Marlowe Banks, Redesigned

A Novel

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Pub Date 25 Oct 2022 | Archive Date 08 Nov 2022
St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin


In Marlowe Banks, Redesigned, Jacqueline Firkins wonderfully captures the messiness of failure, forgiveness, and embracing a second chance on life and love.

Marlowe Banks’s life has come apart at the seams. Her engagement ended abruptly. Her latest costume design was shredded by critics. Her student loans are overdue. Her parents have never been more disappointed. Desperate to hide from her failures, Marlowe flees New York City to embrace invisibility in Los Angeles as a menial Production Assistant on a popular TV show. While sorting socks and taking care of her boss’ spoiled Weimaraner, no one can confront her poor artistic choices or the end of her engagement, the end her ex refuses to accept.

When a costume mix-up requires Marlowe to step into in a scene, the camera catches a heated look between her and Angus Gordon, the show's arrogant bad boy, thrusting Marlowe into the spotlight. As the pair is forced together on set, Marlowe learns she's not the only one hiding. Walls come down for both of them, revealing a life Marlowe isn't sure she's ready for, and when her past comes calling, she has to decide if she's going to stay invisible or if it's time for a redesign.

In Marlowe Banks, Redesigned, Jacqueline Firkins wonderfully captures the messiness of failure, forgiveness, and embracing a second chance on life and love.

Marlowe Banks’s life has come apart at the...

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Featured Reviews

This book warms my heart and soul. I have so many passages highlighted and I cannot WAIT to have a physical copy so I can go all tab crazy in it.

I could relate to Marlowe in SO MANY WAYS. Especially with the feeling of not feeling good enough because of how many times someone important in her life practically told her that everyday. I have had a Kelvin in my life and lemme tell ya, that relationship turned me into one of the worst versions of myself. I loved being able to see Marlowe grow into her own person and realize who she really, truly is without others telling her otherwise.

I loved Angus from the moment we met him. I knew immediately after his little outburst that he was going to be my new book boyfriend. I saw someone describe Angus as like an onion, full of so many layers and as you keep peeling them back, you learn more and more about this person Angus actually is rather than who the media makes you see. He is so sweet and caring and supportive. I loved the banter between him and Marlowe. I also really appreciated how patient he was with her.

I just know that this will be a comfort book that I'll look back to. I need a shirt that says like "death by yak" or something like that.

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I really enjoyed this one! All of the characters were so incredibly likable and I was genuinely rooting for all of their success. The ending for our two main characters made me EXTREMELY happy for reasons that I don't want to get into because AHEM SPOILIES, but yeah. This book was a delight. Some of the things that I really enjoyed about this book aside from the characters were Agnus's willingness to help out Marlowe in her times of need, the tension during the cutesy "will they, won't they" moments, and Marlowe's standing up for herself in some certain situations.

Also, can we talk about the writing for a second?!?!??!?!? This writing in this story was BEAUTIFUL . The descriptions of all the characters, settings, feelings, LITERALLY EVERYTHING were so well done and it made me feel so invested and immersed in the story.

The ONLY thing that I can think of that I didn't necessarily like about this story was Agnus's fascination with Marlowe RIGHT from the get-go. I loved his little flirty little pining moments, but it felt a bit out of nowhere at times. I would have liked to see it a bit more, but truly, that wasn't even a negative thing that deterred from the story in any way.

I recommend this book to literally anyone because it was such a feel good story, and I can't wait to get my own personal copy!

Big thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for providing me with an electronic ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Marlowe Banks, Redesigned by Jacqueline Firkins is an adorable rom-com with a completely original protagonist. The story revolves around Marlowe, who is working as a lowly Production Assistant on a TV show. One day, unexpectedly, she volunteers to play a background character when no one else can fit into the costume. Then, sparks fly between her and lead actor Angus, a famous movie star. Soon, Marlowe is being asked to reprise the role for a few more episodes. Are the sparks between her and Angus real? Or is it all acting?

Here is a hilarious excerpt from Chapter 1:

"Marlowe Banks never dreamed that an MFA from Yale would earn her a job organizing hangers, picking crusted insoles out of an old pair of Top-Siders, and busting every last fingernail in an attempt to resize a watchband using only a safety pin and the force of her formidable will. The title Costume Production Assistant had sounded so glamorous. More commonly referred to as a PA, she was a cog in a machine. Nothing more.
“Just great,” she muttered as the safety pin slipped and blood beaded on her finger for the third time. “Amazing opportunity. Spectacular learning experience. Dream job.”"

