The Immortality Thief

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Pub Date 11 Oct 2022 | Archive Date 04 Oct 2022
Rebellion, Solaris

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The Immortality Thief is a ridiculously fun, fast paced, seat-of-your-pants read full of treasure hunts, traps, deadly enemies, betrayal, secrets, mysterious aliens, adventure and action as the story races to the find the secret to immortality.

Far off the edge of human existence, beside a dying star lies a nameless ship abandoned and hidden, lost for a millennium. But there are secrets there, terrible secrets that would change the fate of humanity, and eventually someone will come looking.

Refugee, criminal and linguist Sean Wren is made an offer he knows he can’t refuse: life in prison, “voluntary” military service – or salvaging data in a long-dead language from an abandoned ship filled with traps and monsters, just days before it’s destroyed in a supernova. Data connected to the Philosopher’s Stone experiments, into unlocking the secrets of immortality.

And he’s not the only one looking for the derelict ship. The Ministers, mysterious undying aliens that have ruled over humanity for centuries, want the data – as does The Republic, humanity’s last free government. And time is running out.

In the bowels of the derelict ship, surrounded by horrors and dead men, Sean slowly uncovers the truth of what happened on the ship, in its final days… and the terrible secret it’s hiding.
The Immortality Thief is a ridiculously fun, fast paced, seat-of-your-pants read full of treasure hunts, traps, deadly enemies, betrayal, secrets, mysterious aliens, adventure and action as the story...

Advance Praise

“Fun, resonant and compulsively readable” -- NYT Bestseller Veronica Roth

“Hunt’s debut is riveting, edge-of-your seat thrills” -- Kevin Hearne, New York Times bestselling author of Ink & Sigil

“An electrically brisk science fantasy adventure filled with the warmth of found family, lively humor, and high adventure” -- New York Times bestselling author Tobias S. Buckell

“Fun, resonant and compulsively readable” -- NYT Bestseller Veronica Roth

“Hunt’s debut is riveting, edge-of-your seat thrills” -- Kevin Hearne, New York Times bestselling author of Ink & Sigil


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Featured Reviews

The Immortality Thief is an outer space sci-fi title that borders on horror. I was enthralled by the story and found myself reading it every time I had even a few minutes to spare. Back in the late 1970's, when I was a teenager, my father and I would love reading this kind of sci-fi and discussing both the science and ethics of the books.. I would love to have him back so he could read this and we could discuss it together.
This story would also make a great video series, especially if the ship's horrors are brought to life.

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It was well written and detailed with enough complexity to make me not want to put it down. It has just enough amount of mystery, beautiful characters that make a great story.

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An absolutely masterful debut. I was surprised and so delighted by this book. I want to know more, read more and get more of Sean and his friends. A space opera plus survival horror all threaded through a beautiful prose. It is a must read.

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Hands down, this is the best sci-fi novel I have read in over a year. Everything about it was excellent, the pacing was great and fast without neglecting character development or the relationships between the characters. And the relationship between the three main characters was one of the best parts of this book. Enemies stuck on a ship full of monsters and forced to work together? Sign me up! I also liked how this book handled the exposition. It never felt very exposition heavy, introducing things as you went along and with flashbacks/stories showing important events from the past. A really exciting book and I hope it gets a sequel! Definitely an author I will be keeping an eye on in the future.

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The book description says this: “The Immortality Thief is a ridiculously fun, fast paced, seat-of-your-pants read full of treasure hunts, traps, deadly enemies, betrayal, secrets, mysterious aliens, adventure and action as the story races to the find the secret to immortality.” Usually, I find these marketing quotes extremely exaggerated. In this case, it’s actually quite spot on. Almost entirely situated inside a thousand year old space ship with danger and surprises around every corner, you are set for a lot of action and surprises in what at times resembles a classic haunted house adventure as well.

‘The design of toilets hadn’t changed as much in a thousand years as I would’ve guessed.’

