No Place for Fairy Tales

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Pub Date 01 Feb 2023 | Archive Date 06 Feb 2023

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HI/LO format, written in VERSE

Yuriel’s poor neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico, isn’t a place where fairy tales happen. Yuriel and his cousin Azul work each day doing laundry to help their family make a living. So when Azul, a trans teen, decides she wants to mark her transition to womanhood with a quinceañera, Yuriel is sure it’s an impossible dream. They don’t have the money, and besides, Azul’s father would never support her transition. But as an openly gay artist in a traditional family, Yuriel sees how important this rite of passage is for Azul. As Yuriel risks everything to play fairy godmother to Azul, he realizes it’s going to take a little bit of magic to pull off this once-in-a-lifetime quinceañera.

Edd Tello's second novel.

HI/LO format, written in VERSE

Yuriel’s poor neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico, isn’t a place where fairy tales happen. Yuriel and his cousin Azul work each day doing laundry to help their family make...

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Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Pick

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ISBN 9781978596337
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Featured Reviews

What matters is the message a book gives. It starts a wave and reaches people who needs it the most.

I appreciate how West 44 Books is giving a platform for the young upcoming writers focusing on various societal and personal themes and issues. This book is no different.

This book in verse tells the story of a young person who’s struggling with coming out. This is a story of a trans teen, what they go through when it comes to letting our near and dear ones know about it and how they feel when the transition happens.

I am still ignorant how to express in proper words when it comes to different genders. I am still learning and it’s books like this that educate me the most keeping me updated and seek the most appropriate ways to address the different communities.

The prose is perfect. The book is so well written.

I love the little details added on the pages.

A perfect read.

Thank you, West 44 Books, for the advance reading copy.

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This was pleasantly surprising read! Telling the story of a young person who is struggling with coming out I feel this will be an ESSENTIAL read for many young people and a necessary read for older generations who are struggling to accept the changes in our society. The prose is beautiful, the book is well written, and this is an essential tool to educating yourself.

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I haven’t read something so beautiful in a long time. This words just flowed off the page.I never wanted this book to end.

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we follow Yuriel, as he becomes a fairy godmother to his trans cousin Azul, making her quinceañera possibility.

the story encompassed unconditional love, and being your truest self. it also showed how important familial support is to the queer community. i loved how their friends got together to help Azul build her quinceañera, which felt empowering. i also got to witness a budding romance between Yuriel and a new boy in town.

No Place for Fairy Tales is one of the most timely and important book of our time.

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This short but beautiful YA verse novel is written in perfect prose and it completely captivated me.

The novel follows Yuriel and his cousin Azul who live in a Mexican town where they say girls don’t get to be princesses and fairy tales definitely don’t come true.

Azul wants to mark her 15th birthday the same way all her friends do with a quincenanera, a tradition that celebrates young women moving into adulthood. Yuriel, a young gay man, takes on a fairy godmothers role to help Azul’s dream come true as he recognises the additional barriers she faces as a young trans woman.

It’s raw, messy and beautiful and that’s exactly what makes it ring so powerfully true.
I always say it with YA novels, but it’s definitely not just one for the kids!

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There was something so unique and special about this story of Azul finding her voice and affirming her transition in a small town in Mexico. His ability to make the reader feel like they are present was phenomenal. Additionally, this is a quick read, written in short prose format flowing from chapter to chapter. I found myself proud of Yuriel for defending his cousin and frustrated with Azul's father. But this was a beautiful way of expressing the potential cultural pressures experienced by Azul and Yuriel in this tale. Truly a special read with a unique voice; highly recommend.

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4 stars
This book is powerful. The message of friendship and acceptance is one of the major points of the book, and it also spreads the importance of having a good support system/community.
However, it’s not added to Goodreads, so I can’t enter my review there.

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A poor neighborhood in Mexico. Two queer cousins, one gay, the other trans. A story written in verse.

Just like Edd Tello’s debut Only Pieces, No Place for Fairytales is a hi-lo YA story, which means it’s for struggling readers like dyslectic teens. And even if it’s stripped from all frills, the writing is so vivid and descriptive that it felt like I was actually there in Mexico, together with Yuriel and Azul. You have a huge talent if you can write such a powerful and important story with so few words!

Yuriel is the narrator of this story, but the actual main character is Azul, Yuriel’s trans cousin. I felt Azul’s want to have a quinceañera like every other fifteen-year-old girl, and I felt the love of Yuriel and his parents for Azul seep through the pages. Azul’s story made me smile and wipe a tear away once in a while. Edd, I’m a fan of your books and I really would love to see your writing in an adult book. I think it would be beautiful too!

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Edd Tello’s second YA novel written in verse! I am so honored to have been able to review this eARC just I had for Only Pieces.

Ugh I loved this story simply because it felt like a fairy tale. Make no mistake though, this was No Place for Fairy Tales. The dynamic between Yuriel and his parents and Azul was amazing. We got to see such a fresh take on familias hispanas that I haven’t seen before.

You want a story that has drama y un poco de chisme? Then you may want to pick up this quick read!

Thank you NetGalley, Edd Tello, and West 44 Books for allowing me to read this eARC for an honest review!

No Place for Fairy Tales by Edd Tello releases February 2023!

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This poetry collection tells us a powerful story with a realible narrator, Yuriel, and a inspiring main character, Azul. With friendship and acceptance at it's core showing us that with someone to help us and unconditional love our dreams might become true.

I received this copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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I loved the message of acceptance and being true to who you are. Parts of this were heavy but I loved that it reflected real life challenges of the LGBT+ community.

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It was a really cute story. Yuriel and Azul are so sweet to each other. I love how close they are and how protective Yuriel is, just like a big brother.

Loved seeing the Spanish sprinkled about, seemed more like a normal conversation in my family tbh.

Overall really liked it. Thanks NetGalley for the eARC.

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I received an arc of this book and this is my honest review.

It is not in fact a book or well it is not written like a novel but like a poem. Every chapter is written like a poem. It is beautiful. Poignant. And I sobbed the entire time. When I was a teen we did not have books like this. We did not have books that celebrated the lgbtqia plus community or even speak of them. I will be buying this book for my own teenagers.

This is a book from the perspective of a Mexican gay teen named Yuriel. He has a cousin Azul who is trans and wishes for a quincenera. It shows life in a small Mexican town. It shows Yuriel’s age and inexperience but also his experience. His mama calls Azul her Morena. His papa calls Azul his princesa. Azul’s mom accepts her loves but her father does not. It tells the story of how Yuriel and his family and their friends put together a party for Azul.

I honestly cannot stop crying. This is why representation matters. I can see how this book would be so powerful in a trans teens’ hands or in a gay teens. It is uplifting. I will be buying multiple copies of this book.

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