Glorious Poison

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Pub Date 09 Jun 2022 | Archive Date 09 Jun 2022

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The daring and dramatic conclusion to Kat Dunn's epic C18th French Revolution YA trilogy 'with lashings of lust, love, sacrifice, betrayal and horror'.

Robespierre is dead. The Reign of Terror is over. As Royalist strength grows, the Duc de L'Aubespine plots a coup that will consign the revolution to history. With Olympe in his clutches, he believes nothing can stop him. But he's reckoned without the intrepid Battalion of the Dead!

Reunited in Paris, Ada is poised for action – but if she plays her hand too soon, everything she's sacrificed to gain his trust will be lost. Meanwhile, an unlikely alliance with an old enemy might be Camille's only option to save Olympe and stop the duc in his tracks.

The glittering and macabre bals des victimes and the eerie catacombs make the perfect backdrop for the final episode of the Battalion's tale.

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The daring and dramatic conclusion to Kat Dunn's epic C18th French Revolution YA trilogy 'with lashings of lust, love, sacrifice, betrayal and horror'.

Robespierre is dead. The Reign of Terror is...

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Featured Reviews

This was a really enjoyable read that I finished really wuickly. It was well written with a compelling storyline and well developed and engaging characters. I have read some books set within this time perios that mention the French Revolution and this one felt different, It was well researched and was full of vivid descriptions and rich imagery that made me fell like I was there - and also very glad I wasn't. I will definitely be getting thewhole set in physical copies as I would love to read over and over and anootate etc.
A really good read.

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The author tackles a difficult historical period with great skill, I think the French Revolution is very hard to portray accurately. The characters are well drawn making this the best, in a series of exceptional books. I really enjoyed the novel. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for giving me a copy of the book which is highly recommended.

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I am so sad this series has come to the end! Thanks to NetGalley for sending me an ebook to review.

Glorious Poison is the third and final book in the Battalion of the Dead trilogy. A historical fiction, full of magic, and Frankenstein vibes series. Book 1 is Dangerous Remedy and I have loved every book in this series.

I have fallen out of love of historical fiction in recent years but this series is the perfect balance of history with the body snatches and conflict between France and England, and magic! The plot is well paced and so many deceptions and secrets kept me reading until the early hours of the morning as I needed to know how it ended.

I can't wait for my physical copy to arrive so I can complete my hardback collection.

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Glorious Poison is the third and final book in Kat Dunn’s brilliant Battalion of the Dead series. Picking up after the events of Monstrous Design, we follows Camille and her battalion as they attempt to rescue Olympe from the hands of the Duc and stop him from destroying the revolution.

For the last two years the installments of this series have been among my favourite books of the year, so Glorious Poison was one of my most anticipated releases of 2022. I absolutely did not want this series to end and ended up rereading books one and two over a weekend in preparation. Dunn has done an incredible job of bringing all the characters and story arcs together. The ending was everything I was hoping for and while I’m sad it’s over, I cannot wait to see what Kat Dunn writes next.

I won’t say much about the plot because it is the third book in the series, but safe to say there is plenty of action and moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. I love seeing the tricky situations the battalion finds themselves in and the clever ways they get out. I love the historical setting in this series and Dunn’s vivid and beautiful writing really brights the sights and sounds of 18th Century France to life.

While I absolutely love all the action and heists in this series, what has captivated me most throughout the three books are the brilliant characters. They have all gone on such a journey over the three books and I am so sad to say goodbye to them. Dunn brings the story to a satisfying conclusion and I think the battalion will forever be some of my favourite characters of all time. I am not particularly a romance person but I love the relationship between Ada and Camille. They’re both such fascinating characters dealing with secrets from their past and I really enjoyed the way Dunn developed their relationship over the course of the series.

Glorious Poison is a magnificent conclusion to an epic YA fantasy series. If you’re caught up with the series you absolutely need to pick up Glorious Poison. If you haven’t yet had the chance to pick up Dangerous Remedy, now is the perfect time to binge the entire trilogy.

