My Husband

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Pub Date Jul 11 2023 | Archive Date Sep 05 2023

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In this suspenseful and darkly funny debut novel, a sophisticated French woman spends her life obsessing over her perfect husband—but can their marriage survive her passionate love?

“One of the most daring, provocative, unnervingly intimate thrillers I’ve read in years. Few writers besides Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith can evoke domestic unease with such sangfroid; fewer still can make it such delirious fun.” —A. J. Finn, #1 NYT bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

At forty years old, she has an enviable life: a successful career, stunning looks, a beautiful house in the suburbs, two healthy children, and most importantly, an ideal husband. After fifteen years together, she is still besotted with him. But she’s never quite sure that her passion is reciprocated.

Determined to keep their relationship perfect, she meticulously prepares for every encounter they have, always taking care to make her actions seem effortless. She watches him attentively, charting every mistake and punishing him accordingly to help him improve. And she tests him—setting traps to make sure that he still loves her just as much as he did when they first met.

Until one day she realizes she may have gone too far . . .

The winner of France’s First Novel Prize in 2021, My Husband builds on the premise of hits like Gone Girl and Fates and Furies—how well can you really know your spouse?—and adds the tension and creepy obsession of You. The result is an irresistible read—compelling, tense, and engaging, infused with sly subversive humor, and told in an utterly original voice that makes it unforgettable.

Translated from the French by Emma Ramadan

In this suspenseful and darkly funny debut novel, a sophisticated French woman spends her life obsessing over her perfect husband—but can their marriage survive her passionate love?

“One of the most...

Advance Praise

starred Publishers Weekly review:

"Ramadan’s exacting translation holds the reader in her grip, and what makes this so thrilling is not just the narrator’s surprising ruthlessness but how Ventura causes the reader to repeatedly change their mind about who’s to blame for the messed up marriage all the way to the explosive ending. It’s a bold and memorable first outing."

“The winner of France’s First Novel Prize, this riveting emotional thriller requires serious willpower to not devour in a single sitting.” Oprah Daily

“Ventura's cleverly constructed, one-sided portrait of a marriage delivers a breathtaking conclusion that is as unexpected as it is deviously brilliant.”  - Shelf Awareness

."Fans of Caroline Kepnes' You (2014) or Gillian Flynn will find My Husband to be a new, satisfying, and unnerving take on the relationship-suspense genre." Starred Booklist

‘"Winner of France's First Novel Prize in 2021, "My Husband" will have you thinking hard about the meaning of love.’" - Minneapolis Star Tribune

starred Publishers Weekly review:

"Ramadan’s exacting translation holds the reader in her grip, and what makes this so thrilling is not just the narrator’s surprising ruthlessness but how Ventura...

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Featured Reviews

What a fun little book! So much packed in, the days of the week as colors, her note books and petty revenges. The strange games she plays with herself (or does she?) and the first genuinely surprising twist I’ve seen in years.

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Mon Mari is a French book that has been translated into English as My Husband.

She is an unnamed woman—the wife. He is an unnamed man—her husband. She is passionately in love with him but is constantly questioning whether he loves her back with the same intensity.

Living inside this woman’s head was both exhausting and fascinating. Her obsession with her husband, which swings from passion and love to deep revulsion and resentment depending on the day of the week and the color of the day, put me through all the moods. She is utterly fixated and codependent on him and lives to please (and punish) him. Her inner monologue and thought processes about whether her husband loves her, is cheating on her, wants to divorce her, or has discovered her secrets, were almost tipped over the edge into paranoia. For example, she agonizes over his love for their children and friends because spreading his love dilutes his love towards her; she is horrified by his romantic belief of falling more in love daily because it means he doesn’t love her fully at her present.

I worried that her over-analyzation would’ve become old after a certain point, but each day of the week brought up something new and different, which kept me intrigued up until the very end. It’s a short read. The mounting anticipation was wonderful. The twist was as sour and sweet as a clementine.

Once this book publishes in English, I will definitely be buying it!

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A creepy, quick and dark read about a woman who loves her husband... possibly too much? Very enjoyable, highly recommend!