Yes, apart from all the excitement, this book is fun too. The adventures are, but there is also some humour contained inside protagonist Sean Wren. He is best described as a rascal. He has a knack for languages but not many other talents, and he has a heart of gold. His speech is witty, his thinking kooky at times. That makes him a funny story teller. The book doesn’t make you laugh out loud, but you will chuckle at times because of the funny quotes or one-liners Wren comes up with. And sometimes, the title of a chapter alone sets the mood:

(Featuring: Sean Wren’s Inability to Use a Grenade)’

With its 600 pages, The Immortality Thief is not a little one. Not that you’ll notice it because Taran Hunt grabs your attention from the very start, ruthlessly, and doesn’t let go until at the end of -- or even beyond -- the last page. The search expedition through the space station is not just a simple rollercoaster. No, this is an entire amusement park with one spectacular attraction after another. That comparison should make it clear that this book is packed with action. If your attention would slip (which it won’t), it’s not because of lack of tension but rather because of an overdose of it.

But don’t be mislead by this. The book is a lot more than a sequence of spectacular moments. Most of the time, the reader follows in the footsteps of three people who are very different from each other but inevitably dependent on one another for their survival. The author magnificently succeeded in letting them evolve. They grow as individuals because of what they have to deal with, but also because of their mutual interaction. So this is also about people finding a common ground in between their many differences and embracing that. Nothing about these character growths feels artificial. The magic happens smoothly, as it should be. Sean Wren, mainest of the main characters and also narrator, experienced a painful past, which we learn about through flashbacks. These too are seamlessly integrated into the story and don’t slow down the main adventure. I was quite impressed by how smooth everything fitted, as I was by the richness of the main characters and how full the story was. This may very well become the best sci-fi debut of 2022. I’ve scrolled through the list of almost 100 books I have read so far this year and I can only conclude that The Immortality Thief was the best of them all. After having read the last page, one thing is certain: Hunt has sculpted a universe and a trio of protagonists that are way too fascinating to limit them to only one book. Everything about it screams: sequel!

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A derelict and abandoned ship will be destroyed in a few days by a supernova, the secret to immortality, The Philosopher's Stone data, lost for all time. The Ministers, alien rulers over mankind for centuries, The Republic, humanity's last free government, and Sean Wren, the only person able to translate the dead language aboard the ship, all want the data and have their own reasons why.

I really enjoyed this book. It was everything the blurb promised, and much, much more. This tome is over 600 pages long but you won't notice this at all as you'll be far too engrossed in the story. I loved the constant ups and downs of the main characters' relationships when forced to work together for survival. The flashbacks were illuminating and revealing. There were times - with me, anyway, - I felt compassion for a character and the next minute I wasn't sure how I felt towards them. This is written very well and the pace matches the flow of the action.

This is an edge-of-the-seat, twisty-turny, horrors-filled adventure full of traps, monsters, and tension, and I'm hoping with all my heart for a sequel.

I chose this ARC from a selection which I voluntarily read and honestly reviewed. All my opinions are my own. My thanks to NetGalley, Rebellion Publishing, and the author.

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Excellent science fiction. Good world-building, solid characterization, excellent pacing, great action sequences, and a compelling plot. The narrator, Sean Wren, is conflicted, smart, funny, flawed, and very human. Indigo and Tamara, his hostile companions, develop and grow as the book goes on. Despite its length, the book sucks you in and doesn’t let go. And the length allows events to unfold and characters to be fleshed out at an effective pace. A real winner. I look forward to the sequel.

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I stumbled across this on NetGalley and thought the premise sounded like something I might enjoy, so I decided to request access to an ARC copy. Never thought about it again until a couple weeks later when I got an email notifying me that my request had been approved.

Friends, let me tell you, this was a fun surprise once I actually sat down to read it. I wouldn't say that any individual aspects; plot, world crafting, dialogue, character development, or prose were especially exceptional BUT they were all solid and the combination of them made for a 600 page story that you won't want to put down.

There wasn't a single dull moment along the way, the pacing kept things moving quickly and the various perils, obstacles, and interactions were all occurring simultaneously with a discernible change in the characters.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this quite a bit and it will make it onto my short list of new reads that I will offer up as a recommendation to those looking for their next book.

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This books was so emotional and thrilling I cannot wait to read more from this amazing author.
The first thing I loved was the characters especially Sean, I related to him and his curiosity, even though I wanted to smack him up the side of the head for the decision he would make like “whyyy” but also I would do the same 😂 he was also so kind and it just made me attach to him so fast.
The setting is just amazing! I could perfectly imagine all the of the safe rooms and desolate was so atmospheric and creepy.
Some of yeH terrifying mutant monsters would genuinely terrify anyone and I could not imagine surviving this situation far less not going crazy. Like children who have multiple rows of teeth and other monsters I imagine to be like zombies but smart enough to strap a scalp to their hands!
This is a very impressive debut and I cannot wait to read more in this universe and anything else this author writes. Officially one of my auto read authors!

