Women Like Us

A Memoir

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Pub Date 06 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 20 Sep 2022

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Amanda Prowse has built a bestselling career on the lives of fictional women. Now she turns the pen on her own life.

I guess the first question to ask is, what kind of woman am I? Well, you know those women who saunter into a room, immaculately coiffed and primped from head to toe?

If you look behind her, you’ll see me.

From her childhood, where there was no blueprint for success, to building a career as a bestselling novelist against all odds, Amanda Prowse explores what it means to be a woman in a world where popularity, slimness, beauty and youth are currency—and how she overcame all of that to forge her own path to happiness.

Sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious and always entirely relatable, Prowse details her early struggles with self-esteem and how she coped with the frustrating expectations others had of how she should live. Most poignantly, she delves into her toxic relationship with food, the hardest addiction she has ever known, and how she journeyed out the other side.

One of the most candid memoirs you’re ever likely to read, Women Like Us provides welcome insight into how it is possible—against the odds—to overcome insecurity, body consciousness and the ubiquitous imposter syndrome to find happiness and success, from a woman who’s done it all, and then some.

Amanda Prowse has built a bestselling career on the lives of fictional women. Now she turns the pen on her own life.

I guess the first question to ask is, what kind of woman am I? Well, you know those...

A Note From the Publisher

Amanda Prowse is an internationally bestselling author of twenty-eight novels published in dozens of languages. Her chart-topping titles What Have I Done?, Perfect Daughter, My Husband’s Wife, The Coordinates of Loss, The Girl in the Corner and The Things I Know have sold millions of copies around the world.

Other novels by Amanda Prowse include A Mother’s Story, which won the coveted Sainsbury’s eBook of the Year Award. Perfect Daughter was selected as a World Book Night title in 2016 and The Boy Between a World Book Night title in 2022. She has been described by the Daily Mail as ‘the queen of family drama’.

Amanda is the most prolific writer of bestselling contemporary fiction in the UK today. Her titles consistently score the highest online review approval ratings across several genres.

A popular TV and radio personality, Amanda is well known for her insightful observations and infectious humour.

Amanda’s ambition is to create stories that keep people from turning off the bedside lamp at night, that ensure you walk every step with her great characters, and tales that fill your head so you can’t possibly read another book until the memory fades…

You can follow her @mrsamandaprowse on all social media or sign up for her newsletter at www.amandaprowse.com. Or follow her on Substack: Tangerine by Amanda Prowse.

Amanda Prowse is an internationally bestselling author of twenty-eight novels published in dozens of languages. Her chart-topping titles What Have I Done?, Perfect Daughter, My Husband’s Wife, The...

Advance Praise

“In this immensely inspiring work, British novelist Prowse (What Have I Done?) reflects on the bodily struggles that bled into her successful writing career…Told with clarity and vulnerability, Prowse’s story of overcoming cultural norms to accept herself arrives as a much-needed corrective in an age of filtered beauty.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“In this immensely inspiring work, British novelist Prowse (What Have I Done?) reflects on the bodily struggles that bled into her successful writing career…Told with clarity and vulnerability...

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Featured Reviews

What a fantastic story. Amanda really opens up about her life and it is written with such honesty and openness that you cannot fail to be gripped and touched by what she went through .Starting from problems with her health as a child and then in later life when she has carved out a successful career she surcomes to an eating disorder it is a heartbreaking read at times but really does hit you hard .The struggles she has faced must have been physically and emotionally draining but she comes back fighting every time and there is so much love in thier little family I'm sure they can get through anything. A brilliant 5🌟read and I would give it more if I could and thank you for being so brave and sharing your story

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Apart from a different geographical area,, this could be my story, like Amanda, I had two parents who encouraged us to be all we could and I can’t wasn’t accepted as an excuse but we were told time and time age that I can and I will was a better way to think. I cried and smiled reading this and thank you for being so brave to share your back story and it’s ups and downs., A must read for not only Amanda’s readers but for anyone who feels on the outside and is struggling to keep going.

Was this review helpful?

I've read a lot of so say autobiographies and this is the best I've ever seen, The reason for this is that you can tell that the author actually wrote it themselves and it wasn't produced by a third party ghost writer. They're not trying to portray themselves as all sweetness so it avoids that saccharine feeling, it is just open, honest and really engaging.

Amanda usually writes fiction but I had also read 'The Boy Between' which was her first non-fiction. That too was a fantastic book but the subject matter in The Boy Between was quite dark so didn't allow for the humour that comes out in Women Like Us. Both were great, just different. It also leapt out at me that Women Like Us was very conversational so it was like having a coffee with a friend.

The descriptions of Amanda's childhood, the houses and interactions were fantastic.

The subtle and not so subtle addressing of issues really resonated with me; I identified with every emotion at some point during the book.

You quickly get immersed in the journey and I read it in a day without intending to. The author is very likeable and having read all of her books, following her social media posts and blog, I now feel that I have had a personal seat at her table and understand why she is able to produce such great emotional fiction.

Women Like Us is very much an uplifting, feelgood book and I certainly feel happier with myself having read it. I would definitely recommend every woman reads this book and the earlier in their life they do this, the more they will get out of the rest of it.

In short, a wonderful book and an easy 5 Stars. It's my book of the year already and if I could give it ten I would. I think it is going to help a lot of people.

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Thank you #Netgalley for this advanced copy.

As there was no description for this book, I was not sure what to respect. I have read a few of Amanda's books so was interested in learning about her past in this memoir. This woman has experienced so much as a child, physical pain and endless surgeries. She had many struggles that she had to battle. She shares many personal stories and feelings, including her thoughts as a parent, daughter, wife, writer, etc. She shares her battle with weight and self confidence and how sitting at a computer all day could affect her life for better and for worse. So many struggles, but she keeps on going and fighting for herself and family.

Was this review helpful?

I was a bit unsure at first, I didn't know what to expect. But later on I came to appreciate the book more. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

Was this review helpful?