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Part psychological thriller, part domestic suspense, I absolutely loved My Husband. In this book, we spend a week inside the world of our unnamed MC who is a married mom of 2 trying desperately to manage and control every aspect of her life, particularly her marriage to her husband. It was hard to tell if she truly loves or hates her husband as she takes pains to be the perfect wife for him, overanalyzes each conversation and interaction they have, but also keeps a notebook of all the "punishments" she doles out for his missteps. She was so well-developed (and icky) that is was almost uncomfortable to read at times. I thought the translation was outstanding and the writing was crisp and kept the story moving along at a fast pace. The ending was perfect and I wanted more of this strange couple and their creepy life.

Thank you to the author, Net Galley and HarperVia for the opportunity to advance read this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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I didn't know what to expect going into this book, other than I had heard a few people were very excited to read it. I think that's probably the best way to step into a book like this - not having any expectations. That's not to say it would disappoint, but it is truly the look inside a woman's head as she spirals on the daily.

This definitely falls more on the side of character study than it does "plot driven," and I think it's a perfect length book to run the full spectrum of emotions from sadness to laughter to absolute irritation. There were times I was laughing at the narrator, sometimes I was laughing with her, and times I related... maybe a little too much.

Overall I think this is a really fun, pretty quick read. I would recommend this book to people who really like to get into the heads of characters, because that's more or less what this is. I enjoyed my time reading it and will absolutely recommend it to friends.

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MY REVIEW: 5 Stars, No All The Stars!

Holy crap on a cracker! I’ve just found one of my favorite books of the year and I’m d@mn sure getting the hardback!

I requested this book because of the beautiful cover and it sounded good! I had no idea what I was in for in this book!

This book won’t be for some people I’m sure, but give it a try anyway! This lady is obsessed with her husband, I won’t go into specifics because you need to read it for yourself! I know some people think reading a book talking about someone’s life can be boring (not me) but this book is a nutter and I love it! AND, just when I thought it could’ve get any crazier, I read the epilogue! What the hell! I wanted to smack someone and at the same time thinking what just happened! Did I just read that, lol!

This book was so awesome!

***Thank you so much to Netgalley and HarperCollins for a digital copy of this book


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A truly amazing and painful and deliciously mean-spirited interior journey. I loved every word of it, and only wanted more!

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Oh wow! This book was amazing!
It is definitely a mood read. This isn’t a quick read for just any mood. You have to follow the narrators state of mind and pay attention. That’s probably why I couldn’t finish it in one session.

But it was quite a fascinating and disturbing read! I love that we never even learn the name of “The Husband”. He is just “my husband”.

The story takes place over a week. Each day we learn a little bit more about the narrators nuances. Her coding of the days by colors was fascinating!

This book was awesome!

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Run, don't walk, to read this book. This tale of obsessive marital love is absolutely phenomenal. It's extremely novel, I couldn't put it down!!

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I loved this book—I was thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. I loved the complexity of the narrator she would make me angry, but I was always entertained. —she is entirely neurotically obsessed with her husband. However, I didn’t think she was this boring woman. I was fascinated by how she went about her day—how she would describe the days of the week and how they correlated to her interactions with her husband, she was so unhinged that her love caused her to do things against him. I found that her depiction of love is actually kind of relatable and I have never read a book that explores marriage in this way.

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My Husband is an amazing book that captures the essence of a wife's world revolving around her husband. This relatable story delves into the complexities of marriage and the insecurities that can plague a person's mind.

The protagonist, whose name remains a mystery throughout the book, gauges the success of her marriage by her ability to predict her husband's actions. This pursuit becomes her obsession as she constantly strives to be the perfect wife. Deep down, she harbors a permanent insecurity, believing that her husband could have chosen someone better. This insecurity likely stems from her childhood trauma or abandonment, which adds a layer of depth and complexity to her character.

What truly captivated me about this book was the protagonist's strangely appealing internal monologue. It was a quirky and detached style, and it gave me strong neurodivergent vibes. Her thoughts and reflections felt both familiar and unique, and as an unreliable narrator, kept me hooked until the very end.

The author's choice to present the story from a first-person point of view, without revealing the names of the characters, was a stroke of genius. It allowed me to immerse myself fully in the protagonist's perspective, experiencing her joys, insecurities, and struggles firsthand. This narrative technique added an air of mystery and intrigue, keeping me engaged throughout.

The prose of My Husband is beautifully crafted, with smooth and approachable language. The author's ability to convey complex emotions and thoughts in simple terms made the story accessible to readers of all ages. The words flowed effortlessly from page to page and I inhaled this book.

