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Pub Date 08 Nov 2022 | Archive Date 04 Nov 2022

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The hotly anticipated sequel to New York Times bestselling Gilded . . .

It isn’t true, she wanted to whisper. To lean forward and nuzzle her cheek against his temple. To press him against the wall and mold her body to his. I am not his. I will never be his.

Serilda and Gild cannot break the curses that tether their spirits to Adalheid’s haunted castle. There they remain trapped for eternity. On the night of the Endless Moon, the Erlking means to capture one of the seven gods and so be reunited with his lover, Perchta, who has been banished to the underworld.

But it soon becomes clear that the Erlking’s hunger for vengeance won’t be satisfied with a single wish, and his true intentions have the power to alter the mortal realm forever.

Serilda and Gild have no choice but to thwart his plans, all the while solving the mystery of Gild’s forgotten name, and freeing all the ghosts kept in servitude to the dark ones. As the evil forces gather, it seems only their love is strong enough to sustain them . . .

The hotly anticipated sequel to New York Times bestselling Gilded . . .

It isn’t true, she wanted to whisper. To lean forward and nuzzle her cheek against his temple. To press him against the wall and...

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ISBN 9780571371600
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Featured Reviews

I have been waiting to read this since I finished Gilded and it did not disappoint! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but please read this ASAP, the way it continues the story is enchanting and I didn't know I could love the characters anymore than I already did but Meyer found a way to make that happen! Just wow!

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I absolutely loved the first book and had high hopes for this one- it did not disappoint! Such a wonderful story filled with so many turns and twists. The way the whole plot has evolved over both books is masterful. This book hit so many emotions- truly a masterful tapestry of magic, fantasy and love.

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I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book just as much as I loved Gilded. Serilda is badass, Gild is his ever mischievous self and the Erlking is... Well, he's a bastard, though he's a bastard who believes what he's doing is right and justifiable.

So many secrets are revealed in the book, but I won't go into detail, you'll just have to read the book for yourself.

I'll also admit this book made me cry towards the end. I'd highly recommend this to anyone, especially anyone who loves fairytale retellings. You won't be disappointed

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Reading Gilded was one of my favourite reading experiences of recent years and Cursed completely lived up to its' predecessor - and then some!!

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I adored Gilded and do I was so excited to be able to get to read this book and it didn't disappoint in any way. It was the perfect carry on to the first book with incredibel writing and even more storyline and character development. I read it in one sitting, as soon as i picked up this book I knew the rest of the day was spoken for.

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I love a fairytale retelling and Marissa Meyer is one of the best. Gilded and this sequel, Cursed, aren't set in a modern day other reality like her Renegade series nor in a futuristic dystopia like her excellent Cinders series, but in the original fairytale world, a Germanic land of small towns, dark endless forests,castles and princes, inns and things that stalk the night. A world where a miller's daughter might find her impulsive story telling makes her queen.
I don't want to say too much about the plot, because if you haven't read Gilded (and you should remedy that) any plot recount will contain spoilers. So suffice to say that Serilda continues to spin stories and the Alder King to plot evil in a twisty, dark and very satisfying conclusion full of excellent worldbuilding that proves that maybe, just maybe, the word is mightier than the sword. Highly recommended.

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I'm going to try not to give away too much of the first book in this duology - Gilded - in case you haven't read it, but I expect many reading this will have done. This sequel - full of magical fantasy - did not disappoint me, leading me back to the world on the other side of the veil where monsters and demons reside and the Erlking rules. He is such a wonderful villain and in his interactions with Serilda in this book, you almost - and I say almost - see a more romantic side to him. Serilda is hiding a secret from Gild and the tension this creates is so heart-breaking. But these two - we see their characters grow so much throughout this book and they develop such maturity as they are forced to make difficult choices. There are even more monsters to meet and we meet the gods in all their forms. There are hauntingly beautiful descriptions and chilling imagery. And as for the ending - I loved it!

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This one is begrudgingly receiving 3.75 stars.

Similar to book 1, this was too long and filled with some unnecessary fluff.

However, the final story was really well done. I think perhaps because this book really took on its own story, rather than centering in on Rumpelstiltskin, so I didn't have expectations.

I will say that the tie in to the Rumpelstiltskin story at the end was really well done!

I loved the magic of this book, the use of the veil and parallel worlds, and the weaving of stories and tapestries.