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Reading Glorious Poison was like returning to old friends. I had settled back into the story in no time and, as with the previous two books, I found I finished the book really quickly as I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.
I was shocked, relieved and shocked some more. Kat Dunn really kept all her surprises well hidden until they needed to be revealed. Glorious Poison was an emotional rollercoaster but one I would read all over again.

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You know when you pick up a final book in a series and you just KNOW that the author is going to take your heart, rip it from your chest, kick it about a bit then put it back as if nothing has happened. Am I being dramatic? Maybe, but am I telling the truth with Glorious Poison? I think I am justified to make this statement. Kat Dunn honestly did this to me, I was not expecting what happened several times in this book, and we have spoken - again yes you read that right I commented on one of her TikToks and voiced my Emotional Damage at certain sections, politely of course.

So Glorious Poison picks up where we left it in book two emotionally damaged, not knowing what was going on, hating several characters for their choices and wanting everyone to be happy and healthy and reunited with Olympe and Guil or should I say saving them. The Battalion of the Dead has a lot to do to save two of their friends, try and beat the Duc on his nefarious plans and come to terms with one of their own turning against them oh wait I forgot and for Camille poor Camille who is trying so hard to strive forward but is becoming increasingly ill.

I honestly wanted to gather all of these characters together and then individually wrap them in cotton wool. To protect them at all costs from something happening to them. Can't say that this actually happens as if you look at the first paragraph Kat Dunn has done something that made me cry and shout holy crap no when I read it. I love that there is so much representation within this book, we had biracial lesbian main character, Black main character a Bisexual main character and a Gay main character.

The previous two books focus more on Camile and Ada but this book diversifies more and we get to see more of Al (favourite character) Guil and Olympe and Ada. We also got to see more of James who become more of a main character in book two. But we shall not speak of James, you need to read the book. Al I felt had the biggest growth in this story, he got to know himself more and he honestly found himself and my little heart was so happy for him. Not going to say it was easy along the way but he made it.

Does this book have some heartbreak, yes yes it did. Was there tension in this book? Yes there is, and boy was it tense at times my heart honestly was pumping through. This book I honestly did not want to end, I'm sad that it did but also happy with the ending. Ok I am lying I am not happy with the ending as something happens right at the ending that I am NOT HAPPY WITH.

This book honestly needs to be on everyone's shelves and read. it, this is a brilliant YA fantasy with great representation. It has hit all the right spots for the fantasy read with magic, tension, the evil villain, arc redemptions and maybe a few kisses here and there. I highly recommend this series.

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Glorious Poison is the conclusion to the Battalion of the Dead trilogy, and oh my, does it go out with a bang. This book did NOT lower the stakes - putting pretty much everyone on the line, including me (I think my heart stopped at a couple of points).

I think this was a very successful novel and conclusion to the trilogy as a whole. It managed to wrap up the story in a well paced and well written manner, bringing the trilogy to a solid close. I do think some moments felt a bit out of place, such as a romance between two characters that felt like it came out of the left field and then ended before it even began. It felt random, and I understand it added more tragedy/sadness/grief to the story, but also it did feel oddly placed. I think if the relationship didn't end so suddenly I would have felt better with it, as it would've ended more openly, but no . . . it just didn't seem to fit right in the story with how it was done.

Overall though, I really liked this book and the trilogy as a whole. I loved the character development, in particular with Al.

I would recommend this trilogy if you're in for some historical fiction with a touch of sci-fi, a story of found families (that's not without some trouble), and a tense, stressful plot that puts those relationships (familial and romantic) to the test.

Thank you to Head of Zeus/Zephyr for this e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

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Glorious Poison is a solid series ending, fast-paced and keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. You’re kept wondering just how the story will end—especially when things are at their most hopeless—but Kat Dunn pulls off an epic ending.

The story opens up a few weeks following the end of Monstrous Design and, since that is quite an ending, I won’t tell you a thing about what happened in order to avoid spoilers. Glorious Poison continues at the same pace as its predecessors, not taking a moment’s pause before it leaps into the story.

And this works for it, to be honest. I wouldn’t want to read a third book in a series that’s slow, especially not one that follows on from the ending that this one did. It needed to be pacey and action-filled and it definitely fit that remit.

