When I'm an Entrepreneur

Dreaming is Believing: Business

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Pub Date 10 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 15 Jun 2022

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What does it take to be an entrepreneur?
The delightful images in this unique picture book allow children to ponder over the characteristics of an entrepreneurial spirit while building their self-belief.
Career gender stereotypes and self-efficacy start to form in early childhood. This book encourages children to Dream Big and Aim High.
Expand your child’s imagination with the companion Activity Book - out soon.
Find the details for the grown-up entrepreneur hidden within the images - for more information visit the author website.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?
The delightful images in this unique picture book allow children to ponder over the characteristics of an entrepreneurial spirit while building their...

Advance Praise

An absolutely adorable sequel in a fantastic series!

I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of these after loving the last book 'When I'm a Surgeon' so much and this certainly lived up to the expectation.

The author, Samantha Pillay, inspires the next generation of female entrepreneurs by showcasing entrepreneurial qualities alongside beautiful illustrations. I think that the author's mission to break gender stereotypes formed at a young age is incredibly important for the future of generations to come.

To all those who have ever wanted a children's book that has a meaning and purpose behind the story (sometimes just so you don't fall asleep with boredom while reading!); this book is for you.

Even if your child might need to revisit some of the more complex messages when they're older, just introducing them to the word 'entrepreneur' is an excellent head start.

I also loved the author's article on her website (https://samanthapillay.com/fun-facts-about-when-im-an-entrepreneur) which mentions smaller details and their meaning hidden throughout the book, which adds a fun bonus for both adult and child. I never thought I'd learn something from a children's book but there you have it.

An excellent second instalment in the series and I can't wait for more!

An absolutely adorable sequel in a fantastic series!

I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of these after loving the last book 'When I'm a Surgeon' so much and this certainly lived up to the...

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I was looking to increase my NetGalley percentage and this caught my eye. I haven't seen many children's books on entrepreneurship, and was so excited to see this! The illustrations are so cute, and the message is great. I love how the author highlights a non-traditional career path!

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The concept is beautiful and is a must, must for children. The illustrations bring the book alive. Amazing. It'll sure leave an impact on kids.
With basic english and colourful illustrations, the author talks not just about working hard and achieving dreams but also about helping others and giving back.
Too very adorable.

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I liked this a lot - it was really empowering and really should help girls see all the benefits of being entrepreneurial. The only feedback I would give is that the book doesn't really ever say *what* an entrepreneur is!

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As a mom of a 13-month-old girl, "When I'm an Entrepreneur" but Dr. Samantha Pillay checks off so many boxes. The story is full of aspirational language, encouraging readers to imagine themselves achieving success, embodying important qualities for success, and putting in the work. The author's explanation of key illustrations (available on her website: https://samanthapillay.com/fun-facts-about-when-im-an-entrepreneur) helps parents extend the story for older children ready for deeper conversations. For children (boys and girls) of all ages, it is so important for them to see books that depict successful women — and this book does that beautifully.

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Inspirational and absolutely adorable. This book should be gifted to every young girl on the planet! As a first gen college graduate and now a passionate mentor of young women, this book's overarching message is profoundly beautiful and incredibly moving. Dream big, aim high and celebrate your individuality, every single day!

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This book for children is so great. I love to read about empowerment especially in children's books. Especially for girls and women. In the past most of the entrepreneurs were men. But now women and girls of all ages are dominating the entrepreneurship. Positive reinforcement for the younger generation is a must and this book does exactly that. Great, great book. The illustrations are beautiful and it gets the point across.