I have read a few novels by Amanda Prowse and, whilst she has a compelling style of writing, she is not a favorite of mine. She has gone through an enormous amount - sexual assault, multiple operations as a teenager for a painful pelvic condition, low self-esteem, food issues, miscarriage, suicidal son, cancer, etc., but she eventually tried her hand at writing which is what she always wanted to do, and has become very successful. She has also had many jobs, from cleaning to having her own business. However, in this memoir she obviously needed to explain what lead to her over eating to the extent that she became morbidly obese. It is well written but I found it unnecessarily detailed and too long.

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You know when you read books, and you have that favourite author?
Then she goes and releases a memoir, and you just HAVE to read it because you are in awe of her?
That was me when I heard that Amanda Prowse was writing her story.
She has always come across as a true, down to earth, 'real' woman, who has had her fair share of struggles, including being an army wife, battling cancer, and how her family coped with the depression her son Josiah went through due to them both writing about it.
Yet, she has never been afraid to talk about these things.
I felt I already knew her.
But reading Women Like Us made me aware of how much I didn't know.
We all have a backstory, and it is that which moulds us to be the people we become.
Amanda Prowse has opened up about her life in a way that I feel will relate to many, many women out there.
Without wanting to give too much away, because I would urge anyone reading this to read the book themselves, Amanda's life has had huge amounts of love poured into it by her wonderful family and husband.
However, there have been events and situations that have tested her and almost broken her at times.
An undiagnosed medical condition, loss, abuse, miscarriages, and that overwhelming feeling of never being good enough or thin enough.
I read each chapter, and yes, there were times I smiled and laughed out loud. I'm as clumsy as Mrs Prowse and could relate to so many things she wrote.
My eyes moistened at other times, reading about some of the things Amanda had gone through.
Tears streamed down my cheeks as the realisation hit that some situations hit much closer to home than others. I've been there before, too, and maybe, I'm there right now.
And Amanda has come out of the other side, not necessarily unscathed, but a brighter, happier, more positive woman for it.
It takes a brave person to open up the way Amanda has, and I truly applaud her. I would be giving her the hugest of hugs right now if she was in front of me.
Amanda, thank goodness you managed to overcome the words of that English teacher, because where would I be without my Prowse books?

Many thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I will be honest - Amanda Prowse’s name was familiar to me, but I didn’t know who she was (in fact, I thought she was an actress, not an author). So, saying that I went into this book completely blind - when there also wasn’t a description - is extremely accurate. I thought, from the title, this would be some short stories under the over-arching umbrella of stories about women - possibly about her or possibly about women in her life.

I enjoy autobiographies, though I also realize that they are written as we’d like our life story to be told and preserved. Every single person has a backstory and different ways of telling said story. Some people skirt around difficult times in their lives - Ms. Prowse does not do that in this book. At times, I found some of her emotional (yet real) angst a bit over the top, but I’m sure that at the time all those feelings were really what she felt. I wish that she’d detailed a bit more about her writing process - yes, she has a filing cabinet with stories in them, but even when saying she researched a topic, it’s just presented as “I researched it” opposed to explaining how or why; maybe this is more explained if I’d read the actual book and looked at Author’s Notes? But, that didn't seem to be the point of this book. I did like that she included a number of difficult stories trying to bring topics to light for discussion purposes, but at times I felt she went a bit on a bit too long (maybe too much trying to describe the situation repeatedly?).

Was this review helpful?

If you have ever felt like you're never quite good enough and had worries about your appearance, your career, or any other aspects of your life, you need to read this book.

Women Like Us is a story of success and hope from the words of a very wise woman.

Amanda's voice is warm and so relatable, you cannot fail to feel both inspired and in awe as you gain access into her remarkable life.

I laughed and cried too many times to count while reading this candid memoir. It's a life changing read, and one I will be recommending to everyone. It needs to be on your tbr!


Was this review helpful?

Amanda Prowse is one of my favourite authors and I couldn’t wait to read her autobiography. What an honest told from the heart story it is.

Amanda is not only a best selling author but a really lovely genuine lady and this comes across in the pages of this personal book.

I could relate to many aspects of Amanda’s story. A lot of woman compare themselves to the shiny perfect life of others when in reality everyone has to face their own struggles and difficulties. Amanda so openly recounts her own struggles which I’m sure will help many other woman in similar situations.

I applaud Amanda for turning her life around, with the love of her husband and family and her own strength she is now enjoying the happiness she so readily gives to others through her wonderful writing. Amanda I loved you before Woman Like Us but now I have even more love and respect for you , I urge everyone to read this brilliant book it will pull at your heartstrings but also make you feel good and uplift you.

Was this review helpful?

This is an honest memoir that has been written and lived by an amazing daughter,woman, mother, wife, friend and author..
I give Amanda Prowse so much credit for having the courage to share her life with the world. Not easy!
I am sure, as I did, that many readers will see parts of themselves in some of these chapters.
While reading, I stopped and thought "Wow, that's was me!" during many moments.
It is definitely a heartfelt, sad at times, happy at times, challenging, story that shows resilience and courage.

This memoir was well done!
I always enjoy Amanda Prowse's book!
Thank you to NeGalley and #Amazon Publishing UK for this ARC and allowing me to provide my review.

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC of Women Like Us, by Amanda Prowse. I just could not get into this book to even finish it. Too depressing.

Was this review helpful?

Amanda Prowse has been my favourite author since she started writing, because of how she writes. I have loved all her books, have met her, and until reading this book, thought I knew her! What I didn't know, was how much in awe of her, and how much I now admire the woman she is !

Her life in this book is a "no holds barred" book. She is brutally honest, says it as it is and discloses what she has gone through, warts and all.

From her early years with her numerous operations in hospital. Her school days to her leaving home. Her relationship with food, friends, and moving homes, to her marrying the love of her life, and the trauma of helping her beloved son suffering with depression...this woman has suffered so much, but has painted on a smile, and carried on for her public / readers!

I laughed with her, I cried for her and I'm not ashamed to say, that I love this woman! Amanda, you are an incredible lady, and the strongest person I know!