As with the previous books too, these are characters who you’re rooting for all the way. It’s also great to see how they’ve developed from the first book and how Dunn’s writing has developed with them. I think that’s always the best part of a debut series, for me, seeing an author’s writing develop as it does in real time.

But, and this is really only a small but, I think the reason I went for a 3.5 rating when my previous ratings had been 4.5 and 5 is just because I’ve changed as a reader. There have been so many other books I’ve read since book 2, and I definitely think my tastes have changed a fair bit (for one, I’ve been reading less YA fantasy and more adult contemporary…), so I think that this is simply an unfortunate casualty of that.

However, that said, I did still enjoy this book! I thought it was a good ending to the series, and this is still a series I’d recommend highly. Really, the only issue was me.

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{AD|GIFTED} This was a bittersweet ending to an incredible trilogy. The Battalion des Morts are back for one final adventure and stakes are at an all-time high. With the Duc advancing his monstrous plans, the Battalion scattered once again, and Camille succumbing to her illness, everything seems to be going wrong for the gang. However, as the author is keen to emphasise, there is always hope and sometimes it is as simple as taking one step at a time into the light.

I would highly recommend this trilogy to all historical fiction fans and those who enjoy a well-written found family story. The plot is fast-paced and engaging, leaving the reader frantically turning the pages to find out what happens next. The atmospheric setting of Revolutionary France is richly detailed. But it's the characters and their dynamics that shine through, especially the w|w romance between Camille and Ada, and the friendship bond shared by the group. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this trilogy.

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I am so sad that this series is over.
I have loved going on this journey with these characters and have grown to love each and every one of our rag tag group.

This was an epic conclusion that had me audibly gasping and near to tears. Kat Dunn has this amazing way of just drawing you in and feeling as if you're a part of the crew.

This book wraps up the series in the way I needed it to and was perfectly paced. It never once felt too rushed or too slow.

With relatable characters and an interesting and gripping plot, this is a series I will always recommend.

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What a spectacular conclusion to one of the most delightful historical YA series. The Batallion did not have it easy to begin with, but the stakes are higher than ever before in this final installment, and our beloved heroes are far from where they started. It was an absolute treasure to see the journeys each of our protagonists embarked on in this novel, and I found myself so touched by each of them - perhaps these rascals broke into my heart as easy as they would any prison. Action packed, yet with a lot of character depth, this was the kind of book that had you on the edge of your seat and eager to read on.
The final 15% or so was OUTSTANDING, and if I could be found crying and getting emotional whiplash on a plane because of it, then there is little else to be said.

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The finale to the Battalion of the Dead is here! GLORIOUS POISON is full of conflicted loyalties, plans crashing and burning ("Battalion of Bad Plans" to the last!), and a duc in dire need of stopping before he seizes power.

I loved the fact it was set against the power vacuum and uncertainty of the fall of Robespierre. Aside from being a bit of the Revolution not as common in fiction, it creates such uncertainty about the future - and gives plenty of reason to stop the duc all while putting him at the height of his goals. It's so clear what he wants, and how he's going to get it (and, frankly, how easy it will be to succeed for a man like him.)

By contrast, the Battalion are a fractured mess. Ada's a sleeper agent, but not everyone knows that. Camille is seriously ill, but not everyone knows that. The secrets and lack of info create feelings of betrayal that are tearing them apart. It's a very fun sandbox of fracturing relationships for the story to take part in. (Not to mention the heart-worrying drama that all creates!)

Al and Guil get to narrate part of this book! Al has probably been my favourite character throughout (he makes me laugh a lot) so it was so so nice to get to hear him and his thoughts, rather than just filtered through others. Plus we get to see more of him and Leon after his running away last book!

I don't know if, like the previous two books, this one is a nod to a piece of classic literature. My knowledge of 19th century books is just not good enough to spot if this is a homage to something less well known than The Man in the Iron Mask (DANGEROUS REMEDY) and Frankenstein (MONSTROUS DESIGN.)

The ending gives the characters a deserved (and visually cool!) ending to their story, facing down the duc and his schemes. Kat Dunn also sucker-punches you in the meantime too. Get the tissues ready.

