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Pub Date 12 Jul 2022 | Archive Date 15 Dec 2022
Totally Entwined Group, Pride Publishing


Love knows no gender.

Pate Boone, a twenty-six-year-old transgender man, embarks on a new adventure when his childhood best friend, and yes, ex-lover, Oakley Ogden, convinces him to escape their hometown in hopes for something new.

They land in Cloverleaf, a tiny rural town in Montana, so that Oakley can care for his granny who is battling breast cancer. She pressures the two young men to enroll in a nearby college. Pate immediately becomes enthralled with Maybelle, a young, vivacious freshman to whom he fears revealing his transgender identity. Still, he finds it impossible to resist Maybelle, even after he meets her ex, Bullet, a large, violent man determined to keep Pate away from “his girl.”

But there are others who accept Pate immediately, like Stormy. An outdoorsy, rugged freshman, Stormy warns Pate away from Maybelle and Bullet, but Pate’s too infatuated to heed these warnings.

Oakley tries to support his friend’s new love but finds himself entangled in his own emotional calamity when he unintentionally falls for Jody, a gay and ostentatiously confident drag queen. This new relationship awakens deep internal conflicts in Oakley as he struggles to accept his bisexuality, lashing out at Pate and causing friction between him and Jody.

Oakley must decide if he can overcome his insecurities so he doesn’t lose the love of his life. And Pate must discover if the love between him and Maybelle is strong enough for her to accept him as a transgender man, or if she will break his heart.

Love knows no gender.

Pate Boone, a twenty-six-year-old transgender man, embarks on a new adventure when his childhood best friend, and yes, ex-lover, Oakley Ogden, convinces him to escape their...

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A super solid queer book. This book deals with a lot of emotions that occur as a person of queer identity, and I loved to see the various perspectives. It was a book I would have never expected to enjoy so much because the cover was just simple, but it really helps you understand how the words inside the book are complex and awesome. Seeing Pate grow, figure out who he is, and to see him find happiness was so amazing. I couldn’t love it more. It was also fantastic to see Oakley grow and flourish. Just a wonderful queer book, and I’m so glad it exists.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the digital review copy:

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The reason why I choose this book is that I am interested in gender.
The main character is Pate Boone, he is a twenty-six years old man, also he is a transgender man.
The book depicts the struggles of various characters and how each character grows through these struggles.
What would you do if your old friend came out to you about his or her sexuality?
This book makes you think deeply about current LGBT issues.
I recommend you to read this book strongly!

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Well this was just a little out of my comfort zone. I read a lot of gay romances and lots of trans stories that are full of tropes and super sweet. This was NOT that! Throughout the book we follow Pate, someone who knows his queer identity well but is scared to tell his potential significant other, and Oakley, someone who goes through the full motions of figuring out his sexuality and unpacking prejudices instilled in him since childhood. I loved that the author took the time to show the rawness of internalized homophobia and the turmoil one feels figuring themself out as Oakley comes to term with his sexuality. I loved both stories and while I expected to be more engaged with Pate's story, I actually liked Oakley's much more. In part because his significant other was easily my favorite character and I wanted the best for him the entire time. But also because it is very hard to write internalized homophobia and show the character going through the motions is still a genuinely good person regardless of what they seem to believe or have been taught. The complexity was incredible to read about. I was honestly turned away from the book because of the cover, but I did genuinely enjoy this raw and messy exploration of queer self while not shying away from heavy and scary themes that come with being queer.

My main problem while reading this was that it was hard to read through the internalized homophobia so much, it was definitely uncomfortable as someone who is very comfortable in their identity. But go into this book knowing it is a necessary part of the journey, and not something that will go justified. Still, it was very uncomfortable to read through and I had to make sure not to internalize it because at first the characters try to justify it.