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The Immortality Thief is, hands down, one of the best books I’ve read this year. Tense and action-packed, it’s a complete thrill ride, a book you won’t want to put down even for the barest of seconds.

We follow Sean, who’s had his arm twisted (read: a bomb inserted into his brain) into joining a taskforce (read: group of criminals) into exploring an abandoned ship which is in the process of burning up in the death throes of a star, in search of the secret to immortality, rumoured to have been discovered by its crew. But the ship isn’t as abandoned as it was made out to be, and Sean finds himself alone in its hollows, forced to ally with his enemies, in a race against time to get the data.

This is a book that sucks you in from page one. Sean is a compelling, and not always truthful, narrator and the setting and its horror elements keep you on the edge of your seat. You can’t put the book down, because to do so would be to deny yourself the immediate satisfaction of finding out what happens next.

The strengths of this book are twofold: in the pacing and the plot, and in the characters. Let me start with the first. This is a long book, over 600 pages, and yet it doesn’t ever feel like it drags. You’re on the edge of your seat for its entirety, as it drip feeds you more and more information. It’s kind of hard to quantify this book: it’s a thriller, but with horror elements, but it’s also science fiction, with, occasionally, fantastical bits creeping through. One of those that you have to read to find out (that’s a hint!).

Probably my favourite aspect of it, though, is in the second strength of the characters. It’s trite and cliche to say it but each and every one of them leaps off the page. Although really, it’s their relationships that shine through the most. Specifically, the one which grows between Sean, Indigo, and Tamara. If you like books where enemies are forced to work together to survive, then this book will be right up your alley. I loved watching the development of their relationship across the book and really, they’re a key reason I’m hoping there’s news of a sequel soon (especially with that cliffhanger! You can’t just leave it like that!).

So, come October, this is a book I’ll be begging everyone to read. I would seriously consider this one of the best sci fi novels of the year, if not the best, so add it to your TBR! Don’t miss out!

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I really loved The Immortality Thief!
It was full of twists and turns and it was so much fun to read!
I couldn't put the book down!
I definitely highly recommend this!
I can't wait to see what the author writes next!
Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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The roller coaster of mixing genres in this book is sensational, it starts with a robbery, then a space opera and then becomes a horror. In the beginning it can be a lot of information about people and politics but nothing is there for nothing. Intriguing characters without being perfect, even full of tension in the action scenes is still humorous. With two totally different narratives in the present and past but they hold they value separately and this is good writing. Sean the protagonist is amazing e so deep, and so easy to Get attached. This story gonna be emocional, talk abou grief , war and friendship in a totally Unexpected way. Amazing book indeed.

Was this review helpful?

I received a free copy from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Thank you.

In the shadow of an exploding star, a nameless ship waits. On it lies data that may end the war between humans and the Ministers. Until now, no-one knew it existed. No-one knew where it was. A motley crew of criminals are offered a pardon for their transgressions. All they have to do is board the ship and retrieve the data. Easy, right?

This is a lovely bit of Sci-fi with some really interesting elements. I felt that that focus was the progression of the various relationships between the protagonists and this was done extremely well.

The villians of the piece, the Ministers, provided some of the most unique parts and really added interest to the story. Without adding spoilers, the hierarchy based on colour and the language based on light are both ideas completely new to me and worked really well.

In short, this is well written with some innotive ideas. Would recommend for any fans of the genre.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book a lot, in a never-a-dull-moment kind of way. I was expecting something a lot more epic and clever from the description and reviews from other authors so in a way was disappointed, but preconceived expectations aside it was a fun, entertaining read. Sean isn't some mastermind criminal, he's pretty inept and bumbles around in the dark on this enormous derelict spaceship soon be be destroyed by an exploding sun. He is friendly, open, and likeable, and fortunately for him forms an unlikely alliance with two individuals representing the political arch-rivals, the Ministers and the Republic. The ship is overrun with mutated and dangerous zombie-like humans, but by chance and timely interventions from his two allies, it never feels so perilous as to venture into horror territory. Sean uncovers the mysterious origin of the Ministers and some history on the destruction of his home city which left him orphaned. Overall, an interesting, well written story with a solid, stand-alone ending.