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This was a great end to this trilogy, I won't be mentioning spoilers as this is the third book in the series. However, Dangerous Remedy was an action packed, and vivid first book in the series. The action starts straight away when there is a team of people trying to break others out of prison during the French revolution. Very fast paced and action packed and Glorious Poison follows that trend.

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Glorious Poison is the final entry in the Battalion of the Dead series, which is about a ragtag found family who rescue people during The Terror in Paris, find an extraordinary young girl to protect whilst doing so, and are now racing to stop a wicked Duc's sinister plot.

This final book wraps the series up in excellent style and may have just piqued the other two to become my favourite in the trilogy.

My favourite aspect of this series has always been the strength of the characters - both main and secondary - and they continue to shine here.

And though they are separated for a lot of the book, I particularly loved the scenes we did get between Ada and Camille.

The other strength of this series has always been its setting, and, once more, Dunn brings Revolutionary Paris to life.

I thoroughly recommend reading the first two entries in this series if you haven't already, and if you have, this is a finale that shall not disappoint!

I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you Head of Zeus and NetGalley for the arc of Glorious Poison, the concluding novel of the Battalion of the Dead trilogy by Kat Dunn in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Glorious Poison picks up immediately where Monstrous Design left our glorious ragtag crew, The batallón des morts and doesn’t flinch from immediately continuing the explosive, emotional ride from beginning to end.

Reviewing a sequel is always a tricky path to walk, with trying to provide a comprehensive review balancing against trying not to reveal too much from the previous two books in the trilogy, so please accept my apologies for any spoilers.

At the end of Monstrous Design, the crew were desolate, fractured and appeared defeated, having been betrayed by Ada, now working for the Duc who has recaptured Olympe. In the face of such defeat, the batallón must pull together more than ever if they have any hope of defeating the Duc.

The pace of this book continues like the previous two to be perfectly pitched, rising gradually to meet the crescendo at the finale, with all the characters playing their part, individually facing their own personal demons and as a batallón in their fight to save France from the Duc’s machinations.

I this is very much a YA historical fantasy, that meets a number of tropes and provides an excellent mixed cast of characters and relationships, straight and queer. The tone is definitely darker as the trilogy progresses, but without the perfect ending, there isn’t a traditional happy ever after, but it works.

Throughout the book, Dunn crafts moments that are truly emotional and poignant, that definitely tug at the heartstrings, and she applies a delicate but brilliant touch to the romantic relationships that is just perfect. Plus, the gang themselves, they are a true found family and there were certain points even I had a tear in my eye.

This is definitely a historical YA fantasy that I totally recommend, as it moves into a slightly darker tone that brings greater weight to the story, the characters are brilliant and the story arc is well delivered, paced and totally engaging. Think politics, scheming, a band of misfits and a goal to do what is right, even if things sometimes go awry!

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Glorious Poison is the final installment in the Battalion of the Dead trilogy and it is a masterful end to a fantastic series - this might just be my favourite in the entire series.

This one picks up right where we left off, after Ada seemingly betrayed the Battalion and joined forces with the Duc. We find ourselves back in Paris for this final installment, which is fitting as it's where their story began.

I'll try to keep this non-spoilery - we know the Duc wishes to use Olympe for his own gain, to take control of France and this is what he attempts to complete in this final book. Ada is working with him as a spy, trying to find a way to stop his plans, while the rest of the Battalion is trying to thwart his plans in their own way, while attempting to stay off his radar too.

We see all our favourite characters again in this final book - Ada, Camille, Al, Guil, Olympe, and James - and we see some other familiar faces from the previous books return. What really worked well was the individual POVs we had for all the main characters, seeing everything from their perspective - Cam, Ada, Al, Guil, James, we got much more insight into their minds through the changing POVs and it really helped the story progress.

The book was gripping from beginning to end - we know going in that this is high-stakes, and the pace of the novel reflects that. The tension is rising through each chapter and each POV, leading to quite an explosive finale in the final few pages. I will say right now that you are not emotionally ready for the final few chapters - they definitely put you through the ringer and I'm still processing everything that happened. The first two books really play with your emotions, putting your favourite characters in dangerous situations, and Glorious Poison is no exception - if anything, the danger is increased in this third book, making you anxious to find out what happens to your favourites.