There is a small amount of LGBTQ rep in this book, some non binary characters, male/male and female/female pairings that did not drive the story forward but we're in the background and easily accepted which was nice to see.

However, where it fell flat was the continuation from book 1. The love interest was not compelling, I still did not feel there was a strong enough connection built before everything and that made it less believable.

Additionally, the magic use at times did seem too convenient at times, or lacked some kind of fleshing out. The idea that ghosts can eat and drink and basically be human, was, odd.

Regardless of these, Meyer is a good storyteller and I did eventually enjoy the entire tale.(when I ignored the lack of built connection from book 1)

Thank you Net-galley for an ARC of this book. All thoughts are my own.

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This is the follow up to Marissa Meyer's Gilded, a retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale, an atmospheric magical fantasy. Serilda, the captivating storyteller, is a determined character, set of freeing herself, Gild and the children from the curse that ties them to Adelheid Castle, and the clutches of the Eriking and his court. However, the villainous and cruel Eriking has a darker agenda that threatens everything in a narrative that sees significant developments in Serilda and Gild's characters, and their relationship. As the haunting story progresses, the tone becomes much darker, there are twists and turns, a wide range of characters, both old and new, secrets and deceptions, more of Gild's past and name is revealed in this epic and suspenseful fight between the progressive forces for good versus those of evil. This is a beguiling read, of Serilda and Gild's past and their thrilling adventures, where Meyer builds beautifully on the fantastical world she created, but for me it did have some pacing issues and a few weaknesses in the plot and conclusion. However, this did not stop me finding this an enjoyable, emotional and entertaining read, with characters I rooted for, with all the fantastical elements likely to enchant fans of Meyer and other readers too. Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC.

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Gilded had such incredible world building and an exciting plot, and Cursed lives up to its predecessor! Picking up not long after the explosive ending of Gilded, this book has just as much magic and edge of your seat excitement. This is such a brillaint duology and I'm gutted it's now finished!

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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This was much darker and twistier than Gilded, and I loved it! It completely drew me into its world, and I'm utterly invested in the characters. This is a world I'll return to again and again (and I'm already planning a re-read). The characters were wonderfully developed, the pacing was just *chef's kiss*, the worldbuilding was exemplary, and the ending was just really, really satisfying. Definitely a series I'll recommend.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Gilded, the first book of this duology, so I was looking forward to this book. It did not disappoint, it is very well written and enjoyable

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The world of Cursed is deeply seductive each story lures you in further.

A fitting sequel to Gilded these books are highly bingable and will have you flying through them to reach the end.

I love the intersexuality of this book and each fairytale weaves part of the broader narrative.

A fiery protagonist, agonised prince and evil king make for the perfect recipe of tension and suspense. I was as invested in the budding romance as I was in the attempts to escape and both held equal weight in the book.

A fun and twisty read for a gloomy autumnal evening.

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I was so happy to get this as I absolutely loved Gilded.

So we're back in Adalheid with Serilda, Gild, The Erlking and the 5 ghost children and Serilda is to be a bride!

However all Serilda wants is to get herself, Gild and the kids free from their curses but the Erlking is planning something much bigger!!!

The world imagined here was rich, haunting but beautiful, the plot was detailed and interesting and kept me hooked (although maybe a bit too strung out in places) and side characters had their own energy and were written so well but Serilda and Gild.........oh how I loved them, they made my heart ache!

But Gild stole the show for me again! I mean....
'Are you sure that’s me? said Gild, I look like a pompous asshat.'

I couldn't not mention the Erlking! I actually liked him in parts and I thought we were in for a love triangle first of all!!!

The second half of the book was defo darker (and I'm here for that!) and the ending was explosive and totally emotional!

Overall a great conclusion with drama and tension that had me on the edge of my seat!

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Cursed is the second book in the Gilded duology and continues to follow Serilda and Gild on their adventures as they attempt to escape from the evil Erlking and save their young wards. Additionally throughout this book they are trying to thwart the capturing of 7 mythical beasts. I really enjoyed book 1 of this duology and this book continued to be a delight to read.

Serilda is a fantastic protagonist. I wouldn't say she is anything particularly special but she just has such a kind heart and stubborn personality that make her really endearing to follow and root for. I also really love Gild, I love the cheeky, charming type love interests (he actually reminds me a lot of Thorne from the lunar chronicles) and we get to see more of his backstory in this book. Something that is very important to me in books is the villains and I love the villains in this book, they are not people you root for but they are so compellingly bad (and lets face it sexy) that it makes it a very enjoyable reading experience.

