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Pub Date 02 Aug 2022 | Archive Date 31 Jul 2022

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Writer for Hire Veronica Blackstone's latest client is writing a memoir with a shocking twist ending, until she's found dead before finishing it. Can Veronica unravel the clues within the memoir to discover the killer?

As a writer for hire, Veronica Blackstone puts her keyboard to use to help others. That includes writing advertising copy for local businesses or love letters for those with romantic troubles, or helping people publish their memoirs. Maeve Winslow needs the latter.

Maeve is the wife of a famous artist nominated for a prestigious award, and the memoir is to be released ahead of the ceremony. All of Maeve's notes are given to Veronica but for the final few pages. There's a huge surprise within those last pages, but Maeve won't reveal it yet.

When Maeve is found dead at the foot of her stairs it looks like an accident, but Veronica isn't convinced. Was the scene staged? Was Maeve murdered to keep her silent? Could clues to the surprise, and the identity of the murderer, be hidden within the notes? It's up to Veronica to figure it out and write the real story.

Writer for Hire Veronica Blackstone's latest client is writing a memoir with a shocking twist ending, until she's found dead before finishing it. Can Veronica unravel the clues within the memoir to...

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ISBN 9780727850935
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Featured Reviews

Can’t Catch A Break…
The third Writer For Hire mystery and another dead client for Veronica. Sometimes she just can’t catch a break. This client, Maeve Winslow, was in the process of writing a memoir she never got to finish. Veronica has her notes and knows that there was an undisclosed section that Maeve was keeping back as a surprise insert. When Maeve is discovered dead at the foot of the stairs it appears to be an unfortunate accident. Veronica thinks that it may have been staged that way. With her sleuthing hat firmly attached once again Veronica is determined to get to the bottom of this, find out what Maeve was intending to write and write it for her - at the same time as, perhaps, finding a killer. Enjoyable and well paced mystery with a likeable and interesting protagonist in Veronica, a deftly drawn cast and an immersive narrative. Perhaps the best in the series to date.

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Maeve is the wife of a famous artist nominated for a prestigious award. She hires writer for hire Veronica Blackstone to help write her memoir, scheduled to be released ahead of the ceremony. Maeve gives all of her notes for the book to Veronica to look over but before they even begin, Maeve is found dead at the foot of the stairs in her home. Veronica is convinced Maeve was murdered but someone staged her death to look like an accident. Maeve's hostile husband and hateful daughter want the book stopped. Veronica scours the notes Maeve gave her looking for clues to unmask the killer.. This was a very good read that had me hooked from the very first page. Thank you for the advance copy netgalley. I really enjoyed this book!

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The premise behind this one intrigued me. A "writer for hire" is caught up in the murder of the woman who hired her to help her bring her book to publication. As writer Veronica discovers, the book is far from complete and, in fact, the victim, Maeve, had told her she was holding back the ending until later, hence Veronica can only rely on the very sparse and occasionally erratic manuscript to help her fill in the missing chunks. The publisher still wants the book and, well, Veronica is already driven to not just finish the book but ensure that justice is done for Maeve. Unfortunately, someone, including Maeve's celebrity artist husband, Michael Angel, famous for his paintings of a Scottie dog, doesn't want the book written. Toss in complications in Veronica's own life and, well, it makes for an interesting story.

I did find myself alternately liking and being exasperated with Veronica. To use a cliche, something she repeatedly voiced her dislike of, she tended to get on my last nerve. While initially I found her almost stream of consciousness thought patterns intriguing, offering insight into a writer's thoughts, if you will, after awhile they seemed to bog the plot down. She also needed to figure out what is going on with Ben. Ben is handy to give her the police take on certain things, like ways time of death can be determined, but he comes off as a bit of a wuss, too, regarding his ex, er, sorta ex, oh, wait, let me rephrase that. His supposedly former wife who didn't sign the divorce papers and is thus still legally his wife. Talk about relationship complications. Yet, I found myself liking both these characters and aside from the not-quite-ex, the other side characters, as well. This included some quirky members of Veronica's writing group.

I'm not sure Veronica initially grasped the danger she might be in after Maeve was possibly murdered to stop the book that she insisted on completing, but her determination to live up to commitments was admirable. So, who killed Maeve? Why? Why did Suzzanna Angel take such an immediate dislike to Veronica? Why was the book such a secret? Did the publisher know how it was to end? Who profited from Michael Angel's success? How did he get famous anyway? Why do some writing group members refuse to read another member's writings? Will Veronica ever come clean about breaking that coffee cup? Wouldn't you love to see the gluey mess she made trying to fix it? Why....oh, never mind. Not sharing any more. You'll have to read the book to find out the answers to these questions, not to mention find out where the Ben and Veronica relationship seems to be headed. As many times as I rolled my eyes at her, I still wanted to know what happened and how, so it was fun.

Thanks to #NetGalley and #SevernHouse for allowing me to spend some time in Veronical's mind as she tries to both track down a murderer and finish a book.

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When the wife a famous artist contacts Veronica for help in writing a memoir, Veronica is a bit intrigued by the air of mystery around the ending, which the woman will reveal as they get to that part of the story. Sadly, after being hired, Veronica goes to meet with the woman and start writing…only to find her laying dead at the bottom of the stairs. While paid and asked to continue to the book by the publisher, the artist husband tries to stop the book. But Veronica is committed to finishing it and finding out whether the woman fell to her death or was helped along. Believing the latter, Veronica puts herself in danger, but the writer must finish the story and that means finding out what happened to Maeve.

A great series, smart and well written. Likable and relatable characters and I’m a Scottie Mom, so the Scottie paintings were a real incentive for me. So glad I found this series. I’ll be back for more.

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Throughly enjoyed this mystery and was happy to discover this is book 3 in the series, so I have two more to read. The book was fine as a stand-alone without previously reading the other two first. Veronica is a writer for hire, which is an unusual concept that I found refreshing and loved. She will write ad copy, cards, ghost write a book, you name it, so is happy when Maeve hires her to pull together her memoir about her famous artist husband and herself. She gives Veronica her hardcopy notes but before they can get started Veronica finds her dead. With a plethora of suspects this is a fun lighthearted mystery.
The covers on this and the other two books are perfect and some of the best I’ve seen, and the title is wonderful as well.

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Love this series! It has everything I love in a cozy. Awesome characters. Lots of red herrings. A solid mystery! It will grab your interest from the first and will keep your intrigued until the end. Thanks #netgalley and #SevernHouse for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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