This is wrapped up nicely in the final few chapters too, with a postscript chapter that is bittersweet and perfectly ends the series.

Overall, this has to be my favourite book in the series thanks to the POVs we get, the excitement of the storyline, and the way it is finished. The perfect end to a fantastic trilogy.

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I am so thankful for having received this ARC!
But, my stupidity first:
I did not realize this was a part of a triology, so in the middle of the book, when I found out, I spoilered myself for the previous books to understand things better.
Regardless, I was able to fall in love with the cast, who were some of the most endearing book characters I read about in a while. I adored the setting and the language, everything set the tone for an amazing story.
Overall, I will definitely catch up with the previously installments and get this book as a physical copy from illumicrate (because the cover is so beautiful and fitting, I just need it on my shelf).

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Kat Dunn has never failed to really put me through an emotional wringer in this trilogy and Glorious Poison is no exception. This was the best ending possible to a fantastic, emotional and constantly challenging trilogy that combines historical fiction with science fiction.

Dunn has created an explosive conclusion that will tug at your heartstrings and leave your jaw dropped. Every time you think you know where everything lies, something shifts and the whole world tilts on its axis. Dunn is incredible at crafting an intricate plot full of shifting alliances, found family and devious twists. There are schemes within schemes within schemes here. I really appreciate that level of layering and detail. Dunn really creates this tricksy rabbit hole for you to fall down. On top of that, the world-building is even more sublime here. I loved the way the political landscape has shifted and how that factors into the perception of our characters and their world. This is not the same France we first saw in Dangerous Remedy and our central cast is fundamentally changed. Also, I adored the inclusion of a little recap at the beginning, which was much needed and helped immerse myself once more in Dunn’s daring world.

This is a book that revels in its central cast of lovable, roguish and complex characters. Their morality is complicated, but they are united in their pursuit of justice and liberty. After that plot twist and cliffhanger at the end of Monstrous Design, I was chomping at the bit to be reunited with our Battalion of the Dead. Dunn never makes this an easy read, constantly upping the stakes and placing the characters you have come to love in even more perilous situations. I have loved watching their growth and development over the trilogy, with Dunn throwing in subtle callbacks to previous incidents that really warmed my heart.

Glorious Poison is a book that goes out with a bang, much like its incredible cast of characters. This is an underrated trilogy that deserves so much love and support.

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I read the first two in this series last year and feel so grateful to have been provided with an early review copy via NetGalley.

Finishing a beloved series is always hard, for the author and reader alike. I was happy to be back with The Bataillon des Morts for the third, and final, book in the Battalion of the Dead series and it was very bittersweet to say goodbye to them after that last page. I won't say too much about the story as it picks up again right from the events of the second book and I don't want to spoil anything, but I really enjoyed how things played out. This book is also found family at its finest. This isn't out until June so you have time to read the other two before it does!

Was this review helpful?

I missed badly the whole gang. But was surprised me the most was a certain character. I also loved and missed so badly the relationship between Camille and Ada, they made me feel better.
Absolutely a five star for me, can't wait, in the future, to dive again into their world.

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"Being frightened doesn't mean something is impossible" - Glorious poison

I have recently finished advanced reader copy of Glorious poison by Kat Dunn the third book in the Batallion of the dead series thanks to Netgalley and Head of Zeus

This series is Young Adult historical science fiction set near the end of The Reign of terror that followed the French Revolution.

The Battallon des morts AKA The Batallion of the dead are a diverse crew/found family of outcasts, aristocrats and deserters who rescue prisoners from the guillotine but things get strange and even more dangerous than usual when they rescue Olympe a girl kept imprisoned in a mask who has some interesting electricity related powers.

Think The Scarlet Pimpernal crossed with Frankenstein crossed with Six of crows crossed with The Man in the Iron mask.

In this third book, after numerous twists and betrayals, the Revolution looks to be almost over but first the Bataillon des morts has one final deadly fight to win over the big bad villian.

Was this review helpful?