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Grayality By Carey PW captured the real society nowdays. As someone queer who lived in 'No Queer' environment, Its easey for me to feels the same way as Pete

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REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Grayality by Carey P W is the touching and compelling story of Pate Boone, a twenty-six year old transgender man and his best friend and ex-lover, Oakley Ogden. The two must find their niche in the rural Montana town that is not always open and accepting. Pate becomes enthralled with Maybelle to whom he has yet to reveal his transgender identity. Oakley, while supportive of his friend’s budding relationship, finds himself falling for Jody, a confident and gay drag queen, and struggles with accepting his own bisexuality. Is the love between Pate and Maybelle strong enough for her to accept him as he truly is? And can Oakley overcome his insecurities before he loses the love of his life?⠀

This is a beautifully written and emotionally charged novel that explores the idea of love being blind to gender. The story is authentic and honest as these two men struggle to find their identity in a judgmental and often unaccepting society. After pursuing a relationship myself with a transgender man whom I loved deeply, I can speak authoritatively of the author’s depiction of the struggles and conflicts involved. I wish a book like this had been around back then. ⠀

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I really enjoyed this book. This is a real portrayal of two friends discovering themselves and how love can further define who you are. Sometimes you uncover things about yourself when the right person comes along. Heartfelt, honest and raw, this book takes you on an emotional journey everyone can relate to. A human one.

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What a heartfelt story! This story really touches on so much about being in the LGBT+ community ESPECIALLY in a small town in Montana!!!

This was such a rare gem for me. I had not seen it anywhere on Booksta or BookTok. I stumbled across it on NetGalley and I cannot stop singing my praise now!

Please please please go read this one!

I received an eARC of Grayality by Carey PW through NetGalley and Pride Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Grayality is out July 12, 2022!

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How is this a debut novel?

Love TRULY knows no gender.

LGBTQ+ rep
Small town
Platonic soulmates

Please check content warnings! (Heavy emphasize on internalize homophobia and transphobia, suicidal thoughts, attempt of suicide (in the past), depression, social anxiety, mention of SA, cancer)

“Everyone else is just being themselves. And if that bothers you, well, that’s your problem. Not theirs.”

Pate and Oakley find themselves in small town Cloverleaf so that Oakley can take care of his grandma as she battles with breast cancer. She encourages the two to enroll in college while they are there. While, they each deal with their own internal struggles, you see their relationships and friendships been tested in this small town. Pate being a trans man and Oakley figuring out his sexuality. This is all laced with their past and their friendship; navigating new romantic relationships and what this means for each other and their future.

I genuinely remember reading the synopsis of this book and I knew I was going to be a mess of a human being — but for the last 20% of the book I was SOBBING non stop. This is truly a beautiful story of platonic relationships, figuring out your sexuality, trying to find your identity, loving yourself wholeheartedly and all while moving to a really small town and trying to find their footing with a new crowd.

Both Pate and Oakley are in very different points of understanding their own identities and sexuality orientation and Carey PW does a BEAUTIFUL job of depicting this journey — as hard as it is at times.

I swear from minute one I was in love with Pate, Oakley, Stormy and Jody!!!! I would give anything for a novella or another book about them. They truly hurt my feelings in the best way possible.

I also think i planned Maybelle’s death after 20% into this book —- Jesus i wanted to strangle her.

Pate and Oakley broke my heart to put it all back together. Friendship is utterly the best thing I’ve read so far. I could read about them for years on end. What a heart wrenching love stories — I am still SOBBING!

The only thing that bothered me was that there was a frequent slurs used… but that could also be because I am a bit of a sensitive reader so that made me feel icky.

Overall this was a 4.5 starts and everyone should go and read it!

Thank you to NetGalley and Carey PW for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Pate Boone, a twenty-six-year-old transgender man, embarks on a new adventure when his childhood best friend, and yes, ex-lover, Oakley Ogden, convinces him to escape their hometown in hopes for something new.
This was really one the best book I have read in 2022,i liked the writing style it's was really beautiful
The idea of a transgender and a bisexual man finding themselves, and their loves, it's was big yess for me.
I will definitely recommend this book to everyone!!!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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{{No spoilers}}

I actually enjoyed this book, I didn’t think I would. The characters were built really well, very well described. The author took time to really include trans issues, acceptance and made it personable and understandable. The plot was good, I could kind of see what was going to happen but that didn’t put me off carrying on:

Now, the not so good parts. I found the writing to be very tell and not much show. The author could have shown the reader a little more, don’t just tell us what’s going on, make us feel it!! It was also a little slow in places but then again it picked up in others.

Also make sure you’re okay with an emotional journey, this book does talk about suicide, mental health, bullying/harassment and more so make sure you can handle the epic storytelling.

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