Thank you to Netgalley and the author for my ARC copy, in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

What an honest, frank story.. I very rarely read autobiographies, but as Amanda Prowse is one of my favourite authors, it was never in doubt that I would read it. I think we all have preconceptions of people and this book just shows how wrong we can be. I'm in even more awe of Mandy now than I was before.

Was this review helpful?

I have enjoyed quite a few of Amanda's books and many of them have spoken to me in a way that I can relate to. She seems to be able to get to the heart of an issue and show empathy for many problems women and families go through. Her subjects range from marriage break ups, eating disorders, depression and miscarriage. This memoir proves that she writes from the heart and no wonder she does such a good job.
Fascinating to read about her life story, the one thing I didn't know about was her difficult birth and the pelvic problems and surgery she suffered. Really well written and relatable.

Was this review helpful?

I’ve heard of Amanda Prowse but have never read any of her books. I enjoyed this autobiography and she seems like a very down to earth person who would be fun to hang out with.

The health struggles she dealt with growing up were horrible. Thankfully, she had a loving family to help her through that. It was sweet how she talked about her parents and grandparents.

She always wanted to write books and finally made that happen which is quite an inspiration not to give up on your dreams.

Her weight issues show you no matter how successful you are, you can still have troubles. So happy her life is going well.

Very interesting book even if you’ve not read her books before. Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book.

Was this review helpful?

Amanda Prowse has written yet another masterpiece. "Women like us", had so many parts of me in there!
Mandy has written an honest memoir from the heart. We read through her trials and tribulations, where thankfully she has come out of the other side.
This book had me hooked from start to finish.

Was this review helpful?

I fell in love with this author when I read my first book Anna, followed quickly by Theo….. then I bought every book she had written. Something just drew me to the way Amanda writes. Every story is unique and told in such a detailed and emotional way I imagined Amanda had some of these issues in her own life to be able to write so beautifully.
When I found out Amanda had written an autobiography I was so excited! I had to learn more about one of my favourite all time authors. Wow, I was blown away. To open herself up so much must of been terrifying. This time it wasn’t fiction it was her life story. Amanda your story will help so many people you are an inspiration. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Was this review helpful?

What a book. I truly love all of Amanda Prowses novels and this story of her life just blew me away. If made me laugh and cry in equal measure and so much of it brought back happy memories of my childhood and my family so thank you for making them all come alive again. As a curvy lady myself this book helped me feel good about myself again so thank you for that and thanks to your husband for giving you to space to finally write that book as they have given me so many happy hours reading them.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book, I loved hearing about how passionate Amanda has been about reading and writing from such a young age. I loved how honest she was from the very start about who she was and I loved that there was humour all the way through. There was a lot of heart break in the book which was difficult to read but also a lot of talk about the love of her family and passions which was lovely. There was so much relatable content and I really hope that this book helps people with their confidence and self esteem as the way Amanda talks about what helped herself was such an amazing read. Thank you to Amanda for being so honest about the highs and lows in her life and writing in such a captivating, honest and relatable way. I’m sure this book will inspire people in a number of positive ways 🙂

Was this review helpful?

I am usually a fiction only kind of reader, it’s very rare I pick up non-fiction but after a recommendation from a friend, I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did.

This memoir was a rollercoaster to say the least, incredibly raw and real - the author really laid everything bare. It’s a story of real life, success, struggles and mainly hope for everything to come right in the end. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but I think that’s what makes it a really special read.

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a book you just need to read, but some parts were so relatable you could just feel everything she was saying. The emotion is apparent right from the get go and it makes you laugh and want to cry along with her.

This memoir is hard hitting, inspiring and deeply personal. I cannot applaud Amanda enough for being so completely honest and frank about her life and experiences.

Was this review helpful?

I love Amandas books as they are always written with love, emotion and from the heart. In this memoir we meet the woman behind the books and it is so interesting and surprising as I discovered that Amanda has had a challenging life. This is quite different to the life I imagined Authors to have, yet they are all normal people just with a fabulous talent for words, so I shouldnt have been surprised. The book made me realise that none of us are perfect and thats okay. Battles in life make us stronger and as long as we can accept who we are life can throw what it likes at us.
I saw Amanda at a book bloggers event years ago but didnt have the courage or confidence to say hello but through her stories and social media posts I know that she is a vibrant and honest person who is loved by many and hope that if we meet again I would be able to tell her this in person.
Keep on writing Mandy as I know you have many more fabulous stories in that great filing cabinet brain of yours.
My thanks to Net Galley and Publishers for the ARC of this book.

Was this review helpful?

Ⓑⓞⓞⓚ Ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

𝐖𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐔𝐬
Amanda Prowse

Sʜᴏᴿᴛ Sʏɴᴏᴘsɪs

Amanda throws it all out there in her memoir Women Like Us. It is a story about the beauty and pain she experienced throughout her life.

Mʏ Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛs

I can’t tell you how much I loved this memoir. Much of it felt like it was written about me. I clicked with her immediately.

The emotions she felt because she lacked confidence and was overweight could have come out of my own journal.

The author was open and honest about life’s not so special moments. Her life has been a journey full of ups and downs, and Amanda stresses that is normal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to end. I highly recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley, Love Books Tours, the author, and the publisher for providing this ebook for me to review.

#Ad #Gifted #LoveBooksTours

Was this review helpful?

The author put it all out on the table with her memoir. It was personally relatable for me in a number of ways and I know other women will be able to relate. I felt like she had been in my mind while reading the story. For women struggling, give this a try. There is hope we can be happy with ourselves.

Was this review helpful?

I had the amazing privilege of getting to know Amanda when she was a guest on our podcast, Speaking LITerally back in February. I immediately loved her and connected with her. She was funny, grounded, and had the type of wisdom that everyone can learn from.

Much like that hour I spent with her discussing her career and her life, her book was full of brutal honesty. Even though the anxiety and self-doubt was discussed on air, she takes her time in really showing how and why she’s where she is in life. By the time I finished reading, Women Like Us, I loved her even more!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big nonfiction reader and that includes memoirs. The only other memoir I’ve read is Michelle Obama’s Becoming, so this should be a big deal. Haha! Ok, not really, but I had an added interest. This is someone I have met and respect, someone who I have plans to stay up all night talking to and ice cream with when I make a trip to England. Apparently, I need to rethink the ice cream thing though based on the confession in the book. But I wanted to learn how she has become the person and author she is.