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A group of criminals is offered a way out of their sentences. They must travel a long way to a dying star to discover they secrets of what they think is an abandoned starship. The dying star only has weeks before going super nova so time is of the essence. They discover creatures on the starship and are chased by them and the aliens.

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HOLY WHIPLASH BATMAN! The Immortality Thief took me on the most wicked roller coaster of a ride, gave me .2 seconds to catch my breath AND THEN DID IT ALL AGAIN!! This is a story I wish I could read again for the first time. It’s so funny, scary, quotable, thought-provoking, scary (!!), and I love it!

Sean Wren has caught himself up in a string of bad luck when he and his childhood friend and fellow smuggler, Benny, are caught in the middle of a job and brought in front of the Republic. The self-righteous do-gooders that call themselves a government. The Senator himself has given Sean, Benny, and a couple of other criminal slip-ups a proposition: find and deliver the Philosopher Stone to the Senator and in turn the Republic, or be “voluntold” for indefinite military service.

Here’s the catch though: the Philosopher Stone is located on a long-forgotten spaceship 2 weeks from being destroyed in the wake of a star supernova.

I freaking loved this story! I can’t believe it’s Hunt’s first novel?! (Maybe it’s not but I couldn’t find her backlist.) it’s 600 pages, y’all. And I read it in 2 days. It’s the first book I’ve read in months where I couldn’t WAIT to pick it up each time. Let me also mention: THE ENTIRE THING IS SET IN THE DARK! Talk about setting the freaking scene. This story had it all: monsters, aliens, mad scientists, good vs evil, high-stakes, and a guy with a moral compass that made him so relatable. AND THAT CLIFFHANGER!!!!

I will be waiting impatiently for the next one Taran!!


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A great read, that keeps you on the edge till the very end, some great characters and lots of action.

Was this review helpful?

The Immortality Thief is a ridiculously fun, fast paced, seat-of-your-pants read full of treasure hunts, traps, deadly enemies, betrayal, secrets, mysterious aliens, adventure and action. The author has a great gift for characterisation - nuanced, interesting, believable people but created with a charming lightness of touch.

Was this review helpful?

Sean Wren is a talented linguist, a refugee who’s world was destroyed, a criminal, a smuggler working out in the galaxy. With his childhood friend, and only other survivor of their homeworld’s destruction, they carve out an existence among the stars. Then they get caught. They are made an offer they can’t refuse. Life in prison, or a salvage mission - recovering data from a nameless ship, empty, abandoned and long forgotten. The ship is at the edge of known existence, close to a dying star. There is not long left before it gets destroyed by the star. Sean and Benny need to retrieve some long lost data in a long dead language, that fortunately Sean speaks.

They learn the data is known as the Philosopher’s Stone. When they arrive on the ship they also learn they are not the only ones looking for it. Oh and they also learn that the ship is not as empty as they were led to believe. What ensues is a frantic race for the data and survival.

This was a wonderfully entertaining read. Sean was a Stainless Steel Rat/meets MacGyver/meets wanna be Indiana Jones type character. His humour in the face of adversity, making light of situations, but inevitably pulling through when needed was a constant enjoyment. On a ship full of mutant aliens, a fanatic alien species, creepy children (think Village of the Damned!), the odds are against them. But he never gives up. On a crumbling and fast deteriorating spaceship, nothing goes right, and we are held by the seat of our space suits to see where they go next. I don’t want to say any more for fear of spoilers. The characters are fantastic, the pace fast, the story fun, the use of flashbacks to memories used very well. The supporting characters were just as engaging and interesting as the main cast. Does Sean need a little more depth to be more plausible? Perhaps. We are, however, talking about a murderous alien-filled spaceship where we are hunting for the Philosopher's Stone. So as long as I am entertained, I will suspend my hunt for plausible and just enjoy the ride!

Was this review helpful?

Well, where to start? It's a tried-and-true plot line that managed to keep me hooked and jonesing for another chapter all the way through. While elements of the story are old hat, I love the creativity that went into the creatures, the atmosphere and the characters the whole way through. Not only is the science just true enough to build the road, but the creativity of language and communication between characters, factions and races is excellent. Each character feels unique, each has their own voice. They have their own stories.

I am not a fan of sci-fi, not really, but this was a good book that kept me happy and reading until the final word. While it's set up that there's a sequel, I think it's perfect as a stand-alone - the final few paragraphs opening up the possibility of a sequel just feel a bit forced.

