lackluster.
3. The last chapter was NOT my favorite. However, it did leave me wanting to read the next book in the series! I suppose that is the point, though. 

My Final Rating:
☆☆☆☆ (Goodreads)
☆☆☆☆ (Blog)

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I have to say I adored this book! Thank you so much #netgalley, for allowing me to read this eArc of #RelicandRuin by #WendiiMcIver. I love the story of Erebus and Nyx! I love the way they followed the story of Grim and Neco and their families through the centauries. The story follows descendants of Neco and Grim who are the originals that eventually in a way destroy each other and so their power is passed through to others in their stead called Relics and Ruins. The most powerful of the Relic and Ruins are Amore. Mortem is an interesting character, he seems like he would be not a wonderful person but I actually really liked him and he is a very powerful Necromancer. The story follows Reapers, Necromancers, Seers and several other types of supernatural beings. Its a great book I can't wait for it to come out so I can purchase!!!!!

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Thank you to Wattpad Books and NetGalley for providing a free e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

Relic and Ruin tells the story of Nyx and Erebus, two unusual people in an already unusual world. Surrounded by necromancy and 'reaping' - where one side can bring the dead back to life while the other can cut them dead - this novel has one of the most interesting and well developed magic systems in recent fantasy. With subplots that offer relevant and enjoyable distractions from the main narrative, the story is, for the most part, well paced. The ending could have been slightly more fleshed out yet it didn't feel as though anything was missing, just that more would have been welcomed.

Side characters such as Chasity, Alice, Damon and Hatter offer intrigue yet are never fully realised enough which can be rectified in future novels within the series however, within Relic and Ruin, they do tend to lack punch.

While the magic system is incredible and we see a lot of world building - and without info-dumping, too - there is so much going on within each world, be it Dewmort, Earth or the Hallows that there will be so much still to discover in subsequent novels to fully create these exciting worlds.

Ultimately this was an incredible read and one which could not be put down and the other novels in the Born From Chaos saga will definitely highly anticipated. An easy contender for book of the year.

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Thank you Net Galley and the Publisher for a free ARC in exchange for honest review.

Initially when I first started reading this book It was right up my alley. The first scene started with a lot of action and was intense. This story involved necromancers and reapers and a long time rivalry between ancient brothers. Nyx and Erebus are relics that if working together contain an enormous amount of magic. They are their worlds best hope at being saved.

As the story progressed I felt that we drifted from this intense modern scary setting to the setting of Halloweentown. I felt that the book started out at more of a mature reading level than turned more into a cartoony rendition of just reapers and necromancers and Aton of other fairy tale creatures. I was able to read the book until the very end but I just felt like the story had no real direction and good character building other than the fact that the two main characters needed work in unison to save their world. I still enjoyed parts of this book at times I just felt like the overall story was not very interesting and got worse as the book went on.

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This one was a blast to read. I love the take on a book with elements of one of my very favorite holidays, Día de los Muertos. Thank you to the author Wendi McIver for this epic tale of kick-assery and thank you Wattpad Books publisher for the ARC copy. When this book comes out I hope everyone grabs and enjoys because this one isn't quite like the others (meaning other the fantasy genre) and I mean that as a compliment. If you are looking to read a book with the flair and intrigue of the Kingdom of the Wicked series and characters that make you want to swoon first and ask for their monster identification (or pulse) after–then this book is for you.
The pace may feel a bit quick at first, but it didn't bother me at all. The visuals the author takes your imagination through are a colorful landscape of worlds beyond the natural and there are even a few characters you might recognize from other classic tales with a new take on them that feels completely natural. I LOVED IT ALL, especially considering "Alice's Adventures..." is my all time favorite and Hatter my most favorite of all characters.
The tale revolves around an ageless and ancient feud between necromancers and reapers and the roots of hate that span over centuries. There are being of great power called relics and lets just say... the addition of an Amare (l'amour) bond is a Ben & Jerry's flavor of ice cream my sweet tooth craves every time–a perfectly shy slow burn romance that is as sweet as my mama's homemade pecan pie.
My only bit of constructive criticism is a bit of confusion following how the "relics" gene is passed from one family member to the next. I got a bit tied when trying to figure out the exact timeline, or how long after death, Erebus carried this Relic gene when other relic Amare couples are mentioned through time (i.e. Romeo and Juliet, etc.) Isn't Erebus older than them? If he was carrying the relic gene (even after death) then how did they get it? It wouldn't have passed to them if he still had it. It was a timeline knot for me.
If you are looking for an action packed, character driven, multi POV read with all the making of a series you'll stick around for until the end, then make sure you mark the calendar and/or pre-order before June 2022 release.

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I loved the characters in this book. It was extremely well written. I had heard some really good things about this book and it lived up to the expectation. I’m extremely extremely excited and hyped for the release of the next book.