I’m not going to summarize her life or the book, just read it. There are four primary areas that the impact is felt: Mental Health, Self Love, Physical Illness/Medical Conditions, and Having a Plan B.

Overall, I thought it was a powerful book. One that is open and honest. With everything I already stated, Amanda does disclose how she finally got into writing and how she made her dream of becoming an author come true. The role the library played in her childhood in establishing her love of reading. She covers it all.

She really does lay her emotions out on the table and bears her soul. There were moments in the book where I felt ready to move on to the next piece to the story, but I honestly think that it is more me and my typical lack of interest in this genre than anything else.

If you enjoy memoirs, I can’t imagine you not liking this book, and it’ll probably be almost impossible to read it and not make some type of connection to Amanda’s story.

The writing is perfect in delivering her voice. After having spoken with her, I could actually hear her voice in my head at certain points of the book. It’s not easy to get a book published, I don’t think anyone is naïve enough to think it is, but it’s possible, and those who work for it will do it. This book shows how it just takes one person in one moment with one opportunity to make a childhood dream come true. I am still a fan of Mandy Prowse, and I can’t wait to make that trip to England to share an all nighter talking and laughing and crying about the lives we’ve led and lessons we’ve learned.

Was this review helpful?

Where do I start? What words can I use which will do this amazing, honest, inspiring autobiography?

Amanda takes a no holds barred journey through her life. In 'The Boy Behind' we learned about the problems her son had with depression, and imagined that since he was feeling better Amanda's life was now wonderful. After all, she is living the dream on a large farm near Bristol, and jets around the world promoting her multi million selling books. However, is a warts and all account (or a poo and all 😂) account. Amanda's story shows that even when you get what you have dreamt of all your life, you have nothing without good health - yours and your family's. Amanda's book isn't just for the rich, the glamorous, the successful, it's for women like us.

The only thing that I disagreed with is where Amanda refers to her readers as strangers. However to her millions of fans around the world, we all already feel that Amanda is a friend. She and her husband always take the time to reply to her fans in her own down to earth fashion, and I challenge anyone to finish this book and not want to count Amanda as a friend.

This isn't just a well written, entertaining, and interesting book, it is a fascinating insight into addictive behaviour, and how to overcome it. A 'must read'.


Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved this book! Amanda's struggles throughout her life were honest, and heartfelt, as well as sometimes humorous. I could definitely identify with some of the things she said.
Her struggles were ones, that a lot of us deal with each day, and I applaud her, for being so open about them.
I found myself living the moments with her, and was so relieved, when she eventually found solutions for each issue.
It was so wonderful to read at the end, that she had come to terms with herself, and just lived each day as it came along.
Thank you so much Amanda, and also to the publisher for allowing me to read this advanced copy.

Was this review helpful?

I love Amanda Prowse! Whenever I watch her on TV, she is beautiful, intelligent and I spend most of my time nodding along to what she is saying, thinking “This woman really knows people, she understands us.” Reading the first part of her book Women Like Us: A Memoir, even before Chapter One, I was relating to it all – yes, that’s me, I do that too, I’m that one at parties, she sees me, she knows me!
It helps that Amanda is around my age, we’re both women, we’re both writers, we’re both mothers. We’re even the same height! Right from the start, it feels like Amanda wrote this book for ME! It feels like we’re sitting chatting over coffee (or wine) and I keep wanting to join in the conversation and tell her I completely get where she’s coming from.
Amanda is best known for being the author of 28 novels, but although this is a memoir, it is just as engaging a read. We go through all the emotions with her as she grows up, having to endure ten operations between the ages of thirteen and eighteen to correct a congenital pelvic condition. I felt so sorry for her reading this section.
Amanda really puts herself on the page. Women Like Us is brutally honest, upsetting, emotional but also amazing, uplifting and most of all, relatable! While none of us have experienced everything Amanda has, there will be so much we have in common with her. I loved all the cultural references like Bunty and Jackie and idolising Debbie Harry. (Me too!) I also loved how reading was so important to her from childhood onwards (especially with the time she spent in hospital) and I was fascinated to hear about her writing ambitions and how long she had to fight against the feeling she wasn’t good enough to be a successful author.
Biographies and memoirs can sometimes be a bit dull, as it’s just one person’s life story (especially if you’re only twenty and the one thing you’ve done in your life is appearing on a reality show for ten minutes…) but this is NEVER dull, it’s a real page turner and I don’t say that about many memoirs. Because Amanda is a writer more than a “celeb”, the way she handles words is outstanding and you get swept up into her classy prose and hilarious self-deprecating wit.

Was this review helpful?

a woman I am now irrevocably in awe of. This book just resonates everything about her. From her power, her humour, her passion, her love, her angst, her pain and her concerns as she talks us through the memoir of her life.

I feel like I know her, everytime I picked up this book it was like catching up with a friend over coffee as they tell you what's been going on. I laughed along with her jokes, cried over her losses and many times I caught myself with my hand on my chest thinking, me too, that's how I feel. An amazing memoir that leaves you feeling less alone in your own pain that life sometimed throws at you.

I am very open about my life struggles to anyone that knows me, or sometimes I overshare with people I've only just met then cringe at myself later like why did I give them my life story. But if this book had such a profound impact on me, I would love to imagine the impact it would have on an audience who like so many women around the world have experienced the many topics within this book who aren't as open as me with their struggles. How much less alone they will feel after reading this memoir knowing that it's not just a solitary feeling, whether it's with miscarriages, buying into toxic diet culture, struggling with eating disorders, breakdowns in marriage, and I have also experienced them all and was blown away by Amanda's openness in her writing.

If I was to ever have the pleasure of being able to sit down with Amanda, I don't know what I would ask her. This book covered everything and more. I feel like I know her so well.

Even if you don't think you can relate to it, I still beg of you to add this book to your wishlists, birthday list, christmas list or trust me and preorder it now.

