Squirrel Girl: Universe

A Marvel Heroines Novel

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Pub Date 02 Aug 2022 | Archive Date 29 Jul 2022

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is on a wild cosmic adventure to save the galaxy, in a Marvel Heroines action novel that is totally out of this world!

Squirrel Girl is in a pickle and a jam, a metaphor that mixes about as well as it tastes. She and her friends are lost in outer space, where there is a conspicuous absence of oxygen and, even more troubling, a shortage of squirrels. After hitching a ride on a passing space whale, Squirrel Girl and her trusty companions find themselves on a free-merchant space station and on the front line of a looming interstellar war. The stakes have never been so high, and trillions of lives are at risk! Luckily for the universe, Squirrel Girl is here to stand up against the odds and set things right across the galaxy.
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is on a wild cosmic adventure to save the galaxy, in a Marvel Heroines action novel that is totally out of this world!

Squirrel Girl is in a pickle and a jam, a metaphor...

A Note From the Publisher

TRISTAN PALMGREN (they/them) is a Missouri, US-based author and computer-game writer, known for the critically acclaimed genre-warping novels that blend historical fiction and space opera, Quietus and its sequel Terminus.

TRISTAN PALMGREN (they/them) is a Missouri, US-based author and computer-game writer, known for the critically acclaimed genre-warping novels that blend historical fiction and space opera, Quietus...

Advance Praise

“This book is bangin’! If you miss Domino from our run, she’s back, with a great espionage/thriller take. Tristan Palmgren nailed it!”

Gail Simone, author of Domino Vol 1 and Hotshots

“An action-packed blast of balletic violence and snappy dialogue with an unexpectedly thoughtful, psychological core… All told it’s tremendously entertaining and compulsively readable, with a wonderfully strong voice and a fresh identity all of its own.”

Track of Words

“This book is bangin’! If you miss Domino from our run, she’s back, with a great espionage/thriller take. Tristan Palmgren nailed it!”

Gail Simone, author of Domino Vol 1 and Hotshots


Marketing Plan

The latest extraordinary installment in the acclaimed Marvel Heroines novels range, featuring fan-favorite characters in new, exciting adventures.

Tristan Palmgren takes a break from the Posse to explore one of the most popular Marvel characters, who’s able to beat Thanos in a fight.

Squirrel Girl is a comedy-driven comic filled with over-the-top situations and equally over-the-top gags.

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• Cover reveal Apr 22

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• Featured title in advertising at pop culture shows: SDCC, NYCC, PAX

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The latest extraordinary installment in the acclaimed Marvel Heroines novels range, featuring fan-favorite characters in new, exciting adventures.

Tristan Palmgren takes a break from the Posse to...

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Featured Reviews

Tristan has done an incredible job here. Squirrel Girl's voice is so true to her comic appearances that have made her a fan favorite. I loved her supporting cast so very much too. Every character in this book is so well crafted and utilized. Tristan crafted an amazingly fun, funny, charming, and exciting tale for veteran Unbeatable Squirrel Girl fans and for readers who may even be new to Doreen and her friends.

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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

Fans of Marvel, look out for Squirrel Girl. Her story is one of the lesser known but worth the read. Art and story is amazing, expect nothing less from these graphic artists and writers. Hopefully we'll see SG on Disney+ soon..

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I am living for these Marvel YA books they’re so much fun I can’t wait to see which characters we get next.
Squirrel Girl is one of my favorite hero’s so getting an entire novel about her was everything.

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(ARC provided through NetGalley in exchange for a review)

A super cute book that absolutely nails the voice and tone of the Ryan North run on the Squirrel Girl comics, which is one of my favorite comic runs ever. This takes place after that, so there will be spoilers for that series if you haven't finished it. I'm also super glad that I listened to the recent Squirrel Girl podcast because it really helped me to internally narrate the characters, especially Brain Drain. Great book.

