Prey No More

The Desire Card Book 2

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Pub Date 05 Jul 2022 | Archive Date 31 Dec 2022
Wolfpack Publishing, Rough Edges Press

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J.D. Storm is an ex-Army sniper, discharged after losing an eye in battle. Finally finding work at the illusive Desire Card—an unsavory organization that promises “any wish fulfilled for the right price”—he heaves a sigh of relief. But when those wishes become too immoral, J.D. quickly finds out that no one reneges on the boss, a powerful and eccentric madman known only as Clark Gable because of the realistic mask he wears, without paying a hefty price.

On the run, J.D. begins a white-knuckle cat-and-mouse chase that takes him northwest where he hides out with a former girlfriend and tries to scrounge up enough cash to flee the country. But with every second that passes by, Gable’s other masked operatives are closing in.

Soon, J.D. discovers just how widespread the organization’s contacts are—no longer knowing who he can trust. Rather than running, J.D. decides that his best shot is to take out the head of the snake. After all, the hunted must become the hunter if he has any hope of surviving.

Ingeniously plotted and filled with twists and turns, Prey No More follows those indebted to this sinister organization—where the ultimate price is the cost of one’s soul.


J.D. Storm is an ex-Army sniper, discharged after losing an eye in battle. Finally finding work at the illusive...

A Note From the Publisher

Lee Matthew Goldberg is the author of nine novels including THE ANCESTOR and THE MENTOR and the YA series RUNAWAY TRAIN. His books are in various stages of development for film and TV off of his original scripts. He has been published in multiple languages and nominated for the Prix du Polar. After graduating with an MFA from the New School, his writing has also appeared as a contributor in Pipeline Artists, LitHub, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, LitReactor, Mystery Tribune, The Big Idea, Monkeybicycle, Fiction Writers Review, Cagibi, Necessary Fiction, Hypertext, If My Book, Past Ten, the anthology Dirty Boulevard, The Montreal Review, The Adirondack Review, The New Plains Review, Maudlin House, Underwood Press and others. His pilots and screenplays have been finalists in Script Pipeline, Book Pipeline, Stage 32, We Screenplay, the New York Screenplay, Screencraft, and the Hollywood Screenplay contests. He is the co-curator of The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series and lives in New York City. Follow him at

Lee Matthew Goldberg is the author of nine novels including THE ANCESTOR and THE MENTOR and the YA series RUNAWAY TRAIN. His books are in various stages of development for film and TV off of his...

Advance Praise

“Lee Matthew Goldberg's Prey No More is a fast-paced thriller, a story about a former soldier caught up in a bad situation. JD is an excellent marksman but he’s conflicted about his work for a mysterious organization called “The Desire Card.” After he leaves a hit job unfinished, he goes on the run, hoping to shake his connection to this underworld. Goldberg takes us across the country to a dead end town in Washington State, where JD tracks down an old love but finds he can’t trust anyone. But he’ll have to trust someone to get out of the web he’s caught himself in. Prey No More is filled with terrific characters, both good and bad, and writing that moves a breakneck speed. Fabulous second installment of the new series, The Desire Card.” --Jen Conley author of "Cannibals: Stories from the Edge of the Pine Barrens."

"Gripping and relentless!"

-Vincent Hauuy, bestselling author of Le Tricycle Rouge and Le Brasier

“Part international thriller, part down and dirt heist tale, Prey No more is a lightning-fast novel about human desire and the survival instinct. Honed to a fine point, Goldberg’s storytelling skills keep you flipping the pages quickly and get you to root for a main character tarnished almost, but not quite, beyond repair.” – Scott Adlerberg, author of Graveyard Love and Jack Waters.

"Lee Matthew Goldberg’s PREY NO MORE is the perfect follow up: a story where the double-crosses have double crosses and the answers to morality questions are never black and white."

-Gregory Rossi, author of The Come Up

“Lee Matthew Goldberg's Prey No More is a fast-paced thriller, a story about a former soldier caught up in a bad situation. JD is an excellent marksman but he’s conflicted about his work for a...

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Featured Reviews

This was an interesting, if a little convoluted story of a man who is basically a hit man, but under the impression that he and his co-workers are doing what is the employer's greatest wish. The employees all wear life-like face masks of old (from the 60s and before) movie stars. I would think that this would make them stand out, but I suppose that with different hair and modern clothing even old movie buffs may not notice.

This involved J.D. a former army sniper who lost an eye and wears a James Dean mask, deciding not to kill his contract because the man's young son was right there. Of course, not fulfilling the contract was not an option and J.D. had to go on the run.

The book kept my attention and was easy to want to pick up. But it was not memorable enough for me to remember tonight that I finished it last night. The ending was a big mess of shootings and some kind of hokey activities. I don't like it when people that have no problem killing people don't just shoot the protagonist, but instead take the time to hold a discussion, which usually ends badly for the person with the gun.

This was the first book I read in this series and after reading it I saw that I had the first volume on my iPad. I will find the time to read it. This was good because it had some different plot points, but was a little too gimicky for me.

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J. D. Is an ex army sniper who has been discharged from the service after losing an eye on a mission that goes wrong. He is working for the Desire Card, an organization that grants people wishes, no limit on what they will do for the money they charge the clients. No one is allowed to leave the organization, but J. D. has suddenly reached his limit, he can’t justify an assignment. When he goes on the run from the organization he can’t trust anyone, anyone could be working for the Desire Card and coming to kill him. This book is full of suspense from the first page. The ending leaves a thread that I am sure will lead to another book. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.

