Dark Blue Waves

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Pub Date 27 May 2022 | Archive Date 15 Aug 2022

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When you wake up in Bath, England two hundred years in the past, how far can a love of Jane Austen get you?

Janet Roberts dreams of an academic career in literature, so she can hardly believe her good fortune when she’s accepted into a Jane Austen graduate seminar in Bath, England. Settled in Georgian splendor among her seminar colleagues, Janet and her classmates live, eat and breathe Jane Austen.

An accident interrupts this idyll when Janet regains consciousness in her own room—back in Regency England. For a scholar of nineteenth-century literature, this should be a dream come true.

But Janet quickly learns there’s a world of difference between scholarly knowledge of the written page and maneuvering real life as a reluctant time traveler.

Her burgeoning friendship with Emma Huntington eases her entrée into nineteenth-century society. However, Emma’s brother, the handsome, proud and frustratingly magnetic Sir Edward, is far less welcoming.

While desperately attempting to make sense of her dilemma, Janet treads a thin line between trying to blend into her new world and not being unmasked as the imposter she is. Can she find the way to return to her twenty-first century life before her secret is discovered? After working so hard to create a rewarding nineteenth-century life for herself, does she even want to?

When you wake up in Bath, England two hundred years in the past, how far can a love of Jane Austen get you?

Janet Roberts dreams of an academic career in literature, so she can hardly believe her...

Advance Praise

"In Dark Blue Waves author Kimberly Sullivan has crafted a detailed and immersive time-traveling romance populated with colorful characters and plot twists that would make Jane Austen proud." -IndieReader Review

"A transporting drama of love, desire, and hope. Sullivan’s deft, assured narrative is interwoven with wry humor and shrewd observations as she delves into love, passion, courage, integrity, honor, duty, and sacrifice. Janet is an endearing heroine, and her inner turmoil at the core of the story is beautifully conveyed. Steeped in period feeling and written with intelligence and authenticity, this time-travel tale makes for a winner" . -The Prairies Book Review

"A captivating story about finding love and discovering where you belong. Sullivan’s novel is absolutely enchanting, and it’s a joy to see Janet reassess her contemporary prejudices, offering a compelling take on both the time period and on period literature. Dark Blue Waves is an effortlessly charming novel about following your heart, which is recommended for all fans of Austen and historical romance." -Self-Publishing Review

"In Dark Blue Waves author Kimberly Sullivan has crafted a detailed and immersive time-traveling romance populated with colorful characters and plot twists that would make Jane Austen proud." -...

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ISBN 9781737729358
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Featured Reviews

Oh, what incredible fun this book is to read! Jane Austin fan? Check! Time-traveling fan? Check! Romantic romance fan? Check! This lovely story elegantly braids references to art, music, poetry and architecture with a light fluidity that caused me to marvel more than once at how the obvious love the author has for 19th century culture must have propelled her research, and surely, must be personal passions. Yet the book is equally at home in the past and today’s time period. Sullivan’s subtle switching between 19th century and 21st century structure of speech in her character’s dialogue appeared effortless. Each set of characters is true to their times.

I loved how Sullivan cleverly incorporated references to Jane Austin’s work and so grounded me in this story. First, in its setting: The dual time periods take place where? Bath, of course.. Secondly, in the references to Austin’s books themselves—individual characters, romance and exploits are threaded throughout the narrative--giving color and dimension each time they’re noted. And finally, the very fact that Austin’s books have retained their popularity for two hundred years binds this story’s dual time periods together.

But perhaps the part I loved best was the wonderful mental observations the time-traveling protagonist made between the two worlds and how the 19th century’s slower pace—empty of our technological gadgets and crazed compression of time—grew on her. It’s bold to derive a story around a device like time-travel and construct the rules to make it plausible, but Sullivan has done it. What a fun ride!

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I enjoyed this time travel novel set in Bath England in which a literature professor finds herself in Jane Austen's England. Even though I'm not a fan of regency books outside of what Austen wrote. I loved this one. I guess to get me to enjoy a regency written in this century add a time travel aspect to it and I'm hooked.