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bibliophobia-the fear of books… Thank you to the publisher and the author for this book! I loved this book! It was horror/mystery/fantasy. The story follows nyx lahey and her family which are necromancies that attend the reaper academy. Reapers battle to keep the dead at bay and demons. Nyx and family are traitors to their necromancy side bring Erebus who’s somehow dead and doesn’t remember how. This then goes into another world full of history wraiths and banshees This story will keep you up reading all night I loved the plot and the characters. My favorite was the lahey girls all of them and their quirks Read this book!

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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I first need to say this book was amazing. The world building was absolutely incredible with the diffrent 'species' and just the entire history that was created for this story, I could see how much time was spend on this world and I honest to god can't wait for the next book, I can't believe you left me on a cliffhanger.

I did choose to only give 4 stars and here is why: There were a LOT of characters. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing but a lot of characters got their own pov in some way and I sadly couldn't keep track of who is who and who they are to the main character.

Second, the relationship. Altough I did really like Erebos and Nyx, and I even shipped them, their relationship felt very rushed for where they started. They didn't like eachother at the beginning and then suddenly... they did?

And last: The story itself felt rushed. I feel like this book easily could've had 500+ pages and I would've read easier away then I did now. Some parts were just too quick where they should've been slow, while the fighting scenes seemed really long.

But everything together, I think this book is going to do some great things for the fantasy world and I'm excited for it to be available for everyone :)

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First impressions: love the lore. The magic system is unique and interesting. Quick worldbuilding, lots of character introductions at the beginning.

Reapers and Necromancers. Magic and horror. Creatures from the inbetween. Mystery and intrigue.

Nyx is from a family of Necromancers, but trained as a Reaper. Necromancers aren’t trusted, nor are their abilities and gifts. Reapers expel creatures from the inbetween to keep the world safe. Struggling with her identity, with prophecies and history, she’s doing her best.

Erebus is a hunter. A human trained to hunt the inbetweeners as well. Able to turn into a raven to escape danger. Oh, and he’s dead. And lives in the inbetween. And has no memory of who or what he was before.

Together they must put aside differences to survive. They are Relics, the only ones who can stop the evils that are to come, and key to a plot to resurrect the first Necromancer and really cause some chaos. And boy, will there be chaos.

Okay so I really enjoyed this book. It grabbed me from the initial tale of Grim and Neco and had me in a chokehold until the end. Great world building, good fight sequences, and i loved the relationships between Nyx and her family, Erebus and his brothers in arms, and Nyx and Erebus.

The twists and turns of the plot, from prophecies and deceit, added to the thriller/horror element and I just ate it UP.

Also: I love that every chapter starts out with a phobia and what it means. Cool trivia is fun for me

TW/CW: death, violence, graphic horror, blood, necromancy, clowns (I added this one bc KILLER CLOWNS wig me out.)

Was this review helpful?

Unfortunately, I cannot say much about this book because if I do, I will not stop! If you like witch craft, necromancers, beautifully written story, characters that you can relate to and a plot to leave you on the edge of your seat? Please just read it.

Was this review helpful?

the book art is beautiful i love a good skull image. I enjoy the lore of this book, even the prologue was interesting to read to find out what originally happened with the 2 brothers that fell in love with the same woman. the necromancer and grim reaper concept actually reminds me of an old show that i watched a while back it might be called reaper but I am not sure. Nyx's family are necromancers but they are converted or more modern and they act like reapers. through out the book there are various tales/lores that are also incorporated into the book. i would love to see this book turn into a tv show. i read this arc and this is my voluntary review.

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I would like to thank NetGalley, Wattpad Books and Wendii McIver for providing me with an ARC of ‘Relic and Ruin’ in exchange for an honest review.

From the first page of prologue the author begins to build a wonderfully dark world filled with Necromancers and Reapers. Within the world of ‘Relic and Ruin’, Necromancer and Reapers exist in constant tension with the other following an ancient battle begun by two brothers.

Nyx Lahey, and her family, are Necromancers, born with the ability to raise people from the dead, but have neglected their nature and have become Reapers - keeping the balance between the worlds and cutting down those who have been raised. Whilst chasing a zombie with an interest in murdering young girls, Nyx bumps into Erebus - another hunter with a secret.

Unbeknown to Nyx and Erebus, they are Relics, known as the Banshee and the Wraith - the two most powerful beings in the world capable of taking down the greatest, and even the most ancient, of evils. However, will Nyx & Erebus be able to control their powers to save the world, or will they be the cause of its destruction.

When I first saw this book I was completely intrigued by the fantastic premise and beautifully designed cover. The world building was beautiful and the characters were well-written. I definitely would be interested in reading the next book in the series, and would love to see how Nyx and Erebus’s story ends.

An interesting read for anyone interested in dark fantasy young adult books.

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This was amazing, necromancers, reapers, gods, a war. Everything you want in a book. Slight romance but it is not the most important part of the book which i love. So many complex characters this was absolutely brilliant. The way this was written in third person but deep into perspectives of the characters made it feel kind of like an old story in the best way!

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