Fitting conclusion to a great and well written trilogy. Not entirely my cup of tea but definitely recommend this for those looking for stories of alternate history and magic.

Was this review helpful?

Glorious Poison is the concluding novel to the Battalion of the Dead trilogy and is an explosive, emotional ride from beginning to end. I've really enjoyed this trilogy, set in revolutionary France and following a rag tag crew of young outcasts trying their best to ensure safety for themselves and defeat power hungry political figures. This finale is just as good as it's two predecessors and I don't think you will be disappointed.

I always find it hard to review sequels in a non-spoilery way but we pick up right after the end of monstrous design with the battalion fractured and seemingly defeated. Camille, James and Al are back in Paris, Olympe and Guil are captured by the Duc and Ada is working for the duc whilst secretly plotting against him. The stakes are higher than ever and the battalion must pull out all their cunning, wiles and their best schemes to defeat their enemies for good.

I thought all the characters had satisfying arcs throughout the story, reckoning with their demons both past and present. The standout character for me in this book was Al, I've always had a soft spot for him but I feel like other characters overshadowed him previously however in this book he got a chance to shine and I loved his journey of self acceptance and taking what he wanted for himself.

I liked how everything in this book wrapped up, the climax is told at a great pace - not too rushed or too drawn out. The pacing and plot keeps you engaged throughout the whole book, this is the kind of book you can easily read in one sitting as you just want to know what happens next. Additionally I thought the book ended on a perfect bittersweet note which fit the overall tone of the story well. This instalment especially can be quite dark throughout but I think ultimately ends on a note of hope which I always love.

I liked how we got a few touching emotional moments throughout; it added a lot of humanity to the story and I love the relationships between all the characters. I enjoy the romances but I think the highlight for me is all the friendships and the moment when everyone is together in a cafe just reminiscing was so emotional T_T

The only thing that slightly annoyed me about this (and it probably won't bother you much unless you have a medical background lol) was the use of electricity as (essentially) defibrillation and it not really being used correctly or the results it produces accurate. However it didn't really bother me that much as I'm well aware this series is semi-fantastical and not meant to be super accurate lol.

Overall if you enjoy historical based YA fantasy I would really recommend this series, it somehow feels nostalgic for a lot of YA I used to enjoy when I was a teenager, has a great cast of characters (with lots of queer characters which I always love) and a fast paced plot full of scheming, politics and action.

Was this review helpful?

What a bleak book! Glorious Poison feels suffused with all of the pain, loss and despair of the last few years. The third book in Kat Dunn's post-revolutionary France trilogy, and the Battalion des Mortes really seems to be struggling. Ada is deep undercover, trying to convince the Duc that she's on his side by carrying out ever darker experiments with him. Camille is dying. Al is living the good life of a nobleman once more, hiding his despair behind drink and more drink. Guill is a prisoner with Olympe and James is trying to figure out just who he is after the events of book two. Meanwhile, the Duc is getting ready to put his most lethal experiment into practice.

It's thrilling, from start to finish. An adventure that leaves you wondering if our heroes will actually make it to the finishing line, with all of the loss and hardship they'd had to face. The world around them has changed immeasurably too, with the fall of the revolutionaries and yet more political instability in Paris. That shifting, uncertain political landscape, with death in the form of justice, or justice in the form of death, promised by whichever side is in charge has been one of the most fascinating elements of this trilogy and the further twists and turns really add to this portrayal.

The friendships and romances between the main characters is another big draw, and there are many different forms of love on display here, from the complex relationship Clementine has with her daughter, Olympe, to the queer romances of Al and Leon, and Camille and Ada, both being tested to breaking point in different ways.

It's a time of fascinating political history, but also of great scientific breakthroughs, and that's also portrayed really well, with an effective mix of science reality and science fiction. The horror of how the Duc intends to manipulate and use Olympe's powers is all the more horrifiying for the real life grounding of it.

Queer romance and adventure in post-revolutionary Paris, with a breathtaking, thrilling plot, and a very bleak, despair filled tone. A superb finish to the trilogy.

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I loved the previous two books of this trilogy, and I love kat dunns writing style. I had high hopes for this book and it did not disappoint. Loved it

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