Love it 100%. Not sure if it's rereadable knowing the twists, but definitely bingeable for a first read!

Was this review helpful?

Finally, a description of a book that actually does do the book justice. The Immortality Thief is an incredibly exciting, nail-biting, tension-ridden, action-packed read.
What it lacked in elegance and style, it certainly made up for in much suspense, excitement and sheer heart-pounding thrills.
Harry Potter would have lasted about 30 seconds looking for this Philosopher’s Stone. The Immortality Thief takes the escape from a locked room scenario to completely new levels and no mistake.
It is dark in every sense of the word, and be warned, the content can be a bit colourful, to say the least.
I hate to use the term deus ex machina as it was applicable in some ways (especially as we reached the climactic conclusion of events), but quite frankly, I couldn’t have cared one jot. The adrenaline rush was electrifying because the pace never let up for a second. At times it felt like a mash-up of Aliens, Resident Evil and Doom all rolled into one.
I could wax lyrical about the few characters within the story, but I will not spoil other readers’ fun. Needless to say, the main protagonist Sean Wren turns into your typical anti-hero. You are never sure whether he is an accident waiting to happen or a lucky genius.
All the main characters are generally entertaining, if not all likeable, although some do grow on you as the narrative progresses.
After the climactic finish to the main event, there was a certain inevitability about the closing conclusion. But we are left with a very tantalising final few paragraphs.
The Immortality Thief is never going to win any awards for literature. But then it doesn’t set out to even try. We should not underestimate the escapism that underpins the whole novel. It is Science Fiction Fantasy at its best.
Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling roller-coaster of a ride, and I look forward to the next novel from Taran Hunt.
Many thanks to NetGalley and Rebellion & Solaris, for the advanced copy.

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I love a good space opera. I gobbled up The Expanse series and still mourn the cancellation of the TV show Firefly. I took a chance when I requested an advance copy of this debut novel by Taran Hunt and I'm happy I did. I'm even happier to report that it appears to be the first in a series.

Sean and his partner in crime, Benny, are offered a chance to clear their record if they will travel to a distant, abandoned ship that is about to be destroyed by a supernova. It is believed that the ship contains the mysterious Philosopher Stone that purportedly is the secret to eternal life. It turns out to be an offer they cannot refuse: to do so will result in their deaths by an explosive implanted in both of them by a crooked Senator of the Republic government who wants the Stone for personal gain.

Upon arriving at the long-dead ship, Sean and Benny discover they are not the only ones in search of the Stone. They are met by the lone survivor of a Republican expedition and shortly thereafter by a group of Ministers, a long-lived alien race that currently rules humanity. All three parties have their own reasons for wanting the Stone but they must battle monsters who have survived on the derelict ship for a millennium and against the ticking clock of a star that is soon to go supernova.

This is a fast paced and well written novel with a compelling plot. The characters are interesting and even the evil Ministers prove to have a less sinister side. It's easy to root for the altruistic Sean and the strong-willed Republican Lieutenant Tamara Gupta as they uncover the secrets of the ship in their search for the illusive Philosopher Stone and the data it contains. I'm looking forward to the next installment in this new series.

Thank you NetGalley and Rebellion Publishing for an advance copy of this book. The publication date is October 11, 2022.

Was this review helpful?

It's not often that I go and rave to all my friends about a book, let alone an ARC from a new author I'd never heard of before. Nor do I normally feel the need to gush about an ARC on Twitter before I've finished it, or pre-order hardcover copies of an ARC for my friends before it was even published.
The fact that I've done all of the above with this book should tell you all about it that you need to know. It is that awesome!

The Immortality Thief brings together a group of misfits on a seemingly impossible mission, a dangerous set-up on a seemingly abandoned spaceship orbiting a star days away from blowing up, warring factions fighting for the loot, lots of deadpan humour, wonderfully well-developed characters (I said wonderful characters, listen to me!) and a complex fast-moving plot that constantly had me at the edge of my seat. Honestly, I was sneakily reading this on my phone under my desk at work, and I am not a twelve year-old schoolgirl, I'm a grown woman with a career. I don't DO things like that.

There are (not-so-)subtle jibes at current world politics, and the book asks some deep questions: in the face of overwhelming odds, when the survival of entire species is at stake, how do you choose? What's more important, doing the thing that's right or the thing that's expected of you? And what does belonging mean? It delves into these issues without ever becoming preachy or on-the-nose, and if you don't like that kind of thing, you can absolutely just enjoy the entertainment factor and read the book as a rolling good read.