Overall, Marlowe Banks, Redesigned is a fun rom-com that is like if The Devil Wears Prada met Famous in Love. The office dynamics with an overbearing boss reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada while the ordinary-person-becomes-famous plot reminded me of Famous in Love. One highlight of this book is the character growth of the main character. Dynamic characters are not often seen in rom-coms, and Marlow is a breath of fresh air. Another highlight of this book is the premise, which is a situation any reader would love to be in If you're intrigued by the excerpt above, or if you're a fan of rom-coms in general, I highly recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in October!

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Thank you netgalley and publisher for the arc, all thoughts are my own.

I'm astonished, blown away & bewildered by this beautiful flawless book. The pure euphoria when a book exceeds all your expectations is out of the world & this was one such for me.

Love would be a small word to describe the romance. Everything was upto the mark. The meet-cute, the tension/angst between Angus & Marlowe was intoxicating. I loved how they bonded over time. What started out as a low-key enemies-to-lovers turned into a slowest burn possible.

I adored how the inside jokes, honesty, steam was portrayed. Angus came across as a a jerk at first but went Marlowe gets to know him, so many layers come off.
Again I loved how Marlowe's journey was presented with the theme of failure, criticism & social media.

And the last 2-3 chapters were completely breathtaking. An unexpected story after my own heart. Can't wait for the world to read it!

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I loved this story! Marlowe was a super-relatable heroine and Angus was all the things I enjoy in a hero (cute, smart, grumpy). I also loved all the details about Hollywood and fashion!

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I really enjoyed this one!! I love good character growth and appreciated that Marlowe is empowered throughout the book. I loved the love story in this and how they had real conversations with each other. Very cute romance with a wonderful character arc!

Thank you NetGalley and Jacqueline Firkins!

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Overall this book had some really good themes; specifically woman's empowerment and the right woman have to make their own decisions while feeling powerful and confident in these decisions. Both in their personal relationships, their work, and their overall lives.

Marlowe is faced with uncertainty in every choice from herself, her friends and parents. And while, yes, this is a romance, it's also a story about learning to be confident in your own choices. I almost appreciated that storyline more than the romance storyline.

But the romance was pretty damn amazing as well. Once you peel back Angus' layers, literally and metaphorically, the romance really picks up. Firkins did an incredible job of intertwining these two themes and making me invested in Marlowe's personal growth and the romance. While the overall storyline is pretty predictable I still a really enjoyed the journey to get to the ending.

If you are looking for a quick feel good romance with a touch a steamy scenes this one will be perfect for your beach or pool day.

Thank you St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for sending me a digital edition of this book in return for my honest thoughts.

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Thank you NetGalley, Jacqueline Firkins and St. Martin's Press for the ARC of Marlowe Banks, Redesigned. This is my personal review.
I was so impressed with this book! It so much more than I was expecting.
Marlowe Banks had her life completely and totally come apart. Her engagement ended and so many other things were a mess in her life.
So, Marlowe decides to do something to change her life. Angus comes into her life at exactly the right time and things get very interesting!
The book was romance and so much more! The chemistry was there and to see Marlowe and Angus start out slow and as friends was perfect.
This is a book that I will read many times and keep on my bookshelf to share with others.

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Marlowe Banks, Redesigned was a fabulous and fun read! Marlowe, who has recently relocated from NYC to LA after a messy breakup with her fiancé, finds herself working as a production assistant on a TV show. Marlowe feels like a failure: her parents are not supporting her, she no longer has a fiancé, and she isn't doing what she loves: designing. Marlowe is required to participate in the show after a mix up in costumes, leading to a life changing moment. She is paired with the show''s star, the handsome Angus Gordon. Marlowe is throw into the spotlight following a heated moment with Angus, something she wanted to avoid. Marlowe is required to spend a great deal of time with Angus, in which she learns a great deal about him. This slow-burn was very enjoyable. Thank you to Jacqueline Firkins and St. Martins for this ARC!

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Too cute romance. Marlowe Banks is working as a production assistant for a television series. She gets roped into so many other duties (dog-sitting) that don't actually fall under her official job title, but she manages just fine. Marlowe is skilled and efficient. She also seems to be talented in other areas. A costuming emergency arises and Marlowe gets cast as a waitress. It was a one-day role, but the chemistry between Marlowe and bad boy Angus Gordon gets noticed by fans. Her part is extended to a season-ending arc. Her relationship with Angus heats up both on and off the screen. Their relationship and their individual growth were both fleshed out extremely well.

This is a great book, filled with love, laughter, and discovery. I am so glad I was allowed to read this book. I will definitely be on the lookout for more of Ms. Firkins' work.

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An absolutely delight of a book. I loved Marlowe's journey, which felt real and relatable as she struggled with dealing with criticism, past toxic relationships, and being shoved into a public spotlight which brought out all her other insecurities. Angus is sweet and sexy all at once and I loved every word of this romance!

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This book was exactly what I needed to get me out of a reading slump!

I loved all the characters, but especially Marlowe.

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