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After reading the first book I knew there were some unsavory characters I’d never like to meet. So, what happened? As soon as I had the chance, I jumped at the opportunity to “re-connect”. The ‘good’ guy continues to evolve as a result of his interaction with truly bad guys in this international thriller filled with non-stop action.

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A second book in the series full of action, mystery, love, and murder. I find the book too stimulating for me. Overall, the book was well written with different plot points.

Thank you, NetGalley, Publisher, and Author, for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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The Desire Card is a secret organization that takes in guys and gals at the end of their rope with nowhere to turn and employs them as wish fulfillers. Eventually, operatives come to realize that the most expensive wishes for clients are in the order of hits. But, them again, when you join the organization, you agree that there are no ethical boundaries and no limits. Oh and by the way, the operatives all wear realistic masks of long gone movie stars such as Clark Gable, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, and Mae West. Their former personas are long gone and their new lives have just begun.

Prey No More is the story of one operative, who was once called Marcus and now goes by James Dean Storm or J.D. Storm, an Iraqi War sniper who is haunted by what he did in the desert and whose life has washed away. After performing missions for the the Desire Card, J.D. Decides he can no longer prey on the defenseless and runs and disappears.

But as J.D. Finds out, the Desire Card is a place you can never leave and the hunter becomes the Hunted.

This volume in the series does not continue the story in the first book, but starts with a brand new character. It is if anything a darker story.

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Wow, so violent! I thought I had really liked this author. so grabbed the book without reading the description, not sure that was so smart. We open with a hitman, so damaged he works for anyone with enough money to do anything without a second's hesitation. But then he does hesitate and brings a world of hurt onto him. The resultant death toll is hard to fathom, where life is so meaningless.

It's an interesting premise, if not a sad one, to take broken people and break them even more by indulging the obscenely rich with anything they desire. There are some credibility issues with how this all works.
But it was a fast and sort of fun read, I did want to see how it all ended; the death toll is almost Shakespearian and that was hard to handle- even though I know its fiction.

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Prey No More
The Desire Card Book 2
by Lee Matthew Goldberg

This is a 3 series book. I am so glad it was. This set can be stand-alone but, REALLY you will WISH you got the set, The first is book will make you wonder, and yes be careful what you wish you. hanks to @netgalley
And @wolfpack.publishing for providing me an e-arc of the entire set in exchange for an honest review. Brilliant books, you better clear your day or two to get 100% into these.

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J.D. Storm/James Dean is employed by an entrepenuring company, ‘The Card”, that provides “Whatever the Client Wants”…no matter how bizarre.

A recent assignment has caused J.D. to recall a tragic, haunting memory resulting in him leaving the firm. Leaving the firm, we find out, is not allowed. J.D. is now prey of ‘The Card’. We then follow J.D. during his world-wide escape travels to the end of his journey.

Lee Matthew Goldberg’s writing style caused me to be right beside J.D. , and inside his mind, too. This is the style of writing that entertains me most.

I enjoyed this book and will for more of Goldberg’s writing.

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Desire Card Series

Book 1 - Immoral Origins
Book 2 – Prey No More
by Lee Matthew Goldberg

4 stars

The Desire Card is an underground operation that promises to its exclusive clients "Any Wish Fulfilled for the Right Price." Jake Barnum is one of their upcoming workers who starts with from the rich and giving to the poor, ending with murder.

The first book, and by far the better follows Jakes rise and fall with the organisation The second book follows another recruit J.D. Storm as he tries to run from the organisations and its psychotic leaders long reach.

Both books are face paced action novels, that are easy to read and daw the reader in.

This title has been reviewed by

This title was provided by Netgalley and the publisher in return for an open and honest review.

#immoraloriginsdesirecard #NetGalley

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In Book One of this thriller series we’re introduced to the Desire Card. For a breathtaking fee they promise clients “any wish fulfilled for the right price:” this promise is taken very seriously, and very literally. Part secret society and part booming business, the Desire Card protects their guarantee with ruthless abandon.

Twenty years after Book One takes place the Desire Card is as off-putting as ever, right down to the vintage Hollywood masks worn by the operatives who carry out client wishes.

In PREY NO MORE, J.D. Storm becomes one such operative. Ex-army and hurting for work, Storm is initially psyched to don a James Dean mask and start letting go of his mental war wounds.

A fresh start? Fool’s gold.

Turns out when you grant wishes to the obscenely rich patrons of an amoral secret society, things get weird.

How much money is required for a man to forfeit his conscience? Storm tires of being a violent cat’s paw for those who’ve sealed their souls behind gilded walls of entitlement.

And this is where it gets good.

The Desire Card being a Hotel California type situation, J.D. soon finds himself on the run; basically peeking around every corner looking for Bette Davis with a butcher knife.

Storm goes on a madcap race for his life, and a compelling thriller lives up to the genre’s name in excessively brutal splendor. With twists so good they felt like structural sleight of hand, PREY NO MORE kept me keyed in to the last.

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the book was pretty interesting. I didn’t love it like I thought I would. It was a little show for me. It really wasn’t for me. I don’t regret reading the title. It just wasn’t wow omg for me. It just didn’t have it. The cover is cool though

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The book was strange but it was good. I definitely liked the mystic mystery behind the mask and the characters that were selected to wear them. I was very aware after each chapter of how the stakes of how high of a risk Jake was involved in with the Card. I totally dislike Marilyn Monroe but I guess she helps make the book good. I’m hoping that all will work out well for Jake and his family. I totally love the mob boss affect that the book s portraying. All in all this is a fast pace book. It’s exciting and entertaining.

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