HOWEVER, one super nerdy nitpick that I have remark on, and one that I hope gets ironed out by publication. At one point in the book, the ancanti (space whales) are described as being the parasitized spaceships of the Brood, which lines up with how both aliens are in the comics. Later on in the book, the ancanti are described as being the living spaceships of the Skrulls, which is at odds with both the comics and the earlier mention in the book. Without the first mentioning of the Brood, it wouldn't have been worth remarking on (multiverse and everything), but with that listing, it just stuck in my throat like a rogue popcorn kernal.

Still really good, though!

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My thanks to both NetGalley and the publisher Aconyte Books for an advanced copy of this super heroine adventure novel.

"Squirrel Girl, Squirrel Girl does whatever a Squirrel Girl does. Inspires their friend of any size, catches thieves just like..nuts." The song needs work but, it does show my love and enjoyment of the continuing adventures of Doreen Green known to the world as Squirrel Girl. Being a comic reader of a certain age and gender I should not like Squirrel Girl as much as I do, but her adventures always remind me of what it was like reading comics that my grandmother brought me at the newstand (yes I was a fan before direct markets became a thing), full of adventure, fun and lessons on how to be a better person. And fun. Tristan Palmgren in Squirrel Girl: Universe, part of Aconyte Books Marvel Heroines line, captures this feeling of fun, footnotes, and feats of fortitude and fearlessness and College finals, in this adventure that spans that galaxy and fiction itself.

Doreen is with her roommate and Nancy and her squirrel companion Tippy Toe,when parts of New York seem to go ghostly and being to float away or so it appears, . Soon she is joined by her comrades and friends Chipmunk Hunk and his girlfriend, Koi Boi and the ex- supervillain Brain Drain. After a trip to the masters of the mustache Tony Stark and Doctor Strange proves of no use, Squirrel Girl vows to find and stop what is going on. The investigation leads to Empire State University Doreen's school where the master mind Mad Thinker has a plan to steal parts of New York take it across the galaxy and rule as King, or something. Stopping him is only the start of the adventure which finds all these characters trapped on the other side of the universe maybe, involved in an interstellar war, space whales, poetry currency smuggling, and the laws of fiction breaking around them.

Doreen Green is a great character, and the author has the voice of the characters down. Heck I have not thought of Mad Thinker in years, and found him a character I wouldn't mind seeing more of. The adventure is big and sciencey, maybe sometimes a little too big, but still moves forward well. The cast might be a tad big, but everyone is interesting and brings their own view and spin on situations, so that can be forgiven. There are footnotes, with helpful science and biographical facts, and asides from the Hulk, who freelances as an editor in this adventure. There is plenty of story left for a sequel which might involve a certain trickster god sometime in the future and there is still a question about returning in time for college finals. Overall a fun adventure.

The book that Aconyte are doing are some of the best representations of Marvel characters that I have read in a long time, and that includes the books and especially the movies which give the characters not time to breathe or even live before the next CGI thing appears. I have not read one that I thought was just ok, or didn't like in any series, and I really enjoyed this one. Squirrel Girl is a great character with everything a hero should be, inspirational and someone you want to emulate. From being a friend, being nice, and kicking butt, this was a very good. I've not read anything by Tristan Palmgren, but I can't wait to read more. Another reason why I like these books, I find authors I might never have read, and I love discovering great authors.

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I have read a few graphic novels (comics in my younger days) that have either starred or featured Squirrel Girl in them but by no means would I consider myself an expert or even particularly knowledgeable about the charming character, what I can say is that in my mind I see Anna Kendrick as squirrel girl and this book only made that dream more real except I had not imagined her in space 😳 this is a fun, exciting book that takes the reader to places that marvel OGs (like me) would not necessarily choose to go and for that I thank the author