This book has it all. And I was moved by something on at least every single page as I devoured it nightly. Showing me, and hopefully future readers that the ceiling doesn't have to be made out of concrete. Women like us can do it.

Amanda toots her horn loudly and proudly. And why shouldn't she, why shouldn't we all?

Was this review helpful?

At the very start of the book I thought, this is me, well apart from I love ice cream and haven’t sold millions of books 😆 what an amazing woman. I’ve always loved Amanda’s book, but this one and the other she co-wrote with her son Josh, had left me with a greater appreciation of her. I never realised her struggles and I’m so glad that she has never given up.

Was this review helpful?

I hate to admit that I've never previously read an Amanda Prowse book, but there was something about the title - Women Like Us, that I found appealing. I'm so glad I trusted my instinct.

Women Like Us is a raw, honest and emotional memoir. I loved the opening pages - they pulled me straight in, and I definitely felt on the same wavelength as Amanda, both people who contemplate how quickly they can leave an event to return home to pyjamas and a good book. I think I'm a little older than Amanda; however, some of her descriptions of her young life took me on an enjoyable nostalgic trip. These early descriptions made me laugh and reminded me of the strong women in my own family. It's been forever ago that I thought about celery being displayed in a beer glass with a handle, but yes, this was definitely a thing.

The book is one woman's personal journey and the things she has overcome. Some of these are heartbreaking and I believe will resonate with many women on many levels. The book's final part focuses on health and weight and Amanda's strategy to become healthier and lose weight. I say strategy because I hate the word battle - it feels like a fight and a struggle and something negative that you don't want to be involved in. Yet the way Amanda puts across her way of doing it makes it feel possible for anyone struggling in this area. And yes, I know because I've been there most of my adult life, trying to find the right balance. There's definitely a 'love yourself' message in the book. However, it's delivered in a personable, relatable way that makes you feel like you're listening to someone who understands and who has not only stood in your shoes but also walked a hundred miles in them.

This is an inspirational book and one I'm sure I'll buy for others when it gets published later this year. It's like sitting down with a friend you've reconnected with from your past and catching up on all the bits of their life you've missed. You'll laugh, cry, and come away feeling the world is full of women like us.

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Thank you NetGalley for arc.

I absolutely love Amanda Prowse and was over the moon to receive her memoir and what an amazing woman and inspiration she is.

Fantastic read and would highly recommend. 5 stars.

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I love Amanda Prowse books this was a little different from her normal writing as it was her memoir.

What a woman she is..

A great inspiration, level headed, hard working the list goes on.

A wonderful motivating read that’s not all easy reading.

Amanda I just want to give you a hug

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If there is one thing I want everyone to take away from this review, that is to read this book. I highly, highly recommend it.
Funny, witty but a whole touch of life, Amanda Prowse opened herself up and took us through her memory lane. And it was written in such a light and a matter-of-fact tone that makes reading it such a breeze.
Yet don’t be fooled. It covered concerns and issues that women back in the 70s/80s faced yet in some aspects, still are facing now.
Just not to get lost in everything, this is her memoir. And she is a woman. But that does not deter the fact that it is relatable - might not be a whole chunk but it will still make one introspective.

Book out on 6 September, 2022.

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I absolutely loved this book. I am a huge fan of Amanda and was thrilled to get to read. Thank you to publisher and NetGalley for chance to read and review this ARC.

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Non Fiction, autobiographical books wouldn’t normally be my thing. Those I have read in the past have been audiobook.

However I must admit from the minute I started I felt ensconced in the authors world. This was a heart warming uplifting tale, tinged with sadness. Prowse tackles topics such as depression, miscarriage, love and loss and not necessarily in that order.

This is a no holes barred account, warts and all. Nothing is off limits and I find the honesty very refreshing. I’m not sure how often we all sit back and actually think about how far in life we’ve come and overcome so much. Women Like Us was a timely reminder that tough times make way for better times.

Due to be released September 6th I recommend you give it a read. It’s like food for the soul.

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I have to say this was a great memoir. Amanda Prowse opens up and shares her life with us through her good times and bad. You will laugh and cry with her. I have read a few books by this author and she’s one of my favorites so I would like to say Thank You for sharing this Raw, emotional story with us.

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Women Like Us~A Memoir~by Amanda Prowse

Releasing 9-6-22

Well-known author Amanda Prowse has written a memoir that goes deep into the feelings and emotions that for years kept her hidden and holding back on her life. Prowse, like so many girls and women, has struggled with who she really is, how she fits with the world, body image, does she say the right things, wear the right things...the insecurities so many of us face.

In her memoir, she takes these issues head on-any shares what she has learned along the way that has led to her happiness.

A book that we should all read for inspiration!


I was given this book to read and review. Thank you!

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Amanda Prowse opens up and lets it flow. I hope this was a cathartic exercise in her recovery from food addiction. It reads very well. It is a memoir, but reads very much like one of her novels, studded with snark and personality, which helped with the flow of the book. It touches on mental illness, motherhood, womanhood, uncooperative bodies, food addiction and recovery, and relationships.
I'm loath to say that there was too much about the food part, as this is someone's life we're talking about, but the last third of the book did tend to be repetitive. However, it is important, honest reading for someone who is dealing with an addiction. Especially profound was comparing and differentiating between food addiction and a heroin addiction. A heroin addict doesn't get better by having just a dab of heroin to survive. They can't. However a person needs food to survive, and if you're dealing with a. food addiction, getting healthy is tough to navigate,

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Reading this emotional and honest memoir, the reader can see why this author writes brilliant, heartfelt fictional stories. It's recollections of a life so far from an ordinary woman who never lost sight of her dream despite the physical and emotional setbacks. It's full of love and pain with underlying insecurity about fitting in and being good enough that so many of us can relate to.

Whilst the first part is poignant, the second half of the memoir is intimate and heartbreaking to read at times, but you keep turning the pages hoping that the author will find a way through her pain. The last part of the book is moving and motivational, and it resonates.

I enjoyed the honesty and the positivity of this memoir.

I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher.

