Hearers of the Constant Hum

Narrated by Connor Brannigan
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Pub Date Dec 02 2021 | Archive Date Jan 31 2024

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Della Comb is the queen of her hive. She's only in her early twenties, but she's already managed to build an empire selling drugs to junkies who are looking for the ultimate escape. The key to her success is that she manufactures her drugs with a secret ingredient: a very specific blend of pesticides.

Her only problem is the two bumbling exterminators she's come to rely on for product. They spend more time playing video games and making armchair philosophies than actually working. Thankfully, they realize they too are short on supplies—pizza and breakfast burritos—so they give her a call, asking to meet up at the Chase High Rise, a building known for its unique brand of squalor.

Immediately, she feels sick to her stomach. Not only is the place absolutely disgusting, but it's also home to Bill Krang, a man who claims to hear insects speaking. The things they say don't make sense, even to him, but the words are causing him to physically deteriorate at a rapid pace. 

Della's ultimate fear is meeting this man and contracting his disease. However, business is business, and Krang's apartment is abundant of product. Before long, she finds herself thrown straight into her worst nightmare, and the experience...changes her.

HEARERS OF THE CONSTANT HUM challenges its readers to work against instinct by exposing the dangers of our own curiosity. It's more than just a story, it's a warning of a much needed social change. We either take its advice, or risk rewriting what it means to be human in a world run by insects.

Della Comb is the queen of her hive. She's only in her early twenties, but she's already managed to build an empire selling drugs to junkies who are looking for the ultimate escape. The key to her...

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EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9781960190031
PRICE $19.99 (USD)
DURATION 6 Hours, 50 Minutes

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Featured Reviews

William Pauley III builds a bizarre world you can really dive into. He weaves a complicated story with a handful of well-fleshed-out characters; comedic, pathetic, tragic, and diabolical. The end is a bit of a cliffhanger leaving you wondering what will come of society and whether a new plague has been unleashed upon humanity. Easy narrative style pulls you in like quicksand. Read if you dare…

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A man who can hear insects, drug dealers and murders, and a body starting to cave in on itself.. what could possibly go wrong? I wasn't expecting to enjoy Hearers of the Constant Hum quite as much as I did. Equal parts offputting and intriguing, it strikes the perfect balance for something outside the norm. I highly recommend mixing up your usual reading and adding this title in!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me early access to this title in exchange for my honest review.

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True to William Polly three style this book is crazy and unlike any book I’ve read before. Some people can hear the hum holy it’s not your average insect on it’s a strange message only if you can hear now what do you think would be the biggest enemy of dogs that can translate messages to form a cow and yes it’s bug exterminators and you have two of the most goofiest exterminators in the constant harm. They are brothers and they are hilarious. If you love to laugh and love a crazy mystery with lots of lol moments you need to read the constant poem by William Pauley three. He has quickly became one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read more books by him and I am sad that this is the last one I found but will definitely be on the lookout for more. This is a book I will definitely be reading again in the future and if you just need a pick me up and reasons to laugh you need to read the constant hum it is so freaking hilarious and crazy. I received this book from NetGalley and publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review. what’s again I listen to the audiobook and I absolutely love this narrator and I love the William Pauley III uses the same one in all his books because he is brilliant and I don’t see how he could get anyone better I truly love this narrator and as always that makes for a totally awesome audiobook.

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ᴀꜱʜᴏᴋ ʙᴜʀɴ ʀɪɢʜᴛ ʜᴀɴᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴇɴ. ᴛᴏ ɴᴇᴘᴛᴜɴᴇ, ʀᴇʙɪʀᴛʜ ɪɴ ʙʟᴜᴇ ꜰɪʀᴇ.

strange insect chants? drugs made from dead bugs? a rare disease that makes your body parts dissolve and 'collapse' inwards? cockney exterminator brothers? mad scientists? cults? Hell yeah I'm in!! This is such a unique story that kept my ass cheeks clenched in anticipation or confusion. And yes, I don't think I understood anything in this, I still enjoyed it! Love the cockney brothers tho, they're complete idiots. My insides churned at the very thought of the Collapse, the aforementioned disease (would've been awesome to see in picture LMAOO). By the end of the book, I have way more questions than I originally had. Still cool tho

Huge thanks to NetGalley and Doom Fiction for the audiobook ARC!

