Goddamn Electric Nights

A Collection of Short Stories

Narrated by Connor Brannigan
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Pub Date 15 Jul 2022 | Archive Date 20 May 2023

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When electricity hangs in the air so thick the moon and stars fizzle and drown in a sea of light, the people living within it, breathing it in, can never be “normal”.

From disfigured mutants accidentally murdering god to a man falling madly in love with a bloodthirsty VCR, we promise you’ve never listened to anything as bizarre as this!

In these six tales, Pauley explores the lives of those living in the darkest corners of the world, those living electric:

Goddamn Electric Nights.

Contains the stories:

1. "Slime Night!"

2. "Killing Teddy" (previously published under the names "Insection 8 and the Third Floor")

3. "The Spiders of Honeyville"

4. "Hypnagogia"

5. "$5 Electric Suzie"

6. "Spin Doctors Mixtape"

When electricity hangs in the air so thick the moon and stars fizzle and drown in a sea of light, the people living within it, breathing it in, can never be “normal”.

From disfigured mutants...

Available Editions

EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9781960190048
PRICE $6.99 (USD)
DURATION 2 Hours, 38 Minutes

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Featured Reviews

Before I get into the audiobook I want to say I think Connor Bran again is one of the best narrators in the audiobook business and it’s not even because he does voices well it’s because the time the tone in temperature he sets for each character seems spot on every time and he’s always in the same groove as the narration. I honestly think he is one of the best. No having said that onto the book I do with the name would’ve been different I mean come on we wouldn’t call the book something sexually offensive or call it something racist for laughs but blasphemy is OK I mean even if the author identifies as an agnostic we should still respect each other and that includes all religions. Now having said that this was one crazy book it had about a half a dozen stories and one explains about real Spider-Man… Which that made me laugh so much it was creepy at the same time. Then there was another story about a Little boy named Jack who is in love with a bloodthirsty VCR called electric Susie and OMG… OMG, they had the first story from the audiobook “the tower“ about the two guys who worship there Goddess a blowup mattress. Oh yes and before I forget the reason they had real Spider-Man was because of the ladies hair appointment but the lady had a relationship going on with her plumber and so they killed some kind of snake that lets gases go and it caused them to be the zombie people but she was pregnant and it look like the baby was going to be normal and if you want to know how the whole town Gavin texted you need to read this book it really is a good book it just needs a different title. I really enjoyed it and have one more by this author and I can’t wait to get to it. As soon as he writes more I will be reading those as well. So I would’ve definitely given this five stars but I hate the title and the disrespect. I receive this book from NetGalley and doomsday press but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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ARC audiobook provided in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this collection of short horror stories! The different narrators were great and each gave the story a vibrant and unique feel. The author really has a way of setting a scene and characters up quickly that allows the reader to dive right in without hesitation! I think my favorite was the last one about Dave, although I would never let him watch my cat haha! If you’re into horror, sexuality, and a touch of comedy to lighten the mood, I would definitely recommend this book!

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A random collection of odd horror stories from the creator of ‘The Bedlam Bible’. Some are quite humorous, others just plain bizarre. ‘$5 Electric Suzie’ was especially creepy. William Pauley III delivers chills and chuckles again with this twisted collection of short stories. Poor Muffins.

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I’ve written reviews for a few of William Pauley III’s books in the last year. I like his brand of weird. I feel right at home on Eighth Tower Block. I have owned the kindle version of Goddamn Electric Nights for a while now. I picked up the audiobook (and one other) on NetGalley a few weeks ago when my kindle had died an untimely death, having seen its existence there as a sign to revisit Eighth Block Tower. I have a new kindle now, thanks to the thoughtful generosity of my bff, so I followed along on that as I listened to the audiobook.

Once again, Connor Brannigan’s performance is great. I really enjoy his voice and delivery of the material. The only exception is the last story. It was like listening to Robert Stack narrating Unsolved Mysteries, a quality that was not bad in the observation parts of the zombie story but not quite fitting Spin Doctors Mixtape. I still love Brannigan’s narration though.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite in this collection of strange tales. Killing Teddy was a neat concept with a great ending. Does anyone ever really win? Parts of $5 Electric Suzie cracked me up. Imagine falling in love with a VCR with a taste for human flesh. Now imagine the levels of love and obsession that would drive a man to murder for 50 years to keep his love sated. I guarantee you’ll never look at a VCR’s, uh, lips the same way again.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me. I love Pauley’s writing. His stories are vividly descriptive and take you to worlds you never imagined. This collection gives a little more insight to how the mutants of Eighth Block Tower came to be and how they continue to exist and I want more.

