Diving Deep

Using Machines to Explore the Ocean

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Pub Date 14 Jun 2022 | Archive Date 14 Jun 2022

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From snorkeling to freediving, scuba, submarines, and Challenger Deep, discover the different technologies scientists use to explore the ocean in this deep-sea STEM picture book.

How does ocean exploration work? What kinds of machines and equipment help researchers under the sea? How deep can we dive to find out more about the plants and animals that live in the ocean? For fans of Alvin from Flying Deep, Diving Deep introduces all the ways humans have figured out how to engage with, explore, and learn from the oceans.
From snorkeling to freediving, scuba, submarines, and Challenger Deep, discover the different technologies scientists use to explore the ocean in this deep-sea STEM picture book.

How does ocean...

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Featured Reviews

I read this book not as someone who has kids, but as an adult who would desperately love to get Scuba certified and live in the ocean. Alas, I have a medical condition that prevents me from exploring the ocean so I must live vicariously through others. When I saw this book, I immediately had to have it; I didn't care that it was meant for kids. And it did not disappoint! It gave me all the feels. I felt like a kid in a candy store that was told they got whatever they wanted. I finally understood how kids can read the same book over and over and over again and still be enthralled. The illustrations were gorgeous. Like I want prints of them all over my house gorgeous. Even after reading the text, I gazed in awe at their beauty. I would definitely 10/10 recommend this. If I could give it over 5 stars, I would. Immediately after posting this review I will be going to see what other books this author has posted.

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This book explains its purpose and delivers on it. The purpose is to tell readers about the different machines used to explore the ocean depths and the reasons that motivate people to explore these depths. The book begins by explaining snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving and more, and ends with the deepest dive to Challenger Deep. For each machine, readers learn how deep it can go, how long it can explore, and how many people are needed to do the exploring. The other purpose of the book is to explain why people explore the ocean depths. The reasons offered are that we are "wired for wonder" and we "delight in discovery." The text is clear--a mix of fact and feelings of awe for life in the ocean.

The dark blues and black illustrations give readers a sense of traveling down to the ocean depths while lighter greens, blues and purples show the upper reaches. Words and illustrations work beautifully together.

Perhaps this book will raise more questions about studying the ocean depths. Readers can move on to learning about ocean explorers, their findings, and the questions still unanswered. That's what informational books should do--tell us new things and stimulate our interest in learning more.

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A very beautifully made non-fiction book with gorgeous illustrations. I was intrigued by the cover immediately and can imagine lots of children falling in love with it.

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The illustrations! It's mind-blowing!

It feels like I am right there at the bottom of the ocean and exploring it's world.

Amazing book with good information and practical tips for divers and those who are interested in exploring the oceans.

Get this book. It's interesting, engaging and informative.

Thank you, Charlesbridge, for the advance reading copy.

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This book was so beautifully illustrated, and so very informative, that it told me so much about the type of diving, that I didn't know a lot about. Whether it was scuba diving, or diving from within a small submarine -type vehicle, the explanations were very clear, and very thorough. I enjoyed reading each and every part, and looking at the well-thought out pictures. This book,was one of the best juvenile books, I have ever read, and I would be very interested to read more like it. Thank you to the author, and publisher, for allowing me to read and review an advanced copy.

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A good exploration of ocean exploration machinery. I enjoyed the imagery as well as the information in this book. Great for nonfiction collections, as I can see this being a good resource for elementary research projects.

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Beautiful illustrations and engaging prose blend together very well in this picture book. I would recommend for any middle grade classroom nonfiction section or as a read aloud for kids learning about the ocean's depths. I do plan to buy this when available to supplement my nonfiction text features lessons.
Cusolito writes about the wonders of diving deep and the history of humans pushing limits and engineering to withstand the pressures of deeper depths. I could see students interested in ocean exploration taking their time and coming up for air with "did you know?" Nicole Wong presents a beautifully diverse population from children in tide pools to scientists exploring Challenger Deep. Wong also beautifully presents a racially diverse group of people exploring as well, which is so important for representation. I really enjoyed this quick read.

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Diving Deep by Michelle Cusolito is a children’s nonfiction picture book that tells how people explore the depths of the ocean. The illustrations are realistic and full of rich vibrant colors. The books Telesa why people explore the ocean and details specific ways that people can dive. It describes snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, saturation diving, atmospheric diving suits, deep-diving submersibles, deeper-diving submersibles, and the Challenger Deep. It provides a nice summary for each type of diving that is written in a manner where children can understand. There is also a beautiful illustration for each type of diving. There is a glossary of terms and additional resources in the back of the book. This book is the perfect addition for a classroom library. It would be a good resource to use when discussing the oceans. It is also great for students who are simply interested in the ocean and diving.

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This non-fiction book explores the depths of the ocean and the equipment humans need to explore underwater. The illustrations beautifully capture the animals that live in each ocean zone. I really liked that there is a story told in the main body of the text and information about the technology needed to explore that depth in a text box. This book is sure to capture the attention of many kids since it features both animals and technology. I will definitely be purchasing it for my classroom!

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"The sea, once its cast its spell, holds you in its net of wonder forever"-Jacque Cousteau, ocean explorer and inventor. That's what the ocean does to us. It fills us with wonder and amazement, that are among the reasons why we dive and explore the deep sea as highlighted in this book.

This book makes a good introduction to the world of diving by giving us the readers some brief but very informative and very interesting facts about the types of diving activities, the equipments and the machines use and the oceans' depths suitable for such activities and machines/equipments.