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I love Jane Austen’s novels and dual timeline stories, so Kimberly Sullivan’s Dare Blue Waves was a natural fit for my reading list.

It’s obvious that Sullivan is an Austen fan too: I thought her mastery of Regency language and manners were perfect. Bath, Jane Austen’s home was beautifully described and depicted in both timelines, and it’s obvious Sullivan has spent a good deal of time there both in person and in research. Her characterizations of present-day Janet as an eager early twenties with deep knowledge of the era versus lost in 1813 Jane trying to untangle the intricacies of time-travel were absolutely endearing. Jane’s new friend Emma and her dashing brother Sir Edward were so deftly portrayed that Austen could have written them herself.

Then there are the dual mysteries that underpin the story; the time-travel aspect, of course, but also the grand estate and the Bath town house that are central to Janet/Jane’s journey. Would she solve the mystery of the painted ceiling? Would she be able to get back to her own time? Did she even want to after living in the slower, richer, less frantic past? All of these questions kept me reading far later than I should have several nights in a row. I definitely recommend Dark Blue Waves for fans of Austen and historical mysteries.

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Dark Blue Waves by Kimberly Sullivan

Dark Blue Waves had me at Jane Austen. But then Janet Roberts enters, and after that I was immersed in her life. Her father’s making her choose between no money and a job at his architectural firm. He’s already picked out a husband for her and expects her to fall in line with his way of thinking. Janet loves literature. After her acceptance into a special Jane Austen program, he allows her one last summer to enjoy it. His only catch is that she will also have to work with one of his architectural clients as an intern at the same time in Bath.
As Jane enjoys a beautiful summer day on the green in Bath, an accidental hit with a cricket ball renders her unconscious. She wakes up in Jane Austen’s time in Bath, England. A kind noblewoman, Emma Huntington, takes her in. They develop a deep friendship as Janet, now Lady Jane, tries to adjust to the unexpected change in time, 200 years in the past. Emma and her stern brother, Sir Edward, allow Jane to stay with them and she is able to experience the time frame and meet some very interesting people, making notes along the way.
Even though Emma talks her brother into allowing Lady Jane to stay with them after her recovery, he lets his disapproval be known. Jane has to tread carefully. She learns what is expected of a woman during this time period, but at the same time she shows some of the advances she has in her century and helps to improve the life for the tenants and her friends. And she begins to fall in love with Sir Edward.
Will Jane ever return to her own time? What is happening in the future after she was hit by the ball? Will anyone figure out she’s not who she says she is? Will Sir Edward cast her out of the home, leaving her with nowhere to go? There are many questions as Jane works herself through time, making connections along the way. You’ll be reading until the end to find out what happens to Jane! A 5 Star story with a heart of gold.

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DARK BLUE WAVES is one of those lovely books with something for everyone and in just the right amounts to please most readers. The tale is set in Bath, England and makes copious reference to Jane Austen, but not so much that readers only broadly familiar with her work will feel lost. There is time travel and a good resolution but a follow-up novel with the same characters would be quite welcome. There is mystery and requisite despicable characters that move the plot forward. Author Kimberly Sullivan creates a sense of place in multiple times that works well. The book is fun and engaging. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley.

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Slow slow start but worth the commitment. As a lover of Jane Austen, I appreciated that this story nodded more to a variety of Austen’s books. While some of the story felt similar to other ‘time travel’ stories, Dark Blue Waters provided loveable characters, strong character development and a b smattering of diversity.

Overall, I would recommend this book to any Austen Fan, a person who wants to visualize the lovely town of Bath, or someone looking for a little magic.

Rate 4.5/5

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A charming story for readers who love Jane Austen and the Regency period in England. Cleverly plotted, the adventures of 21st-century Janet Roberts as she time slips to 1813 and back again had me turning the pages to find out how she would get to her happy ending. The picture of life in a rural manor house of two centuries ago was drawn with a loving hand. I looked up to find myself in 20th-century Connecticut to my surprise- like Janet, I’d been transported to a more delightful time.

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Thank you to Netgally and the author for providing me with an e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback.