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If you want to read a book that perfectly captures the energy of reading a comic (specifically the comics of the character you are reading) then look no further!
One of the things I loved reading was how it felt like reading an arc of comics. It also captured the genre awareness of squirrel girl perfectly. One thing I love about squirrel girl is how different her adventures are. It's right in her name she's unbeatable! So how do you as a writer add any suspense? In this case, you give her a conflict that is just as genre aware as her!
Another thing that his book captures perfectly is comic book science. While I'm a life science person and know nothing about physics, it all made enough sense to me. Palmgren never fell for the pitfall of over-explaining the science that doesn't make sense, and only explaining what she could. That's what comic book science is about, knowing the rules and then breaking them all! I love when you are not supposed to understand the science and just accept it. Hearing a character that understands the science and explains some science to you, just go and this will just break the rules of physics don't worry about it, is just fantastic!
Thank you to Aconyte Books and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Tired of the all "gloom n' doom" the News dishes up on a semi-consistent basis? Feel like you bingewatched every comedy series out there, twice over? Fret not, for there is a light at the end of that tunnel! Yes, brothers and sisters, I present to you SQUIRREL GIRL: UNIVERSE, the latest from Tristan Palmgren in Aconyte Book's "Marvel Heroines" line! Now, sit back, and I will lay it all on the table, spelling out why this is the one book you didn't know you needed!

{The following honest review (cross my heart and all that!) is based upon a advanced copy from Aconyte Books, through NetGalley}


I was familiar (and you should be, too!) with Palmgren's writing, from their other "Marvel Heroines" entry, DOMINO: STRAYS. And, as with that one, there was zero disappointment and a more than fair amount of fun, even more fun than in DOMINO: STRAYS. Would you expect anything less in a Squirrel Girl outing?? Am I right?? Haha..

From the very beginning of the book (or ebook, the format I went with) to the very last page, it was clear that either Tristan was a fan of the character, did their homework by reading as many SG comics as possible prior to writing it, or perhaps a bit of both, eh? Regardless, I felt secure in the knowledge that characters that *I* was a fan were in good hands!

The regulars from the comic series - Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, her squirrel Tippy-Toe, Doreen's friend Nancy Whitehead, Koi Boi, Chipmunk Hunk, and Brain Drain - were all there, written perfectly to a tee. If I hadn't already checked Palmgren's webpage, I would have suspected it was just a fake handle and account for SG comic series writer/creator Ryan North! The characters were written *that* well!

The comic relations aside, there is a fun plot that has more than enough science-fiction-y goodness to satisfy that nerdy side unsatisfied with just the SG cast of characters! Mind you, not the mind-numbing kind of science-fiction that some adore, but the fun kind that you can bring home and feel good about it! Awwww..

Long story short, there is a great outing, a good way to spend an afternoon! And, spoiler (not really), I got the feeling that Palmgren has the intention of doing more adventures with Doreen!

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Squirrel Girl has the powers of a squirrel AND a girl. She has the strength, speed, instincts, and hyperactivity of a squirrel. She also has the kindness, friendshipping, bravery, and knowledge of orbital mechanics of a girl. Squirrel Girl is a STEM student in New York, and this book isn't afraid to spend pages talking about New Yorkers or how interstellar travel works to prove it.

If you love the quirky, happy, dramatic Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics, you'll probably like this book. It has the same chaotic and wholesome energy.

After short and inconsequential scenes with Iron Man and Doctor Strange, this novel kicks it into high gear by sending Squirrel Girl (and friends! And enemies (probably future friends)!) to space. In this adventure, they debate philosophy, encounter telepathic space whales, and meddle in galactic wars.

With Squirrel Girl's boisterous energy, this feels like a middle grade novel. However, with the main characters in college and the deep discussions of science and philosophy, it feels more like older YA. In the end, I think the audience isn't any particular age bracket. I think the people that will love this book are the type of people who love Squirrel Girl, and the unique vibe she brings to the Marvel universe.

A video review including this book will be on my Youtube channel in the coming weeks, at https://www.youtube.com/chloefrizzle

Thanks to Aconyte Books and Netgalley for giving me a copy of this to review. All opinions are my own.

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