Double Exposure

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Pub Date 27 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 15 Oct 2022


November 2015—Seasoned war photojournalist Annie Hawkins returns home after an assignment to find her life falling apart. She’s under investigation for an incident that happened six months earlier in Afghanistan. Her best friend’s daughter, Seema, is still missing, apparently with her Taliban boyfriend. Her daughter Mel and friends are busy fundraising to rebuild the Wad Qol Secondary School for Girls and expect Annie to deliver the money. To make matters worse, she has a major argument with the love of her life, Finn Cerelli, and they’re no longer speaking.

When Annie returns to Afghanistan to cover peace talks between the government and the Taliban, she takes a side trip to Wad Qol, where she discovers that not everyone wants the new school. Sabotage delays construction, and when a worker ends up dead, it’s clear the militants are to blame. It’s also obvious that they know exactly where Annie is.

This is the second novel in the award-winning Annie Hawkins Green series. The first novel, Behind the Lens, was published by Ten16 Press in 2021.

November 2015—Seasoned war photojournalist Annie Hawkins returns home after an assignment to find her life falling apart. She’s under investigation for an incident that happened six months earlier in...

Advance Praise

“. . . Annie Hawkins Green is without a doubt currently my favorite badass woman. She is smart, strong, gutsy, and kind, but at the same time flawed, with emotions (and lingering PTSD) that cause some of her decisions to take her into situations that range from mildly upsetting to life-threateningly dangerous. . . . Sacken’s prose is brilliant.”

—Patricia Sands, author of the best-selling Love in Provence series

“Jeannée Sacken has done it again. A well-researched story and intriguing suspense that grips you till the end.”

—Kathryn Gauci, best-selling author of The Secret of the Grand Hôtel du Lac

“Captivating, fast-paced, and unsettling, Double Exposure is a story of strength, love, perseverance, and resilience. Chock-full of raw emotion and visceral pain, it made me weep then rage at the plight of females in Afghanistan.”

—Laurie Buchanan, author of the Sean McPherson novels

“With smart narration, nuanced characters, and thought-provoking situations reminiscent of Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns, Sacken brilliantly explores the story of Annie Hawkins, a photojournalist torn between the needs of her teenage daughter back home and her own deep-seated desire to change the lives of the women in a small Afghan village.”

—Maggie Smith, author of Truth and Other Lies

Double Exposure thrusts the reader into full-out romantic suspense. Not only is the tension high and the immersion visceral, but the romance is deeply emotional (I fell hard for Cerelli).”

—Jennifer Trethewey, author of historical romance

“A superbly crafted and thrilling sequel with enough twists and turns to keep you riveted right up to the tension-filled finale. Jeannée Sacken captures the beauty and complexity of Afghanistan through the eyes and lens of Annie Hawkins—always with a tough, yet tender touch.”

—Debra Thomas, Sarton Award winner of Luz

“This is an intense read that focuses on the inner strength of women, the power of profound friendships, the love that aids survival during the hardest moments in life, and appreciation for one another despite cultural and religious divides. . . . Hopefully, the saga of war photojournalist Annie continues beyond Double Exposure.”

—Heba Elkobaitry, Muslim Cultural Advisement Consultant

“. . . Annie Hawkins Green is without a doubt currently my favorite badass woman. She is smart, strong, gutsy, and kind, but at the same time flawed, with emotions (and lingering PTSD) that cause...

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Featured Reviews

Double Exposure
by Jeannée Sacken
Pub Date: 27 Sep 2022
4/5 Stars

This is the second book in a series featuring photojournalist Annie Hawkins. It takes place roughly 6 months after her last assignment in Afghanistan. Annie returns to Afghanistan before her next assignment to bring fundraiser money for the rebuilding of the Wad Qol Secondary School for Girls. Meanwhile, back home in the states, her daughter is feuding with her ex-husband and his wife, and Annie’s love, SEAL Finn Cerelli, has stopped speaking to her. The rebuilding of the school is unwanted by local militants and random acts of violence soon occur.

I hadn’t read the Sacken’s first novel, Behind the Lens, so I was unfamiliar with the characters and backstory. It was so interesting to learn a little about life in Afghanistan and the plight of females who live there. I did feel the story dragged a little until the end where the action really picked up. It was definitely worth reading, though.

Thank you to NetGalley and Orange Hat Publishing, Ten16 Press for the opportunity to read this Egalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Double Exposure
by Jeannée Sacken
Orange Hat Publishing, Ten16 Press
Pub Date: Sep 27

The second in this intriguing series featuring war photojournalist Annie Hawkins finds her life in chaos. She's being investigated for something that happened in Afghanistan six months ago. Her daughter raises funds with her friends to rebuild the Wad Qol Secondary School for Girls there and wants her to deliver the money in person. A fierce argument with Annie's love, Seal Finn Cerelli, ends in their no longer communicating. Plus, sabotage occurs at the girls' school because the Taliban opposes education for girls.

The well-developed characters, exotic location, thrilling narrative, and hot-off-the-press issues make for one absorbing read. Highly recommended!

Thanks to author Jeannée Sacken, Orange Hat Publishing, Ten16 Press, and NetGalley for the ARC. Opinions are mine.