DARK BLUE WAVES by Kimberly Sullivan is a time-travel women's fiction novel set in modern day and Regency era Bath, England. Ever wonder how a modern woman would fare in Regency England, the England of Jane Austen? Search no further. Ms. Sullivan has you covered.

The story centers on Janet Roberts, an architect who would rather have an academic career studying English literature. When she is admitted into a program in Bath, England where she can study Austen's works, she seizes the opportunity to escape from her unfulfilling day-to-day life. Once there, she befriends her fellow students and even gets to live in a beautiful Georgian townhome. An accident transports her back in time where she meets a kind young woman named Emma Huntington who takes Janet (now going by Jane) under her wing. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Emma's older brother, the handsome, proud, and attractive Sir Edward Huntington, shows up. He wants Janet to return to her family, as is the proper thing to do. As her stay in Regency England with the Huntingtons extends, a growing attraction to Sir Edward and to the simpler lifestyle in Regency England causes Janet to question whether she should make a life for herself in the past, or return to the present.

I devoured this book in a couple of days. It checks off so many boxes of what I like to read in a story.

One of those boxes involves a skillfully depicted main character with a transformative story arc. Check. Janet is a sympathetic character with whom I immediately connected. Her journey is one of self-discovery as much as it is inquiry about what life is like in Regency England. Where she ends up by the completion of the story is such a satisfying ending.

I have a love hate relationship with slow burn romances. I love them and I hate when the story is over. The slow burn in DARK BLUE WAVES killed me in the best possible way. The chemistry between Janet and Sir Edward is fierce and I'm here for it.

Regency England is one of my favorite historical periods, probably owing to my love of Jane Austen's works. Getting transported there along with Janet in an historically accurate way added to the enjoyment of the story. Yes, we get to see beautiful gowns, charming manners, and gorgeous architecture, but we also see some of the negative aspects of that time period. Clearly, Ms. Sullivan has done her research.

Before I wrap up, I also want to call out how much I enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Emma and Amarita. It's so important to reflect the strength of supportive, understanding and caring female relationships.

DARK BLUE WAVES is a submersive trip into Regency England with a sizzling romance, well-written characters, and a main character I enjoyed cheering for. I highly recommend it.

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“Janet pressed her forehead against the cool glass of the train window.” And so begins Dark Blue Waves, written by Kimberly Sullivan, and quite honestly one of the best historical romance books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
Janet Roberts is, like so many of us from the 21st century, an Austenite (A fan of Jane Austen’s work). Unexpectedly, her dreams of travelling back in time are granted through a Tiepolo painting, Apollo and Daphne. Her life is forever changed when she meets Emma Huntington, and her brother, Sir Edward. In this time-travelling romance, Janet struggles to find her place in a society so different to her own.
“…how much the world has changed for women in the future.” Make no mistake, this isn’t a Bridgerton-type regency setting. Instead, a wonderfully detailed world is brought to life through descriptive paragraphs and enriching characters. Comparisons to Austen’s works will be made, but in a positive way, as even within the book itself, certain characters are compared to notable Austen figures.
Another surprising element of this book was the overall time span of the main story, and the length relating to the development of the romance. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sir Edward and Janet’s relationship wasn’t just ‘love at first sight’, instead involving a detailed character arc and utilising an enemy to lovers format.
This book was everything I could have dreamed of and more from a Jane Austen inspired historical regency romance. I’d even go so far as to say it was one of my favourite ever historical romances, certainly my favourite of 2022.
I would highly recommend this book to other lovers of smart and talented heroines who travel back in time, as well as Jane Austen fans and anyone looking to try something a little different.

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Dark Blue Waves provides a genteel reading journey, wrapping a love of Jane Austen around time travel romance. When Janet arrives in Bath, England, she’s anticipating months of immersing into the works of her favorite writer. But she’s also being forced to intern with an architecture firm hand-chosen by her cold, domineering father.

