And Then There Was You

A Chestnut Ridge Novel

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Pub Date 27 Jun 2023 | Archive Date 13 Sep 2023
St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin


During the coziness of sweater weather in the mountains of Virginia two people find love against all odds in USA Today bestselling author Nancy Naigle's And Then There Was You.

Reeling after falling prey to a Romeo con-artist who just waltzed away with the better part of her belongings, Natalie Maynard works closely with the detective assigned to her case, only the few leads have led nowhere.

Detective Randy Fellowes can’t promise Natalie restitution, but he’s determined to find the culprit and serve up justice. Married to his work, he’s caught off guard when Natalie has his thoughts wandering to more than the case.

Natalie soon seeks refuge in the one thing she still owns — an old fishing cabin in the mountains of Chestnut Ridge. She quickly falls in love with the town and the eccentric people who are teaching her so much about the area and its heritage.

Through these people, and the determination of Detective Fellowes, she rediscovers her courage, self, and a reason to risk love again.

During the coziness of sweater weather in the mountains of Virginia two people find love against all odds in USA Today bestselling author Nancy Naigle's And Then There Was You.

Reeling after falling...

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Featured Reviews

I'm so happy to have read another story by this brilliant author!

And Then There Was You by Nancy Naigle is a very sweet, heart- warming book which deals on human emotions and relationships in a very mature manner. And it was a delight to read from start to finish.
I loved being in Chestnut Ridge with Natalie and Jeremy.
Her characters draw you into the story & don’t release their hold on you until you're done with wonderfully told story.
I felt as if I was right there in the mountains of Virginia from the author’s skillful use of the beautifully described scenery.
Naigle's writing is refreshing and engaging, making this a wonderful book to totally get lost in.
Once again Nancy Naigle sucked into a captivating page-turner that I just coukdnt get enough of.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this eARC!

Was this review helpful?

Nancy Naigle does not disappoint, and 'And Then There Was You' is no exception. I was gripped from the very first scenes in the book and followed along with the heartbreak and joy that Natalie experience as a young widow and then a victim of a vicious, emotional and financial crime. The romance element with Randy was slow and believable, although there were no surprises for me with familial revelations in the ending. The setting was wonderful and made me believe if I would go the the Blue Ridge Mountains I could find a town like Chestnut Grove. I hope this is a series and I can look forward to more.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Was this review helpful?

And Then There Was You: A Chestnut Ridge Novel by Nancy Naigle

This book was so good. I felt so sorry for Natalie when she was duped by a con man that pretended to love her. It takes away your confidence when things like that happen and makes you not trust in other people. When she loses pretty much everything she escapes to her late husband’s fishing cabin where she finds refuge and a small town of wonderful people who take her in and make her family. There were so many touching moments in this book. It made me want to crawl into the pages so I could visit Chestnut Ridge. Kudos to Nancy Naigle who once again created a wonderful place that everyone will want to visit!

Was this review helpful?

"Families can be difficult." So says one insightful character. On the other hand, as Natalie Maynard learns, family can cocoon you in a warm sense of being loved and safe. By the time I finished this book, I know I felt like I wanted to give a warm hug to everyone, family, friends, and loved ones, not to mention my dog. What a delightful, embracing nod to belonging, family, and finding your own safe space. And, let's not forget that adorable Beagle puppy whose name I'll leave readers to learn as they read.

To be brief, Natalie is conned out of almost everything she had, including self esteem. Friends like Sheila immediately step forward to help while detective Randy Fellowes vows to solve the mystery of who did it and restore as much of Natalie's life and well-being as is humanly possible. Let's just say, he's attracted to Natalie but feels he can't acknowledge that until all is put right.

In the meantime, Natalie is finding a welcoming home in Chestnut Ridge, inspired by the author's own home amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains. She's finding family, yes, but also herself. Her talents. She's also learning that family doesn't only mean the people you're related to but those who embrace you as family. In fact, she discovers far more in Chestnut Ridge.

Fans of romance, especially with a touch of mystery, will love this book. Heck, I don't even read much romance nowadays and it left me with the warm fuzzies. I'm looking forward to my next visit. Thanks #NetGalley and #StMartinsPress for introducing me to Chestnut Ridge. My early years were spent in the hills of Ohio, so I had the sense of returning home. No castles where I lived, though, dang it.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a sweet and cozy light read and my first by this author.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Natalie is a recently widowed young woman who gets "swindled" by a con man. He's a smooth talker with ulterior motives that she soon learns of when she returns from a once in a lifetime vacation. If it seems too good to be usually is and this was the case for Natalie.

Upon realizing she's been duped, Natalie meets Detective Randy Fellowes who she soon realizes not only wants to help her find the man that took her for everything she had but also that he may want to be more than friends. However, she isn't staying in town but decides to move to the mountains in a cabin that's in the family. The little mountain town and it's inhabitants become more than just neighbors and good friends, she soon learns that they're more than that. She finds peace, herself and love.