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The second book that I listened in audiobook format from this author, the person reading is the same as the person reading the first one I listened to(the tower), if I am not mistaken, and I do like the way Mr Brannigan reads and gives life to the characters, he reads in a way that makes me feel entangled in the story way more than what is healthy for me hahah…

About the story, the author has a very disturbing mind (in a good way), the story in this book, made my skin prickle… I hate cockroaches and I had to listen to this audiobook during day light and I swear I was seeing shadow moving all around me… I thought this book would continue the story from the tower, because of the tittle “hearers of the constant hum, but it goes much more deep, I don’t really like to give spoilers, but this book feels much more complete, in here we follow 2 brothers, a girl who want the 2 brothers to help her get a special ingredient and a guy that is not exactly human, and hear me out! their lives will not be the same by the end… and more I wont say, but I really recommend for you to get this audiobook, you’ll get entangled in the story ^__^

Thank you NetGalley and Doom Fiction for the free AAC and this is my honest opinion.

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I guess I am going to listen to all of this writers books in audio. Connor's narration is top notch and I really enjoy them.

Ok so this book is not like the others I have read. It was not written badly, it just felt disjointed and had a heck of a lot of main characters, including the Brothers Crunk, whose story I have read and enjoyed.

In here we have Bill. He has been able to hear a phrase (the same phrase) over and over again since he was a child, which is said by bugs. No one believed him about it but it was driving him to madness and eventually made him lose parts of his body. How that worked, I have no idea.

He goes through a heck of a lot, there is a cabal of evil scientists, a drug dealing woman who believes in the end that she is the queen of bugs, and of course the Brothers Crunk.

I really did like the decision at the end by the Brothers.

I did not like Bill's ending. He was totally an unreliable narrator to begin with and I was left with more questions than answers with the books ending.

I did see the reviews mentioning that it was to be expected, which may be good for others, but I am just sitting here wanting to know what really happened.

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William Pauley III does not disappoint, everything he write is brilliant and unique!
I loved this book so much, it was such an interesting concept, fun, weird and has a powerful message behind the story. I enjoyed every second reading it and would highly recommend to everyone!

Thank you to @netgalley and the publisher for providing me an AudioARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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This is what good Sci-fi /fantasy fiction is all about. Adult mayhem, dark humour and madness; and a story grounded in a possible today and possible tomorrow, that poses so many questions about ‘Mankind’s psyche’. I listened to this book after some of William Pauley III’s other books. Not in the published order. So I can say you can listen to them in any order, but listening to this I now know where some of the characters and story from his other books came from. So maybe if this is your first deep dive into the author’s brain twisting anarchic fun, just remember there is much more available. Thank you to Doom Fiction and NetGalley for the audio ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.

Was this review helpful?

There were so many aspects of the story that I really loved, and I know I will think of this book for a really long time. I think hearing it and getting to enjoy the narrator's different voices when different characters would appear. I am rating it 4 stars, but I truly believe my score is closer to 3.5 or 3.75. I found myself incredibly enjoying when the Crunk brothers would appear, their arguments and anecdotes, provided very nice comedic relief in between the body horror and insects. If you are craving a book that captures the horrors and downfalls of humanity with flawed, but truly human characters, I recommend you check this book out.

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Hearers of the Constant Hum by William Pauley III may be one of my favs so far... who am I kidding, Pauley is brilliant and I love all his stuff! Pauley has the ability to weave the diabolical and macabre into beautiful prose and next-level storytelling. The ideas and thoughts that plague the page are nothing short of genius.

I received a review copy of this book from the author/publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review. This was so good, and pretty trippy. Crang was such an interesting character.

Was this review helpful?

So once again here I am with a WIlliam Pauley III audiobook and once again I absolutely loved it. Although this one was a little bit of a slower paced listen than his other ones. Still though this is why I keep coming back to him and his writing, because I truly enjoy the craziness of his stories and the fact that his characters are sometimes so off the wall that it just makes me laugh.
Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

Im turning into a fan of William Pauley III and Bizarro Fiction. This story is creepy, bizarre, nasty, and wonderful at the same time. What is that chant mean? Bill Krang heard it all his life, coming from insects. Scientist study him to create a world of insect machines using human consciouses so that we can become immortal and the scientist become gods. But Bill is dissolving. Will it be too late to save him. Then we have Delma Comb, a young woman in her 20s creating a drug that kills people who are willing to do so. It is an insane story trying to figure out the meaning of life. Will the conclusion be utter ruin or redemption? Read and find out.

Was this review helpful?

This book gave me the appropriate chills I was seeking and really made me think about society and how we treat others, human and animal alike.

Beautifully written and such an original story. I was enthralled with every chapter.

Was this review helpful?

I finished reading this book hours ago and I still don't really know what to say about this book, other than this was another interesting and weird story from William Pauley III. The story has insects talking to people by repeating the same mantra over and over again, a lady creating drugs from cockroaches, and brothers that do some questionable things to pay their bills.

Connor Brannigan narrated this novel and once again brought a wonderful creep factor to the narration.

Was this review helpful?

For those who are not into "insects", especially ones who talk in an annoying way, skip this book.