There's a horror element created from what exactly is waiting for the crew on that abandoned spaceship, but I'd say as horror goes, it's subtle. It's strongest in the beginning before you understand what the things on the ship actually are. Later, when they are revealed, the horror morphs more into tension as the crew is merely trying to avoid/fight the things. So I'd still recommend this if you feel a bit conflicted about horror.

The ship's AI, The Dreamer, was a brilliant touch that reminded me both of the science-fantasy works of Adrian Tchaikovsky as well as The Other, from Tad William's Otherland. I don't want to say more, because I don't want to spoil anything.

This is the first in a series and wraps neatly in itself, but the ending is open enough for the continuation of the story, and I do hope we really will get a book two (and even three) as the listing on Goodreads seems to hint. I have a lot of theories and hopes (I so hope that one storyline is going where I think it's going, and not knowing is killing me) for book two.

The Immortality Thief is a breathtaking debut, and I for one will greedily lap up anything else Taran Hunt publishes in the future. I want to thank NetGalley, Solaris and Taran Hunt for a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions here expressed are my own.

Was this review helpful?

The Immortality Thief is non-stop action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The ending was a bit predictable, but I didn't mind that one bit. It's all about the journey there and what a journey it was. There were still one or two surprises in the endgame sequence, though, that left me wondering whether Wren had hit his head a little too hard one too many times.

Hunt has a great writing style that made the story an absolute delight, which means I'll be on the lookout for whatever book comes next. The occasional flashbacks of Wren's past were well timed and added extra character depth that explains why he behaves as he does.

It's a great read that wraps everything up nicely, but I'd still be delighted if the story gets expanded with more books. There's so much to explore that it could be done. But I'm also happy with leaving it as it is - a fun, engaging sci-fi/horror story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book, but I like scifi, lots of action, and a twisty plot. No, there were no new, wonderful ideas in there, and I was a little dubious about the ending, but for sheer fun and keeping my nose glued to the book, this was good.
I have been reading and later, watching, scifi for many decades. I could rip this book apart by writing where all the ideas came from, but that would be a little cruel. Anyone new to scifi will love it, anyone who wants to spend some hours just being taken into another world will love it, as will anyone who liked plots full of action and some surprised. It's gripping, hard to put down and has merit. It's a book, a fun book, not an entrant for a literature competition.

Was this review helpful?


For the first 11% or so I could tell it was good, but wasn't sure how much I'd like it, and then it just kept getting better and better and now it's one of my favourite books. So if you feel like clocking out early you can, but I'd suggest you keep reading because it's so worth it.

The chapters have titles and some of them are hilarious, as is Sean's personality. He likes to assign things and people (and aliens) names in his head and constantly makes jokes, even when faced with near death.

Sean is also very kindhearted and never loses that which I think sends a good message. He's always for doing the right thing and that makes me so happy.

Indigo is ADORABLE. His past actions aside, you can't convince me otherwise. I love him and his light language.

OH YES, since I mentioned languages, Sean is good at them and is basically surviving with just that ability which gives me confidence in my own language learning abilities. If Sean can make it through a walking death trap, then I can surely make it through everyday life as well.

Tamara is the last member of our little trio, and you know what? I love her too. I love everyone, all the characters, it's impossible not to. Anyway, she's this hardened soldier who softens up during her reluctant alliance with Sean and Indigo. She does what needs to be done, and has some secrets of her own.

The plot was so compelling that I had a hard time putting the book down. I read it in two sessions, the second only necessary because I started the book too late the first time and was getting sleepy near the end. Otherwise I would've binged the whole thing in one go, it's that type of book.

Every situation the characters find themselves in could potentially lead to certain doom, the chapters aren't long which also makes it easier to keep going and a lot of them end in mini cliffhangers so you just HAVE TO know what happens next.

Speaking of cliffhangers, there's a huge one at the end. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK ASAP!!! I fell in love with this world and the characters inhabiting it and I'd love for it to have several sequels, spinoffs and movies. Or a tv show instead of movies, because then all the cool details could make it in.

If you like twists at every turn, space ships filled with monsters and the found family trope THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!!! GO READ IT. GO. NOW. GO.

*Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Was this review helpful?