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#netgalley #womenlikeus publication date 06 SEP 2022
This is a memoir so it's not like Amanda's other books but it is still amazing, the pages turn themselves, I usually am not a fan of biographies but this is honest, emotional and very funny. Highly recommend 4/5 stars

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Thank you to author Amanda and @lovebookstours for my gifted copy.

My thoughts: wow! What an raw, honest and simply stunning memoir that Amanda has gifted us. I hadn’t read any of her fiction titles but I knew I needed to read her story. I can relate to so much of what she battles through. Anxiety with food and struggling with acceptance has been tough for me as well and I felt that Amanda was reading my thoughts! I want to say thank you for being so brave to put your entire story out there for us to cheer you on and remind ourselves that we are enough and worth it.

Blurb —Women Like Us’ is my life story so far! It’s a raw, but I hope, inspiring account of my life lived as someone who always felt as if I was the odd one out. I had so many ideas, but felt hemmed in by class, lack of opportunity and my own low self-esteem. I didn’t ever see how I could get on in life. Growing up as a proper homebird and spending nights on the sofa with my wonderful, eccentric family, I felt as if the world was having a party to which I wasn’t invited, and it felt awful. The thought of writing a book felt like a dream, just out of reach, until aged forty-two I took the leap, and the rest is history. Now, ten years later and with over thirty books published, I decided it was time to tackle my greatest challenge – how I felt about myself, my overweight body and my ageing face. Having lived for years feeling that I wasn’t quite good enough, or that I didn’t quite fit, I finally learned the secrets of living a happy life and am sharing them with you now.

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I have read a number of books by this author and I follow her blog so I knew a bit about her before I started reading the memoir. I’m normally more of a fiction reader but there was no way I wasn’t going to read this. Amanda has always come across as a warm, kind and caring person and this book confirms my feelings. What I didn’t know is some of the backstory, the fear of not being good enough, the overwhelming insecurity around a constant battle with her weight, something I can totally relate to.

Again I was aware of her family struggles with mental health issues. Her son Joshua suffered with serious depression and considered committing suicide, they wrote a book about this and continue to support others in a similar situation. But there have been a lot more traumas in her life - cancer, miscarriages, loss and more. All of which she has come to terms with and is now sitting (mostly) on the other side.

As expected the heart rending stories are countered with plenty of humour and hope; I don’t think Amanda is capable of being deceitful. She is an open book, warts and all. Like most of us her life has been full of ups and downs and as she says this is normal! Nobody enjoys a perfect life from the day they’re born. It’s normal to have bad times. It’s normal to have good times. What differentiates us is how we deal with them.

This was just a thoroughly good read which took me through a whole gamut of emotions from despair to hope, sadness to joy. If you want to read a book that encompasses all these emotions and much much more I recommend you read this. I’m so glad I did ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Lovely and real. This book is for all women. Don't miss this one.

Thanks to author, publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.

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Women Like Us by Amanda Prowse

Amanda has wrote many wonderful books over a long career and long may it last. A fab writer of fiction.
But here we have her autobiography , and what another great book it is !
A frank , honest , at times harrowing due to the subject matter ( which I'm sure will hit a nerves for many ) but still very readable and relatable for I'm sure many of her fans.
Thank you for sharing.

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Such a fantastic read. This is a book telling you of the life of the author Amanda Prowse and what she went through from being a young girl to where she is now. This book will have you engrossed from page 1, you will cry, laugh, be happy and sad all within a few chapters.

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A stunningly-candid, painfully-beautiful memoir of one incredibly successful woman’s journey, a microcosm of joy and trauma, peeled back in the spirit of illuminating, exposing, and ultimately revealing hidden truths that just may resonate as some of the kindest and most caring hard-earned learnings “women like us” need to hear, and more importantly, share with each other.

We are good enough.

Regardless of what is increasingly experienced on social media - intrinsic value (popularity, self-worth, acceptance, - really anything that matters ) does not hinge on beauty, youth, or the size of your thighs.

We have the tools already, if we look for them, for a healthier relationship with our bodies, our mindset, our experiences, - and most of all, a deeper love and appreciation for our core and most tender selves.

In this starkly-authentic expose, Amanda Prowse, (an author who was charmed the world with dozens of best-selling books, a world-wide presence, and a devotedly grateful readership) surrounded by her loving family and all the physical trappings of success, opens her heart to the reader, shedding light on battles beginning early in childhood and climaxing in middle age, triggering painful emotional crises with self-esteem, a toxic relationship with food, and a life held needlessly on a wretched and self-imposed leash.

“In order to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from. “

As Amanda traces her roots, right down to the the important and the impactful, (and Mandy really has seen it all - from horrific medical trauma, to achingly-tragic missed births, cancer, sexual assault, battles with alcohol, misogyny, grief, and familial mental illness) - she opens the coffers wide - her story made clearer, both to the reader, and in aid of her own deeper awakening.

I loved this book, - loved the courage, the story, the candor and the grace, most of all - in the heart-laid-bare acknowledgement that all of us women, suffer, some more than others, with our own self-internalized value, body-image, and “femininity”, in a society that, while making some progress, continues to marginalize the softer, the “weaker”, and most of all, the vulnerable.

A wonderful heart-tugging read, this book and it’s touching and ultimately deeply-inspiring message, will change you, as it did this reader - taking us perhaps one step closer to a world where each of us can look ourselves in the eyes with the same warm and unconditional love we often have no trouble sharing with others.

A great big thank you to the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

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If you have ever felt like you're not good enough, whether it's because of your appearance, career, or any other aspect of your life, this book is for you. Women Like Us is Amanda Prowse's Memoir; unlike her usual fiction, this is about her life and experiences.

I have been working through Amanda Prowse's backlog of books but have read all of her more recent books and reviewed them, which I will link at the bottom. So this was a super easy choice. What brings a person to write, and where does she find her inspiration? I also love the idea of becoming an author, so it was a great start to thinking of that journey.

