The Politician

The unmissable new thriller with an unforgettable detective – a must-read series for 2022

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Pub Date Nov 10 2022 | Archive Date Nov 10 2022
Aria & Aries | Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book

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'I am insanely in love with George Cross, a perfect detective for our time and for all time' Stephen Fry

A ransacked room. A dead politician. A burglary gone wrong – or a staged murder?


DS George Cross loves puzzles – he's good at them – and he immediately spots one when he begins investigating the death of former mayor Peggy Frampton. It looks like a burglary that went horribly wrong to most but George can see what others can't – that this was murder.


After her political career ended, Peggy became a controversial blogger whose forthright opinions attracted a battalion of online trolls. And then there's her family: an unfaithful husband and a gambling-addicted son. With yet more enemies in her past, the potential suspects are unending.


Cross must unpick the never-ending list of seedy connections to find her killer – but the sheer number of suspects is clouding his usually impeccable logic. He's a relentlessly methodical detective, but no case can last forever. And politics can be a dangerous game – especially for people who don't know the rules . . .

Perfect for fans of M.W. Craven, Peter James and Joy Ellis, The Politician is part of the DS George Cross thriller series, which can be read in any order.

'True characters, a fresh setting, and a good mystery – this one's got the lot.' The Morning Star

Why readers love George Cross . . .
'The fact that Cross has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder makes him just as intriguing as the murder mystery' The Times
'A British detective for the 21st century who will be hard to forget' Daily Mail
'A compelling, suspenseful police procedural with an intimate, positive insight into living on the autistic spectrum' Woman
'The enigmatic DS Cross is a joy to get to know' Reader Review
'One hell of a detective' Reader review

'I am insanely in love with George Cross, a perfect detective for our time and for all time' Stephen Fry

A ransacked room. A dead politician. A burglary gone wrong – or a staged murder?



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Featured Reviews

.....At first glance, the murder of Peggy Frampton looks like a burglary gone wrong. But DS George Cross, with his meticulous methods, thinks otherwise.
The victim, a former mayor of Bristol, is now an online influencer whose forthright opinions attract the kind of attention that most people would like to avoid.
There's no shortage of suspects. Cross's investigation will lead him from Peggy's unfaithful husband to her gambling-addicted son, to a scorned former lover with a grudge. But she also has political enemies in her past.
Cross will have to navigate a dark maze of seedy connections to find the truth – but can he do it before the killer strikes again?.....

I am a super fan of this series I have read all 4 books now and am totally hooked
I love how character of Cross develops across the books. His autistic spectrum behaviours enhance his skills as a detective. He has a dogged determination to get to the facts and he will not stop at anything until he finds them.
I love how Mackenzie develops across the books now making sure she is in the right place to be central to the investigation. Moreover Mackenzie has great interpersonal skills which Cross now sees and values
I love Raymond He knows Cross the best and always supports and guesses his actions to the letter This was very evident in book 3 when he takes the action he does re his respite care following a hospital admission
The development of the storyline with Raymond and Cross' mother was very interesting and Cross' in discussion at the end of the book with his father was so good.
Ottey is just the right person to partner Cross as a mature character who has grown into her role as his supporter and friend
Ottey's support and enablement of him makes him a better detective with her abilities as an equally good but very different competent detective has been evident as the books developed
DCI Carson I don’t know what to make of him to be honest it’s obvious he knows Cross’ worth and although I think he’d like to put him in a box out of sight he knows if Cross says something it’s going to end up true and he’d better run with it despite the upheaval it causes Also DCI Carson likes to be front and centre when praise or congratulations are in order
New characters of Michael Swift Forensic Scientist and Superintendent Heather Matthews SIO are introduced We did not get to know Michael well but I think Superintendent Matthews got the measure of Cross and Ottey very well and hope to see her again in future books
I loved how the story developed and was interested to see what would happen with Clive Bland and Adam Chapel
The scene in Belmarsh prison with Andi Dragusha and Cross were so powerful I LOVED it
This was a terrific read I didnt guess the ending and loved it as such
I am waiting for the next book to come next year Highly highly recommend

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The fourth book in this excellent series set in Bristol and featuring DS George Cross. As with the previous books in the series, this book is excellently written and is very much character driven. All the characters are immensely likeable and well-drawn. George in particular is wonderful. The plot is exciting and fast-paced with plenty of twists to make it interesting. This is one of my favourite police series and I would recommend this and all in the books in the series, very highly.

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DS George Cross #4
Cross and his partner DS Josie Ottley attend the death of Peggy Frampton, a former local politician and ex-mayor of Bristol turned social media influencer with millions of followers. “It’s a burglary gone wrong“ asserts DCI Ben Carlson as per usual seeing the case as a career opportunity as Peggy and her husband Luke, a successful criminal barrister, are well-connected. Cross in his own inimitable fashion challenges the presumption and shared his observations with Josie. To Carlsons chagrin he is not appointed SIO, instead it’s to be Chief Superintendant Heather Matthews who sensibly allows Cross and Ottley to have a relatively free rein. They are ably assisted by Alice Mackenzie, a police staff officer and a new character, Michael Swift, a forensic scientist.

I really like this series which is full of very good characters especially that of George. He is on the autism spectrum and his portrayal is excellent and I love how Ottley helps him out especially with social interaction. There is some terrific dialogue between them too and good, gentle humour. Cross is an outstanding police officer in the best Sherlock Holmes tradition, he misses nothing, assumes nothing and works things out with incredible logic. Alice Mackenzie is making a bigger impact in this investigation and it’s good to see her role increasing. I hope Michael Swift is going to make a further appearance, he is very different, very likeable and certainly stands out in a crowd! CSU Matthews has the measure of George and Carlson and she infuses an interesting dynamic into the mix.