And that's it. The rest is honestly good. Story-wise is very concise, i confess i got lost a little mid-way into the book, but then it turned out good anyway. the ending left me wanting for a bit more, i felt it was a nice ending, but not satisfying.

Narrator choice was fair, the insect part i felt it was a bit overexaggerated but bearable. still, good job.

To me this is still a 4s read, despite what i covered.

Was this review helpful?

This was an interesting premise, reminiscent of Kafka, but in a very new way. I did not love the commentary from the exterminators much of the time. I am very pro trusting your reader to reach conclusions and their running commentary ended up feeling preachy for me. I also wish that the end hadn’t just suddenly wrapped up so quickly. Still a five star for me. Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the complimentary audiobook

Was this review helpful?

As always the narrator has my heart.

This is such a mind bending book. I couldn’t imagine how taxing it would feel to be… gifted? Not sure if it’s a gift really… the constant bug onslaught.
I do think I’m going to at least get the eReader copy to give it my full attention and really dive deeper.
Also huge home alone vibes from the bug van 😂

Was this review helpful?

Hearers of the Constant Hum
by William Pauley III
Narrated by Connor Brannigan, I just love this guys books and it was one of his best so far.....Especially as I binged some of these over the last few days. This is another weirdest book you will ever read and I loved it, especially the cover.......Don't judge the book by its cover.......Well I did with all his books and I didn't know what I was letting myself into lol.
But, I am glad I did. Brilliant!

Was this review helpful?

Another horrifying offering from the alter of William Pauley III. Since he was a child Billy Krang has heard messages in places no one else can. Words from insects busily humming a repeating line inside his head, until one day he sees the very same message spray painted on a wall and below is a phone number …

Featuring characters used in other William Pauley III works, The Brothers Crunk - Divey and Reynold make an appearance as bug exterminators as well as protagonist Krang. I enjoyed the twist with the brothers Crunk towards the end and the insight into their characters. This was a wonderfully nightmarish and illusory tale with a little humour and social commentary sprinkled throughout as is typical from this author.

Connor Brannigan has smooth and immersive tones and a wonderful range of character voices, allowing him to express the darkly poetic moods of this book perfectly.

Was this review helpful?

* I received the audiobook version of this story via NetGalley *

After finishing the Bedlam Bible series from William Pauley III , I wasn’t exactly sure the best place to start but this is where I ended up choosing.

Connor’s narration was great as always.
I really enjoyed The cover art for this book, it perfectly fits the story.

Like all of the other work I’ve read from Pauley, this book is dark and wild. Insect heavy which doesn’t bother me as much as it might others. I actually thought the drug aspect was pretty interesting and unique.

Guess i would feel disappointed if I didn’t go ”huh?” At least once

Was this review helpful?

Another weird one but another compulsive listen.

Well narrated again too.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for gifting me this arc in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Was this review helpful?

Having finally finished the Bedlam Bible, I was excited to move on to Pauley’s other work. “Hearers of The Constant Hum” may not technically be a part of the Bedlam Bible series but there are definitely things you will recognize in this story. The themes of living your life as fully as possible even in a terrible, crumbling world are just as strong in this piece of work. As usual, Connor Brannigan does a phenomenal job at immersing you in this world that is a perfect mix of harsh reality and strange fiction. If you have enjoyed any of Pauley’s previous work, you will not be left disappointed by this one. The ones that get it, get it.

Was this review helpful?

This book had a lot of things I thoroughly enjoyed including a weird plot, morally gray characters, and a terrifying disease I would never want. The author did a good job of world building for a standalone book and creating the atmosphere for a decayed world. He hit the nail on the head describing what its like to go outside when you have insecurities that you’re sure other people are judging you for, when really nobody is even looking. There were a few plot points that felt irrelevant and some things that were left unexplained but I still enjoyed the book.
Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Another weird and fantastic story by Pauley. In this one, the pedlar of a powerful and popular drug has issues with her supply when her bumbling, hilarious suppliers stumble upon a man who has spent his entire life hearing insects chanting the same unusual poem. This man, Bill Krang undergoes a Kafka-esque transformation after failing to get help from seemingly well-wishing scientists.

The narration of this audiobook is fantastic, really nailing the stupidity and pointless philosophising from the Krunk brothers.

The plot takes us through Bill's life and troubles and weaves in various people trying to take advantage or help him, all of which leads him into the path of the book's other characters.

A wonderful, dark but daft story superbly told.

Was this review helpful?

So first a shout out to the narrator, who did such a great job creating voices, accents and personalities for this wild cast of characters. The story itself is wild, and it's kind of more horrific because of some of their incompetence. This is a horror story, but it's the mix that makes it interesting: the omnipresent insects, drug dealing, and experiments on people make for a frightening combination.
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me listen to this

Was this review helpful?

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