Big thanks to William Pauley III, Doom Fiction, and NetGalley for providing an audio ARC in exchange for an honest review. You can read Goddamn Electric Nights as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Or just buy the book. The eBook is only a couple bucks and the print version would look great on your shelf. Do yourself a favor and grab the audio companion while you’re at it.

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"Goddamn Electric Nights" is a collection of wacky short stories by William Pauley III. I decided to receive the audiobook version of this book, and it was narrated by Connor Brannigan. There are six short stories in this collection, each full of strange, eccentric characters and wild situations. There are some stories that are more comedic in nature, while there is one in particular that is more focused on horror.

I really enjoyed this short story collection. William Pauley III has a rather unique writing style. He writes with a blunt, almost vulgar narrative voice. However, this isn't a bad thing. He revels in this vulgarity and uses it to elevate the stories and bring his eccentric group of characters to life. His writing style also tends to be sardonic and cynical. There are mostly no happy endings, and when there are, they're from the perspectives of deeply disturbed characters. This made each story darkly funny and, most importantly, deeply enjoyable.

I enjoyed all of the stories in this collection. Each one was unique, weird, darkly funny, and interesting. My favorite story was "$5 Electric Suzie." This tells the tale of Suzie, a demonic VCR, and the man who takes care of her and feeds her. It is the perfect mix of bizarre and horrific. It's graphic, it's shocking, and it's awesome. A close second was "Killing Teddy," a story so bizarre, it would be a disservice for me to explain it. I would recommend going into these stories blind, especially this one. I even enjoyed "Slime Night" and "Hypnagogia," despite them being my least favorite stories of the bunch.

One of my favorite aspects of this audiobook was the narrator, Connor Brannigan. With a voice deep and booming, he was the first thing that caught my attention when I started listening to "Goddamn Electric Nights." His voice is very versatile, and it is perfect for both comedic moments and horrific moments. Connor is very charismatic, and he is able to bring the characters to life in all their weird, hilarious glory. I will certainly be looking out for more audiobooks narrated by him in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection. The tales within were scary, crazy, funny, and engaging. They won't be for everyone, but they were certainly for me. Despite some pacing and narrative issues in a couple of the stories, it didn't lessen my enjoyment of them. I loved the writing style and the narration, too. I can't recommend this audiobook enough. If you're looking for a wild ride, definitely check out "Goddamn Electric Nights!" You won't be disappointed!

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I listened to the ARC audiobook and could tell from the synopsis and the cover art that this was going to be a good’r! I loved it. The six stories were hilarious, weird and creepy and the narrator was absolute perfection!

We get some horny yet sweet coming-of-age, bizarro game show killings, a cursed VCR and one of the best zombie stories I have ever read.

I’ll definitely be looking for more from William Pauley

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This novella was weird as hell, but was entertaining as hell to listen to while I did a couple of tedious tasks at work.

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This book, if you’re looking for bizarre stories on bugs, VCRs, and gone-wrong romances, is it. I walked into this knowing it would be strange but to what level I was unsure. What I got were stories that I was either cringing from (VCR) or stories I was quite curious about, specifically the (giant ant one), the latter I’m hoping the author expands upon eventually cause there’s a haunting tale there. Overall, this book was enjoyable and each short story was so well-contained and developed kept my attention.

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There is something about William Pauley III’s writing that is smoothly dark and bizarre, with a brilliant sense of comedic timing that appears effortless. Some writers you just fall into a zone with and know that you’ll enjoy anything they put out there. Dude has skills.

Electric angels, inflatable mattress gods, the yellow stink, Super Happy Funtime, meatloaf dinner surprise and “I thought we were playing for cream soda”.

4+ Stars and Highly Recommended

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I got this as an audiobook, and it was a lot of fun, weird by fun, the writing had a similar feel to Phillip K Dick, almost playful the way the stories unfold, some stories are more sci-fi like "The Spiders of Honeyville", while others more funny like "Spin Doctors Mixtape"

If you are looking for something quick and different, I’d suggest this.
The narrator was excellent, the tone and pace he used really suited the stories.
*Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.*

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Original, twisting and darkly funny, Goddamn Electric Nights features six short stories. From a guy in love with a murderous VHS player to a guy who realllllly deserves to be dumped, the characters and plots are often nonsensical and weird, and I can honestly say I've not quite read anything like it. Even the story about zombies is a unique take and I loved the ending of that one. I was not a fan of Slime Night, I was expecting something different from the set-up and title, but the rest of the stories are well written and interesting. I will definitely be checking out William Pauley III's work again (oh, also, he's a local writer, so that's pretty cool!)