The author’s admiration for Austen’s works is evident in past and present. References flow across the storylines, centering Janet as she navigates both worlds, though she doesn’t quite fit into either. She’s a bit too reserved and bookish for her current life, and too outspoken and forward-thinking for the rigid Regency time period she tumbles into. Yet the true friendship and beguiling romance she discovers there has her pondering which era she should ultimately embrace – if she even has a choice. Jane Austen lovers will revel in traversing these Dark Blue Waves, which releases May 27.

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Have you ever wondered about travelling back in time? Kimberly Sullivan takes readers on a trip back about 200 years in Bath, England to the time of Jane Austen with the main character Janet Roberts. The detailed imagery and descriptions allowed me to transport myself to Bath, England both present day and in the 1800s. No description is missed from the details of most popular books to the architecture of the estates and even the clothing worn. Janet is a strong female character, who helps make positive changes and at times made me chuckle with her thoughts and retorts. She was a fun main character to follow! Thank you to Kimberly Sullivan, Kate Rock Book Tours and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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Dark Blue Waves by Kimberly Sullivan was a delightfully charming story that combined several of my favorite things - Jane Austen, history, romance, mystery, and time travel! I instantly liked Janet/Jane and couldn’t help rooting for her! Reading about a modern day woman navigating life during the Regency era was fascinating, and I found the idea of leading a slower paced life very appealing! The richly detailed descriptions of the clothing, literature, art, architecture, and scenery made me feel like I was in Bath, England right along with Jane, Emma, and Sir Edward. I adored sweet-natured Emma and the friendship Jane formed with her, and I also enjoyed the slow burn romance between Jane and Sir Edward! It was a lovely escape into the world of Jane Austen with a highly satisfying ending!

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Special thanks to Kimberly and Kate with Kate Rock Book Tours for having me on this tour and for the review copy! If you’re a Jane Austen fan or a fan of literature from that time period, you absolutely NEED to grab this one! It is fiction but, it’s a truly wonderful story that would bring a smile to your face!

Janet Roberts dreams of a literary career but, her architect Father think it’s nonsense. He doesn’t understand her love of Jane Austen and her desire to be intertwined into the world of stories. One day she wakes up in Bath after a nasty head injury. Meeting one Emma Huntington and her brother, Sir Edward turns her world upside down.

Let me just say, beginning a large read (400+ pages), I would have begun reading earlier but, I was unaware of the page count. So, I began this book on Thursday. It’s Sunday and I just finished and it was THAT good, the writing was fantastic and made the pages fly by! The story was beautiful, hard at times because of the things Jane(t) had to go through but, the ending made it all up. Have you ever thought about time travel? Going back in time 200 years and experiencing life before modern medicine, before indoor plumbing and automobiles? This story brings it all together and has renewed my interest in finally sitting down and reading/finishing “Pride and Prejudice” from start to finish.

I absolutely LOVED this story and highly recommend; it has mystery, drama and suspense. It just flows so well and will keep your 100% invested all the way through. Five stars! Brilliant is truly a great word to describe this novel. I loved the literature woven into this story, the way the painting was the focus and the way to get Jane(t) back and forth between worlds.

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Calling all Jane Austen lovers! Travel back in time to 19th century Bath with Janet - an English lit student.
In this romp through the English countryside, we have Jane Austen references galore! The author switches back and forth between the 19th century and the present - and anyone who knows me, knows I love a dual timeline!
Janet stumbles at first, but soon she is finding her way in the nineteenth century without all the technology, gadgetry and modern day amenities that we hold so dear. I loved reading about her journey and I cheered for her every step; finding glimpses of myself in her character. A truly lovely read and I highly recommend it.

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Dark Blue Waves
By: Kimberly Sullivan

I love books set in the 1800s and I love time travel to the past in books & movies. This is the perfect book with both combined.
Present-day Janet is spending time in Bath taking a selective literature course. Then BOOM! Head injury results in Janet waking in 1813.. let the chaos ensue.
I love the flow of this book and the pictures the writing draws in my mind. Not going to lie though, at the beginning I googled the architecture that was talked about 🤷‍♀️😂. Janet's (Jane) story kept me interested and turned the pages quickly!

Thanks @katerockbooktours @kimberlyinrome & @netgalley for my Ecopy of Dark Blue Waves 💙💙

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