I enjoyed this book and the settings/plot. The characters were so easy to like and the whole time I was rooting for Natalie and Randy.

Was this review helpful?

I love Nancy Naigle books, and this was no exception, love the setting and the characters, very good story..

Was this review helpful?

Natalie Maynard has had a time of it. And that is putting it mildly.

A widow, Natalie thinks she has found love again. They have bought a house and moved in together and now she is returning from a lush vacation with said love. Only he had to come back a couple of days early. Suspicious, no?

Imagine her shock when she shows up at home to find it isn’t really home at all. And the new love is an old con! With nothing left, she heads to a place she does still have. A cabin. In Chestnut Ridge.

As Detective Fellowes works to track down the scoundrel and retrieve something for Natalie, they also begin to have feelings for each other.

A man who is married to the job is suddenly catching his thoughts wandering to Natalie. But with all she has been through will she be interested in him?

As he works to find the culprit, Natalie is meeting her neighbors and the people in the town and finds she likes them and the town a lot. But are they keeping secrets too?

This is the author doing what she does best. Writing about love, loss, trust, and hope.

NetGalley/ June 27, 2023, St. Martin’s Press

Was this review helpful?

I received an Advanced Reader copy from Netgalley for my honest review. The writing is spectacular. I felt like I could picture the town, the cabin, and the Blue Ridge mountains. The premise of family and what makes a family can be explored through friendships. The story of Natalie being conned almost becomes the back story, while the town folks of Chestnut Ridge grow in importance. Paul, Orene, Tucker, and Sheila show us the meaning of friendship and family. I am happy that this is the first book of the series. I definitely will read the others! What a great story!

Was this review helpful?

This was such a perfect book. The cover is gorgeous and the characters intriguing. I can’t wait for the next book by this author.

Was this review helpful?

When a young widow finds she has been scammed by a criminal and has lost everything she is devastated and seeks to hide in the mountains of Virginia in a cabin that once belonged to her husband. This is a charming read about small town USA and the delightful people who circle each other in times of need. It keeps you guessing all through the book. I loved cheering her on and watching her try to find her new spot in life. This could be a beach read or one you will love whenever you find it. I highly recommend this one
I wish to thank NetGalley and St Martin’s Press, St Martin’s Griffin for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book. I have voluntarily read and reviewed it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

This clean romance is full of themes of love, understanding and forgiveness. The characters are relatable and endearing. The setting is awesome and the author describes it in a way as if your were there.

Natalie is heartbroken after being conned and Detective Randy works with her to solve the case. Just as they start getting close, Natalie moves to a lovely small community to start over. Will the detective lose his chance at a forever kind of love? Read this book to find out!

Was this review helpful?

Thoroughly beautiful heartwarming story, just as I always expect from the fabulous author Nancy Naigle. She is so very talented!

This story has some heartbreaking issues, but just as strong woman do, with or without the help of friends’ support, they rise as the phoenix and continue to construct a new happy future.

I adore (most) the characters Ms. Naigle created. I cared immediately about the main female character, Natalie, and wanted only the best for her. I know reading a romance book that all be fine in the end, which is one of the reasons I enjoy this genre so much.

A huge thank you St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for giving me the immense pleasure of reading the advance reader copy, with no obligation to write a review. My review is written freely as a hobby, and is totally my own opinion, not influenced by receiving the ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Another wonderful, heartfelt story by one of my favorite authors, Nancy Naigle. Although this is a stand-alone novel, I'm really hoping we see more of these amazing residents of Chestnut Ridge in future books. Please, Nancy, please!! I want more!

While coping with the death of her beloved husband Jeremy, Natalie Maynard, in her vulnerable state, is befriended by a smooth talking, attentive con-artist who steals practically everything she owns. Dealing with the loss of her home and other possessions and the embarrassment of falling for this con-man, Natalie must pick up the pieces to her life and start all over again. She moves into the one possession she still owns... a rustic cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thankfully, with the help of her best friend Sheila, and a good-guy detective who shows Natalie how to trust again, and a small town filled with heartwarming residents who are ready to help, Natalie is able to put her life back together.

In typical Nancy Naigle style, this book brings us warmth, faith, compassion and a sense of "family", whether connected by blood or not.

Was this review helpful?

First let me say that I have enjoyed every Nancy Naigle book that I have ever read; this is no exception. A recently widowed woman, Natalie, finds herself in a new relationship that she feels has potential; enough so, that they purchase a house together. Then, in the blink of an eye her world comes crashing down around her; once again. How does Natalie survive another heartbreak. Will she survive or only survive? Will she ever be able to trust herself and her heart again? Read one woman's story of self-discovery and how a little town in the mountains of Virginia help her heal.

This is a beautifully written story that at times is heartbreaking and others can make you laugh out loud. There is a wonderful kaleidoscope of characters that make this story rich.

Was this review helpful?

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