Note: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated in any other fashion for the review and the opinions reflected below are entirely my own. Special thanks to the publisher and author for providing the copy.

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Another fantastic audiobook. The author is clearly incredibly creative. This read like a satire/adult humor collection of short stories. I really loved the vocabulary used to describe each scene - so vivid and bizarre. I am not sure how I would describe this to other readers other than a "fever dream." I could listen to these stories all day long! Truly bizarre, but definitely engaging. I will continue to read/listen to this author and narrator's material.

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Jesus this was dark and twisty! While I enjoyed this, I'm still processing it all. Going into this, I knew it would be weird, but it certainly surpassed all 'weirdness' in every possible way!

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When I think I have listen to my favourite from William Pauley III, he says “hold my beer” and there I go! This was my favourite so far, one story (hypnagogia, the story about 2 guys that live in 8 block and they have a god that is a deflated mattress, it was a story in the book the tower), this was the second time I have listen to it, and it gets funnier in each time, like always this isn’t a story collection for children, it is weird, funny, crude and very different, and very worth of our time. I have some favourites, Killing Teddy, the spiders of honeyville, hypnagogia and $5 electric Suzie.

The book was read by Connor Brannigan, and it gets so much better because of that, one can say, he alone is one man band, all the characters are brought to life in a brilliant manner, and it really seems like he is having as much fun as we listening to him, so I can only give high praise and I really recommend to everyone to get the audiobook.

Thank you NetGalley and Doom Fiction Audio for the free AAC and this is my honest opinion.

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Goddamn Electric Nights is a collections of various stories. I have reviewed each one separately below.

Slime Night!: (about 40 minutes). Out of all the stories, this one was my least favorite. It depicts the tale of two teenage boys vying for the affections of the same girl. However, their portrayal of her is unflattering, portraying her as promiscuous and having undergone multiple "wire hanger" abortions. The boys engage in a bizarre pinball game known as Slime Night!, where losing results in being drenched in slime. By the conclusion, one of the characters experiences a significant personal revelation. While not terrible, I believe the story could benefit from more extensive exploration of the emotional complexities, perhaps through a longer narrative.

Killing Teddy: (about 20 minutes). The story opens on an excellent note, with the first-person protagonist, who is the superintendent of a building, abruptly awakened by a deafening scream followed by the menacing sound of a chainsaw. To his horror, he finds a woman and a colossal ant inside one of the apartments. The woman recounts an implausible tale of a Japanese game show where the prize money is 500k, and the contestant, Teddy, must be killed and transformed into hundreds of distinct species to entertain the audience. Without weighing the consequences, the superintendent agrees to help the woman for a hefty sum. However, unforeseen events unfold as a result. Overall, this story is a delightfully imaginative and entertaining read.

The Spiders of Honeyville: (about 28 minutes). The story commences with a plumber visiting his lover's residence to unclog her shower drain. However, after he eliminates a snake, a yellow fog bursts out from inside it, killing both the plumber and his mistress and turning them into zombies. In the second part, we learn that the snake species has evolved a revenge mechanism, which results in the predator's death. Scientists are studying this phenomenon and come across a pregnant woman infected with it, from whom they deliver the baby via cesarean section. But the baby is promptly stolen, and in a pursuit, the thief drops the baby, causing it to explode and release a yellow cloud over the entire town. Consequently, the scientists devise a plan to combat the zombies with genetically engineered spiders, which backfires, creating a town full of zombie Spider-Men. Overall, this story is hilarious and had me chuckling throughout. This one is probably my favorite story in the collection.

Hynagagia: (about 15 minutes). This was the first part of The Tower, another novella by the author, which I reviewed here.

$5 Electric Suzie: (about 17 mins). In this story, Susie, an anthropomorphic VCR, needs blood to stay alive. The protagonist of the story becomes infatuated with Susie and starts feeding her his own blood. Eventually, he develops an obsession with her and begins to kill people, starting with his own parents. The tale begins with the protagonist as a young boy, and as he grows up, he continues to feed her. He spends his whole life in the service of the VCR. This story was weird, and not one of my favorites. Nothing much happened from a plot perspective, and the sexual connection with the VCR was uncomfortable.