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When I requested this book, I did not realize it was the second in the series. So obviously I had to get the first one, and when I tell you I was blown away..... The first book, Behind the Lens, and this book are solidly in my top ten books of all time. While I think you could read the second book without the first, the journey is so much more enjoyable and understandable with the first book as a foundation.

We return to Annie's journey and initially get to see more of her maternal side, while also trying to balance a career. I think Annie's view is such a relatable and realistic POV as a female who wants to prioritize both her professional goals and her daughter, and isn't too proud or stubborn to utilize a support system (Bonita is just the best). Her independence and free spiritedness are so perfectly balanced with her relationship with Cerelli (I stan them so hard). I think Annie's PTSD and Cerelli's adjustments were both described so tactfully, while also staying true to the real emotions, confusion, and hardships that those challenges can entail.

This book is definitely a little slower in the middle than the first book, which I think was action packed the entire time. But, it's necessary for the overarching plot, and it certainly wasn't slow to the point of being dull. Rather, I found the details of culture and daily village life interesting and enlightening. Both of these books have provided me with so much education on Middle Eastern countries (and I say that with a degree in a parallel subject), and have inspired me to find ways to become involved in the advocacy and support of female education in the country, especially important during recent months and changes in the country.

Thank you to NetGalley and Jeannée Sacken for this ARC!

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I loved this book as much as I loved the first one, and I need book 3 ASAP!! I repeat all of the glowing reviews I gave about book 1 (copied my goodreads review below), behind the lens. But I want to add the following: Sacken also beautifully explores the complexity of female empowerment in various cultures. And her rich descriptions of food had me hungry and searching for middle eastern restaurants. Finally, Cerelli is now up there on my list of favorite book boyfriends!!!

My goodreads review for book 1, Behind the Lens: I was blown away by this book—perfect for a book club (and she includes discussion questions at the end)! Jeannée Sacken puts you straight into the mind of a complex and culturally aware photojournalist during pivotal moments of her experience in war-torn Afghanistan. I first loved how educational the book is. But it’s also a GRIPPING mystery with a bit of romance. I couldn’t put it down. My only qualm is how the book seemed to gloss over the ethics of war, which produces a straightforward theme of glorifying US military initiatives. There was a great opportunity in the book (when she learns about Malalai’s village in the cave) to take a deeper dive into this knotty issue. Altogether, though, I highly recommend. It reignited my craving to learn from other cultures and also to search for knowledge on the current state of war-torn or oppressed countries and how I can help.

Thank you netgalley and Jeanée Sacken for this book—the Litty Ladies are some of your biggest fans!

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Annie is a photojournalist who frequently works in the Middle East. She returns home to trouble with her ex and drama with her daughter. Her daughter has raised money with her friends to raise money for the Wad Qol Secondary School for Girls in Afghanistan and they want Annie to take the money over when she heads back over to cover a story. When Annie goes over to cover her next story and takes the money over, she finds out that there are people who do not want the school build and are willing to sabotage and hurt people to delay it.

When I started reading this book, I could tell there was a backstory, but I just assumed the author would unveil more of it as I read. And I did learn more of it as I went along. But, I learned at the end of the book that this was actually the second book in a two-part series. Sometimes when that happens, I have learned enough that I don't need/want to read the first, but I definitely want to read the first book. The author has captured my attention and I want to learn more about Seema and her boyfriend and I definitely want to know more about Cerelli. I barely knew of him in this book and I was rooting for these two!

I learned a lot in this book that I didn't know previously and I want to thank NetGalley for this ARC!

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The fast-paced, thrilling storyline continues in book two as photojournalist Annie Hawkins is facing trouble on all fronts. While still coming to terms with the tragic events from book one. . . Annie’s job is now in jeopardy, her relationship with her Navy SEAL boyfriend is shaky, and family life is in upheaval as Annie’s teen daughter clashes with her dad/stepmom. The story takes us from the Middle East to the US (D.C./Milwaukee) and back again to Afghanistan where danger is omnipresent for Annie as she tries to honor the legacy of her best friend.

The author seamlessly navigates multiple subplots with a refreshing authenticity—while bringing us into heart-wrenching and hair-raising moments where we aren’t sure anyone, including Annie, will survive. This is a beautifully complex story that’s skillfully written and touches on so many important issues taken straight from today’s headlines.

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4.5 stars

Goodness, gracious. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love this book as much as I loved the first book in this series, Behind the Lens. This newest book, Double Exposure, picks up where the first book left off.

Annie is home from Afghanistan dealing with a few issues - she and Cerelli have been seeing each other romantically back in the States, Mel is still struggling with living with her dad and evil step mother, and Annie just found out she is the subject in a lawsuit. And while she was in her last assignment elsewhere, Mel befriended an Afghan girl and they decided to raise money for the burned down girls school in Afghanistan - with the hopes of Annie hand delivering the money herself.

This book takes us on this fabulous journey following Annie’s return to Afghanistan. I cannot tell you how wonderful this book is - I absolutely adore it.

After reading two books, I am a huge Jeannee Sacken fan. Not only am I also a photographer, but I really enjoy her story telling abilities. She is truly gifted.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated above are mine without biases.

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