What’s this? Another sci-fi book that takes place on a spaceship and features disparate characters who have to come together to save everything? Sign me up! If you see that this book is over 600 pages and get a little scared, please don’t, it is fast paced and a very quick read. In fact, if you’re new to sci-fi I actually think this would be a great intro book. The writing style is fairly simple, there aren’t a whole lot of complicated concepts, and the ones that are here are well explained. In addition to the main story we also get flashbacks of Sean’s life growing up, in a city that was destroyed by The Minister’s, and yet it hasn’t destroyed his humanity or empathy.
Heads up: there is a fair amount of gore and body horror in the story, so just be aware.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’m happy to see that it is the first in a series, which I will definitely be reading the rest of. Well done!

Thank you to NetGalley & Rebellion Publishing for this advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.

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The Immortality Thief is Taran Hunt’s publishing debut and my goodness, it is one hell of a debut.
The story is not a particularly complicated one. Linguist Sean Wren is ever so slightly persuaded to go looking for something called the philosopher’s stone, which is a key component in the Republic’s fight against the inhuman Ministers, a long lived might be human, might not, race that currently rule humanity. Initially, they try to persuade him to undertake the task by offering to wipe his and his friend, Benny’s criminal record and also paying him lots of cash. Unfortunately, Sean has this little impish side that has to push, and they subsequently settle for putting a bomb in his and Benny’s head. They then send them to a long-lost space station type thingy that is hovering ever so closely next to an exploding supernova. Along with Benny and a member of the group that have ‘hired him’ they make their way there.
From here, as you can imagine, everything slightly goes pear shaped. In a race against time, because the planet is going to go full supernova in a matter of days,they realise that far from being abandoned for the last thousand years like they were told, the place has people, well a person, on it! And just to make the matters a little bit worse, a contingency of Ministers turn up to find exactly the same thing that Sean and the gang want. Oh! And there happens to be a ship full of monsters that either want to eat you or kill you, or maybe both!
Lots of things happen of things happen, but eventually Sean finds himself with the most unlikeliest of companions and the knowledge of where the Philosopher’s Stone is located on the small planet sized space station.
However, to get there, they have to navigate a space station full of mutants and monsters all intent on killing them. Not only that they will discover secrets along the way, not just about the nature of the station that they are on, but about themselves.
The Immortality Thief is one of those books that as soon as the it starts, it immediately decides that the fastest point from A to B is to run like hell. The plot moves along at a blistering pace revealing secrets like hidden doors so that you can catch your breath for a little minute.
The characters develop really well, and you find that it is not long before your allegiances change and you don’t know who your are rooting for.
The Immortality Thief is an enjoyable thrill ride of a book and if you like your sci – fi fast and explosive then get your mitts round this.

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I’ll be honest – when I finally got around to reading this one, I wasn’t really in the mood for a creepy deserted space ship, which I’ll own is my problem rather than anything wrong with the writing. So it’s a testament to the author’s skill that by the time I was a quarter of the way into this one, I was thoroughly hooked.

The reason why I found myself so wrapped up in this adventure is that I became thoroughly invested in Sean. The main protagonist is masterfully handled by Hunt. In the early stages of the book, I found him hard work. His ‘cheeky chappie’ façade started to wear thin very quickly – and by their reactions, I realised the other crew of Viper felt much the same way. But as the book wore on, I began to appreciate that Sean’s wisecracking, irreverent attitude hides a deep belief in the sanctity of life. And a strong sense that the dumb stroke of luck that allowed him to survive the massacre of his family, friends and neighbours has left him with a need to pass it on whenever he finds someone wanting help. Hunt does a really good job in conveying this belief without portraying Sean as some futuristic Pollyanna.

I also got thoroughly caught up in learning more about the two other characters Sean finds himself sharing his terrifying adventures with – initially, they both seem utterly horrible and extremely dangerous. In fact, they remain extremely dangerous throughout, which provides some interesting plot twists along the way. I’m aware that I’ve only really discussed the characters – but this is principally an action adventure novel, brimful of action set on a derelict space ship on the brink of catastrophic disaster. And it provides plenty of tension and nasty surprises along the way, which makes for an engrossing page-turner I found hard to put down.

A completely unexpected twist right at the end has me keen to read the next book in this series and it comes very highly recommended for fans of tension-filled space opera adventure with memorable, excellently portrayed characters. While I obtained an audiobook arc of The Immortality Thief from the publishers via Netgalley, the opinions I have expressed are unbiased and my own.

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