Spin Doctor Mix Tape: (about 38 mins). The story begins on a somber note, with the protagonist's girlfriend's cat dying accidentally. However, the narrative is imbued with a sense of humor, as the narrator adopts the tone and delivery of a newscaster. The girlfriend forgives him, and when he invites her and his parents over for dinner, everything goes smoothly until they realize that he fed them the cat instead of the planned chicken. The protagonist explains that he was short on cash and had no other option. The girlfriend breaks up with him again, but after listening to a Spin Doctor mixtape he made for her, she decides to give him another chance. Although the cat's death and consumption were a bit off-putting, the story was enjoyable overall.

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Goddamn Electric Nights by William Pauley III was extraordinary! Each of the short stories in this collection elicited a response from me. I laughed and cringed and smiled!
I just genuinely enjoyed this collection of short stories. Pauley is officially one of my auto-buy authors. What genius storytelling with original stories and horrific elements. BRAVO!

I received a review copy of this book from the author/publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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What a good audio production!

I have not read the physical book, so this review will not apply to that -- instead, I'll focus simply on the audio portion: having a different narrator for different stories in a short story collection is SO SMART. It helps the listener break up the different portions of the collection so well, and kept me engaged when some collections have me zoning out. Of course, the content of the stories being bizarre and strange definitely helped my engagement -- I never really knew what to expect. This brand of horror is NOT going to be for everyone, so read the reviews before you consider picking it up, but I enjoyed it.

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4.5 stars

Goddamn I love this book! The audio production was top notch, the stories were weird, gross, funny…everything in between.

This was my first experience with this author, but I think I may be completely hooked!

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Once again William Pauley III and the narrator Connor Branagan have made my ears fall in love. I absolutely cannot get enough of this authors audio books, the stories are awesome (every single one reminds me of the old time radio series) and the narrator is just crushing it and making the stories come alive. My thanks to netgalley and the publisher for giving the the chance to listen to this. You really should listen to it. It’s a fun ride.

Was this review helpful?

William Pauley the third, has a weird ass brain ... and I am ready to read everything that comes out of it, because it had me reacting vivildy to it. Discoverings his world, full of broken people (or things) was an enchanting time for me. I have spent the best afternoon, reading and re-listening to his universe !

I would definitely recommend it. Even more so for the narrator, who's voice and talent, I fell in love with !

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I’ve read another amazing book by William Pauley III!
These stories were fun, weird and fascinating, I really enjoyed all of them but my favorite was the third, Killing Teddy.
I highly recommend this fun, horror short story collection!

Thank you to @netgalley and the publisher for an AudioARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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I love the narrator's voice, it fit perfectly with this collection of short stories and I will definitely look for more books narrated by Connor Brannigan in the future.
This was an interesting collection of short stories, each story was unique and entertaining. I look forward to reading more of William's work.

Was this review helpful?

Not my usual listen and I did not care for narrator, however truly funny in retrospect. I unique take on humor! I truly feel as though it was a very fresh take. Second or third in books with similar writing styles, author is very clever in delivery of content!

Was this review helpful?

Another great set of horror short stories. I saw this one and had to grab it. I am a fan of short stories and just loved this. These are weird and unique. I didn't want to finish. Each story is so different. I will definitely read more from this author. Thank you to NetGalley and the author/publisher for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I am slowly but surely reading William Pauley III books and I am really enjoying it. Goddamn Electric Night is a short story collection and every story was weirder than each other. Apart from being weird, they were also funny too. I think listening to the audiobook was a really good choice too because Connır Brannigan is an excellent narrator. If you like horror mixed with fun this was definitely worth to read. Thanks again to the publisher for this amazing arc.

Was this review helpful?

Each story was like plunging head first into a weird dream where you can’t tell if it’s a nightmare or not. I found some of the tales to be more gripping than others but still a fun little read. There are a lot of fun and interesting characters jammed into these short stories and they all tend to find a perfect balance of dread and lightness. I would’ve loved to see some of these stories expanded upon as the endings seemed to come around very quickly given the amount of time the author would take to build a character or world.

The narrator was great, as was the production.

Was this review helpful?

Goddamn Electric Nights by William Pauley III
Narrated by Connor Brannigan, I just love this guys books ....Especially as I binged some of these over the last few days. This is another weirdest book you will ever read and I loved it, especially the cover.......Don't judge the book by its cover.......Well I did with all his books and I didn't know what I was letting myself into lol.
But, I am glad I did. Brilliant!

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