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My first impression of the book is the incredible use of color, the pages are vibrant and pleasing to look at. Harry Avera tells the story through the illustrations. There is so much going on in each page that the lack of dialogue does not take away from the actual story, instead this added to it. I enjoyed the page where the headings are posted onto the whiteboard encouraged daily routine and goals, which teaches that goals can be achieved through education and physical health. Dr. Samantha Pillay, the author teaches through her words that young women can reach their desired goals, "I'll do what others say can't be done." Dr. Pillay posts on the inside cover, a website where the reader can download coloring pages and research through additional resources. The website makes the story continue on even after the last page. The book is a second addition to Dr. Pillay"s series and I am looking forward to the next installment. I gave this charming book, a five out of five stars and I appreciate the opportunity to read this book. Thank you NetGalley, Dr. Samantha Pillay, illustrator Harry Aveira, and publisher, in return of an honest review.

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A fantastic book for little humans with big dreams and goals. This book teaches young readers all about how to succeed in anything they want. This book is motivational and inspirational. It empowers children to think big and to never take no for an answer. It teaches that they can own and run their own business and teaches them the goals that will help them on their journey. From reading, persevering and learning from mistakes, the book tackles all the qualities children will need.

I absolutely adored this book and parents everywhere with daughters should add this to their bookshelves. It was a delight to read. It had bright and vibrant illustrations with a cartoon-ish feel that were cute and captivating for young readers. The repetition of some of the sentences will make it easy for young readers to jump in and join in reading aloud. The book is filled with great statement sentences that can become mantras for young girls to repeat to themselves, reminding themselves that they have the ability to do anything they want if they work hard.

One of the great messages in the book is to embrace what makes you different. Your ideas are as unique as you are. You have to believe in yourself, but the book does not shy away from the fact that it is going to take a lot of hard work and effort. There is a job for you out there where you can showcase your special talents, whether it is building or drawing. A fabulous tale to help empower young girls to go after their dreams whatever they may be.

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I picked this up on a whim and I love it! Its so cute and its such a great message for kids with amazing pictures!
I am gonna make my siblings read it!
Love it:))

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This is such an adorable book. I especially enjoyed the way Pillay helps show the reader what an Entrepreneur is while engaging the reader with a colorful text. Well done!

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Vibrant pictures. A great message.

Young ones will be exposed to important vocabulary. The simplistic pictures, along with the repetitive text, help the reader grasp the story.

A fabulous read for every library, classroom, and home!!

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I love it. I loved the positive imagery, the feeling of girl power, and the realistic parallels to being in business. As a female in business I felt compelled to request this one although I don’t typically review childrens books. But this makes me want to see what else the author has done and I have the perfect idea next time I’m gifting childrens books (which is often to many friends and family). Thanks for the opportunity to review.

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While reading the latest email from Netgalley, the cover of When I'm An Entrepreneur caught my eye. The title was intriguing and Aveira's illustration of the young woman. Books like these are priceless. Our young and older women need to be reminded of what they can do with the power of entrepreneurship.

From touching lives to doing what was once thought impossible, When I'm An Entrepreneur is a powerful little book. The illustrations were crisp and neat, depicting a possibly mixed-race young woman. This depiction is critical, as all readers should identify with the story.

I wish the story featured a diverse picturization of our world's ethnic makeup. This would add more substance to the already powerful message.

This text is perfect for all young women, regardless of color. Additionally, libraries and afterschool programs can use this text to help young women learn how to create affirmations.

I highly recommend this book to public and school libraries.

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Similar to 'When I am A Surgeon' by the same author, this one covers all the expectations and daydreams children have from their future job as an entrepreneur. Personally, becoming an entrepreneur is a great career option that I didn't think of as a kid, and this book can help children open up to a different possibility from a young age. I think kids and parents will enjoy reading, and rereading this book.

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This picture book combines many concepts relevant to today’s society. It introduces the role of the entrepreneur to girls, many of whom have probably never heard this term before. The lively illustrations in the big-eyed style of Pixar movies will easily capture the attention of young readers. The story combines two equally important themes, both practical and aspirational. While showing what the role of an entrepreneur is, the author emphasizes that self confidence and creativity are the tools needed to start you on the journey.
This is a book that is best introduced by a teacher or parent because it really opens the door to new worlds. Once the door is opened, the reader will enjoy returning to this attractive story on her own. My only reservation is that with such lofty goals depicted, a reader might get discouraged at her own less-than-perfect accomplishments. On the other hand, it has been said that your goals should exceed your grasp and this may be just the book that spurs a young inventor or businesswoman on.
Thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this to read and review.