Women Like Us is a story of success and of hope but not without its trials, especially the first hurdle to becoming an author in the first place, the massive number of rejections from publishers (who must be cursing themselves now she has written so many books!). However, Amanda has a unique voice, warm and personable; you can easily relate to her experiences. This is not a dark tale of woe, though. The love shown by her family is immense, and her journey remarkable.

Amanda is a down to earth, 'real' woman who shares her struggles through life, from being an army wife to her battles with cancer (yes, two of them) and how her family coped wither son Josh's depression. This also focuses a lot on her struggles with her weight, from being underweight, average weight and overweight and the efforts that each has bought.

While her life may be excellent and a dream in many ways, this book also shows that not everything has been so easy. She has lived through many trials and tribulations, some of which have almost broken her. Medical conditions, multiple surgeries, loss, abuse, and multiple miscarriages.

I applaud anyone who writes their own story for the whole world to read, but this one is a candid and raw review of her life. Amanda deserves an extra big hug for this one, and thank goodness that she overcame the words of the stilted teacher, who must have no dreams of her own and shouldn't be inflicted on small children, because where would we be without the beautiful words of Amanda Prowse? If she is still around, I like to bet that she has read at least one of Amanda's books and regrets those words and now encourages everyone to follow their dreams, whatever they might be.

I don't want to write too much because I don't want to ruin the book for anyone else, and I think it's a great book that so many women will relate to so easily. I love the 'new' Amanda who has come out of the other side. Now, if only she would share more of her new food regime for us to follow…

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I enjoyed this well-written memoir, though I did find it a bit long at times, but I appreciate that Amanda Prowse wanted to give us the full picture, which may be very encouraging to women who find themselves struggling in life. Basically, she's proven that -with support, which one must accept- most people can overcome in life.

I would recommend this book to women over 40. I don't know if I would have appreciated the author's struggles in my younger adult years.

I received a complimentary digital reviewer's copy in exchange for my honest opinion. Thanks to the author, the publisher and Netgalley.

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I’ve read all Amanda’s books and loved each one including this one. Although very different as it’s an autobiography it’s very real and down to earth and funny in places. Amanda has been very vulnerable writing this book which helped me to relate and by the end it helped me understand some of my own eating issues. When someone is as honest as Amanda has been all that’s left to say is Thank You from a woman like you. Thanks also to your publisher and NetGalley for the advanced copy.

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Much as I love Amanda's fiction, unfortunately this book isn't for me. I've read 66% of the book but to be honest I'm finding it all a bit of a toil now, so will leave it at that. There is no point in me carrying on with it because I'm not enjoying it and won't be leaving a review anywhere other than here. It's regrettable, but we're all different and there are lots of 5 star reviews from people for whom the book obviously has struck a chord.

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I love a good memoir but sometimes dislike that everyone writes memoirs these days that can be somewhat dark and depressing and I struggle to read them.

This book I found to be a bit like that, it is a bit drama queen like in parts but she did bring many current topics to light which for most is a good thing. But it is very depressing and sometimes I felt like she could only see the bad things in life and not the good which I find sad. There is always good things in life.

I must say I did skip through a bit of this book but I did finish it.

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An enjoyable, fascinating and inspirational memoir from this wonderful author. I love her books and this one is just fabulous! Her honesty makes this an emotional and uplifting read. 5 stars!

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I loved this book!! I follow Amanda Prowse on social media and have always enjoyed and related well to her candid way of writing about her own life.
I related to the book right from the start, and I think that the prologue alone will have lots of women feeling a connection to the book from that point. That was a well thought out and well written beginning and Amanda was clever to have written something to book people in from the start. But she is a well respected author, so she knows how to capture her audience.
I found it almost a cathartic experience in places, feeling perhaps less isolated reading words and sentences that she could have taken straight out of my head.
In short, this is a great memoir, well written and it had me both laughing and crying, which is always a sign of a good book for me.
I highly recommend this book.
My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this book in return for an honest review.

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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

Amanda Prowse writes the story of her own life and how she has struggled with achieving her long term goal of being a writer. A brilliant insight to her life and struggles that I could relate to.

Brilliant read.

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Truly candid memoir that really made me think about my struggles with self-esteem. Sometimes you need to forge your own path and be kind to yourself.

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Amanda Prowse has done it again. This sensational memoir talks about a real woman who has had her fair share of struggles in life just like anyone else. From being an army wife, miscarriages, battling cancer, and much more, Amanda continued to fight those fights, even though some seem to be too big to fight at the time. This book will make you smile, laugh, and cry. Amanda is a wonderful author and this memoir is absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend checking it out.

Was this review helpful?

An exquisite memoir that helped me see through the cracks of my self-esteem. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I recommend this book to everyone in need of a break or advive. Sometimes you need to take it easy on yourself. Acceptance and love are they key to self-appreciation.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.
What a great book! Amanda Prowse writes with honesty and emotion. There were parts that made me laugh, cringe, sad, etc. A lot of this book was really relatable and I think most women would relate to some of the issues she writes about.

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What a read!
Reading this book about someone else's life and seeing parts of your life reflected in it just makes it even better.
I loved every word of this book. I found myself agreeing with so much and found so much common ground.
I have loved every book by Ms Amanda Prowse that I have read, and this is not an exception.
This book should be compulsory reading for every woman - a reminder that we are not in a race with each other, to remind us its what inside that counts; to remember we recall actions of the people we love, not what they looked like.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me the chance to read this book.

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Women Like Us by Amanda Prowse

A memoir from one of the most prolific writers in the UK, Amanda Prowse. I must have been living under a rock as I had no idea who Amanda was, although Goodreads tells me I've read some of her books and loved them! So I had no preconceptions going into the book and WOW... read it in a day and couldn't put it down! Loved Amanda's voice and idenitified with SO much that she has experienced - I feel seen as the kids say.... I'll be buying a lovely copy of this when it comes out and I only do that for the very best of the ARCs I read. Very VERY highly recommended!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.

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Okay, full disclosure, I have read ten of the twenty-five books that Amanda Prowse has written - I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Her last two books have been amazing including this one: WOMEN LIKE US.