Marissa Meyer's writing is such a comfort read for me; it is very fairytale-esque, cosy yet haunting at the same time. I love the setting and atmosphere of this book - it gives very European forest vibes and is the perfect autumn time read. It is also paced extremely well with a good balance of plot vs emotional character moments. I really enjoyed the plot throughout and thought it escalated really well, gradually ramping up the tension from a slow but tense being leading to a satisfying and heart wrenching conclusion.

The subtle magical fairie vibes I also really enjoy, as well as the nods to storytelling and how lies can twist fate common in a lot of fairytales. I also really like the Rumpelstiltskin inspiration (and it will forever make me nostalgic for my favourite OUAT character :'))

This YA series explores themes of motherhood and pregnancy which is not something you see very often in YA but I think it adds to the dark traditional fairytale tone of the story so it fits well. I also love the relationship Serilda has with the 5 young children from her village she is trying to protect from the Erlking, willing to sacrifice anything for them which often gets her into sticky situations.

Overall I would really recommend this duology when you want some comforting YA fantasy with darker fairytale-esque themes, an enchanting atmospheric and loveable characters to root for.

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I'm convinced no one does retellings like Marissa Meyer. The cliffhanger at the end truly shocked me and this picks up immediately where we left off. When I got into this I was hooked, the pacing was great and I couldn't predict where the story was going. I just love Serilda and Gild and couldn't stop rooting for them. Everything tied together perfectly at the end (thought I was SWEATING those last few chapters) and it just solidified to me that Marissa Meyer doesn't miss. I learned a lot from this duology, not knowing much about german folklore and I just loved it so much.

Was this review helpful?

Marissa meyer does it once again, never did I think the story could be concluded in just one more book and yet it gives you everything you needed after the last one and more. The characters, the plot, the folklore/mythology - strong, solid and oh so entertaining! After reading the first I felt calling them rumpelstiltskin was too obvious and quite cringe worthy but once again the author pulled out all stops and made the inevitable sweet and wholesome. The tangled tales bringing together another amazing fairytale based story

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In this second and last installment of the fairytale-inspired Gilded, Adalheid Castle is in chaos. The Erlking is forcing Serilda to hold all sorts of pretences in front oh his court of Dark Ones while Serilda is trying her best to free the souls of her beloved ghost children and help Gild solve the mystery of his forgotten history.

As the story progresses, it's revealed that what the Erlking really want is to use Serilda to bring back the love of his eternal life, the great huntress Perchta. If he succeeds, they will take revenge against the seven gods who trapped the Dark Ones, get rid of the veil protecting the mortal world and wreak havoc and desolation amongst humans forever.

Serilda will need to use her storytelling gifts for good and break the curse that holds Gild and her to the dark side of the veil, all before the Endless Moon.

I loved this books. This is a wonderfully crafted story, with a complex yet very accessible world-building (foolishly, I didn't realise this was a second installment and hadn't read 'Gilded'! And yet I had no trouble getting into the world and the story, quickly being gripped in very intense and suspensful events!). Each character is believable and fascinating, all motivations carefully laid out for the readers making them sway from one feeling to another.
Marissa Meyer is justly seen as a queen of fantasy writing with a world that draws you in, attaching characters, high stakes and twists that make this story an irresistible page-turner.

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I absolutely enjoyed this book, if it felt a bit too long. But when I think back to every part of this book, I liked every part and everything is important and is there for a reason, so I can't think of anything that shouldn't be there. And then I think it might be that this duology would have feel better as a trilogy as Gilded also felt a bit too long.
Other than that this was great, so very emotional, I spent most of this book with bated breath, both wanting and dreading the next page. It was actually a moment that after giving us so much hope it was completely crushed again and I stopped reading for a whole day until I was able to pick it up again.
All this story despite being a retelling is so creative, and descriptive, the world building, magic system and characters so perfect. I still love that the handsome villain remains the handsome villain by the end, without finding the goodnes in him or failling in love with oht hero, as is so common lately. I loved the gods and their interpretations, and the ending was so satisfying, after so many hardships, I was ready for a bittersweet ending but I have to say I am very happy this was a HEA.

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