As the story unfolds over a span of 15 years, time jumping back and forth to moments that have brought us to the present. The protagonist, despite having children and living her life, remains stuck in the initial phase of insecure girlfriend. This exploration of the lasting impact of her likely childhood trauma and/or mental illness and its effect on her ability to fully and actively love her husband is both poignant and thought-provoking.

Finally, the twist at the end of the book left me stunned. It showcased the author's skill in crafting a narrative that keeps readers guessing and working to understand the motives behind each character's actions.

In conclusion, My Husband is a must-read for those who enjoy delving into the complexities of human behavior and relationships. The relatable protagonist, engaging narrative style, and smooth prose make it an exceptional book. Whether you've experienced the insecurities of marriage or simply love to explore the depths of the human psyche, this book will captivate and resonate with you on a profound level.

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I didn't know what to expect with this book. I mean, judging by the description, I fully thought I was reading a murder confession novel. But no. This book is a wildly unhinged character study that is more than what meets the eye and what the synopsis can give away in terms of what is actually on the page.

The Narrator is like an extreme version of those people who live their lives by just reading self help articles online, and she quite literally follows them to a T. It's equally hilarious and heartbreaking to see how insecure she is and have these insecurities brought to life by her equally conniving husband. At the same time, it's an also a compelling portrait of power imbalances within a marriage and the ways in which men grind down women in an effort to boost their own egos or exert control over their wives.

It's a wild read with some inventive prose and turns of phrases that left my Kindle copy absolutely marked up from all the highlighting I was doing. Especially the sex scenes and the descriptions of sex are absolutely unique and profound, and singular to Maud Ventura and the compelling, tension filled voice she created with My Husband.

Thank you endlessly to HarperCollins, the author, and the Netgalley team for getting this ARC into my hands! ❤️

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“My husband has no name; he is my husband, he belongs to me.”

My Husband is about an unnamed wife that is obsessed with her husband and being the perfect significant for him. I was lucky enough to get this ARC through NetGalley and finished it all yesterday!
Throughout the book, she talks very highly of her husband but her insecurities and unhealthy obsession slowly unravels the farther I progressed through the book. She would never refer to her husband by his name, she only referred to him as “my husband” which treads into the territory of iconizing and objectifying him. After a certain time, I feel that her husband begins to lose the feeling of him being an actual individual and more of an entity of her imagination. The main character is captivated with the idea of being the only person for her husband and detests having to spend time with friends or family because she sees her husband to be enough for her but takes offense when her husband wants to spend time with their mutual friends. This form of obsession even affects her ability to parent, she doesn’t have the motherly instinct many mothers would have towards their children. She states that she would be fine without them and that’s telling of how dependent she is on her husband’s every move. I really enjoyed the themes and flow of the story, it progressed smoothly and I didn’t feel like anything should’ve been added or omitted. Maud Ventura excellently showcased a story where one individual with obsessive and controlling thoughts did things that she shouldn’t have done. The hypocrisy and justification of the character’s actions was wild to say the least but added to the character and story development.
I am so excited to get the physical copy of My Husband and I’m looking forward to the future projects Maud Ventura has to put out!

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A slow burn sets in as this nameless protagonist - a wealthy French woman - spends her days obsessing over the love of her husband. The woman has everything she could want - two children, perfect house, and career, but it isn't enough if her husband slights her. In this twisty, creepy tale, we learn everything about the woman's life and everything she does to keep her husband enthralled. The problem is, it never seems enough.

As we move through the days with the couple, the woman sets traps to test her husband's love. One day, it seems she goes to far...

Truly creepy, My Husband is perfectly pitched. You will read late into the night and wonder to yourself next week of your friend's thoughts about their own husbands. If you like a slow burn, an eerie creepy tone or just love a unique domestic thriller, My Husbnad is for you! #HarperVIa #MyHusband #MaudVentura

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This short novel utilizes a certain technique in its story structure to deliver jaw-dropping results. The comparisons to Gone Girl and Fates and Furies are not at all off the mark, but if you've read those books then you know how easily a reviewer could give away important tidbits and twists that would take away from a reader's enjoyment. I will simply say, I really liked it and please let me know if/when you read it because I want to discuss it!

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