The book started with the most basic and common activity and equipment first which is the snorkelling, by giving some brief but very important points about the maximum depths suitable for snorkelling, the time (how long we can dive safely), how many person suitable for safety along with the possible risks. Then,we descend down further into the next level of depth with another more challenging and riskier diving activities and its equipments suitable for more deeper part of the sea and keeps on descending until to the deepest part of the ocean, the Challenger Deep!.

So,reading this book feels just like we are diving deep into the ocean, whatmore with its very beautiful underwater illustrations that just illustrates each level of depths perfectly,adding more feel and intensity to the atmosphere.

I admit that even though i have known about some of the diving machines mentioned in this book from my previous reading (including from Cousteau's, The Silent World and Sylvia Earle's, The World Is Blue), it is always nice to know more which i am glad that i found from this book. I am very pleased that Charlesbridge has granted my wish to read this very interesting book!.Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

A solid 5🌟 from me. Even the author's note is very interesting to read to me and the glossary (yes, this book also comes with a glossary).

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Thank you Netgalley for the digital copy in exchange of honest opinion.

The best part of this book are the illustrations. So gorgeous, exquisite and magical! They will captivate you from the very first page and keep you hooked. The narration is cool as well. It contains detailed information on the various methods/ technologies we use undersea to explore and gather knowledge, their purposes along with pros and cons. Highly recommended for anyone who loves swimming or has deep interest in life underwater. In my case, I love ocean but disappearing under it isn't my idea of fun. I can maybe consider taking a tour in submarine, that's it. There's one more thing I want to point out. I hate being fed information or simply being consciously educated because that's what normal aka intelligent people do. I am not normal. It is also the main reason why I prefer children nonfiction over adult nonfiction. Children nonfiction offer more entertainment, gorgeous artwork and usually told through a story. Everything is so great that you are not even aware that they are tricking you into learning new stuffs. That's what I love most. But in this book, there were a massive amount of information, zero amount of sugarcoating and it didn't sit well with me. I am aware I am being weird but yeah. Just my opinion. It's a lovely book nonetheless and I advise you to read it.

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Diving Deep is a beautiful book for any young explorer. Its captivating, descriptive language holds readers' attention while informing about deep dives. Using metric system measurements with US customary being in parentheses lends itself to additional real-world math conversation in a classroom. The illustrations are also captivating, being whimsical yet realistic. I appreciate the illustrator putting both males and females in the scientist role.

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This non-fiction picture book teaches children about all of the different ways to explore the ocean. From different types of diving such as snorkeling and scuba diving to machines and technologies that work under water such as submarines, the pages of this book tell both the story of exploring the ocean in short paragraphs as well as describing each type of dive and technology in text boxes. The book concludes with an author's note, information about measurements and a glossary. As a grade 3 teacher I could definitely see this book in my classroom library. I think that it is a perfect blend of nonfiction and fiction in a very accessible and non-intimidating picture book. I would recommend this book to parents, teachers and librarians of children in the 5-10 age range. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.

This book was FANTASTIC! It might be labeled for children but even as an adult I felt like I learned alot. A great way for children to learn about how scientists learn about the ocean. Would be fun to go through the book with a child and look up the types of fish that might be found at each diving level.

Beautiful illustrations!

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. A picture book about all the ways you can dive into the water and see what lurks beneath,

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This is a beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book that explains how humans explore the ocean in ever increasing depths. Included along with the prose are facts about each type of underwater apparatus beginning with snorkeling and concluding with the exploration of Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean in a deep sea submersible. . The illustrations show the beauty and starkness of each depth of the ocean. The book includes an author's note, a glossary, website addresses to explore and what I think will be a fold out page showing the depths of the ocean and what exploration device is used at those depths. This book will be a great addition to any library.

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What a wonderful book that will complement any topic on oceans or just reading for the pure joy. Written in beautiful lyrical words about the wonders of exploring the ocean, interspersed with information about the different ways to dive deep and explore the ocean. Starting with snorkelling, through scuba diving to using submersibles to explore Challenger Deep this gives lots of facts about each method too.
"We are wired for wonder, we delight in discovery"

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Book received for free through NetGalley

I read the kindle pre-released copy of this book so the images were a bit cut up and helter skelter. That said both me and my girls loved it. It was informative and a fun read. My seven year old says she "It was epic!!!" while my five year old went with the more simplistic "I love it so much”.

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This beautiful book captures the insatiable human curiosity which drives exploration into the unknown. Diving Deep brings attention to how much there is to discover and learn from the depths of our vast oceans. I like how the book introduces methods of ocean exploration by progressively showing techniques to explore deeper and deeper. I would have complained about the omission of information about the environmental impacts and usage of these diving methods for extractive industries, but the reason for this was addressed at the the end in the book's additional notes. I would definitely add this book to my library collection to offer another aspect of exploration for students.

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Thanks to Netgalley and Charlesbridge for the ARC of this!

Very interesting look at how humans dive to different levels of the ocean. Each type included some information on how deep it can go, for how long, and the dangers of using that method of diving. The illustrations were lovely and it was overall easy to read aloud to my 5 year old, who found it engaging.

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A wonderful non-fiction picture book that explores the ocean and snorkeling, scuba diving, and scientist who live for short periods of time in the sea. Children will enjoy learning about the ocean and the fish and plants that reside in the sea. The glossary and other information in the book add to this great non-fiction book.

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