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BOOK REVIEW: When I'm An Entrepreneur by Samantha Pillay
Series: Inspirational Careers For Kids | Book 2
Publication Date: 2021


T.I.M.E. Recommended By Genre: Children's Books

Dream big... Aim high... ✨😎✨

T.I.M.E. Book Review: This book (and series!) speaks to my heart in a big way!... Introducing "young girls on the rise" to inspirational careers that encourage them to make their own path in life in a big way... Bonus points for integrating business terms into the narrative that does not underestimate a young reader... And initiates meaningful discussions for pulling back the curtain on what a girl can achieve... ✨😎✨
Pages: 36
Genre: Children's Books
Sub-Genre: Nonfiction
Time Period: Present Day
Bonus: Activity Book Available

Book: When I'm A Surgeon by Samantha Pillay
Movie: Hidden Figures


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Thank you to the author Samantha Pillay and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this beautiful Advanced Digital Reading Copy.

The Illustrations grabbed my eye when I was looking for books to review on NetGalley. I liked the positive message that girls can do anything. It reminded me of myself as a kid believing that I could do anything.. It is heartwarming and I think it appeals to children.

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This is a cute children's book that has a great message. Lots of times when you are reading kids books to little ones, they are all about monsters and princesses and unicorns, but this one works hard to teach a few ideas that will be useful throughout a kid's life, whether they eventually decide to become an entrepreneur or not.

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I received an electronic copy from the author through NetGalley.
Pillay captures the energy and commitment involved in being an entrepreneur. Her text along with Aveira's illustrations pull younger readers in and offer them the opportunity to see themselves on this career path. Her chosen points show the work involved in succeeding and then sharing that success with others. I love the way she represents looking beyond yourself to be part of the larger community. A terrific read as readers begin to think about their futures.

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This is a great read for kids who want to make their own mark on the world. I really liked the artwork, I just wish it were longer.

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"When I'm an Entrepreneur" is a positive look at female leadership from the aspirational perspective of a young girl but packed with key reminders about giving, self-care and leadership for women who have already made her journey. Beautifully illustrated.

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This book should be on every young girls bookshelf! It sends a powerful message to girls that they are capable of so much! This book highlights what it takes to be an entrepreneur and introduces this concept/career path to girls who may have never been aware of all they can accomplish in life! I loved the use of positive affirmations and future talk which encourages the reader to picture themself in those roles.

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What a great book to teach girls that they can do anything! This is a series, actually! I love how the author makes it realistic but doesn’t dumb down the terminology for the readers. The illustrations are fantastic! I love the hidden “Easter eggs” throughout the books. If you go to the authors page, she explains what each item means. So fascinating!!

Thank you to NetGalley and Samantha Pillay for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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Simple and yet powerful in getting across the attributes of not just being an entrepreneur but also promoting being an ethical and compassionate one. Aimed at giving girls a role model to aspire to, this book shows girls that they aim high and can achieve their dreams.
I like the note from the author that talks about self esteem and self belief being something that starts early. As such it’s an excellent addition to any preschool classroom and library.

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This book shows a young girl picturing her life as an entrepreneur. On each page there are positive affirmations, a variety of career choices, and the idea that trying new things will be challenging but always possible. Each page has about 1 sentence and they all start with the phrase "When I'm an entrepreneur". This makes the book quite accessible for young readers. The pictures are so detailed and interesting.

I could definitely see this book fitting in to a classroom library in the PreK-2 level or in families with young children. The idea that girls should be able to see themselves of capable of anything is an important message to send to young girls, and this book would be engaging for children in that age group. As a Grade 3 teacher I think this would be slightly below my student's interest and reading level, but not by a lot. I would definitely recommend this book to early years teachers and families.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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