This becomes a complex case with many inconsistencies that give George much food for thought. Their enquiries reveal some very dodgy nefarious dealings and some even dodgier characters one of whom is residing at Her Majesty‘s pleasure in HMP Belmarsh. There are some good revelations and plot twists, the pace is brisk, there’s never a dull moment and it’s a great setting in and around Bristol.

I like that we get some of the personal aspect to George’s life with his father Raymond and the unfolding situation with his mother Christine.

Overall, this is a good addition to the series and I look forward to number five.

With thanks to NetGalley and especially to Aria and Aries for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.

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Thanks to Tim and NetGalley for allowing me to read The Politician before the publication date.
Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel.

DS George Cross is called to a Bristol home where the body of a former mayor, Peggy Frampton, has been found by her cleaner.
The team is rapidly expanded and Det. Ch. Supt. Heather Matthews is brought in to oversee the investigation, to the disgust of the limelight seeking DCI Ben Carson.

To aggravate the situation, as Cross does not work well in a team, he and the long-suffering DS Ottey have been given free reign to work independently but in tandem with the investigations team.

The initial suggestion is that this is a burglary gone wrong, but Cross is not convinced.
Peggy was a forceful and controversial politician who had more than a few enemies.
Her latest role as an online influencer has also generated threats.

Meanwhile, in his personal life, among his father’s belongings, Cross finds a box of photographs which will make him question everything which he thought he knew about his family.

There will be plenty of secrets uncovered as the list of potential suspects continues to grow.

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I loved this book. It is an excellent police procedural, with the unusual DS George Cross as the protagonist. He is unusual as he is a highly intelligent, highly motivated, utterly focussed police officer who also happens to be on the autistic spectrum. The characterisation is perfectly done, and I so enjoyed getting to know him, and all his colleagues. George’s character is so finely drawn that the reader can almost hear him speak, as he works through the crime of the murder of a local ex- Lady Mayor. He is ably assisted by his partner DS Josie Ottey, who has worked with George long enough to have become accustomed to his brusque manner, and his very individual way of working. His Senior Officer has the good sense to leave them to work together, mostly independent of the rest of the team, because George also has a very high ‘clear-up’ rate.
As a central character, DS George Cross is a refreshing change from the oft-used trope of the police officer who has many personal ‘issues’ - marital problems and/or drinking problems or just a completely maverick cop who doesn’t recognise authority.
The murder mystery is complex, the plotting is tight, and the writing is so very clever, I could not put this book down.
I am delighted to discover that the author has written several other DS Cross novels, and I have already bought another one, which I can’t wait to get my hands on.
I highly recommend this book. My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advance copy of this book.

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This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review. Thanks to the publisher for the electronic copy. Although the book moves slowly at times, it does come to a resounding ending, and that is quite important to me. This is a talented author who knows how to weave a cannot put down mystery. The characters are likable...most of them...the story is almost like nonfiction even though it is fiction. I look forward to more books from this author.

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'The Politican' is the fourth book in highly enjoyable detective series by Tim Sullivan. Our main protagonist is called 'DI George Brunel Cross', a single-minded and determined detective, who struggles to develop his relationship with his colleagues. In the previous novels, the reader discovers that Cross has Asperger's Syndrome and is on the higher level of the spectrum with an ability to decipher clues and see through the minefield of paperwork to find the single outstanding piece of data that can point the team in the right direction. We have also seen how his father and colleague (Reg and Ottley), both outline their methods of helping him - and indeed, helping each other to cope with Cross. This can lead to some mildly amusing scenes as Cross’s colleagues ponder if “he is pulling their leg” or simply being himself. This time around, we are seeing a greater level of frustration on behalf of Josie as she begins to wonder if she ever will make process in working with George and I imagine that such a reaction could be understandable at times. Though I do sympathise with her, I enjoyed the moments where we see Josie and George work separately as the provides both characters with the opportunity to shine.
The case is certainly an interesting one with a retired politician man being murdered during a burglary with plenty of potential red herrings and sufficient dodgy characters and motives to keep the reader guessing until towards to end of the novel.
The eventual solution is not as difficult to guess as I would have liked, but it is the strong character development, and addition of intriguing new characters of Strong and Matthews that leads to my 4 star rating.

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This is #4 in the DS George Cross but can easily be read as a standalone and in any order. I’ve now read the previous three books and highly recommend this series.

DS George Cross is based in Bristol’s Major Crimes Unit. He is on the autistic spectrum which affects his social skills (he is learning how to understand jokes, for instance) but the positive side is that he is a perfectionist with dogged determination to solve crimes. He is partnered with DS Josie Ottey and they also have a staff officer, Alice Mackenzie, as part of their team.

Peggy Frampton is an ex-Mayor turned internet influencer and campaigner against unwanted building/planning applications. Her cleaner finds Peggy’s body in her bedroom and it appears to be a burglary gone wrong. However, DS Cross doesn’t think this is the case. He sets out to prove that Peggy’s murder was deliberate.

A very cleverly written book that kept me totally gripped.

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria & Aries Head of Zeus for an advance reader copy in return for an honest review.

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I love this series. Cross is such a great character - and the author has captured his idiosyncrasies well and makes him relatable. Very well written with a backstory that reveals itself as the story unfolds. A real page turner that you don't want to end so you can find out what happens next. Highly recommended

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