This book made me realize that there ARE women like me out there with the same family issues, personal challenges, and life problems, But this book was the BRILLIANT pep-talk I needed to get my crap together. Seriously. If Mandy can do it, I can do it because I want to do better, feel better, and be better!.

Many of the things that Mandy writes about in this book are issues that I could have written about (self-esteem, comparison to others, being a wallflower at parties, and much more - so much more). My favorite bit of the book is when she talks about her extended family which I was also so fortunate to have in my life also (although, it was my great-grandmothers, not grandmothers who were around for so long). This created our resilience, strength, and our pulling up our big-girl panties ethic. I miss them all so much and wish that I had learned to cook from them just like Mandy does, but we did eat their amazing food!!

The biggest issue that she discusses is weight and food. This has been an ongoing issue for me for years. I have tried to find the triggers, but I don't think that I ever will. I stuff my feelings to quell that pain that I felt about things that I had NO CONTROL OVER! My goal now is to take baby steps and eat better to be healthier, not thinner. I want to be around to see my grandchildren someday and be able to chase them around easily.

This book is beautifully written just like all of her books are. But THIS book and her previous book written with her son, Josiah, have touched me so very deeply. This is a book that makes you think, feel (yes, I cried a few times), and understand more about this amazing author while learning more about yourself!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! A must for anyone who loves Amanda Prowse novels!!

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I love Amanda's books and her "tangerine" posts so I was excited to read these memoirs.
Having not read many autobiographies I didn't know what to expect from this, but this book is so honest, no sugar coating at all, Amanda comes across as so relatable, the ideal best friend every woman should have, she's been through so much in her life and this is all laid bare throughout the book. I laughed and cried all the way through.
For the woman who's been low, for the woman who doesn't feel good enough this book is for us all, proof that whatever life throws we are capable of rising above it and coming out the other side. Kudos to Amanda for writing this

Was this review helpful?

Powerful ... raw ... honest ... sad ... funny!

I cried, I laughed but most of all my heart went out to this wonderful author (I have read many of her books) for being so honest about herself and her struggles.

You never know what's happening behind closed doors?!

You rock Amanda Prowse ❤️

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I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

A,memoir by an author that details her struggles with her weight and relationships. It is amazing how much time we agonize over our bodies. I enjoyed the book.

Was this review helpful?

Wow!!! What a fantastic read by one of my most very favourite authors, a memoir filled with honesty and openness, thank you for sharing your life with me, loved every page

Was this review helpful?

A fabulous book!
We are given a very detailed insight into Amanda's life, the good the bad and the ugly.
So much of what she wrote i found so relatable.
Thank you Amanda your story made me laugh and cry.
Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for an early copy and i happily give my honest review.

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Amanda has put her life story out there in the real world for everyone to scrutinise. She has been very honest and open about her life in this memoir and I think she has been very brave.
She makes very valid points about how we view other people by their looks, celebrity status, monetary value etc and then makes you think hard about how much we really don't know about a person from the brief glimpses we get from newspapers, social media posts, television appearances etc.
If you want to find out the real woman behind the fabulous writer then this book is a must for you.

Was this review helpful?

I am a big fan of Amanda Prowse and have read most (if not all!) of her previous work. She’s a very talented writer and tackles some really deep subjects, producing thought provoking books. Which makes this book all the more impactful in that she lays her own life out there, showing the woman behind the stories. Emotive and entertaining, I really do recommend this book to anyone, whether you have read Amanda’s work before or not.

Was this review helpful?

Yes we are all different but there is so much we also have in common. Fitting in, pretending we do, hiding our complexities, body confidence issues, self sabotage, imposter syndrome. Jealousy.

I sped through this book empathising and loving reading about the clumsiness, confidence knocks, yearning for literary solitude, self sabotage, constantly evolving, trying to grasp life’s challenges, our comparative nature and trying to focus on who we are and not who someone else is. This book is beautifully and openly written. I can’t help but feel that the more we lay ourselves open the more we can understand and connect, yet success and honesty is unfortunately often met with scrutiny and jealousy. Something we should collectively work on.

Another important reminder that what we see on the surface is rarely indicative of the truth of a perceived charmed life. Millions of books sold worldwide, check. Still figuring out life? Yup.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book, I enjoy a lot of Amanda Prowse writing so knew I would enjoy this read. Thank you so much

Was this review helpful?

Wow what a woman! I just love Amanda prowse novels and this insight to the incredible lady was fantastic!

Was this review helpful?

Every self-conscious, self-doubting woman should read this book.
Within a few pages I recognised myself in Amanda Prowse’s story, and the title ‘Woman like Us’ made absolute sense. An open and honest account of a fifty-somethings life; the marvellously mundane, the love, the pain, the passion and the self-sabotage. Her journey to self-acceptance is inspiring, her exhortation to ‘trust the process’ one I hope to follow. #WLU

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for approving me for this arc.

It was really interesting to read about this womens life and the stories and lessens she chooses to share with the world!

Was this review helpful?

Loved this, getting to know the person behind the many much loved novels I have enjoyed over the years. I know a fair bit about Amanda Prowse, having been such an avid fan for so long, but to read about her childhood, her family & upbringing, just puts the jigsaw together and a wonderful insight into what makes her who she is! I found it sad at times, what she had to go through and what she suffered in terms of her self esteem, mostly brought on by the media and how she sees herself. I hope she knows how much of a truly wonderful person she is, how special and caring. She really is a ‘what you see is what you get’ person and you can’t help but love her for it! Keep doing what you do, you make the world a nicer place knowing we have the escapism of your books :)

Was this review helpful?

In what had to be a giant leap of faith, Amanda Prowse gives us a complete window into her life. In her memoir she gives us all a compete look at the bare bones, from her early struggles with insecurity, of not being enough and her ongoing health issues that went undiscovered for years and then took years to repair and correct. An open and honest account, the good, the bad and the ugly.

As always, many thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review

Was this review helpful?

5 stars. I absolutely adore Amanda Prowse and her beautifully written novels. I pounced on this book the minute I saw it and loved every minute of it. It was great to get a glimpse into Amanda's life and what makes her her. Highly recommend to every woman, even those who are yet to read Amanda's novels.